Premier League Soccer Stars Refuse To Promote Covid Jabs

Premier League football clubs have held talks about producing a video to promote the covd-19 jabs. However, the project failed to get off the ground because of a shortage of players coming forward to appear in the film.

According to The Daily Mail, many top flight players have yet to receive the jab themselves and uptake has stalled in recent weeks.

The Premier League has refused to confirm how many players have been jabbed. The English Football League (EFL), which is comprised of 72 clubs, said that 70 per cent of all players have been vaccinated.

Speaking at a press conference last week, Manchester Untied boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer acknowledged that there was some vaccine hesitancy in his squad. “Some are already vaccinated, some are not sure,” he said, before adding that the club would be providing extra information to educate the hesitant.

According to The Mail Online:

Both leagues have arranged briefings for club managers and captains with deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, in which he sought to debunk numerous vaccine myths, but they are struggling to find players to front a publicity campaign.

The EFL will this week step up their attempts to promote vaccination by sending information to all players in a question-and-answer format, and they are also working with lower division clubs who have smaller medical staffs to set up pop-up vaccination centres at training grounds and stadiums.

The government will inevitably mandate vaccine passports for supporters attending games. It’s a matter of when, not if. This partly explains the desperation to vaccinate the nations premier athletes and persuade them to promote the jabs too. Partly…





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Ronaldo should do what he did with Coca Cola – That will kill the campaign no matter what the others do…
He has often said he isn’t getting Tattoos cause he wants pure blood for being a blood donor.. Portugal declared most of their squad Jabbed for the Euros but didn’t announce who wasn’t.. Is Ronaldo gonna have the balls to speak out? About time someone did..


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Last edited 10 months ago by txgmxad

…’providing extra information to educate the hesitant’, brainwashing in other words and only giving one side of the story. If we all listened to Chris Whitty regarding the benefits of this poison we’d be running to the jab centres rolling up our sleeves as we ran to the mobile vaccine tents or wherever they are.


About time people in the football world stood up and speak out, so far they have been a disgrace, they all know it is a scam, untold players testing positive with no symptoms, they have to know it is a scam. If they grow a set and speak out with the worldwide reach these players have it would be a game changer.


Probably the groundsman’s mate from Accrington Stanley will say a few words in favour.

Last edited 10 months ago by Abdel

Wonder if Rashford has had one as he seems to be being used to push certain agendas?

Seems like he has or is?
Marcus Rashford is understood to have been named to take part in a new campaign to promote the use of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Footballer Marcus Rashford is likely to be one of the celebrities used in a new campaign to help to persuade people to have the coronavirus vaccine.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jake

Rashford should stick to the football.


Correct mate. Making all these school dinners, now he is going on the road selling the poison jabs, it has to be affecting his form lol


He could try practising his penalty taking for next years world cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣


That would serve him better!!


He’ll receive his knighthood soon! That will really rattle David Beckham.

Noel cox

That paparazzi report is before the vax even came out, but knowing well Marcus isn’t the brightest, it wouldn’t surprise me, the lad needs to tend to his stalling career, he can play mother Theresa when he retires


I hope some of these superstar athletes stick it out and not get the vaccine. I know djokovic is hesitant. It will be difficult to force these high profile athletes to take it and very difficult for the authorities to ban them.


They made the 23 year old captain of Waterford Football Club have the jab so that he could carry on playing. Within an hour of having the jab he had a violent headache, then he started vomiting and three days later he was dead.


Hi Jennie yeah I know. They will try it with the majority of less well known sportsmen but i can’t see them banning the likes of Ronaldo and Djokovic i just hope they stick to their principles. I didnt like them much before but now I’m a big fan of both!!

Last edited 10 months ago by Gary

I am sure Djokovic had his arm twisted and is now on side, I will make a prediction, Emma Raducanu will front a campaign for young girls to have the jab.


Sjp, is there any chance that you change your profile picture?
It makes me sick to see that psychotic man.
(respectful request) 🙂


I havent heard anything recently. I hope he hasn’t caved. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has. I also agree about Raducanu I’m sure she is going to be everywhere in the media for the next few years. She may be easily manipulated.


I’m still very suspicious of the reasons for her sudden medical exit from Wimbledon with breathing problems. I cant help but wonder if it was jab related.

Noel cox

I know Ronaldo and Pogba haven’t or will have a bar of a jab, Ronaldo tested positive last year, nothing wrong with him and even said it was all bollox, he must have been advised to pipe down

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