Post Your Spoiled Covid Tests To 10 Downing Street C/O Boris

You’ll no doubt be aware of it by now. The Prime Minister wants every man woman and child to to take two covid-19 tests a week. Read my previous article if this is the first you’ve heard of it.

Johnson will address the nation from Downing Street’s new media room at 5 pm. He’ll be flanked by two of the usual SAGE goons. The PM will try and sell his national mass testing plan to a totally fed-up public. It has previously been dubbed the “moonshot.”

It is insane. It is unprecedented and it is 100 per cent tyrannical. Unprecedented because no government in history has asked its healthy citizens to subject themselves to routine testing for a virus. Why would a healthy person take a test? It’s totally illogical. Tyrannical because the government is promising that compliance is the way to hasten the removal of restrictions.

Is there anyone who still believes that this is about a virus? More than half the population has received a vaccine. The so-called vulnerable have all had two doses. Hospitals are quiet (they were never busy), cases numbers are insignificant and there are few deaths.

Last week, UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said that the country cannot lock down again and that we’ll have to learn to live with Covid just as we live with the flu. Whatever covid is or was, it is on the way out. The vast majority of us either never had it, or if we did, we didn’t even know as the symptoms were so mild.

I strongly suspect  that covid is the flu rebranded. I say suspect, because in the end, what the hell do I know? I do know though, that they told us that the flu disappeared. Again, does anyone believe that? I still chuckle when I think that people bought that horseshit.

So whatever it is or was, it’s nearly done. Yet the government is sending mass testing kits to every home in the country. The government wants us to carry digital covid certificates to get into the pub or the cinema.

I don’t have to tell you what’s really going on or why this is really happening. You know. I’ll tell you what I am going to do when covid tests are dropped through my letterbox.

I’m going to stick them in my dog’s poo. I’m going to piss on them. I’m going to push them around the neighbour’s cat litter tray. I’m going to neatly wrap them and post them to Boris Johnson, 10 Downing Street, SW1A 2AA.

If you feel as strongly as I do, consider doing the same. I choose peaceful civil disobedience over tyranny. I will never take their dangerous experimental drugs and I will not be coerced into testing myself twice a week for a mythical disease.



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Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party
67 Northumberland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6JG

Or any other active Freepost address. Make them pay!


Simple return to sender


With you all the way from South Africa. Also consider: which government buddy of which government lackey got the tender for these kits?


Good for you Richie, I’m with you all the way.


I refuse to take part. I don’t take the two tests at school now, nor will I have the vaccine.

Jon the Paranoid.


Is the lateral flow test more likely to give false positives or false negatives?
Is it possible to produce a casedemic through false negatives?
Have we seen evidence in the past of contaminated tests?
If a dangerous variant appeared, which affected mainly young people or other groups, would this encourage them to take a medicine?
Does Canada have a new variant (or something else) affecting young people?
Are there ways that a person or a set of people could be targetted?
Who has access to the name, location, ethnicity and age of every person in the country from the census?
Should one be careful when opening any presents?


COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country in 2017 (!!!)
United Kingdom ($6,291,366.96K

I’m unable to post a link here, click on my name for the details. it’s the top post there for now.

Ask “your” MP what the feck?!

Last edited 9 days ago by Herb

COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country in 2017 (!!!)

In 2017, Top importers of COVID-19 Test kits are European Union ($17,131,541.68K , 2,759,970 Kg), Germany ($8,731,545.89K , 3,015,010 Kg), United States ($7,927,894.38K , 2,627,050 Kg), United Kingdom ($6,291,366.96K , 1,062,590 Kg), Belgium ($5,914,764.97K , 2,074,820 Kg).

COVID-19 Test kits exports by country in 2017

PS. I’ve seen it myself on the original website the last year before the data the previous years was removed.

Good Morning Richie & Administrator.
Thank You for removing the *Spam*-comments.
It was I that immediately ‘reported’ the 2 comments after placing, in everybody’s face the big-bad-photos(spam), if You didn’t know.

Yesterday afternoon at 2 P.M.-GMT, I received an ‘unsolicited email’ thru this website from a ‘registered member’ that had previously 0 Comments. 3-Page Views. No/None Additional information.
A photo of the email is added (below/under this comment) in a composite with a *comment* I made 3 years ago at another website.

To my point.
3½ years ago, Richie -*Richie From Boston* started a new website.
Richie Comito asked Me to be a ‘moderator’ a few days after its start.
Within a few months, his site was attacked/hacked/abused/etc.
Eventually, He shut it down.
But before doing so, the ‘infiltrators’ had infected the Discussion-*FORUM* to such an extent that, I believe, the psychological damage done to many was….worse than if the website never existed.

I don’t want this website to be destroyed by the ‘usual suspects’.
Please improve your *Terms of Service Agreement* for registered members regarding ‘usage’.
It’s obvious that 1 vector-of-attack by stealth used by….let’s call’em b@stards, is spamming and suggesting We use, *external links*.
Best to nip-them-in-the-bud.

It’s Spring Time.
As Francois Voltaire’s Candide said in the last sentence of the book:
*Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but let us cultivate our garden.*
Not bein’ as eloquent as Voltaire, let me just say, “Ya’ gotta get rid of the weeds, if ya’ know what I mean”.

Enjoy your coming vacation with the Misses, Richie.
A well deserved Spring Break.

>>> Interjection<<<
Double meaning time Everyone 🙂 :
Talkin’ about a ‘spring break’.
Why not break-the-necks of the vermin-in-the-garden while you’re at it.
Their dicks-willys are quite limp so ya’ can’t break ’em. Just clip ’em off at the root. –

As for myself, time to tend my garden.
As you see in my photo ^^above^^, I got Apple trees. 5 of ’em.
“Cip-clip, Clip-clip,…”.

sources: http—s://


Hello Christopher. I hope that you and your family are well.
Thanks for the info?

Web Ferrett

I’m with you Richie – post all test kits back to Boris, but only after suitably coating them with the same shit he is dishing out to us – ensuring he receives the same treatment he is inflicting on we the people.


Agreed, don’t ‘return to sender’ unused, make sure they cannot be redistributed open them and soil them, then send to ‘Boris’.
A Nationwide effort on this is needed.

Web Ferrett

This is all designed to introduce the communist style credit scoring system here in the UK – Boris is a communist! – he lies all the time – simply cannot be trusted! – I don’t usually swear, but Boris is an utter cunt!


As we say here in Belfast he is A stranger from the truth he has as many faces as the Albert Clock in his case BigBen

Web Ferrett

The government wants us to carry digital covid certificates. The government wants us to take two covid tests a week.
Well, I would say to Boris, “what’s it like to ‘want’?”
Sorted 🙂


And yet you still use the traitors Christian name ferret, humanizing the piece of garbage, not having a go at you, like where you come from with your posts, but this is a serious problem with a lot of people, he through his actions is responsible for the killing of our elderly people, have you seen the footage or read the story’s, people i know despise him still use his Christian name ( they have never met him ) when talking of him, maybe not quite but defo a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on with this piece of garbage.

Web Ferrett

Hi martin – Hancock, Whittey, Johnson ect are all demonic psychopaths – there is no other explanation – 1930’s Nazi Germany repeating itself.

Our ‘dictatorship of a government’ are clearly in breach of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, pushing these ‘vaccines’ (medical experiments), still in trials (till 2023) breaking at least code 1 & 2:
1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding
and enlightened decision.

2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random or unnecessary in nature.

So where is the offer of established well known and tested alternative treatments such as HCQ+zinc or Ivermectin?

Download the codes PDF:


Hi Ferret. Not sure if they are psychopaths, they might well be, i would go for compromised cowards, or both cowardly psychopaths, anyway we look at them they are dangerous and evil beyond description, why do all the main players look weird or ill, possessed ?, but know this, they know that we know they are lying, they know if the public wake up en masse, they will be finished, being the cowards that they are that thought is always with them. thanks for the reply.

Web Ferrett

Hi martin, I wrote a while ago to my local MP and pointed out the error in there ways with regard to pushing the jab by means of coercion and thereby breaching the Nuremberg Code – he e-mailed me back assuring me that it was perfectly safe and and fully approved! – I pointed out that he was mistaken (I may have called him a liar) and supplied evidence to that effect – I’ve not heard from him again!
All politicians are corrupt, some much more than others, but nonetheless, ALL are corrupt.


Not political Ferret, in the present system there is no point, we have to start at the council level, seen some promising signs there, just look at the so called labour party and the way 99% of them have voted, on the orders of a globalist piece of shite starmer, who convinced corbyn to let the populace think if labour won the last election they would sanction another brexit vote, a piece of garbage who worked to make sure his party lost the election, and still labour people will vote for him. why ?, because they have always voted labour, even sheep would say ” gies a break for fuck sake, how stupid are you humans “.

Last edited 9 days ago by martin
Web Ferrett

martin, this covid thing is just a very small part, designed to introduce the communist style credit score system globally. The real issue (run by the central banking system) is the child trafficking that’s rife and been going on for years globally. This is all in the throws of being taken down, but they need to wake the people up to these atrocities and much of that you currently see is all ‘theater’ to show the people how bad the bad guys really are. I have been following this for over a decade and right at the top of the tree is our UK government believe it or not, under the Pirbright Institue that control EVERYTHING. This is why Trump became president and the military are now running things in the States following the fraudulent election, Biden is an actor, hence the comical speeches, forgetting lines ect, all being done to wake people up.
You may find it hard to accept what I have just explained, but watch the news as things are about to be revealed and you will then realise what I have said to be true.
And ultimately, there WILL be Nuremberg style trials & military courts to bring them ALL to book.
Stay safe my friend.


Hope you are right Ferret, satanic scum have gained the upper hand, anyone with half a brain should see it, seen a lot of people regretting they voted for johnson, they were took in by his carefully crafted public image, as i have said on here before ” the lovable buffoon “, a myth, he is a evil piece of garbage, forget Nuremburg, parliament square will do, bring the krankie down from Scotand, the traitors from Wales and n-Ireland hang the lot, and have a party, staying unsafe as it’s the new normal.

Web Ferrett

Hi martin, your emotions are exactly what the ‘good guys’ want, for people to become emotional, meaning they then care about what is happening and waking up to the injustices they see and hopefully do something about them (I don’t mean violent demonstrations – I just mean saying ‘no’ they will not acquiesce to masks, passports ect) – if everyone just stopped agreeing to do what our government demands from us, then their ‘power’ is immediately removed.
On a side note: This video tells you all you need to know about the passports and what really is behind them from Tech CEO (on our side)


Getting late, will check the link Ferret thanks, talk again maybe, have got a couple of links from years ago, sums up where we find ourselves.

Tom M

Brilliant idea and I would do exactly the same thing, except I totally begrudge the idea of wasting 85p of my hard earned money on a first class stamp 😆. Think a ‘Return to sender’ or fast track to the nearest bin will suffice nicely for any unsolicited test kits that arrive through my letterbox.

Last edited 9 days ago by Tom M

I’ve given up on this country. As a nation it is defeated. There are pockets of resistance, I am in the Manchester resistance myself, but nationally this country’s fucked. I’ve never hated people, my feeling has always been – I like people but can’t stand the public. Now it’s hard to find people I like!
But I’m not giving up on life. I love my fiancée, my kids, reading, walking, watching movies and music (just discovered Beach House. Highly recommend!).
I’m an intensive care nurse and it’s been a bad flu season in Manchester ITUs with sone shocking individual cases. However, Manchester has a very unhealthy population which this new flu was always gonna rip through.
But other than that, this is a scam. I’ve never worn a mask outside work and will not have a vaccine.
To be honest, I’m still trying to come to terms with the fall of Great Britain and will be probably doing so for many years. But for now I’m living in the moment and have gratitude for all the good things I have. I’m happy because they want me to be unhappy, and I won’t allow it.
As the great thinkers of old have said:

‘Fuck ’em.


Yeah fuck ‘em. My sentiments exactly. I cannot be arsed with them anymore. I refuse to try and enlighten them anymore just to be ridiculed and shouted down. They think we’re spoiling it for them, pull the other one. The majority of Brits are spineless pathetic cowards. Yeah, fuck ‘em again and again and again.


Agreed, it’s not just us though Kaf, it’s worldwide, they have been programing us for decades, most 95% or more have embraced the programming.


I listened to Talk Radio for a short time yesterday and was completely aghast by the brainwashed stupidity of so many of the caller’s. There is no hope. I don’t know why the Government is bothering with this expensive fake vaccine scam and passport nonsense. It would be far easier and cheaper to simply shoot the people it doesn’t want. They’d be queuing up to get a bullet in the back of the head if Matt Hancock told them it was for their own good.


they would line up in their thousands, tell them, would you like to die a slow painful covid death, or a government provided ( free of charge ) bullet in the back of the head, they would jump at the chance, proclaiming their love of the government.


Yes its all shite for sure.People on here need too read The Light Paper and The Daily Expose,both excellent and tell this covid shite for what it is, both papers are on line…


Thanks for bringing these to my attention. Really useful reading. 👍


No problem.

Ronald Templeman

I will do the same, have never had a test and never will. Really love it that all these clowns who have had a vax and now need to test themselves twice a week, you could not make it up.


Sorry about this, folks, but I am going to lower the tone some for a bit of humour.
That picture: I wonder which one of his chums he’s thinking about…?


I don’t get the humour Craig ?🤷‍♂️
A blow by blow account is needed I’m afraid.

Gene Hunt

Whoever Carrie S tells him to think about!


Unless it’s something she wears…


That’s filthy! 😳😳🤣🤣


It left a bad taste in his mouth!!

All that white ‘Schwab!’ and cotton!!



looks as though he has shat himself


Is it the ‘deep throat’ aspect of the schwab??

I’m lost!!!



Excellent idea Richie. I will do the same. Plenty of cow dung around where I live!


Look around the world. Apparently case numbers are starting to go up again, except in the UK. Mass testing will simply serve to perpetuate the myth – and syphon off huge amounts of public money into private corporations.
Rinse and repeat.

Inverdaroch Kerr

100%spot on.

Urban fox

This has got nothing to do with protecting the public health. It has everything to do with controlling every aspect of our lives, in order to bring about there real agenda. All of these measures deliberately cause harm. These multiple vaccines that are planned, will change the very nature of what it means for us to be human. And mass testing will give further excuses for more lockdowns. Making people more dependant on the State. We are heading towards a drug dependent slave population.As in ” Brave New world, Equals and Equalibrium”.
Many years ago I was in Lester Square in the summer. Everyone was sitting on the floor in a crowd, listening to a guy playing guitar. Laughing and joking, as children played in the sun. This is what life is about. And they have taken This from us, and they have no intention of ever giving it Back, unless forced to. People have to stop believing what they are told and stop cooperating.


Fox you have to read the ellis medavoy interview with Rappaport, just read through it again, this guy was a despicable individual who helped promote the aids hoax, which has resulted in the avoidable deaths of millions, but even he said he was disgusted to learn of the plans they had for humanity, which would be achieved mainly by the pharma cartels, these interviews are 20 years old, read them it, explains everything we are going through.

Urban fox

Not sure, will have look. But definitely plan. You seen Equilibrium or Equals films? They are very apt in current climate. Could be a documentary for anyone with eyes open.


Alright fox, i gave you the link to the medavoy article a couple of months ago, think Jennie got it also, mostly avoid hollyweird these days, is equilibrium the film with Cruise in it ?, might have seen, been watching mostly comedy’s to cheer myself up, the terminator, the exorcist, platoon all the old favourites, how goes it in fox towers.

Last edited 9 days ago by martin
Urban fox

Fox towers needs dusting and need to call plumber as well, but can’t be bothered. Equilibrium not cruise, can’t remember name. Both films spot on about where it’s going with medication etc.💊💊

“Our Genetics are our [F]undamental *Unalienable Right*….They can’t have it. It’s not for sale”.

I heard this a few hours ago @ 43:50 here:
*Powers & Principalities: Episode 197
by Our Interesting Times* April 4 2021

The discussion proceeds to take-up discussions which can be used in the U.K. and other commonwealth countries.
Please take the time to listen to the remaining ca. 20 minutes.

Tim Kelly & Joe Atwill’s series *Power & Principalities* is very informative and, a real eye-opener.
And, No. I don’t share all of these 2-guys opinions.
But they take-up things/historical facts that I rarely hear anywhere else.
Truly informative for those that enjoy ‘History’ and, ‘Facts’.

Hi Chris, tried to reply to the spam post lol, vanished while i was typing.

Cheers Martin 😉

On this one, I beg to differ with Richie.

By *sending* anything or everything, One(legally speaking) is ‘acknowledging receipt-of-parcel with accompanying ‘documentation’.
As a Subject to a *Sovereign*, meaning being a pleb required to follow-the-monarch, or should we say an everyday person required to follow Queenie E. of Windsor’s dictates from her proxies B. Johnsson, C. Witty, etc. ….well, I call it compliance.

Come on now. Don’t be lower-ranked entity, being a worm that squiggles.

F_ck ’em.
Throw it away immediately after ripping it to pieces.
That way, YOU don’t give these so-called ‘authorities’ any acknowledgment of….authority.

The b@stards want(!!!) You to behave childish/like a children i.e. “Looking up to authority”.

Do Not Comply.
Time to live your Life as it was meant to be.
A Sovereign Being. Period.


I personally know a few people who will be camped out by their letterboxes, eagerly awaiting their testing kit packages. Sad twats.

Last edited 10 days ago by Jo26

3 month down the line and 40 million sheep are doing twice weekly tests as normal routine,

then the “special batch” of swabs arrive in the post – dipped in Cyanide
(conveniently the Internet crashes just hours earlier – no communication)
then 40 million useless eaters dead within a day – sounds like a Hollywood movie script.


Plus the ‘special’ batches of jabs.

This whole thing is like a Hollywood movie script.


Oh yes, we have village idiots that will be doing the same. Do people that have had the jab have to do it? It really is b#@&%ks. 😦 xx


They do indeed. Nobody will be excluded 😳 xx


Triggers broom Kaf, we need a clear out.


Aye Jo, can see the muppets now ” has the postman been “, the post office will be deluged with concerned muppets complaining that they haven’t received their pack-age.

Gene Hunt

Direct and to the point, Richie!

Why the hell can’t Johnson & the government show some guts and just say it, how it is, or a least how they intend it to be! I might have a modicum more respect for them if they came out and said, look there WILL be vaccine/Covid passports introduced within 3/6/12 months, or whatever it’s going to be!
At least have the guts to do that, rather than blustering, back tracking and playing with words, so that any scenario they introduce can be justified!

They expect us to believe that they’re making these deep thoughtful decisions day by day, when anyone who cares to look beyond the end of their nose can see that this is a long thought out, unrolling of draconian measures…..


Agreed 👍🏻


Unfortunately most plebs do believe this shite but as we know, it’s been in the pipeline for decades.


If 1 Million people did that twice a week, 2 Million “stinky swab” filled envelopes arriving,
if 10 Million did it twice a week – do the maths,

However one of 2 things would happen :-
either “Convid” would end forever or…a new law would be rushed out (“nodded” through of course by Starmer) that forbid the shipment of hazzardous waste through the mail,
my gut feeling is that the latter would be rolled out and very quickly.

oh and a “clap for posties” would be on the cards one night a week as these New Heroes would be pushed into the spotlight as frontline fighters.

Gene Hunt

I think we must be due another clap for some good cause or other! Oh how I do enjoy NOT opening my front door and wildly applauding for some old pc bollox!!


Its long been an offence to send indecent and obnoxious substances through the Royal Mail. This is covered by the Postal Services Act 2000 which replaced legislation going back to 1908. Its an indictable offence carrying a maximum term of 12 months imprisonment, the Government doesn’t have to change anything. This campaign would certainly make life interesting for Royal Mail investigations doubtless they would pick off a few high profile offenders for show trials with the Mockingbird media cheering it on. Just imagine the faux outrage on the BBC evening news.

Joanne Boddington

The NHS have just sent me, for the nth year running, an invitation for me to send them a bit of my poo in the post to check that I whether or not I have bowel cancer. I suppose this is an exception to the rule you cite? I won’t be accepting this invitation either 😉


Absolutely correct medical specimens going to a laboratory are not included. Sending shit to someone in order to create alarm or cause offence would be classed as an obscene article under part b.

Postal Services Act 2000, Section 85

A person commits an offence if he sends by post a postal packet which encloses—
any indecent or obscene print, painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, cinematograph film or other record of a picture or pictures, book, card or written communication, or
any other indecent or obscene article (whether or not of a similar kind to those mentioned in paragraph (a)).


And it’s just another step in priming everyone for the health passports (ie. Digital ID — 24/7/365 total control and surveillance assigned to absolutely everything you and your children do ‘and think’ from birth to death — no hiding places — no privacy on any level whatsoever!!)

Don’t do it folks.. put it in the bin…

Stop it before it starts!!

Enough is enough!!

“And go tell your friends!!”


Gene Hunt


Gene Hunt

Ahhh! 👍


For Victory!

I recently watched this series again. Still scared the shit out of me, over 30 years later 😆.


The whole series gets its name from that one scene…
It has remained vivid in my mind from when I watched it as a boy the early eighties..

And now it’s needed for real!



All our yesterdays, watched v as a young lad, had a bit of a thing for the black haired lass or woman, it was allowed back then, even when she was unmasked as a lizard, a relationship was out of the question, a still would have though, for one night only.

Urban fox

Me also and the woman in the remake, also good, but got cancelled.


Oh yes Martin!
Indeed I would have yielded to her darkest desires for one night too!!

No doubts!!

Though… Id have been worried if she got too .. Well you know!!

After all.. she had a thing for mice!!


Urban fox

Excellent scifi series. Just watching handmaids tale


the next series will be called handjobs tale, will be sold as a true story and why not, there will be none of us left to dispute it.


I wonder how long it will take for these free Government Covid test kits to start appearing on eBay or Gumtree? You know it’s going to happen 😂😂



Urban fox

Alright Gerry?


And so say all of us. Best way to respond to utterly ridiculous policies is to ridicule and never ever comply. Those that do are screwing us all. Sagacious and practical advice from Mr Allen 👏

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