Parents, Please Read This. It Could Save Your Child’s Life.

Public Health England has admitted that it did not consider’ the negative health impacts of requiring children to wear face masks during lessons. Parents, read that again. And again.

In documents seen by The Telegraph newspaper, the watchdog acknowledged that it; “expressly did not consider any potential disbenefits of the policy.”

I’ll put it more plainly. The organisation charged with looking after the health and wellbeing of children, didn’t give a fuck about whether masks might harm them. Mind-boggling isn’t it?

Christine Brett, the co-founder of the parent group UsForThem told The Telegraph:

“It beggars belief that the Government has recommended secondary school children wear face coverings for up to eight hours a day without the usual rigour of an public health intervention imposed on a healthy population.

There is increasing evidence of masks being harmful to children’s health, welfare and impacting on their ability to learn, develop and communicate.”

The evidence is overwhelming, not increasing. There isn’t a shred of data, to support the claim that wearing a mask reduces transmission. The government and its scientific advisers have known this from day one.

When you accept that they know facemasks are both useless and highly dangerous, you must then ask, why have they mandated them? That’s a place most people don’t want to go.

I’m telling you now, that if you are a parent and you consent to your children wearing a mask at school or anywhere else for that matter, you are putting them in grave danger.

The government doesn’t give a shit about the welfare of your children. Public Health England couldn’t be bothered to investigate the possible harms before claiming that kids should wear masks.

Only you can stand up for your child. Do it. Today. What are you waiting for?

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Danny Warden

Unfortunately here in France In is mandatory for kids from 6 years upwards to wear masks in school.
For the rest of us it is mandatory in every single interior public space and even in certain outside areas.
And of course some zombies wear them while driving alone in their cars.
Fucking madness.


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I’ve been nagging my daughter’s secondary school since last year when they only wanted masks worn in school corridors. I have been given an excemption badge for the child, but she refuses to wear it from fear of being bullied.. Or Cancelled – as she put it..
It’s driving me mad.
We have come to an agreement that she’s going to wear it in corridors ONLY and not have it on in class, but I can’t be there to police it..
Apparently there are very few children who dare not wearing them bloody things.
I keep emailing the headteacher weekly asking her to stop child abuse.
She has now even stopped responding to the emails.. 😡


Well I’ve spent many hours looking into studies and testing on the efficacy of masks. Every single test since 1981 (the earliest I could find) either shows that mask wearing makes no difference whatsoever or shows a difference that is so small as to be statistically insignificant.

The biggest study ever done was carried out by Danish scientists last September and showed that masks do not prevent the spread of infection. The CDC (not an unbiased organisation) could only come up with a difference of 0.5%. Stanford University in the US reported just the other day that their study showed that masks don’t work.

Masks can cause hypercapnia (which is an abnormally high level of carbon dioxide in the blood) which creates the same symptoms as asthma. In fact I’ve spoken to people who have been made to wear masks in their job who say that they feel as if they have asthma.

Mask wearing can also cause hypoxia which is a lowering of oxygen in the blood which in turn can lead to an abnormal reduction in the number of brain cells. I’ve heard doctors say that they are very worried that there will be a large increase in the incidence of early onset dementia in a few years because of the mask wearing. Also the psychological effects, particularly in children, of being made to wear masks is horrendous.

In occupations where masks are necessary sometimes they are worn under strict conditions with strictly defined rules none of which are being abided by in schools or supermarkets and places where people are currently being made to wear them.

Perhaps you could write to the headteacher and point all this out to them. Governments know all this perfectly well but as most of us on this site know none of this is about health.


I sent her Dr. Vernon Coleman’s articles, I have had emails from MPs and Ministers reassuring me this was only until the Easter break. She invited me to a meeting saying that it was obvious we see the world differently. Masks are still worn everywhere in the school building after the Easter break…
I am more annoyed with my daughter who would not wear her badge with pride and flip a finger to the Establishment..


I do feel for you. The trouble is at that age they don’t understand the implications and fitting in matters more than anything. I think it will come that the only answer is for those of us who stand outside of all this are going to have to form our own society, our own communities.


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Thank you, hadn’t come across that before. The awful thing is that governments already know all this. Why are they all going along with this? Have they been offered some kind of protection from whatever will affect the rest of us? I just don’t get it.


Didn’t consider, or didn’t care?


Quite the contrary , they considered how they COULD cause HARM to Childrens health, welfare and how to impact on their ability to learn, develop and communicate.”

That may seem a flippant comment but I do believe because they are EVIL they do these things to the children.


Curious. According the The Bible, God ordered the death of children as a punishment. God sent Adam and Eve into the wilderness to do hard labour think open Gulag). God genocided the human race with a flood for the crime of disobedience. God will send the Horsemen to sow disease, famine, war and death in the end times.
Is that not also evil?


Here is a little something to cheer you all up 😁😁😁😁
Jonathan Van Tam is vaccinating the bejesus out of Matt Hancock.
For a brief moment I thought it was the BBG 😲😲😲😲

Matt Hancock.jpg

I think there might be a few of us, who after finding the EVIL bar-steward guilty in a court of Law, would like to administer a LETHAL ‘shot’ to that man.

Urban fox

Absolutely 100% spot on the money richie. Nothing more to say!


Well here in Ireland children have been wearing masks in schools since last September and there’s been no pushback. Richie is right, they didn’t even bother to consider any negative consequences because of course none of this is about health.

I had to go into the main part of the village today and it was the usual maskomania in the streets, hardly anyone not wearing one. One little girl pointed up at me and said “that lady isn’t wearing a mask”. Her mother (who was wearing a mask) should have said something to her about making personal remarks but she didn’t. They are brainwashing a whole generation of children with this tyranny.

Urban fox

A child walked past me and put her hand over her face. And I saw a woman smoking on the street in a mask. Is this a village in Ireland? I have a sister in Trim who self isolated for a year.! Unbelievable stuff eh? But better to be safe.I have nephews at school over there.


Yes it is a village in Ireland. The daughter-in-law of one of my neighbours is like your sister and hasn’t been out of the house since March last year. Crazy isn’t it?

Urban fox

Bonkers! Quite place as well.! Don’t know if still isolating,out oF touch. Was last heard.They believe everything. Even after step mum,blood clot jab special.


I’m really worried about my 11 year old starting secondary school in September. Both my kids are at primary now and don’t have to wear masks. If the school are going to insist on face masks in September when she moves up to secondary school, then I don’t know what’s going to happen. If we insist our child does not wear a mask and no other parents do, then I will be fighting a battle alone and it will be a battle my child won’t even want me to fight, she won’t want to be a new year 7 child in the school singled out as different from day 1 and with parents at war with the school from day 1. She is going to want the ground to swallow her up. And who knows, the school may contact social services about us just for not wanting our child in a mask all day. What sort of experiences have people had with secondary schools when they have insisted on their child not wearing a mask?


Masks wearing is very harmful, particularly for children, so I would stand up to it. Would home schooling be an option? Or getting together with other parents to form a home schooling group.


The problem with the home schooling in groups is that they will claim you are mixing households and therefore breaching Covid regulations. Cressida Dicks finest will joyfully put the door in to break up this illegal gathering.


have the classes in the garden.


That’d be a good call.


Pool everyone’s resources and hire a tutor or two rotate the classes from house to house. If the schools won’t support the more enlightened parents with regular zoom lessons and the like, then send the local eductaion authority the bill. There could be a case under breech of contract should you need to take it further. Good luck and more power to you.


If you are in England, it’s easier than you think to claim exemption from masks for your child.

We did it for my stepson from day one of masks being introduced. All schools have policies for kids that are exempt (usually having to wear a lanyard instead) and your child won’t be the only one.

What i would do is contact the new school before the end of this school year & tell them that you are concerned that your child will be expected to wear a mask as they are exempt due to asthma/anxiety/another disability or any excuse you can get away with under the Government’s list of exemptions. I think you’ll be surprised how supportive they are.

Good luck.


I just got round to watching this and it’s such a shame that they won’t be able to use the Weimar verdict on mask wearing now it has been overturned.

With the PCR test it shouldn’t need court cases just common sense. If the creator of the test said it should never be used for diagnostic purposes because of the massive number of false positives and also that it should never be used beyond 30 cycles of amplification then that should be sufficient. He knew because he invented it, it’s all so crazy.

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