Oxford Prof: “Jabbing Children Without Parental Consent Is Battery!”

Clinicians will be reluctant to administer covid-19 jabs to children without parental consent according to Oxford Family Law Professor Lucinda Ferguson. She told The Telegraph this morning that injecting a child without parental permission is “technically battery.”

Yesterday, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said that if a 12- to 15-year-old said yes to the jab and was deemed to be “competent” then their decision would overrule the parents’ refusal.

However, according to The Telegraph:

Lucinda Ferguson, associate professor of family law at the University of Oxford, said: “In my view the clinician may well be reluctant to accept that because alongside that, you’ve now got the JCVI saying that they don’t consider it to be essentially in the medical best interests of children more generally.

She added: “At least at this early stage would be reluctant to accept that that consent [from a child] is good enough because of course if you treat a child without informed consent, either from them, or from a parent with parental responsibility, it’s technically battery and that would be what would be concerning the clinician.”

That seems perfectly reasonable to me. If I was a parent and my child was underage, I would consider it an assault if anyone laid their hands on the child without my express permission.

Further to that, aren’t those administering the jabs putting themselves at risk of litigation, if they ignore the parents wishes that the child not be jabbed and the child is subsequently injured?

Good luck relying on a defence that the now injured child gave you permission to inject her and that in your mind her wishes superseded those of her parents. No credible judge or jury would buy that.



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On earth as it is in heaven.


lottery ticket age – 18
learning to drive – 17
voting – 18
alcohol – 18
smoking – 18

taking an experimental jab for 12 – 15 yr olds? no problem ignore your parents and come on down,

FFS 😤😤


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Last edited 8 months ago by jgvxecx

If the world is broken, If the country is broken, if the government is broken, if science is broken and if medicine is broken….who is to say the legal system isn’t broken?

Wes Baker

If a child can consent to a medical intervention, it can ‘consent’ to anything. And I mean anything. From a monetary loan to some disgusting BBC presenter (a la Savile) fondling it…. These criminals in Whitehall are playing with hellfire itself.


in the film jonny roast beef and his wife were disposed of, at first this looks pretty extreme, but if you look into it he had a tartan suit on, that in it’s self should carry a death sentence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t_F1jJDGBE&list=PLvwFLwr1uRXO7ZwmcMRdPOFu_IcD8De-5&index=12


Maybe so Richie, matters not a jot though, because they will get away with it, they always have and they have the will.

Tony K

Watch this clip. From the 2009 swine outbreak. Polish doctor.

20 year groundhog Day.


Tony K

And just a heads up.

If you want to download from bitchute use this, works 97% of the time.


And if you want to download a video from YouTube, get to the video you want, and add a “pp” before the dot com. Will send you to Ytube link where you can download .MP4 (has video) or .MP3 (audio only).


Didn’t a large portion of Polish ministers die in an aeroplane crash over Russian at that time (after Poland said no to those jabs?). I remember a Irish/Austrian journalist called Jane Burgermeister reporting this and a video of the plane crash was shown and you could see the plane wreckage and gunshots fired. Also European heads of state where strangely absent from the funerals.


It is very simple. No adult is able to give informed consent to this treatment. There is no objective debate on the issue. There is no accurate, objective data on the adverse effects. There is NO long term safety data of any kind. All manner of psychological coercion is being used to get people to take what is an experimental treatment. We are not even told what is in them. So if an adult who has spent many long hours studying all the available information on this jab cannot make proper informed consent then there is absolutely no way a child can.
As their determination goes on to do whatever they have to to make people take this jab the ever more sinister and frightening it becomes. What the hell is it going to do that they are so desperate we all take it. And I mean ALL. They literally want every single human on Earth to have it. It is clearly completely insane. The more they insist the more we know it is not in our best interests.

Last edited 8 months ago by Stubini
Ronald Templeman

The more this goes on the more I find most of these so called MPs a total disgrace to society, I can see why boris and those close to him go with it because they are obviously being very well paid. As for the rest does gates and his gang have something big on every one of them. Either the above or the majority are just plain and simply STUPID.


None of my children will be having this ‘vaccine’ it beggars belief any parent would actually choose to have this for their kids, as they do not need it, they are at 0 risk. It’s a very easy & quick decision, a no brainer, your child does not need it, the vaccine far outweighs the risks over a virus that won’t affect them, the end.

My son is 13, and no way would he be coerced, I’ve brought him up to question EVERYTHING, even me, and of course think for himself so I have no worries he will come home after School suddenly jabbed. My daughter on the other hand is 9 and she has autism & attends a Special needs School. Even though she is head strong also, I worry she will be coerced or forced, even though I have written emails to both the Schools making it very clear we will not consent to these jabs, & they have replied stating they would not be able to do anything without full parental consent, she is classed as vulnerable and they may well over ride my parental consent, They are capable of anything now.


One or two parents I know have told their children to leave school and go straight home if they try to force the jab on them.


a lovely tune for a lovely person


Thanks to the likes of Tavistock and other child based transgender clinics, precedent has already been set that can do end runs around parental consent.
Clearly, Professor Ferguson is unaware of this.

Tony K

“Yesterday, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said that if a 12- to 15-year-old said yes to the jab and was deemed to be “competent” then their decision would overrule the parents’ refusal.”

Know thy enemy.

Was that the defence the accused used in Rotherham?.

This is beyond dark.

They have to be taken out, root and branch.

And they will be.


Bravo Tony K. people like Zahawi, Johnson and co are merely messengers for the puppeteers. Cutting the strings or the marionettes will be no use at all. If we ‘end the game’ the players don’t really matter.

Last edited 8 months ago by Backbeat
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