PayPal Cancels Account of Ezra Levant’s Rebel News

The co-founder of Rebel News, Ezra Levant, Tweeted this morning that PayPal has cancelled the company’s account. Levant said that the payment processor had provided no explanation to Rebel News and closed the account without warning.

Levant has appealed to his audience for financial support to allow him to sue PayPal. Taking to social media last night he said:

“Look, this isn’t a mistake. It’s a cancel culture attack on the largest independent news agency in Canada. It’s censorship. They’re finally coming to kill us.”

Levant claims that PayPal sent him a letter by email last Friday, after business hours. The letter was blunt. It simply stated that the account was being closed. Levant says that the email had no signature, contact information, explanation or information as to how to appeal.

He (Levant) said that his personal PayPal account was closed at the same time. PayPal is yet to comment. According to

“…denial of service by banks and payment processors has been a popular way of shutting down unpopular outlets and online platforms over the past several years. Back in March, Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed that several banks have refused to do business with his company citing bad coverage in the corporate press, urging like-minded Americans to “cancel them all before they cancel us.”

This is a great example of the dangers of a cashless society. It is absolutely terrifying to think that banks and payment processors can withdraw service from customers, because of their politics or their opinions. Rebel News hasn’t broken any laws.

I have no time for Ezra Levant and even less time for his mate Tommy Robinson, but PayPal should not be allowed to close his account. Again, he has broken no laws.

Google/YouTube demonetised much of the independent media three years ago, closing down a vital revenue stream for content creators. I don’t upload The Richie Allen Show to YouTube anymore as Google has told me that I will never be allowed to place ads on the episodes.

Google has never provided me with an explanation. What can I do?

Independent content creators are almost exclusively dependent on their audience for support. The Richie Allen Show is no different. In a cashless society, it will be very easy for the enemies of free speech and the free flow of information to make it impossible for consumers to support the content they like.

Scary times.






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Hermione Granger

Professor sir john bell immunologist from oxford uni, in his only an interview with bbc “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.” Believe him, someone who has these levels of credentials doesn’t misspeak without correcting himself. The vaccine contains a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. 

Hermione Granger

Search reiner fuellmich bitchute newest and you will see the legal fights coming refuse it all


He’s a good man but I do worry about how corrupt the courts are now.

Stephen Sampford

And thus it will ever be when Cash is stolen from us. You can there ever after be simply ‘switched off’, which will become a routine occurance.

Biblical stuff!


“Who controls the issuance of money controls the government”!
Nathan Meyer Rothschild

Rob Phillips

Cashless society = No protests or dissenting against the ” elite ” or we freeze your bank account . It’s an easy way to control the population , and it’s nearly here .

Read ” Propaganda ” by Edward Bernays and ” Hope and Tragedy ” by Carroll Quigley and it’s the roadmap to everything happening to us right now , and it doesn’t end well for us as usual .


Imagine, those who try to tell the truth and expose the fraud are penalised, while the liars, fakes and dumbed down deluded are rewarded with free passage.

What a f*©√€@ up world they’re engineering for us now huh!!


Urban fox

PayPal have owed me money for over 10 years and many have lost thousands ,as I discovered with research. There are alternatives but they still have a monopoly. As many only except PayPal payments. This is the danger when so much power is held by so few people and companies. As we are increasingly seeing. And on having to rely on digital payments and money.

Urban fox

Just to clarify many people and small businesses have lost money,through mistakes with their accounts or deliberately having their accounts frozen or cancelled by PayPal.Merchant accounts like PayPal don’t come under normal banking regulations. But how long will it be before banks start doing similar things. HSBC has already threatened to close the accounts of those that don’t COMPLY with covid measures. Add to this a cashless society and the implications are horrific.


HSBC are one of the most corrupt banks on the planet so it doesn’t surprise me.

Urban fox

Happy ☺Saturday Jennie,over 90% of the world’s banking system is owed by the same families that are behind the phantom👻 plague agenda 30. So the whole system is evil. But one of HSBC particular area of interest is laundering Triad drug money.


They’re all as bad as one another.

Urban fox

“And no one will be able to buy and sell without the mark of the beast”

“And man shall turn against man,and brother against brother. Until man is no more. ”

” They lived there lives in slavery because of the fear of death”

From book of Revelation and Hebrews,but all starting to sound like it was written this week.


Where as I do nor agree with the PayPal decision, it is another opportunity for the multi millionaire zio agent grifter to pull off another “Grift” on the general public.
You would think that people would have worked that out by now?


Scary times indeed.

Which brings us back to vaccine passports, assigned to smartphone QR codes, assigned to digital ID, assigned to digital currency, assigned to personal liberty and freedom… (ie.The real plan behind the scamdemic!)

The QR code with all of the data contained within, will most likely change to a quantum dot tattoo for everyone to be branded with like cattle.

And every Agenda worshipping drone that subscribes to this madness, is contributing to their own demise and damnation.
(They’re easy to spot these days, as they still wear masks ‘everywhere’ they travel and regularly sterilise themselves!)

The removal of cash will be the final nail in the Agenda enslavement coffin.

If/when they achieve this…?

We’re done for.


So agree with you, digital currency comes in freedom goes out of the window. The only thing we could do would be to set up our own systems of exchange which would include barter.


I for one will seek this alternative Jennie.

Here’s hoping/praying that enough people wake up to do likewise.

And you already know the number they’ve done and continue to do on the Irish (or what’s left of us!!)…

Tough days ahead.


Convert all the cash you can into Gold and Silver. We could actually turn the tables on the game, by walking away from the casino table.

Gene Hunt

Correct Richie & Gerry.

I’ve been a taxi driver for over 30 years now and in the past few of them have seen a huge increase in customers paying (or attempting to pay in my case) by card………unfortunately I am one of only a few drivers in my town who refuses to get a device for card transactions, and I’m still trying to hold out!
I have “cash only” stickers plastered over my cab, but digital currency is so ingrained in many that these often get unread or ignored by the card obsessed public…….. You try and explain to them the dangers of going more and more cashless, but of course they’re not interested, or if they’re polite they feign some sort of
comprehension……….. Anyway, try as we can, I think we all know that cash will soon be resting in peace 😔


And every last remaining privacy and freedom along with it Gene.

No telling the drones.

And no stopping the Agenda bwankers and their government cohorts!

We’re doomed!


We’re not done yet Gerry, keep the faith brother. If everyone does what little they can to ‘unplug from the matrix’ we’ll be ok.


Fingers crossed Backbeat!

But looking at the hoards queuing up for their jabs and running around in masks isn’t inspiring confidence.
And you know that many of these will willingly subscribe to a vaccine passport in order to go on their holidays!
These goons now believe there’s a lethal disease spreading and that it’s mutating, so that’s as far as it will ever go with them!!

But… I’m with you when it comes to trying to stay positive and I’m hopeful there will be ‘just enough’ of a pushback to start a landslide!!

And thanks for the kind words mate.

I appreciate it.



Good on you for taking that stance.
I went to the pet shop the other day to stock up on food for the budgies and I as asked do you prefer card or cash.
He asked for cash as it was better for him.
I prefer using cash as I remember the days of paying with cash and getting a discount on more expensive items.
Those days have gone sadly but I still try to explain that when cash is gone it will be an unseen burden upon people.

Most are blinded by technology and what they think is the ease of usage.
The time it took for one person in front of me to pay their bus fair using their mobile phone was just silly.

The poorest people will suffer if it goes full digital.


I wouldn’t ask, just give them the cash. It’s legal tender.


I generally do not ask but I did because I have been shopping there for many years and maybe paying by card could have helped him?


I think a lot of people sort of know the dangers but they only think about now and the supposed convenience. It won’t hit them unfortunately until it actually happens.

Good for you only using cash. I pay for pretty much everything by cash except the odd online transaction. I’ve been putting my mantra on posts on Bitchute for a few years now, buy local, pay cash, never use Amazon.

Urban fox

Hi Gerry,all very true unfortunately.


Unless something happens soon Fox!
(Something of major significance to somehow shock the brainwashed out of their delusion!)

We’re done for!!

But on a more positive note, I’ve just listened to Richie’s interview with Dino the Isle of Wight hotel proprietor for a second time! (From Wednesday’s show!)

If we all took this mans stance…This utter insanity and nonsense would be over in a day!!

You never know…

Miracles do occasionally happen!!


Jackie Adam

When do you think this will be voted on?


I’m not certain what you’re referring to Jackie, but if it’s the health passports/digital ID slave system??

It’ll come the same way as the masks!!

Peer pressure assisted by relentless psychological operations through mass media propaganda!

No vote necessary!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Gene Hunt

I think one of the Elite’s main aims is to deliberately create debt in the population through digital currency. I guess it’s quite simple and obvious really………when you pay for something via a credit card you don’t instantly perceive it as your own money being spent, money that you’ve worked hard to earn, it’s just a magic card that can pretty much buy you what you want, when you want………
If you pull a note out of your wallet, you feel something, the sense of it’s true worth, you think of it’s real value to you, basically you think that bit more about spending it or not……….it’s just another pychological tool they use on us………dress it up as though we are having a favour done for us, an endless stream of credit, as though we should all be so grateful, when all along the real intention is to lock us into never ending debt and yet another power & control shift away from us.


But don’t forget once they remove cash and go fully digital with it, they will be able to fully monitor and restrict your access to it at the flick of a switch.

Social crediting Gene.

Already up and running in China!

The scamdemic is simply the ruse to bring it all in and tie everything together with as little resistance as possible…

And it’s working!!


You’re right and what is so sad is that a majority of those who realise it’s a scam won’t stand up to it either.


They are already doing that, this is going a step further. It’s about total control.

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