A Parisian Mayor was threatened and warned that he will be "blown up" after he named a street in honour of Palestinians who were forced out of their homes by the creation of the state of Israel. The Mayor, Dominique Lesparre and his colleagues at Bezons town hall said that they had received "a multitude of threatening calls." Lesparre was called a "Nazi Communist" and was warned "we will kill you", and "we will blow up the mayor".

After the illegal UN sanctioned partition of Palestine in 1948, Israeli terrorist organisations like the Haganah, Irgun and Stern gang expelled nearly 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and their land. The street in Bezons, in the north west of Paris, is now called Nakba Alley.

It commemorates the "Catastrophe" (Nakba in Arabic) as it is called by the Palestinians, which as we know, they mark every year. The recent commemoration saw scores of men women and children murdered and injured by Israeli Defence Force snipers. Speaking to French media the Mayor said: "I have an emotional thought for the Palestinians who are forced to fight for the recognition of their state within the 1948 borders."

The plaques placed around Nakba Alley read: "In memory of the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians and the destruction of 532 villages in 1948 by the war criminal David Ben Gurion for the creation of the state of Israel." The Mayor has since been followed by thugs wearing black face masks who vandalised the new road sign within hours of its unveiling yesterday.

French police suspect that extremist pro-Israel groups are behind the intimidation. One such group, the Jewish Defence League, has been behind a number of violent attacks around Paris in recent years. CRIF, which is France’s main umbrella group for Jewish organisations claimed the road signs "encourage the current acts of anti-Semitic violence by trying to give them historic justification". Anti-Semitic.......yawn. If you dried that one out you could fertilise the lawn with it. Hilariously, Israeli Defence spokesman  Emmanuel Nahshon, even claimed that Bezon was supporting Hamas! Not to be outdone Israels ambassador to France, Aliza Bin-Noun said: the signs "are an incitement to hatred that support Palestinian terrorism!" What a numpty.

Jewish power has spoken and it must be obeyed. So-called local government officials have taken away the signs and the plaques. If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times and here I paraphrase: To learn who truly rules over you, just look at who you cannot ever criticise or challenge. Israel remains an illegitimate, racist, murderous and lawless regime. Kudos to the Mayor for taking a stand. Shame on the French for not supporting him.

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