PayPal Closed The Richie Allen Show Account Without Warning Or Reason

Hi there,

I didn’t expect to be talking to you before next Monday, but this can’t keep. PayPal has closed the account for The Richie Allen Show. I received a pretty blunt email this morning, advising me that I “can no longer do business with PayPal” because I was in “violation of “PayPal’s acceptable use policy.”

Naturally I called them. The first person I spoke with put me on hold and then hung up. I called back and spoke to another agent who advised me that she couldn’t find out why the account was closed and that I would probably never find out.

After pointing out that this was unacceptable and insisting that I be put in touch with someone who could explain what was going on, I was again put on hold for a few minutes before the call was again abruptly disconnected. I’ve since been advised by someone who used to work for them that they’ll never offer me or anyone else an explanation for closing an account.

I’m fuming of course. It’s disgusting. I’m sure that buried in their terms and conditions, they claim the right to close an account without notice and without explanation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s legal.

PayPal takes 5 per cent of every single transaction. It could be argued therefore, that the company is effectively in business with every one of its account holders and that at the very least it should have to show cause for closing an account.

Anyway, it is what it is. Those of you who have used PayPal to set up a monthly contribution to The Richie Allen Show will be wondering why your payments aren’t going through. Now you know. It’s best to cancel it now to avoid receiving the same notices over and over.

I know full well what is going on here. Of course I haven’t been in violation of any of PayPal’s policies, which is why they will never engage me in a conversation. This is censorship and nothing else.

When the account was originally set up, PayPal was made fully aware of its purpose. I advised them at the time that I wasn’t selling anything and wouldn’t be exchanging goods in return for payment. I had to be very specific about this for obvious reasons. They were hugely concerned about terrorism funding at the time, so anyone receiving payments and not exchanging goods was of concern to them.

The company knew that I was an independent radio producer/presenter that was supported by the listeners. The company was well aware that this was entirely voluntary. There was no ambiguity. They were satisfied, I was happy and I’ve been in business with them for years without a single complaint from anyone who has ever supported the show.

A great friend of mine who has taught journalism at third level told me earlier this year that the establishment would never put up with The Richie Allen Show. I didn’t need to be told that. The show’s reach is frightening.

Before taking my holiday, the show was beating the MSM’s top radio programmes in the iTunes charts. My live show averages over 200,000 listeners. It’s downloaded over 2.5 million times a month. They won’t stand for it. There has never been anything like The Richie Allen Show.

I’m not bragging. You know who I am. It’s a fact and it bears repeating today. The show is a phenomenon. Then again, I work around eighty hours a week to fill it with content. Its success is not an accident.

I don’t know what we’ll do in terms of using another service, but I have some very good people looking at it for me. Don’t feel the need to bombard me with suggestions. Like I said, I’ve got some great tech folks working on it.

In the meantime, the show still has a bank account. The details are on this site. Hopefully, I’ll  have news about an alternative to PayPal by next week.

Up until today, I was enjoying my break. I’ve needed it. The job is exhausting. But I’m determined to enjoy the next few days and I’ll be in good form come Monday.

Speak soon,


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Advise needed I want to set up bank payment but not sure what t put down as payee is it ‘The RichieAllen show’ or just ‘Richie Allen’ Thanks in advance.


I know this is way off topic, but I am sure Richie will have something to say about this as Waterford is close to his heart, so sad.

Jeananne Crowley

Am hoping that the death of Roy Butler might wake more up; the way our media reported it worse than disgraceful. This fine fit flower of young manhood ‘died after a short illness’ eh? Meanwhile RTE continues advertising excitedly about ‘pop up vax centres’ for the young….


I detest PayPal closed my account last year if I hadn’t I would have now, maybe others should do the same in support of Richie.


We should all dump these tech giants who want to mussle free speech. I dumped Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, YouTube. Its just as easy to contribute to the show with your bank card.

Onwards and upwards Richie.


Richie Allen first you’re Twitter now you’re PayPal!
Thank you for having such a strong voice throughout this Covid Con I call it. Don’t let them silence you!
I really hope you get you’re PayPal sorted out or some alternative. Take care.


I hope you got your money out before they held onto it for 18 days!. That’s what they did to me! I had to wait 6 months to get my money from them. Sold CBD online.. the same products you can get on the High St. Never used PaynPal since. Only use direct transfers or don’t bother. It goes to show the control they can have.. they can stop you taking and making payments. The powers that be won’t need to tell small businesses to close their doors to put them out of business. Just make businesses unable to use their services. It’s happening to lots of independent radio stations and podcast makers.. Ryan Dawson, Red Ice, Shaun Attwood to name a few! – If you’re getting flak it’s because you’re over the target. Imagine what it will be like when we everywhere goes cashless!! We have no control of digital money.. just numbers on a screen.

Mark Hilton

dot point 4 out of the attached link:

“PayPal is vowing to block transactions and cancel accounts held by “extremists” and anyone endangering “at-risk communities,” which could include just about anything, including anti-vaccine rhetoric

Colin G

to quote a rage against the machine lyric, you will never silence the voice of the voiceless


NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

Richard Dean

Odd how you were deemed to have violated PayPal rules while on holiday! I presume my payment on 17/08/2021 was the last. I for one will be doing direct transfers to your account from now on.

Richard Dean

I notice that after sending PayPal’s complaint form, a message says the service is ‘currently unavailable, please try again later’. All sounds to me like the coward’s delicacy of choice, butter ollocks.


Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells.
Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family physician from Lytton, British Columbia, wrote to Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C. provincial health officer, in April 2021 with serious concerns about COVID-19 vaccines. One of his patients died after the shot, and six others had adverse effects.
Blood Clot Formation With mRNA Vaccines ‘Inevitable’

(please download the pdf of the above article before it is taken down)

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

Thank you for sharing, I’ve downloaded the video and the text. Shocking how the site owner is being treated.

I was catching up with some of my back videos I haven’t got round to watching yet, I’ve got quite a stockpile, and I came across one about a NASA document from July 2001 where one of the higher ups in NASA was saying that most of the human race is too heavy, too slow mentally and physically and of no real value. That’s what they think of us and I think they want to get rid of us as some people might swat a fly.


You are welcome and it is shocking but not to be unexpected.


I don’t like using Paypal anyway because George Soros is the major shareholder. I would be perfectly happy to donate using my debit card number if you set that up.

Enjoy the rest of your break.

They knew you take off some days and reported you to stress you more, who i mean with they?

troll army, they monitor all important content creators as they have a very big student troll army, its no coincidence they got you right in the vaccation.

another interesting article towards that, paypal plus ADL


I know nothing but this is a list of alternatives

PS, PayPal will not tell you why because it may give you grounds to make a claim and sue

Last edited 2 months ago by sven
Sara D

Well, clearly you are successful at reaching people, which is why you are being censored. Sod them then. Find another way as I am sure you will. And enjoy the rest of your break.


Richie, you are a ‘Sentinel’ to real journalism and an ambassador of truth, so separation from a globalist cabal endorsing multinational is in reality, a blessing in disguise.

We will find many worthy alternatives to support you in the future, of this you can be certain.

Looking forward to your return next week.

I think it’s fair to say, we have all missed you!



(Excerpt from Irish Sentinel article posted August 19th 2021 regarding the death of 23 year old Roy Butler from Waterford after receiving a supposed vaccination for covid — follow link at bottom for full piece)

“With this knowledge, it should be very clear that there is no longer any sitting on the fence. In fact, the fence has been well and truly dismantled. As institutions and businesses take their place in history, their decision-makers are either siding with full-blown evil or with the resistance to unprecedented malice. If you remain with an establishment that harbours the magnitude of malevolence that one such as Beaumont Hospital or The Irish Mirror newspaper does, whether as an employee, a manager or a director, you have chosen your allegiance and will be forever blackened with the choice that you made. Whatever the number of bills you have to pay and regardless of the number of mouths you have to feed, you have no excuse for allying yourself with such repugnant, beastly, poisonous excrement. No amount of money compensates for your participation in a dark, sinister, repulsive cult of death.”



Irish Barrister at law Tracey O’ Mahony presentation, discussing Irish hospital discrimination plans.



It just gets worse and worse. I’ve been waiting for a minor operation for several years and they’ve sent me a form to see if I want to stay on the waiting list. I’ve decided to manage without it as I have absolutely no trust in hospitals or most of the medical profession anymore.

Apart from the couple of TDs who are actually fighting against all this writing to them is a waste of time. I know from speaking to people who’ve tried that most of the time they don’t reply at all but when they do they just send a copy of government handouts and don’t deal with a single pont the personn has raised.


I’ve had that experience with the waiting list too Jennie.
Between text messages and letters, they strung me along for circa 6 years I jest you not!

It’s a joke now. The whole system is a farce.

We are now living in a lunatic asylum.

Here’s the latest Hugo Talks just to affirm our thoughts on the subject matter.–lockdown2:a

John Roarty

Richie, your show content has been making waves in the Cov-aids madness crumbling narrative. The show has been a firm rudder in the choppy waters of these bizarre times for so many, myself especially…. full steam ahead….you predicted several times that Independant content creators would be pursued. Looks like that tip toe process has begun. Upon hearing of PayPal’s gross negligence and unprofessional behavior, I closed out my own PayPal account, as I am now weeding out these secondary corporations who are embracing the blatant censorship. I can manage without them. The best way is to sock them in the pocketbook collectively through abandonment without explanation. With more competition from alternate app’s and ways to contribute to the show, it may put a much needed dent into conglomerates such as PayPay. I communicated with Meria Heller through email as her show was connected to my PP account as well. She was unaware of your situation. You both are my favorite content creators. She provided me with several alternate ways to send financial support for her show. So yes, once you have a new way, please let us know. Peace always to you. ❤


Waterford Captain dies after 2nd jab!!!
Ireland does not have an adverse reporting system for these injections.

Jeananne Crowley

And nary a peep from MSM over here about it. His aunt connected the dots: but given the propaganda from RTE this morn announcing excitedly that .”Walk in vaccination centres will be open again this wkend for those over 17″ don’t hold out much hope.

Simon Blanchard

Hi Richie,
Have a gander at who is supporting the online reporting of adverse reactions for the covid clot shots in the Caribbean.


Richie- will you comment on Wayne’s death on Monday when you are back. I think we need to pay respects to this man who put his life on the line to expose the truth.

Wayne Smith, the man exposing the Midazolam mass murder care home scandal, sometimes referred to as the ‘Covid first wave’, has been found dead. There is no information as to what happened but apparently, the authorities are chalking it up to be a covid death. Wayne had also been questioned by Tory MP Luke Evans over his ‘Commons’ Midazolam interchange with Hancock and was due to take …”.
Found here-

No way, oh my god. Perhaps murder is a new covid symptom.

Simon Blanchard

I’ve been saying this since the beginning. Any malpractice, misfeasance, murder all labeled “covid”. No inquests, no autopsy, job done.


I posted a video about Wayne and also a statement that Jaqui Deevoy put out, mysteriously not on my page now.


Hi everyone; I want to share this honest wrap up of the current and ongoing agenda. Watch from 4.31. Inspiring and honest.

Simon Blanchard

Very good. Message is Fear Not.
It was very obvious right from the start that this was about FEAR. The problem with fear is many are addicted to it. The simple solution to this brainwashing was to turn the TV and radio off for 6 months, tuned into Richie Allen to expose the BS in that “news”.
No wonder they fear Richie. He’s an antidote.


You are a security threat Richie.
(chris posted a link with more or less the same info)

PayPal Working with ADL to Financially Blacklist and Spy on ‘Extremists’
PayPal, the online payment processing giant, has promulgated it will work with the far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to amass information on and cut off financial flows to soi-disant extremists, and that it will apportion the data it amasses with law enforcement, policymakers, and the rest of the financial industry…..

Keith matthews

It’s the biggest compliment they could give you, somebody high up fears you

Time Once Again to break-my-promise to Comment here.
On-My Mother’s-Grave I speak the Truth, So Help Me God, as i know it(!).
About 5-7 yrs ago, I became familiar with…bitcoin & blockchain technology.
Bitcoin was ca 50-300 usd$.
I began to pay attention to this…’yakiamoto sakaachuuchi’s(not exact name btw, in Japanese, the official name means, something like ‘a trickster/not real’) phenomenon carefully, when it for 1 year was 300-600 usd$.
For All here, I opened a swiss bank-account in Cairo 1979, talking directly for 1 hour with the..Boss.
Bought 1+ kg Gold then(!).
Nowadays, bitcoin is trading at ca 30,000 usd$.
Oh. Big increase.
I decided, then, never ever ever invest in it.
I understood, I’d be financing my own self-destruction.
It’s part of the Scam. btw, tax-authorities are now…seizing bitcoin-exchange’s book-keeping.
The Scam is monumetal i.e. speculate and pay for your own enslavement thinking you are…home-free without payimng taxes and ‘ännoynymous and, you yorself have 1nce again paid for your and children/grandchildren’s enslavement.
If I remember correctly, Henry Makow’s site was 1 of my sources.
Regards, Chris
health is failing. i’m old. best to say before i can’t.

pss. btween 1973-1975, I was ‘programming/using’ Fortran/APL 360 with IBM computer-interfaces directly connected to Princeton University/etc with…ARPNET.; ie, the us-miltary computer system.
Yes. On My-Mother’s Grave, so help me God, this is true.
Now u know.
Don’t participate in your own enslavement.

Tony K

Even the calmest of good folk protested when they were deplatformed from YouTube, you said nary a word.

Knocked you off twitter?

You took it on the chin and said nowt.

Now these dirty fuckers are pissing in your pocket, you finally got pushed past the line, and made a post about it.

The patience of an angel my friend.
Although I know that is calculated by yourself using complex survival algorithms.

Find a server and services in a free country. Ok, that might be impossible, but go for the best option.

After a little bit of research, I’ve found that is an option.

Found this article on “offshore hosting”

Worth a read.

Fuck em all, we’ll get round every hurdle these cunts throw at us. And we’ll be taking them out quietly at the same time.

Nice one bro, enjoy the rest of the time off with ya Mrs.



What they’ve done is disgraceful but try to take comfort from the fact that they’ve resorted to such underhanded tactics because of the threat you pose to the powers that be, they can’t handle your open unbiased discussions and search for facts & truth. I will just switch my monetary support to a different method as I’m sure the rest of your supporters will too. Enjoy your well earned holiday and I’ll look forward to hearing your show when you’re back on air 📻

Caroline McHale

Hello Richie
Just read your Tweet on Gareths site
What a truly BUMMER Richie
I’m am SO ANGRY what they are DOING to YOU
& to DO this while on your VERY WELL deserved bit of a break off the airway

Richie, I cancelled my SUBSCRIPTION to your very good self, on PayPal

Can I send money TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT on monthly standing order
Do WE ALL HAVE TO STAND BY, till you have another WAY SET UP!

The BASTARDS won’t be fecking happy till they have US in wooden boxes!

Anything I can do TO HELP YOU
Please DON’T even give IT A SECOND THOUGHT

Joe Hickster

This is shameful on PayPals part. I wonder if you have ever considered using Crypto. It is prett easy these days. Using a platform like Coinbase or Bonance, you have a “wallet” and people can pay into the wallet using their “pound and pence” via one of the platforms. There is a small fee attached but doubtful it would be as large as PayPals

I would go more for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin personally, but I would imagine you have connections who know more than I. Enjoy the rest of your break, looking forward to your first show back. I always listen to you around Midnight, so never get to actually contribute to the show while it is live, but thankyou for providing a beacon of sanity amongst the madness of the last 18 months.


I thought I’d posted up the following link a couple of weeks ago, but can’t find it. Despite the absurdity it implies, I suspect it’s tied to this thread.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Good-Catch Craig.
-Jul 26, 2021 | 8:03 AM By Anna Irrera LONDON (Reuters) – PayPal Holdings Inc is partnering with non-profit organisation the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to investigate how extremist and hate movements in the United States take advantage of financial platforms to fund their criminal activities.-
Surprise, Surprise?
True or False? Go ask ‘Snopes’ for the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

The fact is, Izzreal has been lobbying thru out the World to, get this now, equate anti-izzreali statements equated with/equal to, anti-zionism.
Make it legislated in different countries as, Unlawful; a crime.
Please do your own research and you will all find this is 100% true.
Start here.
Screenshot below is from , the ADL itself(!).
Free Speech id Dead if this type of law is passed.


The enslavement is ongoing.

Jessica Taylor

You just have to laugh


We will continue to support you Richie, please advise an alternative to PayPal on your next show x x

Last edited 2 months ago by Mondobloke

Please share- I guessed this from the start!…/is-vaccine-hesitancy-the…/


Hi everyone; wanted to share 2 things here- feel free to respond- all welcome. AUSTRALIA
I have not watched TV news or radio news or any newspapers now since Feb 2020- I was awake to this scam from the start.
1: At a friends house last night- usual thing- the big TV on with constant news updates; saw the clip of the young man in a QLD hospital- shown over again a month later; he is on a respirator- same video, I kid you not; using this as an ‘update’; He is obese, mid 30s , a co-morbidity, but not mentioned of course- but YES, the same clip.
2: ABC TV 24; Presenter was discussing the lack of uptake in NSW hinterland, of the injection. Whole state shut down now- go to a map and look at the area- probably fit 6 Irelands into NSW! Clearly the lockdowns are to coerce injection uptake. Silly people still think that this is about a virus. ANYWAY- then the presenter stated…’ and we are only half way through this pandemic…..’!!!! I kid you not- half way to the end of the ‘clinical trials’ perhaps! Logically a person would ask..’how long does a pandemic last, or are they using crystal balls now?
ANOTHER NOTE: NZ shut down the whole country for a week- for 1 positive case; a week for the cities, everywhere else for 3 days.
NOTE that we are in the middle of winter here; 1600 died from the flu in 2019 in Australia, in the months July- August.
UPDATE; young man in Sydney on Monday, nothing to lose- has lost everything, stabbed himself in a Woolworths Supermarket. Tragic. Not reported.
UPDATE; a friend of mine has a brother in law who is a coroner in Brisbane. He told her that suicides are off the scale- he is hard nosed but even this is now getting to him.


Is it true that NSW are rounding up 24,000 children into an empty stadium to jab them with unlicenced pharma poison? Has Australia fallen to the NWO?????

Last edited 2 months ago by Mondobloke
Jessica Taylor

That’s true. Apparently 2 are in a coma. It’s fucking sick


According to a Fed Police informer, those two children have since died.


3 confirmed dead

Jessica Taylor

Truck drivers are getting ready to do a blockade of the borders. People have had enough.


I wonder if Richie could set up a Go Fund Me page- ?


Before confirming a standing order with the bank it is asking to “Accept suggestion” that the account is registered to Richard Gerald Allen. Just wanting to double check this is the correct?

Fuck PayPal, been a long time coming but the final prompt to cancel all payments with them


Hi Richie.
Try this alternative to Paypal.
Just as good.


Sad but no surprise, I’ll set my donation up elsewhere, much love xxx

Jeananne Crowley

Not entirely surprised are ye? What we do now is find ingenious ways to keep RA show supported and given the cleverness of the Listenership (grin) am sure there’s a way eh? But as he says above ’tis censorship. Elementary my dear Watson & we knew it was coming.

Darryl W

I don’t think News Corp liked your Talk Radio comparison the other week.


Its just one big joke at this stage . And uts a sign of the power the authorities will have in a cashless society .

“The show is a phenomenon.” Is not in anyway bragging, Richie. It is a fact. Why? Because it is based on bringing TRUTH. “I was in “violation of “PayPal’s acceptable use policy.” Pay Attention PayPal, at least now we know that TRUTH is not an acceptable policy for you. With or without PayPal, those of us who want TRUTH, will find a way to support The Richie Allen Show.

Chloe J

WTF. Another sign to keep on going! Keep us posted on how we can still contribute to the show! Chloe x


I’ve just cancelled my account 👍

Xile F

Don’t worry Richie, we will all come with you to the next payment platform. Or we will set up a standing order.


No coincidence that they timed it whilst you are on holiday…

John Heffernan

Fuck them Richie…We will not let you down…

Ok Richie.
Now it’s time to…’step up to the plate’.
Ball-Time Everyone.
I have an extremely ‘rare book’, in mint condition I my add, which I bought 31 yrs ago in Helsinki.
It was extremely expensive then also(!).
Now it is for sale!. Total Proceeds go to Richie A …and His Dear Caroline.
Start-price is…minimum…200£. Non-negotiable. Period.
Further Details will be supplied, according to Demand, Authentication, and… my personal Approval.
Time-to-get-Serious, Everyone.
Best Regards Chris
Further details Only on Request.
pss. Only to Richie and His Caroline


Why would I suggest having this book? Listen carefully…
1 of the ‘best kept secrets’ by Us from the english-speaking-world is…
Finland is an excellent place to live if You are hard-working, smart, strong in body & mind, want to really(!) live close to Nature and hopefully very good with your hands(either craftsman or tradesman), well…this is where You wanna go.
Now You know.
If You are young & single or know someone who is, who You know wants to escape the prision-islands of the UK and Ireland, pay attention now.
Finns are generally a quiet-type of people. They don’t brag and, most important is, the Individual is Always(!) respected if 1 is doing their work as best as they can; It doesn’t matter if you are a dishwasher or doctor. If You do your best, You are treated as an equal.
If You are a native of the UK & Ireland, well, You should do just fine in Finland.
Consider the book as your help source with the Finnish language, which is quite difficult to speak perfectly.
I promise, Finns will immediately understand your situation and, earn their immediate respect! Yes. It’s called *character*; National Character.
Another thing about Finns; They are tuff as nails! They don’t bitch & moan about things. Yep. Silent-but-deadly. Case in point: during WWII the kill ratio *Finland vs USSR* was if I remember correctly, 1 vs 30. Could even be 1 vs 50.
Regardless, 1 doesn’t survive -40C winters if 1 isn’t tuff and coool-headed.

Here is more information about the book:
“Michael Branch et al: A Student’sGlossaryofFinnish: The Literary Language Arranged by Frequency and Alphabet (Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio, Porvoo, 1980) 1200 items, graded and accompanied by morphological information. Glossed in several languages, including English.”
It appears that this book is nowadays extremely rare.
Use and enter- A Student’s Glossary of Finnish WSOY 1980 ISBN 9510087467

Anwen Appleby

Sounds like there is a “shut him down” campaign and it is very evil and wrong. Enjoy your holiday. Don’t let the fuckers get you down.


I agree totally with you on the last sentiment but taking into account their efforts to give everyone the ‘Death Serum Jab Clot-Shot I have altered it by reducing it by one word “Don’t let the fuckers get you”

Caroline Fealy

Fecker’s. Enjoy the rest of ya time 🙂

Ronald Templeman

Not a problem, we will get round what ever and as you say there is still the bank account. I will have to start paying by card on eBay, hit Papal where it hurts.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ronald Templeman

Ebay want those that sell on their to give personal details that are used for data collection including the same details that PayPal have already.
I no longer sell on Ebay due to this.

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