Derbyshire Constabulary Male Voice Choir has been forced to change its name by the police because they don't include women. Members say they have been left "heartbroken" after Chief Constable Peter Goodman told the choir that they had to become a mixed voice group. In response, the men have decided to change the choirs name and distance themselves from the force. Choir chairman Kevin Griffiths said it would be "difficult" to hire the 50 women needed to balance the sound after Goodman told them that the group was "incompatible" with force policies. The choir is made up of about 35 ex-officers and has raised £750,000 for charity since it was founded. Last month their authorisation to use the force name was revoked, despite the fact that no woman had ever asked to join the choir in its 60 year history. Maddening isn't it? You could maybe (just maybe) understand the intervention if women had asked to be involved but had been rebuffed, but no that wasn't the case. Derbyshire police said that it's committed to  being "an equal opportunities employer" and to "having an organisation where there are no enclaves where people from different backgrounds cannot go". 

You'd have thought police forces have enough on their plates right? Police stations are closing, funding has been decimated by successive governments but yet they find the time for this progressive-cultural Marxist driven nonsense. Was there any thought given to those who enjoy the sound of male voice choirs? Was any concession given to the notion that if people wanted to, they could form mixed choirs or female voice choirs? Of course not, because silly as this story might be, it is not about gender equality at all. It is part of a broader plan to engineer a new norm. What is that norm? Well it's a future society where it is standard for the state, or pillars of the state to step in and call a halt to anything that they do not like because it might cause offence to a minority group or a third party of their choosing. This is a war on your freedom to speak, to think and to assemble peacefully and it is getting worse and worse.

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