Oxford Prof: “Covid-19 Is Here Forever. Let’s Open Up & Move On”

Speaking to the BBC this morning, Sir John Bell, a leading member of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine team, said that it’s time to “move on” and urged the government not to delay reopening the country because of emerging covid variants.

Bell (pictured), a professor of medicine at Oxford, told the BBC Radio 4 Today show: “If we scamper down a rabbit hole every time we see a new variant, we’re going to spend a long time huddled away.”

He went on to say that covid “is here to stay probably forever”, and that the Government should focus on managing “hospitalisations, serious disease and deaths” rather than cases.

There were zero deaths from covid-19 reported yesterday and the so-called most vulnerable people in society have had two jabs, but the government’s scientific advisers are urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to delay the June 21st unlocking.

By the end of today, three quarters of UK adults will have had their first injection. I wish they hadn’t but hey-ho.

Good on John Bell for saying that enough is enough and all that, but if I was interviewing him, I’d be diving straight into the harm being caused by the “vaccine” that he had so much to do with.

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Listen to this and what happens with the jab and the effects it can cause.


Yeah BBG, Good on him…but there is far more to this than just a propaganda event….checkout Miles Johnson’s interview with…. I am glad that I survived my infection, but the side effects can be very long term….


I’m getting angrier by the day. I’ll hopefully be able to elaborate on things later on.

Last edited 2 months ago by Adam

I feel your pain mate. There are certain people I’ve stopped communicating with, and may never speak to again. This won’t be a great loss to me as I find it’s best to avoid negative people with little moral courage or imagination.


Much appreciated.


The dumbness of most people.
What can one say!

Hermione Granger

Check out bitchute for john bells classic interview with Jon snow – a must watch 60-70% no babies


Oh my God! The look on Jon Snow’s face was absolutely CLASSIC!…you could almost sense his sack shrivelling up with the realisation that everntually…the TRUTH always slips out.

Hermione Granger

Snow was amazed by his sheer brass to stand up to the fascists up top knowing they need him as he’s part of SAGE


fauci has finally been thrown under the bus- emails leacked upon which lockdowns have been based- Zuckerberg asking for profit in vaccines – etc.


I do hope that the driver of that bus has the good taste to pop it into reverse just to make sure.


Have a look at this- Richie mentioned mass ad campaign…here is what is happening in Australia.


You need to PUSH back harder in Australia; or you’ll disappear.

Tony K

I did thanks T.
It contains some great info


This is the same bloke that said only about 60% of the population would be sterilized by the AZ vax in an interview with John Snow on channel 4 last year. Snow just about passed out and shut the interview down immediately, last time I looked it was still on the ch 4 website. There are plenty of video extracts on the net just search for John Snow and John Bell interview.


Just tried to post the link to that interview but it was deleted.
Could have been a slip of the tongue or maybe not but John Bell had a big grin on his face just before the interview ends.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob
Tony K

“it was deleted”

Yeah, same here.

Someone is editing this site without Richie’s knowledge. At least I fucking hope that it’s without Richie’s knowledge?


Not sure if you know this guy but it could be him?
Tony K

Hayden Hewitt.

Happy to take the Vax if he needs to.

Every man have his price?

Call me what you want for saying that, but that’s not what I thought Richie was about.

Talk to me, tell me why I’m wrong.

If it’s all down to cancelling, then this place is no better than CNN


Hayden Hewitt is fooled if he even slightly believes that taking this injection will get his old life back. It won’t and he could lose his life in the meantime. too many people hedging their bets on this.


My co-workers have pretty much all had at least one helping of the Devil’s Urine and most are still stuck at home, and sure as fluck won’t be going to Ibiza, Lithuania, or Ireland on Holiday.


I’ve just watched that clip. The look on Jon Snow’s face was absolutely CLASSIC!…you could almost sense his sack shrivelling up with the realisation that everntually…the TRUTH always slips out.

Urban fox

The flue is here forever yes. It never went anywhere. But like everything else has been renamed as covid.

Very emotional ,must watch.! Only 5 minutes long.Filmed on Saturday.London March for freedom.Have a good day guys..🌞


I think some of these Covid zealots are beginning to get cold feet about the future repercussions of this scam should the wheels come off They are now getting themselves on the record as moderates in order to distance themselves from the central co-conspirators. Exactly what happened in Nazi Germany in the later part of the war as the Reich began to fall apart under the allied onslaught and the end was looming over the horizon.


Once the 20th July plot against Hilter failed, Claus von Stauffenberg was executed in very short order by a fellow conspirator; who was incidentally executed shortly thereafter.

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