Police Laugh & Joke With Just Stop Oil Protesters As Drivers Rage

Police officers were seen laughing and joking with Just Stop Oil protesters this morning as the group brought traffic in South London to a standstill.

One lorry driver screamed at officers to “get a backbone” and clear the road of the protesters.

According to The Telegraph:

Four van loads of Metropolitan Police officers have been walking beside around 20 activists from the eco group as they turned out in Southwark, south London, on Tuesday just after 8am and blocked three lanes of traffic.

One lorry driver stuck at the front of the blockade sounded his deafening air horn at the protesters, prompting a strolling police officer to rush over to him and order him to “pack it in”.

This prompted a furious row between the lorry driver and the police officer, resulting in the driver being told by the officer that “it’s a perfectly lawful protest taking up the road”.

The lorry driver told The Telegraph: “The police officer told me my air horn was hurting his ears – w—— aren’t they.

“The police need to get a backbone – we should drag them round the corner and give them a good kicking like they used to do.”

Motorists are growing increasingly frustrated with the eco group, with a chorus of horns sounding as three lanes of gridlocked traffic crawl on the A2 in Southwark, south London.

The lorry driver added of the protesters blocking three lanes of traffic in front of him: “My thoughts would be run over the lot of these – why don’t they go to China and do it – they produce far more emissions than us. F—— w—— the lot of them.”

A taxi driver has also lashed out at the strolling, laughing at police officers as tensions rise in the group’s latest slow march along three lanes of the A2 in Southwark.

The taxi driver stuck in the group’s blockade told The Telegraph: “The police just asked me ‘how I feel’. I said, ‘what?!’ I told them to do your job properly.”

An exasperated pedestrian waiting for a bus was seen shouting at police officers saying “old bill, what are you doing?”

Officers were seen laughing amongst each other and radioed into the control room to say they were “moving to the pavement and the protesters can stay in the road”.

Another pedestrian confronted the 11 Met Police officers walking alongside the protesters in the middle of the road. “It beggars belief, how are they allowed to do this,” he asked an officer.

The police officer replied, watching the mass tailback behind the protesters: “They are allowed to do that – they’ve got a right of protest.”


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