Parents To Test Their Children For Covid TWICE A Week.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting this morning that it has seen government plans to return children to classrooms, that involve parents testing their own kids for coronavirus twice a week. The families of secondary school children will be expected to administer rapid lateral flow tests to the students, throughout term time.

Schools will oversee testing one time, at the beginning of each term. Thereafter, parents will be expected to conduct the testing twice weekly for the remainder of each term. Schools are expected to reopen on the 8th of March, but secondary schools will be staggering the return of pupils.

The government had originally planned for schools to conduct the regular testing of students, but unions called the plans “inoperable” and “ridiculous.” According to The Telegraph:

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), the largest union representing secondary heads, has previously said pupils should be given home testing kits rather than schools being forced to become “field hospitals”. But The Telegraph has learned that a compromise is set to be reached, with schools agreeing to test pupils on site at the start of term and home testing kits used thereafter.

Geoff Barton, the general secretary of the ASCL, said: “We think that is a good idea. It reinforces the responsibility for families rather than assuming that bits of the state, like schools, will carry out the tests.”

I’m running out of words to describe the tyranny being imposed on us all by this fascistic and totally out of control government. But again, where’s the outrage this morning? Where are the opinion columns, filled with righteous anger, indignation and invective? They don’t exist. There is no dissent whatsoever. The Fourth Estate has collapsed.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, are we dreaming this? Is it really happening? Will parents really be forced to test their children twice a week for a virus that is virtually harmless to them? Isn’t this child abuse or at the very least mental torture? I heard this morning that the same secondary school pupils will be required to wear masks in the school corridors. It’s insane and it’s like a juggernaut. There’s no stopping it. Is there?

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My children WILL NOT be tested and they won’t be wearing masks !!!!!


and if the Father or Mother won’t do the testing then what, a fine ?

Zac Baled

Twice a week testing on children?

Well china’s doing more of “a precise” test – the anal test. How long will it be before parents are told to do the anal test on their children?
Hope the sleeping parents wake up to this madness. By allowing this to carry on in the name of a so-called virus (where children are hardly if not at all effected) they are sleep walking straight into the abyss.

Where does this madness end, seriously?
Wake-up man!


Was that in Hong Kong they were rolling it out, probably just another way to humiliate them for the protests that were going on, which disappeared when the fake virus emerged MMmmm.


kids getting up in the morning going downstairs looking for their breakfast being pointed to the table where their is a plate with a syringe on it and next to that a covi test kit, over the radio you hear that fool johnson saying save lives-protect the nhs- wash your hands, on the tv bbc news is on with the daily death toll running on the bottom of the screen, the man being interviewed is from the government and you hear him say ” if we just follow the rules we will beat this deadly virus “, the year is 2025, you the hear a voice say ” welcome to the new normal “, going out the door you are called back by your mother saying you forgot something, she hands you your mask.


This scenario seems scarily ominous. I watched about an hour of the vaxx video you recommended last night, will listen to the rest later. Truly frightening, those poor children and their families.


I watched that documentary last night after seeing the link on here. It’s a devastating watch.


Glad you found it Kathy. Tell those poor kids and parents vaccines are safe. When you see people like johnson calling people who have concerns over vaccines nuts, all the liars, from idiotic so called celebs, all the paid for talking heads promoting these new poisons which are going to do more damage short term and long term like we have not seen before it makes me want to scream, then all the people screaming out for them, the only complaint they have is they have to wait too long for it, how many do you think would rush to take it if they knew they were not as safe as they thought, even if they seen the film vaxxed then done a bit of digging I think a lot would hesitate. Just read this interview with a nurse with over 20 years experience, it was done in October last year, still relevant though, well worth 10 minutes to read it, she confirms what most of us suspected.


I finished the video last night, it’s truly devastating. I mentioned it yesterday to someone and she shouted at me and said it was only one man’s opinion! I didn’t even bother to say anything else because this seems the norm with intolerant people. I also watched the three men in the video top right of the Winterwatch page, very interesting. I’ll watch the nurse video later. Thank you Martin.

Urban fox

Bang on the money. Exactly where it’s going. And people just asking fOr more. Please protect us from the imaginary plague.


Alright mate. have a read of the interview with the nurse( the link is in the post above to Kathy) done last October, she answers a lot of questions people might have had and some we probably already knew, gives an insight to what was really going on in her hospital,what she thinks this so called virus really is, she had to hide her identity for obvious reasons, she still works for the N.H.S., backs up a lot of stuff I heard from a care home nurse the other night.

Urban fox

Alright. mate. Watching Enterprise. And gonna have coffee. Will have look.

Main website tonight David and Gareth Icke, New video will be on chatting about all things covid. They do every Friday.

Urban fox

Just read. Had read before, but worth another look. Shocking.


Shocking indeed, backs up what i have heard other nurses say, a couple Richie has had on the show and others. With no proof of this virus ever being isolated and listened to people like Dr Tom Cowan and many others there is no doubt in my mind there is no new virus, now the average bbc,sky, news watcher would probably want me or anyone with that opinion put in prison or sectioned but that is the truth, have said this on here before, if anyone really looks into the so called aids epidemic and how they done that, the whole covid hoax is from the same script with some of the same actors it really is, pretend you have found a new deadly virus, start using a testing procedure which is totally unreliable, get the people on the drug treatments which are the real killer, use the media to scare the life out of the people, it’s all there it’s the same bad movie but only worse.

Charlie Stevenson

Nope. Not doing it. They can feck off.


Sad, disgusting, and just bloody wrong.


Just watched it, horrific and evil, the teachers and parents that go along with this prove the point, the best way to control people is through fear, what other reason is there for them to go along with it.


It really is. I’ve watched many videos and read many things. But this particular video really upset me.

Ronald Templeman

This really is child abuse

Simon Corbett

I’m sure testing school kids, twice weekly, will be the tip of the iceberg.
How long before it’s every adult too ?
We are fecked. Too many people have bought this bull**** ☹️


Well home schooling it is then.

Andy Pattern

I have had many views on the world and where its heading for many more years than I care to remember, more so over the past 20 years. My wife cannot have children, not for the want of trying you understand. It broke her heart, mine too, but in the back of my mind a relief, which I have battled with for some time to understand why I sometimes think this way, perhaps this is my answer, the future I always saw has now arrived, the disconnect of humanity, its enough to deal with it, without the burden of passing our failings onto the next generation.


Hear hear Andy! (& Richie!)

And I too share your deeper concerns with this.

Though I suspect our eugenicist overlords have factored that into their design also..

An unstoppable juggernaut indeed, though the psychopaths haven’t won yet!

Not by a long ways!


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