Paedophiles Are Changing Their Identities To Carry On Abusing Kids

The Times has claimed this morning that hundreds of paedophiles have used a loophole to change their identities, putting children at risk of serious harm.

The newspaper reports that it has been shown proof that convicted paedophiles are changing their names by deed poll and failing to inform the authorities to avoid scrutiny. The paper claims that they use their new identities to gain access to children.

The Times reports:

In the most serious cases men barred for life from working with children used their new name to gain employment in schools and homes where they committed multiple further offences.

One, who worked as an au pair, was jailed last year after police in Belgium uncovered a paedophile ring with nine million child abuse images. Another is in custody in Spain suspected of abusing 36 young girls at a school.

Both were British teachers convicted of child abuse and placed on the sex offenders register. Each changed his name by deed poll, acquired a passport and in one case clearance from the disclosure and barring service (DBS) to work with children. The Times has been shown a copy of the DBS certificate.

Registered sex offenders must tell police within three days of changing their names. It is a criminal offence not to do so. However, the onus is on the offender to comply.

Ian Huntley, who murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham, had previous convictions for offences against children. But when he applied for a caretaker job at the girls school, he used the name Ian Nixon. When the school did a DBS check on him, it came back clean.

The answer is pretty simple. From now on, police should review the official documentation of every convicted paedophile several times a year, maybe even once a month.

It is horrifying and completely unacceptable that child abusers can change their identities so easily. It’ll send shivers down the spines of parents today, that’s for sure.

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Regarding the comment i posted below, checkout the series Fearless on ITV its about a Human Rights lawyer fighting for a guy who is found guilty of murdering a girl and whose body was found near a US Military base in UK. She believes he is innocent and he happens to be a caretaker of a school, i haven’t watched all of it but there are many similarities to the research of John Hamer connecting someone in US Base which was
active during Iraq war. Interesting?


For me, don’t believe everything you have been fed regarding ian huntley and the Soham murders. question everything, even the powers they brought in on the back of these murders. This never sat well with me from beginning, i believe this was set up. Do your research into this. The Soham Scapegoats – A gross miscarriage of justice – (john Hamer-
falsification of history). It answered may questions i had over this.


I watched a video years ago about what you have just said.


Thankyou for sharing this. It’s a very interesting read.


Very interesting reading and food for thought. It never occurred to me that they were anything but guilty before but I didn’t know any of the information in the article. I think we are lied to about many things.


Just searched, found and read the article.

Some of the text didn’t show on the web browser on the smartphone, so I needed to look it up on a pc.

It seems clear a miscarriage of justice has taken place here.

And we all know now, without a shadow of lingering doubt, how much they lie to deceive, manipulate and control us!
(😷 -2 mtrs-💉🧬🎄🧬💉 -2 mtrs- 😷)

This is shocking.

Absolutely shocking.


This is an interesting article.

The ADL and the Leo Frank case.
The ADL was founded by a Chicago lawyer, Sigmund Livingston in response to the 1913 murder/rape trial of Leo Frank a middle-class Jewish manager of a sweat-shop in Georgia.


Interesting article Jacob and he was dealt with accordingly.

Though as we know only too well, the legacy of this event seems to have become infectious and has gone insanely global in recent history.

Here’s a great read by an excellent Irish author and journalist ‘John Waters’ concerning a little quislings final raping of an entire nation this time.
(Richie has also interviewed John on a few occasions now, he’s also an excellent speaker!)

Last edited 2 months ago by Gerry

I have come across that one before. Also some years ago I saw plays about the trial and execution of Vanzetti and Sacco, two Italian immigrants to the US who were accused of armed robbery and murder and also one about the case of the comic film actor Fatty Arbuckle who was accused of raping an actress who subsequently died.

Both of these plays were written by people who had done considerable research into these cases. I actually myself did quite a bit of research into both cases after seeing the plays and became convinced that Vanzetti and Sacco and also Fatty Arbuckle were indeed innocent.


Have they achieved an upgrade for their services to the Satanic Cabal?!!


Most likely Brenda…

The sick twisted *******s.


Agreed upon.

Jeananne Crowley

Doesn’t surprise me that. ‘Career Paedos’ aren’t stupid & how convenient to be able to change one’s name and carry on regardless.


My view is that anyone convicted of any child abuse crimes should NEVER see the light of day again.


Posted this yesterday.

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