Police Officer Says She Has Been Forced To Use Food Banks

A serving police officer told LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari this morning, that she has had to resort to using food banks because of the cost of living crisis.

DC Vicky Knight made headlines yesterday when she confronted the Home Secretary Priti Patel on police pay.

According to the BBC:

Det Con Vicky Knight of North Wales Police outlined her finances at the annual Police Federation conference.

She said Priti Patel was shocked when asked if she could live on £1,200 a month – a probationary officer’s pay.

Ms Patel said pay and conditions was something she was “committed” to working with the federation on.

Det Con Knight – who has 23 years of service – described how she had to borrow from her mother to pay for school dinners and fuel for her car as she had no money left at the end of the month.

After paying professional subscriptions and pension, she said she takes home £2,300 a month and works overtime twice a month to “make ends meet”.

Because wages are measured before pension deductions, she does not receive any support apart from child family allowance.

She told the conference: “Apart from that I’m on my own.”

Priti Patel’s government imposed tyrannical lockdowns on the country that wrecked the economy. They ripped up civil liberties, introduced vaccine passports, fined people for leaving their homes and condemned tens of thousands of OAP’s to miserable lonely deaths in care homes.

Where was Vicky Knight’s police?

Vladimir Putin isn’t to blame for food shortages and price rises, even if you believe he was wrong to invade Ukraine. Decades of so-called green policies and adherence to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has devastated farming in the UK.

As a result, the UK imports nearly half the food it consumes, leaving it vulnerable to crises like the one in Ukraine and the resulting food price rises.

This gangster government is enabled by the police. When people took to the streets to protest the Covid tyranny, the police stood with the thugs that DC Vicky Knight is now begging for a handout.

What will it take for the police to focus on the real criminals?


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She takes £2,300 a month home, and she still can’t manage? wtf?


Spot on Richie, the Ferrari show was made up of all the people responsible for the tyrrany, the msm, the police and the politician.


She could do contract work on the side. I’ve heard that’s a really good earner being a fixer, magician or house painter. Another bonus is that cops rarely get caught. Get work via the deep dark web and get paid in crypto. Half money up front of course. Careers advice pro bono.
<joke – before the thought police come for me.>

Magician (2005).png

If this plod cannot manage on £2300 then something is wrong with her budgeting skills. Subsidised meals, free uniform, guaranteed overtime and other perks like early retirement, she has an inbred sense of entitlement seen across much of our police.


I agree something not right here she must have debt and have been living beyond her means, my nephew has been training for last 2yrs in college and hasn’t worked, his wife is employed in a minimum wage job, they have three children run an old car and live in a housing association house and they don’t use a food bank! she probably has a new rented car and may have a large mortgage plus expect to go on several holidays a year abroad I don’t know but if you can’t live on £2300 a month there is something wrong.


Most people live within their means, if possible – a standard that increases with wage.

Your nephew is married, which helps. From the article, it sounds like DC Knight isn’t which means things like day/child care costs that can add up to around £1000 per month for one child.
It should also be noted that marriage problems and divorce rates are rather high for coppers because of the demands of the job (and this is a contributing factor for coppers socialising with and marrying other coppers or similar emergency workers in the first place).

Steven James

Don’t be having a Heart attack on air and do a Tommy Cooper ‘Just Like That!’ For gods sake !!

Jon Heayn

I’ve got no sympathy for her at all,she knew what the deal was before she joined.


She knew that she would be doing 16 hour shifts with few, if any, breaks?
She knew that she would have to attend suicides of men, women, and children, and homicides of the same with very little counselling support?
She knew that she would have to bring dire, heartbreaking news to families on a regular basis?
She knew that she would have to question – and provide some support – to rape victims, abuse victims, mugging victims, sex trafficked victims, and torture victims?
She knew that she may be required to meticulously watch through video footage of rapes and tortures – sometimes of children?
She knew that she would be required to triage caseloads based on a personal assessment of each case because there simply wouldn’t be the staffing to deal with them all?
She knew that if she made the slightest mistake in judgement she could be suspended, sacked, or imprisoned?
She knew that she wouldn’t have the right to remain silent, or the right not to hand over personal phones or computers without a warrant?
She knew that no matter what she did the media manipulated population would wail and nash its teeth?
She knew that she could work hard on a case for months, only to see the CPS throw it out?

Perhaps she did know all these things, and so much more besides.
But knowing is not experiencing.

And for doing a job that no one else wants to do or are even largely fully aware of, she (and every other copper) gets bitched at.


You reap what you sow. No sympathy at all for this police officer who would turn on her fellow man if ordered to do so


Good evening Witchie. This statement is made by someone who has absolutely no idea what the Police do. Police are always viewed in a derogatory way. Bet if you were in dire straits and called 999 you would be happy to see them. Everyone loves the Police when they need them and hate them when they don’t. I bet most don’t work half an hour for free at the end of a 10/12 hr shift in order to assist the community, the non paid half an hour is for the Queen officers are told.
Without Police there would be anarchy. Think wild West or the purge. No doubt Society has it’s issues, consequently uniformed staff are constantly fire fighting and when there are cuts it’s always the Police and prison service, but still a service is provided albeit not as good if there were sufficient staff.Despite having constant pay freezes they get on and do their job.Lets not forget who worked along with the NHS and delivery drivers etc during lockdown. Some are spoiled and self entitled. Just think of the consequences if the police went on strike.


The murderer, the rapist, the paedo, the sex trafficker, the mugger, the torturer.
They are all your ‘fellow man’, yet I suspect you don’t have a problem with them being targeted by the police.


And still the police will be the willing stooges of the artificially manufactured Hunger Games oligopoly.


Every different interest group in the country has the same attitude. The police are only bad while they are not serving our own, individually collective interests.

The police are employed and paid by the government (yes, they are paid from taxes that we pay – but we have no choice in that and our tax money is used by the government as it sees fit). Their job is to uphold and enforce (if necessary) government laws and legislations. The constabularies in this country also police by consent, given to them by the voting process. That voting process does not give us power and authority, but merely rubber stamps the government’s power and authority.

DC Knight has chosen to be a copper, and coppers are governed by rules and regulations the same as everyone else (whether employed or unemployed).

There are many here who sneer at her inability to live on her wage, but few police now live in the areas where they work (thank previous governments for that) and often have to travel some distance for which, obviously, they pay for themselves. The modern copper also has to pay for their own uniforms, which are far from cheap.
Unlike the basic PC, DCs are paid a salary which, when factoring in the amount of hours they usually have to work, often means their hourly rate equates to below the minimum wage.

I know that my words are not going to sit well with many here, but DC Knight is a human doing a job (in a rapidly diminishing job market) and trying to feed her family.


I wasn’t having a go at her personally but merely saying that if it’s hard for her to manage what is it like for those on quite a lot less, myself included. Governments claim to care about equality but society is far more unequal now than it was when I was young.


I could suggest that when you were younger you saw the world differently.
We all did.
The mistake is looking back through the perspective of those younger, more naive eyes and thinking that that was the way things actually were.


Thank you so much Craig your observations are spot on. Police work so hard no one in Society sees that. The things they witness are beyond what most can imagine. No one can believe how broken society is until you do this job. Police are at the sharp end on every shift. They talk about guns in America the weapon of choice in the UK is knives. In addition due to a poor adult and child social services.The police deal with mental health issues, suicides, missing from home, child exploitation, dementia patients etc,then you have the traditional issues such as drunk and disorderly (some have bladed articles on them),drug dealers, and organised crime etc.
I am proud to be in the Police, despite putting up with abuse and absolutely no thanks. I live pay check to pay check,and no, I don’t drive a flashy car and I live in a bog standard 3 bed home. Our family cannot afford foreign holidays and we are constantly overdrawn.I mange my shifts around my family. I don’t do this job for pay. Helping others is far more rewarding.
Whilst there are those who judge us on doing what we are told,If Police were to walk out on some moral high ground so many would bear the brunt.


I would like to add. Adult and Child Social care are struggling due to budget cuts. They too are snowed under with case loads. My choice of words in the above comment were unfair.


While I recognise that A&S Care have been hit with ever increasing budget cuts, I also know that most of their staff don’t work weekends and tend to finish at 3pm on Fridays. Unlike police officers who are required to do all shifts regardless of the day or national holiday.
I’ve worked with A&S Care staff, including social workers. I’ve also spent days with paramedics and police. And one of my close friends is a retired DC.
On top of that, a few years back I took the time to inform myself about the horrendous workload that coppers have to deal with, and the horrific things you encounter almost every day.

So while I do see things that coppers do that I personally don’t like, I try not to lose sight of the fact that most of what we are presented with are exceptions and political/media manipulations.
Oh, and that coppers are flawed humans like everyone else.


Unlike many here, I know what festers at the heart of many of our cities and towns. The gangs, with their guns and knives and machetes, who traffick drugs and people and weapons.
Mini brutal, tyrannical empires where the police rarely dare go and the media even less – so people, largely have no clue what exists within their midst.
And without the police those gangs would take over far more territory.


There are many people who have to manage on a lot less a month than that including millions of pensioners. As Richie says this has all been deliberately brought about by lockdowns to destroy jobs and businesses and also I believe by a manufactured war whch they can blame everything on.


Yip the governments orders are to destroy everything that you know of as safety, this includes the police most prominently because in a technical surveillance, AI monitoring system they do not need police. Like I have said many times, in many places, the people carrying out the scam are marked for destruction as well, DFA’s. Doctors not needed, Lawyers not needed, Police not needed, Judges not needed but they all keep rolling out the plans for their own destruction. Everyone below the level of billionaire are not needed and surplus to requirement, including politicians as well as billionaires who are not part of the right club. That is why I call us Dumb Fooking Animals because I cannot think of any other way to describe human stupidity and blindness.


Sounds like she needs to be taught money management and how to live within your means. On a wage like that I could pay all my bills including mortgage and still have have enough to go on two holidays a year 🙃


Unless you are a billionaire then you don’t have enough money to be on the right side of this, no amount of money management will help when the money has no value and soon that will be the case. Remember you will have nothing and be happy.


That would be two £10 Sun holidays in a mucky caravan in Skeggy then!


Sounds like you need to spend a month with the police to see what they actually have to do.


who fkin cares ,,, while i would like to see the thugees hung , the general will forces me to jail them ,,,, where were these muppets when we needed them


They where hiding behind their positions thinking this was only for you not them as well.

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