Pub Boss – “Vaccine Passports Discriminatory & Unworkable”

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, the Chief Executive of Britain’s oldest brewing company, said that vaccine passports are discriminatory and would be in breach of data protection laws.

Jonathan Neame, the CEO of Shepherd Neame, said that the government should park the idea and move on. Yesterday, speaking before the House of Commons liaison committee, Boris Johnson said “That’s the kind of thing that may be up to individual publicans.”

Jonathan Neame told the BBC:

“It produces all kinds of potential issues around discrimination, civil liberties and possibly data protection. The idea of being forced on the door to ask people for identification and turn some people away, is a really challenging position.

If we start imposing additional measures or voluntarily asking for checks on the door, you kind of undermine what the purpose of a pub is, which is to be an inclusive, diverse, welcoming environment, that you can just drop into at a moments notice.

I just can’t imagine the situation of a family turning up at a pub where grandpa has forgotten his vaccination certificate, mum is pregnant and therefore been told not to have it and the kids are too young and half the family is turned away. That would be awful at a time when we’re all trying to reconnect as a society and learn to laugh and love humanity again.”

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove is leading a review into whether vaccine passports or covid status certificates can be introduced by the government. He is expected to publish his findings in the next few weeks.


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Tony K

Well there you go Richie, you’ve mentioned in the past about wanting to open your own pub.

If the major chains go for this passport then I foresee the great return of the freehouse.

The Unvaxxed Arms.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tony K
Jane Edmonds

So pleased Jonathan Neame stood up to common sense but after the debate on Monday in Parliament about Vaccine passports, the Government has issued a Call for Evidence. You don’t see that in the headlines. Anybody can send an Email as an individual giving their reasons why they do not wish for this to be mandated. Just a few sentences will be enough, send an Email to . The original petition had in excess of 290,000 signatures (don’t roll out Vaccine passports), we need more!


Hi Jane, l copied and pasted something a member wrote the other day and sent it to the cabinet office. Hopefully others will follow.


Hi Kafla, have you still got that script. I too would like to write to the Cabinet Office about taking away our liberty.


I forget which article and who posted it but will have a look.


This was the post Victoria

Stephen Hardy

 5 days ago

Just to let everyone know:
“On Monday 15 March the Government launched a public consultation as part of its review into whether COVID-status certification, sometimes described as ‘vaccine passports’, could play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety.” 
This was in an email I was recently sent inviting people to make submissions “and find out more about this Review, and share your views on the potential implementation of COVID-status certification”, here:
I know submitting your views and taking part in these things is probably a futile gesture, but it enables you to vent your spleen, as it were, and it lets THEM know that you YOU know that the whole scamdemic is a complete and utter fraud. The deadline for submissions is 29th March. Not that anyone needs ideas from me! But I’ve copied and pasted the last three paragraphs of what I sent:
It is now approaching the first anniversary of Boris Johnson imposing a national shutdown of almost the entire economy – just for three weeks to “flatten the curve”. One year on, the “curve” lies battered, bruised and bloodied. But the country remains in lockdown, the economy destroyed, millions of jobs lost, and the pub and hospitality sectors obliterated; although rather ironically, alcohol consumption has gone through the roof as supermarkets continue to provide an “essential” service selling cheap booze! Sadly, a year later, there is also a generation of psychologically damaged children, who’ve had their childhood and their education stolen from them. A year in which parents and children have been forced to live in a constant state of irrational fear and anxiety, promoted by a relentless stream of propaganda, fear porn and misinformation on the BBC and other main stream media outlets.
Sadly, in the corridors of Westminster, there is no credible opposition to any of this insanity, only the imposition of ever more draconian, completely arbitrary rules and regulations. It is as though the government has studied every dystopian novel and film script in their collective effort to transform the United Kingdom into a fascist, totalitarian, police state. A bio-security state in fact, where people are encouraged to live in fear of everyone else because they might be carrying the dreaded “plague”. This is what the government, the Labour Party, and especially the media, have managed to do: convince nearly everyone that the entire population is threatened by a deadly plague, the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death! Palpable and provable nonsense. But it has worked. Keep people in fear for long enough and they’ll accept anything the government throws at them, no matter how damaging.  
In conclusion, I do NOT accept any form of vaccine passports or certificates this increasingly tyrannical government is desperate to introduce. They will, by necessity, discriminate against anyone who, for whatever reason, decides not to take this experimental injection. This would mean a perfectly healthy person who doesn’t possess such a certificate would now be restricted from taking part in everyday social or business activities. This would be morally and ethically wrong – and counter-productive. From a purely practical and medical stance, the World Health Organisation as well as the companies producing these experimental covid vaccines have admitted there is insufficient data to provide assurance that the vaccines will prevent infection or onward transmission. The fact that a person has been vaccinated and carries some sort of passport to prove their “status” does not make them any less infectious. In fact, it could be argued that they are actually MORE infectious, due to virus shedding from their recent vaccination. So at best, vaccine passports would merely provide a false sense of security, an illusion of safety. THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE INTRODUCED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES


I wouldn’t be in too much a hurry to connonise Mr Neame; it’s his ‘bottom line’ that is his deepest and most pressing concern. This Shamdemic has made me question absolutely everything I am told; even if someone assured me that the sky was bllue; I’d go a check for myself.


well like in the past, pubs and clubs will go real underground
no issues then, with nonsense like this


That’s true enough, just look at Prohibition in the States.


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Urban fox

I know I said this recently, but laws will not protect people against this tyranny. If enough of the public are on board with the idea, and if enough business bosses support it, then it will happen. Laws can and have been torn up, and worked around. Natwest bank already, does not allow customers in the branch. Without giving details for track and trace. just like some pubs were doing.It Will not be any different with this.
We need numbers on our side. Enough of us making things difficult any way possible. And in order for that to happen, more people need to see the truth. Their is no plague.and never was.


I went to Africa a time or two in the 1990s and we had vaccinations for malaria and yellow fever as they were prevalent where we were going. Of course most of the African people hadn’t been able to have these vaccinations. Did the fact that most of the people we met weren’t vaccinated mean that we weren’t protected by our injections? No of course it didn’t.

Why didn’t Bill Gates sponsor a mass vaccination against malaria which is the biggest killer in Africa by far? I’ll tell you why. For one thing it would actually have saved a lot of lives which is not what Bill Gates and his handlers want. For another there is no money to be made on older vaccines (the ones that work), the big money is on the new vaccines.

I saw a video a couple of years ago, not sure if it’s still around, of Bill Gates at a private meeting in about 2015 or 2016 that someone had filmed saying that the area in which to put your money was vaccines. He said that he could make 20 dollars for every dollar invested. Philanthropist my arse.

Leaving aside that this is all fake either vaccines work or they don’t. If they work they work on an individual level. If everyone who wants the vaccines has had them it makes no difference if some haven’t if the vaccines work. If they don’t work what’s the point of taking them anyway.


Supposed too have been a poll recently stating that the majority of people would welcome a vaccine ,passport type thing too be able too go into a pub,probably bullshit but having said that you just dont know what to believe these days, the lies in the msm and other platforms is surreal.


From listening to colleagues at work, it is probably true. I have said to these people that this infringes upon the rights of those people who choose not to be vaccinated. Apparently we don’t matter, as long as they get to go on holiday, and socialise, then the majority are willing to sign up for this. I will love to see what they say when the Government back tracks on their plan, despite the majority of the population complying to their request. No doubt they will say that the Government is doing it for our own good. BS.

Zander More

if I had a pub of his nearby I would go to it


Hurrah for some freedom loving common sense at last!


Ban the vaccinated……..why? well because we KNOW the so called vaccine neither prevents you acquiring the infection nor does it prevent you from shedding/transmitting the virus, the only thing it is claimed to do is suppression of symptoms therefore someone infected with an increased virulent strain will have their symptoms suppressed and not know and go about their normal daily life spreading a more virulent strain thereby being more dangerous than someone that has not been vaccinated.

Web Ferrett

“vaccine neither prevents you acquiring the infection nor does it prevent you from shedding/transmitting the virus, the only thing it is claimed to do is suppression of symptoms”
But don’t let facts get in the way Boris of what your masters need you to push through, will you!

Jane Edmonds

Couldn’t agree more!

Web Ferrett

This whole idea of a “passport” is total madness!
What you are doing is stating that people who have accepted/consented to take part in the biggest clinical trials of an untested, unapproved (except for emergency use) medical experiment of which no-one knows the true outcome are singled out for specific ‘allowances’ in society!
Just think about that for a moment – Nazi Germany did exactly the same thing and how did that turn out?

Last edited 1 year ago by Web Ferrett

Mr Neame doesn’t get it does he? The whole point is to keep us apart and isolated so that we can’t socialise and actually discuss what the bastards are up to


I think he gets it, you just have to be careful how you get your point across when running a business or people stop listening.

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