Public Satisfaction With Doctors & The NHS Hits All-Time Low

New figures show that public satisfaction with GP’s has hit an all-time low.

According to The Telegraph:

Public satisfaction with GP services has fallen to the lowest level on record, new figures show, as perception of the NHS as a whole dropped to the worst point in 25 years.

Less than two fifths (38 per cent) of people were satisfied with the service from family doctors last year, according to the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey, the lowest proportion since the survey began in 1983.

It dropped by 30 percentage points compared to 2019 and, for the first time, more people are unhappy (42 per cent) with the service than satisfied.

The unprecedented fall in public satisfaction with GPs comes after patients struggled to access care during the pandemic, particularly face-to-face appointments.

The top priority for improving the NHS identified by respondents (48 per cent) was to make it easier to get a GP appointment.

Only around a third (36 per cent) of respondents said they were happy with how the NHS was run, the lowest level since 1997. This decreased from 53 per cent in 2019, representing a 32 per cent relative fall.

Around 3,100 people were questioned by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) in September and October 2021.

Prof John Appleby, director of research and chief economist at the Nuffield Trust, and report co-author, said the record low of satisfaction with individual services was “very striking”.

“The fall in satisfaction is widespread across all age groups and income groups, with political party support having no bearing,” he said.

These findings are hardly surprising. In March 2020, the NHS became the Covid Health Service, almost overnight.

Millions of people had treatment suspended temporarily or permanently. How many died as a direct result of that decision? We may never know, but I suspect the number will be far higher than the fictional covid-19 death toll.

Two years on and it’s still very difficult to obtain an appointment to see your GP. My own surgery continues to prioritise virtual appointments.

I run past it most days. Pre-scamdemic the car park would always be full. It was a very busy surgery.

These days there are never more than a handful of cars.

It is my opinion that the virus was the excuse to transform healthcare not just in the UK, but globally. Governments were talking about a move to virtual consultations and online appointments long before covid.

For years now, I’ve been reading articles in The Times and The Telegraph about how in future, Artificial Intelligence will be used to help diagnose patients and recommend appropriate treatments. That was always the agenda.

Covid has simply expedited it.




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Heard Richie with Ann on Tuesday; We have some pollies trying to get the word out
Here in Australia, we have the government ‘considering’ offereing the 3rd to 12-15 yo, and now’ considering’ 0-5 years old! No considering about it- we have a federal election in May- and they have handed down the budget- with a fund for vaccine injuries to 0-4 yyo! so they have already made up their minds.


In the year 2000 AD (none of that Common Era (CE) nonsense), the NHS had 240,144 hospital beds. Population was 58,718,543 (under 59 million people).

In the year 2020 AD the number of hospital beds was 162,723. for a population of 67,886,011 (nearly 68 million people.)

A reduction of 77,421 beds in two decades and an increase of nearly 10 million people.

Year       #NHS beds       Population UK

2020       162,723          67,886,011
2019       163,873         67,530,172
2018       165,844          67,141,684
2017       167,589         66,727,461
2016       168,934         66,297,944
2015       169,995         65,860,146
2014       176,324         65,423,047
2013       176,791         64,984,018
2012       178,874         64,525,312
2011       181,971         64,021,919
2010       183,849         63,459,808
2009       203,326         62,828,616
2008       205,976         62,145,097
2007       207,789         61,455,162
2006       215,513         60,821,356
2005       224,882         60,287,954
2004       231,399         59,872,753
2003       235,512         59,561,432
2002       236,205         59,326,294
2001       238,641         59,124,288
2000       240,144         58,718,543

Table data sources via and

One (sorry to sound like the Queen but there is only one queen and that is Freddie Mercury requiescat in pace) may conclude based on the hard data that the NHS has been deliberately sabotaged via governmental policy over many decades. For example research the findings of Operation Cygnus (notice the near homophonic (NLP) Cygnus and sickness) I am still compiling the data from prior years and checking for reasons of good practice and due diligence.

This deliberate self destruction of the NHS in order to usher in a USA profiteering or more accurately racketeering “health” system, is abhorrent on so many levels. (qv no wealth, no health)

It is not far fetched to predict that unscrupulous doctors and surgeons will medically murder unfortunate souls unable to afford health care and also fuel and fund the black market which draws parallels with the organ trade that the Chinese government have been so adept at by continuing the genocide of the Uighurs, with little or any consequence from a largely impotent bystanders. As long as we can get a cheap phones, kitchen appliances, TVs, clothing, chemicals etc from China, they get a pass, even Greta (puppet) Thundberg doesn’t criticize or ever mention China’s wrongdoings.

Off on a tangent.

Possible scenarios of things to come
Possible Scenario of things to come.

It may even get to the stage where the state will declare you an unproductive, impoverished, useless eater and your social credit score is in arrears as you are not fit to be re-educated (brainwashed) so the only option for you is to go into that Euthanasia booth (suicide pod as the masses are so intellectually handicapped by having a daily regimen of experimental drug therapies administered via genetically modified mosquitos (drones were given rights thanks to AI and also cost too much in batteries editors note Africa is still being exploited for minerals, yet they can throw hypodermics at arms in milliseconds, but building roads and having plumbing is a no go because that kind of technology was only around in Roman times) and as result of the brain damage [the Neuralink (Elon Musk who finally got electric cars to work properly by building massive scalextric tracks and roads with overhead dodgem cables which were the missing pieces of the puzzle) was a massive failure as who would have known that drilling holes into someones skull [Abel Ferrara’s Driller Killer anyone] (trepanning/trepanation is so 16th century) and poking electrodes in the brain would cause irreversible and inheritable brain damage?] suffered that they think Euthanasia is an actual place in Asia) and be turned into mulch for soylent green, care of Bill (former head of eugenics (Aktion T-4) now called Population Re-calibration) “Poison Jabs” Gates.

All your leased possessions after your demise will be re-assigned to the state, as inheritance tax falls to 99.99% an all time low (Thanks <sarcasm>Klaus Schwab for re-framing trendy communism for the gullible cultists</sarcasm>). Communism only failed because the infrastructure to keep people in permanent subjugation was not technically possible. Now digital slavery is non discriminatory and available to anyone that is not a millionaire, billionaire or trillionaire.

George Soros war profiteer and insider trader of the century (excluding Nancy Pelosi) tried to sell his soul to the devil but devil stopped hire purchase after he (the devil) got burned via the Tony Bliar deal.

Mark Zuckerberg full time Madame Tussuads doll renames Meta as “Matrix” (adding “the” as a definite article would have given the game away, yet the ripe for brainwashing still believe that nothing could possible go wrong as it is FDA approved.) Early tests were 100% successful as the volunteers avatars did not want to leave the alternate reality of being jacked into the matrix.

Jeff Bezos of course became the richest man on the planet for the 30th year in row after pseudo sacking all his human warehouse staff by enforcing zero hour contracts and using genetically modified primates as bananas and peanuts are acceptable and less volatile forms of payment since the big cryptocurrency crash of (insert country with the lowest overall social credit score index here probably Ukraine as hell had frozen over that year as the ACME biolabs were granted exemption from Nuremberg codes and Helsinki Protocols) the CEOs of Big Pharma, BLACKROCK and VANGUARD laughing all the way to their tax havens. Bezos offered a discounted price for staff taking the Soylent Green before the primate staffing solution but the reviews were unfavourable as the stuff smelled and tasted like $hit albeit the green colour was it’s only plus which made it tastier than genetically modified cabbage if the consumer was blindfolded and a current resident of Guantanamo Bay.


In my area they are pushing a scheme whereby unless you are half dead you visit your local chemist and have a chat with the pharmacist who will advise on the best course of action. This will apparently leave more slots available at the doctors for ‘very poorly’ people. Only problem is that every time i go into the chemists it is rammed with a queue of people waiting to purchase items or to put prescriptions in, whilst others are sitting around waiting for prescriptions to be made up. The pharmacist barely has time to go for a piss let alone sit down with some old chap to advise him on how to deal with his rash.
We used to struggle for a parking spot at our doctors but now you could easily park a HGV without causing problems!


We Cannot see our GP’s any more, we have to get past their gatekeeper for an F 2 F No wonder it’s now called the No Hope Service, because that is what it has become and worse is yet to come as the MHRA that is supposed to be a watchdog and scrutinize the safety of new drugs and treatments before giving them authorization they now think they are there in a different capacity As and ENABLER, For NEW EXPERIMENTAL SHITE that will kill more people just like these FAKE VACCINES have JUNE RAINE has FAILED this country

Last edited 4 months ago by toney

Well I no longer have any trust in hospitals or the medical system. As I’ve said before that doesn’t mean I don’t think there are very good individual doctors and nurses within the system but medicine has been hi-jacked by people who are only interested in control and profit.


If only people could see the bigger picture they would realise that all this is being done for their own good. So they need to shut up and have a little faith.

I jest of course. But that is, in essence, the rhetoric coming out of the UN and the WEF – for anyone who takes the time to look and read with a critical mind.


NHS being dismantled in front of our eyes.

Last edited 4 months ago by Allan

And what was the NHS originally if not an excuse to raise taxes, profit the pharmaceutical industry, and keep track of people? To get people used to, and compliant with, centralised systems of control.
And how was the NHS originally founded when, at that time, our country was broke from the war effort? The Labour Party borrowed heavily from the private banking sector, of course. Borrowing that would, undoubtedly, have come with contractual obligations that benefitted the private sector and the ruling ‘elite’.
When looked at through that lens, it is entirely possible that what is happening to the NHS is part of that ongoing contractual obligation.


TBH if they are hell-bent on bringing in digital health care instead of humans It’s for the better

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