Parents Complain After Actor Wears Shocking Costume At Kids Event

A Labour Councillor has apologised after an actor wore a costume with a large fake penis attached, to a children’s reading event in Ilford. Jas Athwal, said that he was appalled by the incident at Goodmayes Library on Saturday.

Outraged parents took to social media to complain after pictures emerged of the actor wearing a rainbow coloured monkey costume, complete with a very large fake penis. The actor’s buttocks were also exposed in the costume which left little to the imagination.

The library has also apologised for “the inappropriate costume.”

All future performances at the library, which had been organised by a partner charity called Vision, have been cancelled.

MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting has since said he is “deeply concerned” by the events that took place on Saturday.

He told The Mail Online that he has written a letter to Vision (who hired the actors) questioning how the company thought the costume was appropriate for “family audiences around our libraries and public realm, let alone a festival aimed at promoting literacy amongst children.”

We are living in a lunatic asylum. I must say that to myself at least 20 times a day now. Lunatics on the left (they’re NOT socialists by the way) are determined to sexualise the country’s children. There’s no other way to say it.

The actor should be arrested on suspicion of child abuse. If turning up to a kids event with a giant dildo dangling and your bare arse exposed to the world isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

What the fuck is going on? Have I inadvertently stumbled into some parallel universe? It feels like it.


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Caroline Fealy

This is outrageous i would have told him to go home. Trying to normalize this kind of thing is just causing harm. Why allow this to happen???

Tony K

“I understand they’re available for birthdays and bar mitzvahs”

Who owns the companies?
Who gives the briefs to the “actors”?
Who sanctions it?




Sickening stuff Gerry.


The new world order huh!

Satan and his disciples reigning supreme.

But only if we allow it.


All children targeted.


Here is an example.

Aye Richie, it is indeed some strange world I want NO part of. Can someone please show me the EXIT! Cheers, Bill (Maitland, Florida) BTW, the man (if you can call him that) should be stripped naked, hung upside town in the local town square for a day or two, released and Banished from that town. It’s that Fucking Simple.

Last edited 3 months ago by William Vincent Faubion

I would immediately perform a citizen arrest on this person for pedophilia and child abuse and take him by the neck straight to the local police station.


Kids are wearing masks ffs, that is real child abuse.

Jessica Taylor

If I was there I would have thrown hot coffee on his dirty bare ass.

Welsh Gregg in china

whoever authorised this should be sacked and investigated.


We can not let this happen to the children.


Kenny Everett (who eventually realised he was homosexual himself!) had some good ideas for dealing with, quote; “pink ol commie fag subversives!”
(His words, not mine!)



That plus

Not bidding the assault now


A couple of nukes..

Job oxo.

Jane Edmonds

I am not homophobic but the New World Order wants sexual disorientation in my view. Many of them worship the Baphomet, they are trying to destroy true Christian beliefs. I have never been an ‘organised religion’ kind of person but I hold my own personal belief in Christianity. Look at the disgusting Ted Ros, head of the WHO, likes to wear a bikini and hang around Gay Clubs but also a downright criminal. These people are sexual deviants and they want to sexualise children. It is going on in schools right now, they are supposedly introducing masturbation to children as young as 5. These people need to be stopped, right here, right now! Alice Bailey from the Lucis Trust, before she went on to found the United Nations, encouraged the separation of children from their families and this is happening now. The plan is coming to the fore WAKE UP PEEPS!


All the Cabal, whatever their supposed primary affiliation- Opus Dieu, Illuminati, Freemasons, Church of Rome etc all have to swear allegiance to Lucifer and become members of this Satanic cult. At its core is child sacrifice and paedophilia.

It permeates all society, governments, public and private institutions. Government acts as a pimp, its destruction of children’s innocence in all its expressions enacted by its agencies.
Nurseries and schools where your children are in the control of others. Many teachers have already been subjected to this during their education so don’t even have to learn passing on these dogmas – it’s who they are!!!


This is what woke me up to looking into what is behind all this about 11 or 12 years ago. I met two unconnected people (since then I’ve met others) within a short space of time and through them I learnt the extent of elite (so called) paedophilia. One came from two old money British families and her mother had dragged her into a paedophile ring (this happens more often than people realise) which included family members. The other one was a man who had been brought up in various children’s homes including the notorious one in Northern Ireland.


I was involved in Child Protection as part of my remit in community medicine – we only ever scratched the surface. Fervently believe that many systematic abusers were protected by some staff in children’s homes and strong suspicion of their active involvement as well.
Police avoided investigating, often to the point of obstruction – dear only knows how many officers involved within the force.
With children being exposed to the most graphic sexual content, it makes them more willing to engage as their participation has become normalised.
Children as young as 7 years old found to be sexting to one another.
Thankfully my children only ever had ‘thick’ phones.
Most children nowadays have smart phones and are literally left to their own devices!!!
Both sickening and very sad.

Last edited 3 months ago by Brenda

sick sick sick


They know. They know the world is collapsing and they are pushing the limits of what would have been an arrest with prison time a mere 30 years ago.


Well that’s an overly generous Vision nobody wanted so inappropriately gifted to their children!

Tom M

I’m sorry but this ‘actor’ should have been sectioned on the spot and thrown in a padded cell, and while they were at it, they should have also seized and examined all of their electronic devices.

If somebody think it’s appropriate to attend a family event wearing a plastic tallywhacker and showing off their bare arse to everyone, then they’re clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic…or a sexual deviant.


I don’t care what political label they want to give themselves, they are sexual deviants. Period.
The children probably see worse things on the internet, but I could have sworn we still had public indecency laws.


A good oul hurling!!

A good oul fashioned smack into the liathróidox or the hóin!
(Right in there… Good and hard — “beyond levels of pleasure!!”)

Oh jayzus look…

They’ve even gone WOKE with the hurley’s too!!

Parallel universe indeed!!!

We’re done!!!!




And sure… While we’re at it..
Invite the oul judge out for a game too!!

C’mon boy!!

Grab the sliotar!!

Game ON.



FFS! What next? I remember seeing some drag queens doing something similar at a children’s school assembly or some similar event. There is clearly an agenda by whom or what I’m not too sure to completely destroy, values, autonomy and eventually sanity…what a world….


This is now endemic – nurseries, schools and during children’s activity slots in state libraries. Being prepared for paedophiles!!!


I’m so fortunate to be childless


tooo worrying


“looks at image” what in the holy hell is going on 😣😣🤬

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