Pakistan Deploys Army To Enforce Covid-19 Restrictions

The Pakistani government has sent troops to 16 cities to help local authorities enforce covid-19 restrictions. The soldiers will enforce mask wearing in public and oversee the closing of non-essential businesses after 6pm.

Military spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar told the media yesterday;

“Starting at 6am this morning, troops have been sent to aid the civilian administration in each district. Ensuring adherence to precautionary measures (for the pandemic) and maintaining law and order will still be the responsibility of civilian authorities. The Pakistani army will aid other law enforcement agencies as emergency responders to stop the spread of the virus.”

According to the news agency Reuters:

The announcement came as the country recorded its highest daily death toll in recent days since the start of the pandemic, and officials said the health care system was nearing its breaking point.

Iftikhar said 570 people were on ventilators in the country and 4,300 in critical condition. In some cities more than 90% of ventilators were occupied, and industrial production of oxygen could soon be diverted for health purposes.

Last weekend, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the public to wear masks everywhere and threatened to close down cities if cases continued to rise.

Pakistan has a population of over 200 million people. It is claimed that 17,100 people have died of covid-19 in the past year.

Take a moment to digest that. 0.00855 per cent of the country’s population have allegedly died of covid and they’re bringing in the army to enforce curfews and shut down businesses.

Do you still believe that this is about a virus?


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It was never about a virus. Some will never wake up until their freedom and way of life are gone.


Always been CONTROL

Zac Baled

Hi all,

I keep in touch with a few friends who’s parents are originally from Pakistan according to their families living in Pakistan they have been managing to get on with life as normal over the last one year (majority are questioning as to what is going on) there is No Social Distancing, No Face Masks, No Hand Santizing every 20 mins etc, its only when they turn on the tv for news they realise that there is an unseen bs ‘plandemic’ hiding round the corner. (be very afraid)

They say there was no need for a national lockdown last year (which went on for a couple or so months) as the disgraceful lockdown mainly effected the daily wage earner i.e the labourers and the self employed (yes, they dont have the luxury of being furloughed) Apparantly the only people who have been and who are abiding by the bs convid rules are the rich the rest literally stuck two fingers at the government.

Imagine wearing face masks in near 40 degree heat id be gasping for oxygen, lol. The very same people coercing people to wear the masks in a friggin heatwave will tommorow be asking the world for oxygen ventilators (just look at India)
An apparant 17,500 deaths from a population of over 200 million – the world has officially gone mad.


40 degrees? It was 90 degrees last week here in Arizona. Our governor and mayor released us from masks but I work for a school and our district is still forcing them. I am a groundskeeper and as long as people aren’t around me I pull it down. It’s insane and I have zero respect for the people I work for.


They are shutting nothing down in Ramadan. There would be demonstrations/ maybe even riots by millions if they were stopped from being able to go to the Mosques to pray in this month.

Last edited 12 days ago by Jacob

Don’t these poor people have it tough enough without this gutless and heartless nonsense from the depraved globalist swine…

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