Pfizer Wants Its Jab To Be Given To 12-Year-Olds In The UK

The Telegraph newspaper is reporting this morning, that Pfizer has asked the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), for permission to use its covid-19 jab in 12-15 year olds.

On Monday, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the jab for this age group.

Pfizer is claiming that a trial has shown 100 per cent efficacy among 12-15 year olds. The UK government purchased 60 million doses of the Pfizer jab last month, on top of the 40 million previously purchased.

The Pfizer vaccine uses mRNA technology. According to The Telegraph today:

The pharmaceutical giant has formally asked the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for permission to use the jab in 12 to 15-year-olds – one of the age groups most responsible for spreading the virus.

Given the organisation’s fast-track review process, it is likely the vaccine would be approved well before the end of July, the point at which the Government aims to have offered a jab to all adults.

On Tuesday night, a spokesman for Pfizer told The Telegraph: “We can confirm that the companies have submitted a request to the MHRA to expand the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine in the UK to adolescents.”

Prof Anthony Harnden, is the deputy chairman of the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation (JCVI). The JCVI advises the government as to who gets vaccines once they have been approved. He told The Telegraph:

“The overwhelming majority of children and young people don’t seem to suffer severe effects from Covid. Although there is a minority that get very sick, the vast, vast majority don’t. You would be vaccinating a group of children essentially to prevent illness in the community, so you’d have to be absolutely sure of the safety of these vaccines in children. There are a lot of ethical considerations.”

The MHRA will of course grant Pfizer’s wish and will approve the jab for adolescents. Telling healthy children that they should be vaccinated to prevent Granny becoming ill is unimaginably evil. It’s also junk science.

Parents reading this should pay close attention to the research of Professor Dolores Cahill, Mike Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Martin Kulldorff from Harvard University.

Read journalists like Sally Beck. Use the archive of The Richie Allen Show. I’ve interviewed dozens of doctors, scientists and academics who believe that these medicines (they’re not vaccines) are deadly.

Pay attention to the reporting of adverse effects through the VAERS system in the US and the Yellow Card system in the UK. These vaccines are killing thousands of people. Thousands that we know of.

If you love your children, stand up for them. Say no. Hell no. The time is now.


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People who decide to do the THING need to make sure their affairs are in order. Last Will and Testament, Funeral policy for all family members including jabbed kids, nominated Guardians for their children or they’re going to end up in Social Care, life insurance that is still valid if you die from an experimental clinical trial treatment…. and it might be worth lining up a grief counsellor to deal with being a Victim of Stupid Choices.


Good advice.


Picture still being that guy, buying newspapers, watching TV, actually vote lol beleiving what polititions are telling you and the World Health Org is there to make people healthy.

Fuk that guy, its curtains for them, game over! Dont want to be cold about it, i have family members being that guy, but it is litrally like making them wear the glasses, you will have the longest fight scene in history! good luck with that 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by Mick
Hermione Granger

Abuse and use its all crthey seem to want

Hermione Granger

They so want children to be given unsafe experimental shots that have killed thousands and led to 700000 adverse reactions at least

Hermione Granger

Professor sir john bell immunologist from oxford uni, in his only\ last ever interview with jon snow on ch4bbc “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.” The gene manipulation shots contain a spike protein called syncytin-1 vital for placenta formation .


yes but the mass public don’t care they just want to go on holiday doesn’t matter they’re
testing on children(experimenting)so long as they can go to spain,what a sad society we have become would be a good time for revelations

Hermione Granger

Most parents will refuse all of its to their children everyone i know already has written to the school


I watched this very informative and eye- opening interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny who has spent some time on figuring out how much damage that these “Gene Altering” so called vaccines actually cause using scientific literature and how they work once injected.
Anyone who has not had the “Jab” needs to watch this and hopefully will think twice about doing that.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny on mRNA code insertion – Reinette Senum – T.S.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob
Alex Romero

This is medical tyranny, hiding in plain sight. Not content with murdering people, the psychopaths want the younger generation sterilised as soon as possible, in accordance with UN Agenda21/30 sustainable development goals. Just say no.


I suspect that the last year has simply been the opening act to identify resistance elements.
We have nine more years before we reach 2030, which means things are going to get worse. A lot worse.
In the US, Trump supporters have recently all been labelled as ‘extremists’ by government officials. It won’t be long before vaccine refusers are given the same label. And when that happens…well, we have laws already in place to deal with extremists.


Nothing new to see here here !

the Elites love giving children a little prick.


Ooo, elites with a capital ‘E’ – and even higher form of worship.


Was not quite sure whether to put ruling class, powers that be, new world order, Illuminati etc – so many possabilities… about pedo elites and i drop the capitol e ,
40 odd years since i left school and forget most the grammar stuff.
been a little while since we spoke – hope you are ok ?


Maniacal oligarchs would be better. Or simply, ruling class. Because that’s what they are. They see themselves as elites, so we shouldn’t be propping them up.


satan worshiping pedos that sounds more appropriate Craig


You could use that, but it will switch off most of the normies.


We should just call them the psychopaths because that’s what they are.


Agreed, that is what they are, calling them elites or rulers gives them credence.


Britain is being used as a test case. Once it was discovered how pliable and controllable the people were then the sky became the limit. The UK is dead. It’s people are ‘dead. We have become a dictatorship and the people have actively welcomed it. From the least educated to the highest educated, all have fallen in line. I have heard no words of dissent in the hospital I work in. I never knew I could feel this sad but now I accept I am living through a history people will read about one day. I am proud to be one who said no, who never wore the mask or had the experimental gene therapy. I’ve lost family through this period, including 3 children. There is no better lesson of history than living it.
I am a man. I am human. I know myself in a way I never did before and I will die before I say yes to evil.

Alex Romero

‘Be a light unto yourself’. Buddha


There is a famous picture of a Buddhist monk who took that concept a little bit too far.

Alex Romero



‘Have become a dictatorship’? When a nation has only one government full of largely unelected and unaccountable people (as we have always had), then you have a dictatorship. Forget about the 650 elected MPs who come and go – they are just the distraction from the obvious.


Everything you say about the UK could be ditto for Ireland where I am. I share your beautifully expressed sentiments, life is nothing without freedom.


Hear Hear Richie!

It’s time to bring an end to this ***OX!

Enough is enough!!!

And here’s what human rights attorney ‘Leigh Dundas’ thinks about it too..

This little 18 minute video needs to be shared far and wide…



Useful link, Gerry. Thanks.


Cheers Craig!
One of, if not the most inspiring and spine tingling speeches I’ve witnessed since the insanity began.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

I do know this: not all kids are going to roll up their sleeves. I know one kid in that age bracket who will likely punch or kick anyone who tries coming near him with one of those jabs.
This same boy currently has hands that are dried, cracked, swollen and prone to bleeding becausr of the hand washing policy of his school. Under those circumstances, chemicals are not meant to be applied and yet the school continues to insist.


We knew that this would roll eventually. Billy Gates said so. And what Gates wants, Gates gets.


I heard through the web vine that ol Billy boy may have had more ‘ties’ to Epstein than we’re led to believe..?

So… Could there be a little more to the Bill and Melinda divorce than just economics??



Billy met with Epstein as a representative of the Gates Foundation, so Melinda would have known. The divorce is likely nothing more than a deliberate distraction.
Ask yourself this: if Gates and his buddies control the media, how did the Epstein connection get out – and why?
Never forget that we are dealing with people who think in terms of ‘the long game’; whereas we tend to think more short term.
So, I’m going to speculate.
There is currently far too much attention on Billy. How much better would it be for Melinda to take the reins? And if she does so in the wake of her husband’s ‘disgrace’, it will further cement the legitimacy of the Foundation’s work (think unquestioning empowerment of women in the MeToo era).


As always Craig, great points..

Im just speculating based on some conspiratorial data which came my way recently, data which suggests Billy had more, shall we say, ‘parties’ than the mainstream is leading us to believe!

Of course there is the possibility that Melinda is good at pole dancing too, so she may not have minded what Billy did in his fee time!!


There’s even one going around that
he’s a she and she’s a he!!!
(With photos to prove it!!)


But one mustn’t forget ol Jeffrey and his mysterious death in all of this…

And the subsequent shielding of prince charming!!

And the timing of the launch of the pandemic relative to that sequence of events!

It’s all bullshit I guess, a web of distorted truths, but some of the ‘distortions’ stand out more than the others!



It’s been a bit of a trope for some years that certain women in positions of power are men disguised as women. This de-legitimises women’s abilities, as well as hiding women’s capacity to be just as malevolent as their male counterparts.
It’s also one of those conspiracy theories that helps to undermine truth.

Have you watched that 2 hour Corbett Report piece on Gates? Some interesting stuff in there that pertains to Epstein.


I did Craig, though it’s a few months ago now, so I might just go back over it again.
James Corbett does outstanding work.

Oh and eh, all hail women when it comes to ‘real expression of true power’.

Just look at Leigh Dundas kicking Orange County blue ass in the above video!!

Awesome, spine tingling stuff!!


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