The forces of political correctness have had a fabulous few weeks. As I write this the tears are streaming down my face I am laughing so hard. Honestly I'm not exaggerating, I do find it hilarious. Yes it's deadly serious too, I know that. Political Correctness ends in uniformity of thought and behaviour and ultimately the criminalisation of anything that doesn't conform. It's a mainstay of Cultural Marxism and is totalitarianism on steroids. Well my friend, the ante has been upped in the last month. Here are a few examples. Prepare for belly laughs!

Michelle Terry is the new artistic director at Shakespeare's Globe in London. The summer productions which include "As You Like It" and "Hamlet" have seen roles cast without regard to gender, race or ethnicity including the casting of deaf actress Nadia Nadarajah as Celia in "As You Like It." She signs her lines, but wait for it....only some of them are translated. Go and fuck off you cry right? Nope it's true. Apparently she's so expressive, it is clear to the audience what she means the rest of the time. Michelle Terry herself plays Hamlet in the title role. This aint' pantomime, it's Shakespeare, but what do I know?

There's a deadly serious side to this. Theatre companies have been put on notice that they will not be given Arts Council subsidies unless they cast a number of ‘non-traditional’ actors. So expect women playing kings and black actors playing parts written for whites to become the norm. By the way, when The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts wrote about this, The Royal Shakespeare Company declared him a racist. Altogether now.....yawn.

Two experienced Whitby lifeboat volunteers were sacked and lost a subsequent appeal after one gave the other a mug which featured one crewman’s head superimposed on a graphic photo of a nude woman. It was a secret Santa present. The boss found it and fired them. Three other men resigned in support of their colleagues. Don't go swimming or boating off Whitby for a while. If you get into difficulty, you might be fucked good and proper, but as you're swallowing a gallon of water and your life is flashing in front of your eyes, take comfort in the knowledge that at least those sexist pigs will never work again!

There have been a number of fun runs taking place around the country of late. Organisers were told not to ask entrants if they were male or female in case a trans or non-binary person keel over in the spasms of mortal offence. I read a brilliant piece by Zoe Strimpel in today's Telegraph. She was chatting with a lecturer who said that he was concerned about how best to get interviewees to feel comfortable. Zoe suggested he start by asking them what they had for breakfast. Oh dear. He replied that this simply wouldn't do! He told Zoe that the breakfast question could raise painful feelings for people with dietary problems or health issues! Yes, you read right, a lecturer at a British university, wouldn't ask  someone what they had for breakfast lest it cause offence. Are you laughing or crying? Please tell me you're laughing.

Full-time PC speech policemen patrol Twitter for any opposition to this nonsense. In his brilliant piece in last weeks Daily Mail Quentin Letts wrote: "Their strategy is to expunge divergence of views and crush resistance to their creed of racial and sexual egalitarianism. Freedom of expression is something only they can enjoy. More often than not, these agitators themselves are not part of the minorities that have allegedly been offended. They belong instead to a class of professional busybodies who seize on the minorities game for their own ends."

In today's Telegraph Zoe Strimpel puts it succinctly: "In fact, we’re so used to pussy-footing around everything potentially controversial, so accustomed now to jargon-heavy, sanctimonious and “inclusive” language, that we’ve basically forgotten what free and, yes, borderline offensive speech, sounds like – or indeed how to handle it when we do hear it." Brilliantly put Zoe. It's time now to tell these self-appointed policemen and women to fuck right off. I will say and think whatever I like. Feel free to disagree with me and to eviscerate my theories in debate but don't EVER tell me that I cannot articulate my feelings or opinions for fear that you and your cronies will attempt to destroy my life and career. Who the hell do you think you are?


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