Professor: “Lockdowns Are A Bigger Killer Than Covid-19”

A renowned oncologist has claimed today, that lockdowns are a bigger killer than covid-19. Professor Angus Dalgleish is a professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London. He’s also a fellow of The Royal College of Physicians.

He’s written a piece in today’s Daily Mail. In it, he wonders why politicians and the media are treating the new omicron covid variant as if it’s the Ebola virus. On the threat of Christmas restrictions, Dalgleish says:

The real danger for most of us now comes not from Omicron or any other coronavirus variant. Instead, it comes from ministers and officials apparently flirting with taking us into yet another era of ruinous restrictions, cancelling Christmas or other cherished holidays, dashing all hope of foreign travel, wrecking the economy and otherwise immiserating our lives at the whim of the state.

On lockdown as a measure to reduce the spread of infections, Dalgleish says:

A year ago, I wrote in the Mail how I believed that lockdown was a killer in the making far worse than Covid-19. Today, I stand by that view. From spiralling hospital waiting lists and delayed cancer treatment to the horrendous impact on the mental health of the nation, I think we are seeing the tip of an iceberg of premature deaths from causes other than Covid — and that, in time, history will reveal the second and third lockdowns, at least, for the folly I believe them to be.

That is before you contemplate the ramifications of our sabotaged economy: livelihoods destroyed by the enforced shutdown of businesses and High Street firms shuttered thanks to working-from-home mandates.

It is imperative that ministers do not go down that dangerous road again — unless some terrible new variant or new virus with a vastly higher death rate does emerge.

I disagree with Dalgleish’s last point. Why would you believe the government if it said there was a deadly new virus with a high death rate? They continue to lie about the covid death rate. Covid has not killed 150,000 UK citizens as the government would have us believe.

As I reported on October 20th, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, a developer of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, said that “the daily reporting is picking up a lot of people who were admitted to hospital for other reasons but have been positive in the last month.”

Pollard went on to say:

“If someone’s admitted for appendicitis or a road traffic accident and they’re positive, they will appear in the daily numbers and certainly with the deaths.”

From the beginning, they included people in the data, if they’d died of a heart attack, stroke or fallen out of a tree-house and also tested positive for covid. It is astonishing that they are still doing it and getting away with it.



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Please join and share. please share this site with others; hope to reach 5 million by Christmas. launched last Friday. it doesn’t matter if you are not in Australia, sign up for resources to help support others with kids. I’ll also place this on to the main forum alongside Richie’s other stories and also personally email Richie . Thanks, Parents With Questions | Australians Say No


the NHS and its packing up for the last two yrs has also led to a catastrophic impact on peoples health and wellbeing, I cannot see how the waiting lists will be bought under control as more and more people get added to it.


Add to that, medical tourists who visit purely to avoid huge medical costs in their own countries.


How long now before Dalgleish is fired, de-platformed and branded a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist on Sky News & Wikipedia et al?

Before Christmas perhaps??

Any takers??



I fear people just gloss over the articles and can no longer comprehend the Government is making them do things that are detrimental to their health. So many times little droplets of truth have slipped through but it seems to go by unnoticed in the sea of fear propaganda


Absolutely Clare.
And the longer they can maintain the many in this sea of fear, the easier it will be to manipulate them with yet more lies.

The only chance we have remaining to stop what’s coming is to break this cycle of fear.

If we don’t, it’s game over for all of us I’m afraid.

But if we do, our world could very quickly become a far better place than what has gone before.

So, I would suggest everyone to remain positive and focused at these pivotal moments in time.

There is a battle to be won here if enough people join forces with the requisite determination to achieve this victory.

It can be done.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

For mass hypnotism to work, something has to be constantly repeated.
The occasional honest piece is not repeated so it doesn’t really register in the collective consciousness.


Clare, it’s odd you should mention ‘a sea of propaganda’. I was on the 113 bus headed toward Baker Street on Friday and for the first time really noticed that about every 30-60 seconds the directive that one MUST where a mask whilst using TFL services UNLESS you are exempt – “it’s there to protect us all”. I’m wondering whether this is my tuning OUT andremoving those messages to the surface?


Being awakened (for want of a better expression) is a painful process which brings not only a healthy cynicism and a mild paranoia. To this end; I’m curious to learn exactly why these stories seem to be surfacing in the MSM at this particular time?


Could it be that some in the MSM are hedging their bets??
ie.. beginning to realise the tide is turning and are making sure they are the ones not to be ‘held accountable’ when the tide finally turns by way of giving themselves an out??


I admire your optimism Gerry and hope that you’re right.


Optimism is the only salvation I’m clinging onto these days Backbeat..
But only barely mind you.
Only barely!!


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