Oxford Prof: “The NEXT Pandemic Virus Jab Must Be Rolled-Out In 100 Days!

Professor Sarah Gilbert, the woman credited with producing the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, said today that next time there’s a pandemic, the world should be able to produce a jab in just 100 days.

According to SKY News:

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert said it took around 300 days from the identification of COVID-19 in China to the approval of the first vaccines by medical authorities.

But to prevent the catastrophic impact of a future pandemic the response needed to be far faster. “We are not talking about doing the same thing again and just doing it quicker,” she said.

“What we are talking about now is being much better prepared, so we don’t have to start from the same place next time.”
Professor Gilbert will join the director general of the World Health Organisation, the medical adviser to the US President Prof Anthony Fauci, pharmaceutical bosses and government representatives at the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit in London.

The 100-day target was originally put forward by the UK government during its G7 presidency in June 2021, and backed by leaders of the G7 and G20.

She said scientists need to build a library of vaccines against the families of viruses that are the biggest pandemic threats. That would mean at least 10 broadly-effective vaccines to start with.

“We would want to make the seed stocks (the reference sample of the virus) for a number of different vaccines,” she said.

Sarah Gilbert is a witchdoctor. And to think, Mattel made a Barbie doll in her image, to inspire the next generation of girls to follow in her footsteps.

100 days? Give me a break. The Oxford/AZ jab that she developed and signed off on, has killed thousands of people (that we know of) and gravely injured tens of thousands more.

Gilbert and her colleagues should be in hiding.

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Meanwhile in Scotland …


Up to 20-30% of women reported some changes to periods following vaccines in one study, including a change in cycle length and regularity.


Meanwhile in Thailand…

Thailand’s National Health Security Office (NHSO) has so far paid 1.509 billion baht ($45.65 million) as compensation to 12,714 people who developed side-effects after they received Covid-19 vaccines.




Meanwhile, in Germany…

The University Hospital in Marburg offers a special outpatient clinic for patients with side effects after the corona vaccination and for patients with Long Covid. Contact: post-covid-impfung.mr@uk-gm.de


I am in a place where I couldn’t really give a F….I see the game a mile away. The Globalists are in a rush, they are starting to smack of desperation.There does appear to be a massive shift in consciousness. The puppets know there are more of us than them.They are rushing in one narrative after another to try and gain back control but the great divide has started, there are two camps you either live in fear and believe the nonsense, or you rise above it and laugh at the lunacy. Why would anyone listen to the Eugenics member Sarah Gilbert.


Yip, it amounts to standing on the shoulders of the deceased and pushing a doll to the fore because the woman is past her youth but was probably ugly anyway and lots of artistic licence on the doll because they want to sell them.  

The real.png

Richie, a great many people would enjoy stick pins into that doll or burning it as an effigy. What a soundly unattractive person she is….


LOL, professor fruit & nut cake here hinting of ‘future pandemics’. Aye right, more like here’s some more plandemics, it’s not over till we say it’s over and here’s some more ready made death jabs!!


Huge part of having an entity such as her paraded in the press is the cancel culture world they inhabit – no discernible opposing opinion let alone logical analysis.
Our actual natural laws show this is extreme folly, they have proven themselves to be very dim
Interesting the “100 daze” thing fits perfectly the 3 month reconditioning cycle wether your getting fit/ losing weight / starting a new job. The first three months are key. All the mental reconditioned takes place during this critical time. Also it’s too short a time to assess any real ongoing issues arising from what is happening
So whack out this medical intervention really quickly before peeps start to notice anything
I think this is one of the main reasons Countries like Canada , NZ and Aust ( where I live ) where able to implement – and still maintain- such compliance and high medical intervention uptake is because they have very advanced medical systems and economies + reasonably small populations- so they where effectively able to realise the goals before peeps caught on.
A bigger population- (in advanced economies) I would say the ‘critical mass’ would be 50k+ means there are too many scallywags to corral quick enough , and the TPTB loose momentum
It’s clear to me this has happened in the UK – for example , the scallywags hold there ground long enough, fence sitters catch on and you reach that tipping point where you have too many awake – it doesn’t have too be allot 10% + creates enough drag on the machine


Get back on the buses, OLIVE ,.Ugly cow, And NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR POISONS YOU CLASS AS VACCINES And you cannot have a pandemic without a virus SARS-CoV-2 NEVER EXISTED

Simon Blanchard

This 100 day figure is what Fauci (NIH) was saying he wanted in October 2019 at the Milken Institute.


interesting that it does seem that the last two yrs plus has been about training people for the next pushed threat in this case the MSM and “Nuclear weapons” stories, when you think about it, masks and social distancing attributed to a virus can also be linked to media pushing stories of a potential nuclear fallout, media pushing a “war narrative” same as they did with the virus as well as shortages of food as if it was a rationing type scenerio and poorer economies. I do not think there will be a scenario whereby nuclear weapons are actually used, its just interesting that the similarities of training people for two yrs for the next threat pushed by media and politicians.

Last edited 3 months ago by Patrice

That’s sone mad shit that 🙄


None of the mainstream idiots who fawned over this woman are asking why it is that most countries around the world are backing away from using the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ as it is deemed to be too risky for certain age groups. It has quietly faded away over the past few months and yet here she is, as bold as brass. What kind of world would allow someone like Julian Assange to be rotting away in prison whilst allowing this woman to avoid any kind of comeback from the damage she has done to frightened and gullible people?


Could not agree more on the “should be in hiding!” part! She got a standing ovation when over 1000 were dead from her product and over 800,000 adverse reactions! She belongs in JAIL for life!


With the changes to the “human rights” bill as well, you can guess where this is leading. Shock and awe tactics will be ramped up a notch or three


noticed just like gates its always “when the next pandemic” not if, considering it started with a once in a 100 yrs pandemic, now its, well, maybe in the next few yrs.

Urban Fox

Its good to point out to people that these fake vaccines have been officially produced in to short a time. Thereby how can they know they are safe. And indeed, they couldn’t possibly know this.

However there was evidence of the harm that these poison Jabs would cause before the rollout. Vernon Coleman read out a list of ‘side effect’ from official sources as early as December 2020. However these are not side effects in the true meaning of the term. As side effects refers to unintended effects that may result from a treatment. That are considered to be better than the consequences of not taking the treatment.

It is my belief that the consequences of these poisons was not only known about, but was intentional. Non of the events of the last two years was by chance. All of it was meticulously planned, including the fake vaccines. They therefor must have always known exactly what they were putting in them from the start. Which is the real reason they were able to produce them so quickly.

” These fake vaccines are not protecting peoples health,
they are targeting peoples health.”

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Couldn’t agree more, Foxy. There are no ‘mistakes’, no ‘unintended consequences’, ‘unforseen/unknown outcomes’. What we are living through, and witnessing is an array of planned, intended outcomes. Every time they say that the ‘vaccines’ work, and are effective, they are speaking the truth – their own, inverted truth. They do indeed work – and are effective – for the express purpose of their design……

Urban Fox

Thanks Mama good to hear from you.



The above article is rather enlightening (for instance, Kissinger’s remarks about ‘useless eaters’ was not something he had come up with), and somewhat pertinent to the vaccination trends.
‘Savulescu says, “But what was especially objectionable about this movement (the Nazis) was the coercive imposition of a state vision for a healthy population,” he says. “Modern eugenics […] is voluntary.’


The Barbie doll is too feminine, that professor is a bloody transformer.


Gilbert and her colleagues should be in hiding, don’t you mean they need a good hiding!

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