Pfizer Claims Vaccine Trial On Under 12’s Has Shown “Positive Results”

For 18 months now, I have been saying on The Richie Allen Show, that they will not rest until every man, woman and child has received a covid jab. From today, the UK’s 12 to 15 year-olds will be offered the needle, despite the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) refusing to endorse the move.

This lunchtime, Pfizer-BioNTech is claiming that its vaccine trial for children aged between 5 and 11 years-old has already produced positive results. According to SKY News:

A Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine trial for children aged between five and 11 has produced “positive results” and has shown a “robust immune response”, the two firms have said.

They said the results are the first to emerge from any vaccine trial for children aged below 12 and would “provide a strong foundation” for seeking the authorisation of its potential rollout across the world.

Speaking to SKY, Bill Gruber, the senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development at Pfizer said:

“This is really great news. We have been able to demonstrate a robust immune response as well as a satisfactory safety profile for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children five to 11 years of age.

What people need to understand is there’s been a concerted effort. Given that we are in the middle of a pandemic and hospitals are filling up, to get information out that can allow public health authorities to make good decisions about giving vaccines to children.”

That didn’t take long did it? The JCVI will, presumably, not recommend that five year-olds receive the jab, for the same reason they didn’t recommend that 12 year-olds get it. Covid is virtually harmless to children.

The government will overrule, no doubt with the blessing of the UK’s chief medical officers. The hits just keep on coming eh?



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It sounds weird to say it but the governments of the world have been bought out in various ways by the big multinational industries. The ‘New World Order’ is already here folks. It’s a kind of neo-fascism. This experimenting on our children for profit is just further proof of it.

Keith matthews

Who the hell have let thier kids be potentially damaged . Madness


The nwo as described by a bildeberger


They do like to boast


Its a huge strategic mistake of the nwo jesuit papal bloodlines to attack thechildren – of course they are the real target – but this will be their undoing.

And to go after Australia so hard – why ? Just insane strategy I’m surprised the black pope got it so wrong !


And she’s still pro covid vaccine!!

They’re gone Brenda… It’s beyond cognitive dissonance now.



Chloe J

When I mentioned I was worried about mandatory vaccines last year in March (2020), the reply received was that they take lots of testing to be safe etc etc….and here we are.


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Jeez Brenda.
It brings the reality of this global madness crashing home…


I hope you’re keeping well.


Nearly 15,000 Deaths, More Than 700,000 Injuries Reported to VAERS Since December 2020 Rollout of COVID Vaccines in U.S.
VAERS data released Sept. 17 by the CDC showed a total of 701,561 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 14,925 deaths and 91,523 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 10, 2021.
(remember that one of the branches of Harvard University was paid to see how efficient the VAERS reporting system was at catching those injured by “Vaccines” and they reported back that less than 1% of injuries or death were being captured by on the VAERS system)

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake
Urban fox

Hi Jake, the above all true, and yet still people will just pass off the deaths as variants and injuries as not connected. So many totally stuck in the Matrix. Anyway, wasn’t going to post today. Just wanted to send reply to your message to me on comments section. As they are regularly clearing the comments to stop site crashing and keep up to date.

Hi thanks for reply, Wasn’t keen on new Mad Max film, but that’s just me. Liked the originals, but i find Thunderdome a truly remarkable stand alone film on so many levels. Something truly magical about it. Truly original work of genius.

I’m about average Jake, surviving in the madness. Different day, same crap.
All the best


I thought that both had their merits and I do love a bit of action in a movie.
Tina Turner played a good role I must say.

“I’m about average Jake, surviving in the madness. Different day, same crap.
All the best”

Same here I guess. Not hard to get a bit stressed when all we know is being dismantled..

Urban fox

Good man Vernon, but i think 2050 is widely optimistic. Everything is planned to happen by 2030, hence agenda 30. Iv read the finer details of the documents etc. Will be all over long before vernons prediction unless stopped. And they don’t need anything else to kill billions, other than the poison jabs that they already have, and the ones to come .Also two smart meters in a home, produce up to 400 times the radiation of a mobile phone. This is going to cause many deaths in the years ahead. I believe, EMR and jabs will cause mass genocide.


I have heard from Mark Windows that the Globalists are 30 yrs ahead of their timetable from the Covid Scam and “Vax” role out.
Colemans book is from the 1980’s I believe?
EMF are part and parcel so you are spot on.

Urban fox

I only realized a few months ago, how serious electro magnetic radiation was going to become. I’m particularly concerned about the smart meters i mentioned. As they are phasing out the old ones. There are things that can be done to cut out about 80%. Info online. This is just one useful site i found.
EMF Academy – Your Premiere Source for EMF Safety Knowledge


Thanks Fox.
My mate got a call from someone who works at Astra Zenica and told him before the roll out of the “vax” that they knew that they would hurt people with it.
I hope Richie can get him on the show to tell us the story.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake

Just watched mark on y.t. The timelines these scumbags work to are not set in stone, they can’t be for various reasons. The way the covid scam has went for them I think they have brought their plan forward, in short they feel emboldened by the events of the last 18 months. Where they might become unstuck is their arrogance and their predictability.


Chin up foxy boy. These fecking monsters have not won yet, not by a long shot my friend. The recent news out of the U.S. F.D.A. and our own body advising no jabs for our young is encouraging. We need to hold our nerve, stand strong, and face these cowards down. We win.

Urban fox

Hi Martin, cant say its looking good. But you make a fair point. You have to keep some hope, or it really is over. Just gonna post you something. I started writing it, when Richie was playing Sheena Eastern,. Its a bit silly, but it made me smile.


They want us to think we are in a hopeless situation. Fox do you not think these scumbags like whitty, johnson, ferguson at imperial, gates are at heart cowards ?, they are spineless, sure they have the power but they also know one spark and the tables are turned. I cannot be scared of these monsters, remember it is people like us that protect them, the police, the army, if they change their tune psychos like johnson and his friends know they will be dragged into the street and lynched, they know this. Keep the faith.


Sheena eastern ha ha, quality mate. Heard she is as cold as ice so that’s a fine moniker. The bellshill bombshell, that’s were she hails from, think it was that goofy bastard esther rancid that gave wee sheena her big break. Glasgow was city of culture in 1990, to top it off they had a massive day of concerts and stuff, she was headlining at glasgow green late on in the night, she only got through a couple of songs when the stage was pelted with all sorts of missiles, anyhoo wee sheenas last words into the mic was ” I will never come back to this country ” which got the loudest cheer of the day. Another fake who will not be missed.

Urban fox

I liked her, particularly the bond theme. Am major Bond fan. But cant all like the same things.


She couldnae lace Shirley Basseys boots mate.

Alex Romero

Beginning to tire of the constant focus on the soap opera details of Covid and climate change. Most of us know it’s bullshit yet so much energy in the MSM and alt media Is devoted to it. Covid and climate change are global management systems designed to speed up the agenda. That’s the real scandal here and focusing on the daily storylines will achieve diddly squat.


I wake up every morning hoping that it was all just a crazy dream. In my 72 years on this earth i could never have imagined that a tyranny like this would be tolerated by the people.
I now realise that the vast majority of people who i worked with, who i called my friends, who are or were my neighbours, who i used to stand and chat to at the school gates when picking up my daughter and latterly my granddaughter are actually week minded, cowardly sponges ready to soak up absolutely anything thrown at them by ‘authority’. The ability to question was knocked out of them from their first day at school. I will never bend and will serve out my time caring for my loved ones as best as i can and the rest of them can go to hell.


Keep strong Robert..


Great post Robert. Been saying for over a year now I never realised how many cowardly people there were. People of all creeds used to die for their beliefs, now they watch murder being carried out and say nothing for fear of losing their jobs.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

They are not lying – the vaccines are successful. At doing what they were designed to do, NOT what we are being told they were designed to do. Just like when they trot out the line ‘every vaccine gives us hope’; they are not lying. Every vaccine gives THEM hope, not US. Evil, crafty baxtards…….

Terry Winter



It’s on the Project Veritas channel on Bitchute. Good woman who tells the truth and be damned to the personal consequences.


Is there a difference in murdering or maiming a child with a Jab and yanking it out of the womb


.. over wanting to go to Disney…
How can they sleep at night??
It’s criminality.

At the least the Brazilian health minister has acted..

But how long will that ‘suspension’ last??



I found that particularly shocking that she had it so she could go to Disneyland. I’ve been to Disneyland, definitely not worth risking your life over.


Those 🤬’s are mandating it for their workers too.

Sick 🤬’s!




Check this out!

“The Pfizer Chiefs” as Hugo rebrands them!

Couldn’t have put it any better myself!!

… Perhaps W****R Chiefs!!…. Maybe? 🤔

But that might be a little crude!!!



I might say the same thing Gerry but I do not want my account being suspended again (2nd time).
Morning Gerry, hope you are wel.


Sticks and stones Jake!!

Though some are more deserved titles than others!!

All’s well Jake… Aside from the obvious!!

Cheers mate!

Last edited 10 months ago by Gerry


Jeezis… I knew I wasn’t seeing things!!

Anyway… Glad you’re back!!



Thanks Gerry.
Not sure what regulations I breached.
Thought it might be the posting of a link to TheHighWire 5 times or using an image with the word W****r a few times, possible something else?
Hope you are well my friend?

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake

Well, for whatever it’s worth Jacob.
I watched the Highwire link that you prompted a few times and I for one am glad you did, as it was simply excellent.

Del Bigtree has done some good stuff during the course of this utter insanity and that one was among the very best of them.

So on than note, anyone who reads this post, I implore you to watch the latest Highwire clip (Episode 233 ‘THE VAERS SCANDAL’) as its simply outstanding.

For starters, ol Joe boy gets slaughtered for his address to the nation on September 9th.

Then Del interviews a hospital assistant who’s whistle blowing on the administration within her establishment.. (who are now making her redundant for refusing the experimental gene therapy/potentially deadly toxic poison!)

A very brave woman.

Cheers again Jacob!


You are welcome G.
It is a really great episode. Yes she is one very brave lady.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake

Welcome back Jake 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Thanks Mike 😉😁😁😁


I note Rachel is having her posts censored on Twitter social media app.


Don’t piss off the builders…

And it might just rattle a few ‘Freemasonry’ chains!!


Pretty sad to see if i’m being honest, divide and conquer at it’s best. Seen a couple of aussies saying fuck the lot of them( the construction workers ) only now 18 months into it they come out when it is affecting them


Fair point Martin.
I know of hardened builders here in Ireland who’ve taken the jab willingly and believe the 🤬x from A to Z, so cowardice knows no bounds, but while wrecking the place won’t achieve much, it does highlight the intensity of it over there now.

That’s an interesting channel too btw (marty focker).. I watched a few more on it… Jeezis.. the cops over there have turned into the quintessential NWO nightmare from hell.

They’re nothing but animals now.

Oz is a horror story!


Aussie cops are the worst in my opinion Gerry, the British and Irish cops could not hold a candle to these thugs. Aye stumbled on to Marty last year he’s some lad been jailed umpteen times now.


I couldn’t agree more about the Aussie militias (they’re not even worthy of the title cops!!), but my fear is that our own are not too far behind and can be very easily orderd to follow the Aussie model… And will willingly comply!

Re Marty… I’ll be going back to look at more of his stuff, suffice to say.. he gets right into the thick of it alright!!

… And as an afterthought… I think the long term objectives of these tyrants is to put us all in jail..

Or at least any of the ‘dissenters’
(Aka people with a functioning brain — they can’t be allowing critical clear thinking minds in the NWO!! No sir, this will not do!!)

Jezzis.. honest mate.. I think we’re 🤬’d!!


Some days look better than others for me Gerry. No question we are in a bit of a predicament only a fool would think otherwise, but all is not lost. They are building a lot of new prisons here ?, as you say probably for people like us. I say fuck them, I refuse to worry about things that have not or might never happen, good to keep an eye on things, but worry ?, fuck that I am worried out, what will be will be.


I agree mate.. put the energy to good use! Worrying won’t change things..

F🤬k em… They’ve tortured us enough, time to riSE UP to the challenge!!



Gerry years ago read a book more a guys life story up to the point when he wrote the book. He sold weed wordwide back in the day, he was a friend of howard marks, his story was funny, sad, informative and other things, at the end of the day people will say ” oh he was just a drug dealer “, which he was, he never touched class a drugs like coke, smack but as he said himself he knew he was breaking the law and always knew if he was caught there would be a price to pay, and by fuck he paid it, lost everything, not a bad guy Gerry but he knew the game and he lost. Anyway after serving his time in the U.S. they released him and he came back to the U.K. Always was aware that it was his choices that led him to where he ended up. The near enough last line in his story is the statement that he ” refuses to worry about things that have not happened yet “, I thought that was the best bit of advice I had ever heard, so simple yet so fucking hard to follow, I try though.


It’s solid advice Martin.
It occurs to me though, this man gets years in jail for pushing weed.. whereas our politicians are basically pushing death drugs and forcing addiction for those who survive the initial hit..

And not one of them will ever be held to account for it…

Steven James

I note Rachel is having her posts censored on Twitter social media app.

Mork & Mindy

I think she said twitter close her account

david cad

how can they show positive results after the vaccine . the long term affects are unknown .

Mork & Mindy



Positive results = a reaction to the “vax” which they say it must be working.

Terry Winter


Urban fox

They will not stop until every man, woman and child is under there chemical control. They have no intention of getting parental consent either, when it comes to the children.

They are already planning on giving flue vaccines without consent, if a child as young as 8 years old is deemed competent. Yes i said 8 years old not 18. I wouldn’t trust anything they were injecting into my child. Please look at this document and share with parents. This shows the complete contempt that our glorious medical masters have for the public

Search Results for “without parental consent” – David Icke

Mork & Mindy

To depopulate they need to stop the children having their own later in life. So that’s what they are doing its disgusting
But there not telling them this is what it will do

Last edited 10 months ago by Mork & Mindy

About an hour ago I was on Facebook and in the “recommended for you” video section there was a video that was the scariest I’ve seen so far. For some reason they tend to put a lot of anti covid vids in there. I’m not too tech savvy and sometimes I feel quite paranoid about it thinking they are trying to catch me out and shut my FB down. Lockdowns and caring for a parent with Alzheimers has not helped my mental state. Anyway, this video I saw was in Trinidad and Tobago and the man speaking (I don’t know who he was but he seemed to know what he was talking about) was elaborating on the ‘state injectables’. Someone in the comments said he’d seen the vid on Telegram. If anyone is one Telegram, see if you can find it.

I think you may mean this clip Nellie :)

Patricia Braunschweiler

Prominent German virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi advises the public not to receive the potentially “lethal” Chinese coronavirus “vaccines.” The esteemed doctor warns parents if they vaccinate their “defenceless” children, they are committing a “crime.”

Jane Edmonds

They’re liars getting away with it all. The FDA has denied approval for Booster jabs, citing no adequate safety data. However, like the JCVI, the FDA will be ignored as it doesn’t fit with the Global Agenda…..


Apparently over 2,000 kids took part in that ‘safety trail’. Why the fuck did 2,000 parents give consent to their kids being guinea pigs?



Mork & Mindy

They dont really care about their children ?


Believe nothing these pharma crime cartels say, work on that premise and you will be closer to the truth.


The implication is that (some) parents allowed their children between ages 5 and 11 to be used as human experiments for an experimental serum no one could predict the outcome of. What type of parents would do that? I shudder at the thought.


Parents who view their children as accessories, I expect.

Tony K

The rollout for the over 12s started in most countries in the entire world in the last few days.

Another example of total collusion.

We’re dealing with a global mafia.

And we’re going to chop them up.

It’s tough to find a lot of the old skool alt media these days, here’s one from Jeff Rense from the last few days with Mitchell Henderson.

Worth a listen if you have an hour or so.

Transmit and receive.

Graphene turns humans into efficient receivers.

Who here has had images of the incoming zombie apocalypse?

And as they talk about, those thoughts are transmitted.

I use brave browser so no ads.

But when I use the yt app, nothing but shoot em up zombie game ads.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tony K

Let the chopping begin.


Pfizer, one of the most corrupt organisations on earth. I wouldn’t even take a Smartie from them.

Urban fox

They will not stop until every man, woman and child is under there chemical control. They have no intention of getting parental consent either, when it comes to the children.

They are already planning on giving flue vaccines without consent, if a child as young as 8 years old is deemed competent. Yes i said 8 years old not 18. I wouldn’t trust anything they were injecting into my child. Please look at this document and share with parents. This shows the complete contempt that our glorious medical masters have for the public

Search Results for “without parental consent” – David Icke


Word play. One success out of a hundred can be pointed to as ‘positive results’. And without honesty, transparency and the full picture to provide context, such deception goes unnoticed.

Ronald Templeman

Watched a great video with John Olooney the undertaker in Milton Keynes, really came out with some eye opening facts, hope Richie is able to have him back on some time, if possible.

Stephen Hardy

Hi Ronald, is the video you refer to the one where John O’Looney is interviewed by Max Igan? Goodness, what timing, right now as I’m typing, Richie’s just mentioned him as the guest on tomorrow’s show! It was an eye-opening video, he seems like a really genuine, humane man. I was so impressed, on impulse I sent him an email just thanking him for “putting his head above the parapet” and imploring him to take care of himself. He replied too!

Ronald Templeman

Hi Stephen, Yes that was video, he is a great guy and has a lot of followers, it was great he emailed you back as I gather he gets so many and struggles to get time to reply to them all. Really looking forward to hearing him on the show as he was great last time on.

Last edited 10 months ago by Ronald Templeman

Children are still developing their own immune system, this is so, so wrong. In Ireland they have been giving the jab to 12-15 year olds for some time now with very little kick back.


And when the dying starts, people will look for someone to blame. The one place they won’t look is the mirror.


Thank you.

Terry Winter



Project Veritas channel.

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