Police Spend More Time Investigating Tweets Than Burglaries

Merseyside Police have apologised for unveiling a ridiculous billboard that proclaimed “Being Offensive Is An Offence.” The apology came after the force was unmercifully but justifiably trolled over its picture of four gormless coppers, standing in front of the billboard in an ASDA car park. Muppets.

Merseyside Police were apparently attempting to show solidarity with the mythical LGBT community. I say mythical because while you will undoubtedly encounter gay and lesbian folks in Liverpool, the only thing they have in common, is that they are in a same sex relationship. The idea that there is a community is derisory.

The force claims that LGBT and Transgender hate crimes in Merseyside are increasing exponentially. This is a nonsense. When a gay man or woman calls the police and says that they were insulted by someone, because of their sexuality, it’s recorded as a hate crime and added to the statistics, even if no further action is taken.

Violent (actual) crimes against LGBTQ+ people have been declining for years and are virtually non-existent now. 99.9999 per cent of us couldn’t care less about someone’s sexuality.

And yet we see police officers (males as well) painting their fingernails pink, to show solidarity with the fantasy LGBTQ community. LBC Radio host Nick Ferrari asked a great question yesterday. He wanted to know why police forces are getting involved in campaigning these days. Isn’t it the job of the police to solve actual crimes?

It appears that police forces across the UK are increasingly more interested in investigating tweets for hate speech, than catching burglars. A neighbour of mine was burgled two years ago. The police never showed up. He was told that they’d record the crime, but that there was little they could do. My friend was bewildered. I asked a neighbourhood watch group about the lack of police response. I was told the police rarely attend house burglaries.

If he’d called a trans woman on Twitter “he” or tweeted “you’re not a real woman”, the cops would have been there in a heartbeat. Last year South Yorkshire police tweeted a call for citizens to contact them to report “non crime hate incidents.” The force asked people to report offensive or insulting comments.

Merseyside Police may have apologised but don’t be fooled. This is not going away. The state and the police are becoming more and more interested in what you and I think, not what we may have done or are about to do. Thought Crime is now a reality.





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As with the NHS, police stations and frontline staff have been decreasing for years; new recruits are being employed direct from university, while experienced staff are being pushed out; concepts like ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ have replaced meritocracy; management are employed from the business sector, rather than from relevant and experienced staff who know the demands of the job; and potential whistleblowers are threatened with legal action if they speak out.
As well as losing significant numbers of frontline staff, constabularies across the UK also lost their clerical and admin staff. This meant that arresting officers would have to do their own paperwork (anything from 8 hours for the simplest crime to many months for more complex crimes) which, in turn, meant less available officers for patrol.
In the face of all that – and so much more – crimes became subject to a triage system, with the humdrum crimes of car theft, burglery, etc placed far lower on the list of priorities than politically popular crimes (many Chief Inspectors are politically motivated career climbers).
While much has been made, over the last few years, of frontline corruption and ‘police brutality’, the biggest crime is the corruption and gingoism among a management that very often has no idea of the demands of regular police work.

Targetting people for saying mean words is lazy policing; just like diagnosing circulatory problems as ‘Covid toe’ is lazy doctoring or having time to do a dance routine on a ward is lazy nursing: but when emergency service jobs become subject to target driven performance, quantity of service replaces quality of service.


As David Icke says “When something appears out of nowhere and is suddenly everywhere then it’s the Agenda.”


Or, as I’ve been saying for years, if the establishment gets on board with a fringe idea it’s because they see a profit in it.

North Island Kiwi

Like Zoom, Greta Thunberg, ‘Wokeness’, ‘Social Media,’ terrorism, mobile phones … covid. Definitely all part of the Agenda.

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