Public Wants Referendum On Government’s Climate Change Plans

An opinion poll suggests that the British public are in favour of a referendum on Boris Johnson’s net zero plan to tackle the so-called climate crisis. A YouGov survey which was carried out earlier this month, found that 42 per cent of adults favoured a vote on the measures, 30 per cent opposed it and 28 percent expressed no preference.

According to The Telegraph:

When the “don’t knows” were excluded from the results, a majority of 58 per cent wanted a ballot on the issue.

The survey showed that of those who expressed a preference, more than 50 per cent of each category polled supported a referendum on net zero. This included 18- to 24-year-olds, middle class voters, Londoners, Remainers, both men and women, and Liberal Democrat backers.

The findings will come as a blow to Boris Johnson just days before the start of the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow on Sunday.

There is no climate crisis of course. There’s the weather. There’s always been the weather. If you can stomach it, do watch some of the speeches from Glasgow next week. You’ll notice that none of the politicians or climate scientists will mention the sun.

Not the newspaper, but the sun, the single biggest influence on the climate and on our weather. Read all of the peer-reviewed papers on how a 1.5 degree increase in temperature will have catastrophic consequences for humanity and you’ll notice they’ve all got one thing in common.

Well, two things actually. Firstly, that’s nonsense. A temperature rise of 3 degrees by 2100 would have very little impact on our way of life, but that’s another story. More importantly, none of the doomsday papers mention the sun. Not one. That’s because it is a load of pseudo-scientific garbage.

The climate agenda has nothing to do with preventing warming. It’s part of a wider plan to turn the planet into an open-air prison where every single aspect of our lives is controlled, from dawn til dusk.

So, I doubt very much that Johnson or any future Prime Minister will give the people any say on it. But then, I’ve been wrong before. I didn’t think there would be a referendum on Europe either.

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A lot of interesting facts in this one. Quite long but well worth your time.

Climate Change Senate Hearing | Dr Don Easterbrook


And how Boris plans to put the excess deaths caused by lethal injections [& climate change!] to good use:


Many years ago johnson left a pub in London with his friends, outside was either a guy selling the big issue, or he might have been homeless, anyway johnson stands over the guy pulls a 20 or 50 pound note out and set it on fire in front of the guy, think it came to light ( i know ) when he was running for mayor of London. It shows the character of the scumbag, the lovable buffoon persona has been crafted by him and others over many years, end off he is a degenerate scumbag. As we know he is all in on the over population question, was his comment the other day a joke or a Freudian slip.


Freudian slip all the way Martin.
Another lying globalist 🤬x!

Did you hear his speech in the UN in September 2019..

He’s ranting about Britain and technology and how much of a leader Britain is in this field.. then out of nowhere, he starts going on about “antivaxxers”..

In September “”2019!!!!””



Gerry he is not our friend, he works for them


Absolutely Martin… Only thing I’ve not seen yet is the “black eye” or a few hand signals!!

Though no doubts that evidence will present itself soon enough!!



Aluminum nanoparticles are showing up in precipitation tests from all over the world. Glyphosate from Monsanto’s “Roundup” is showing up in our food. The combination of aluminium and Glyphosate in the human body unleash synergistic toxicity that in turn can trigger a long list of downstream diseases according to peer reviewed science study, is one example science publication. Is it just a coincidence that constant exposure to both elements is now nearly impossible to avoid? On the wider horizon engineered weather whiplash extremes are wreaking havoc in the US and around the world as climate intervention operations continue to be ramped up. Where do we go from here?


problem with opinion polls is they are phrased to make it seem like they have interviewed millions of UK residents, if you say to someone say 30% opposed a vote, people tend to think thats 30% percent of the UK, the pollsters have only probably interviewed a x number of thousands if that. My guess is if 68 millian people were polled, most of the population would have no time for climete change and are more worried about say bills, jobs etc.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice
Urban Fox

Until fairly recently i hadn’t heard much regards the facts behind climate change. But just like covid 1984 i knew the whole thing stank. Many years ago there were a lot of different theories being put forward. I still remember a channel 4 documentary. In which scientists were concerned about plans to dramatically cut emissions, They put forward the case that it would cause more harm than good to the planet. Can you imagine that program being allowed to air now.

I also remember scientists who were not in favor of the man made climate change club, saying they had been fired and removed from positions. There were accusations that the scientists that attended the big Paris climate change summit, where much of these policy’s were put in place, were all hand picked. Once again dissenting voices saying why were we not allowed to attend. From the very beginning climate change has been exaggerated and the manmade part grossly exaggerated. It was obviously always part of a wider agenda.

This agenda is now picking up pace with the television full of one sided documentaries pushing the scam. As I’m writing this iv just seen yet another advert including the climate con. This time McDonalds saying that eating there veg burger will save us all. We can add that to Persil washing powder telling us that we should buy there new special powder as it can be used on a lower setting, thereby saving our lives. Add to that all the energy companies using the climate change to push smart meters, holiday company’s and even a well known bottle of bear. Every company seems to be getting on board now and including climate change in there marketing. In the past i think some of this was being done independently. But this can be no longer the case, when all of these adverts started noticeably, when the covid adverts stopped around the end of June. The biggest company involved is Amazon, who are now pushing there ” climate change pledge “.

Only by this being a coordinated Propaganda campaign, could the timing of all this be so precise.

At the time we supposedly won the EU referendum. I told a friend it was a minor victory at best. And that the powers behind the scenes would not stop there global fascist plans for the UK, just because of a referendum. In hindsight now it is all very clear, that they were laughing in our faces. For these plans for the covid fake plague agenda, had been in place for many years. And were designed to push through the global takeover regardless of any referendum. Likewise there is not a chance in a million, that any referendum on climate change polices will halt those plans. Because both covid and climate change are the chosen weapons’ to push through the end goals of Agenda 30. A world population of half a billion trans human slaves, under a one world fascist government.

Caroline Fealy

I know i should really pay more attention to things going on around us, but then i would be bogged down in doom and gloom. I remember when i was a child the guys walking around with bill boards with words such as ” The End is Nigh”…
Ignorance is bliss.
But i do know what you are saying Richie, my fella Mike he is pretty clever and tells about the earths wobble and the like. He really should have been a scientist :). Plus he has to put up with me and that deserves a medal 🙂 ( I jest) .


It is my opinion that there will only be a referendum if it suits the Agenda.

The more I have thought about it, the more that seems true of the EU Referendum. Let’s face it, the issues that were raised over that latter Referendum (among which were immigration, more money to the NHS, freedom from Euro control, increased sovereignty, etc) haven’t come to pass. However, it did engage more people in the political sphere; it did sell more newspapers; and it most definitely created huge rifts in the population.

So, I have come to think that the the holding of, and the results of, the EU Referendum were a controlled and deliberate action to cause chaos and infighting. In essence, a distraction.

A net zero referendum will only be permitted if, it too, serves the Agenda. Which makes the likelihood of one happening rather small.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

A recently published research paper, *The Impact of CO2, H2O and Other “Greenhouse Gases” on Equilibrium Earth Temperatures* -Published: Aug. 23, 2021

It has long been accepted that the “greenhouse effect”, where the atmosphere readily transmits short wavelength incoming solar radiation but selectively absorbs long wavelength outgoing radiation emitted by the earth, is responsible for warming the earth from the 255K effective earth temperature, without atmospheric warming, to the current average temperature of 288K. It is also widely accepted that the two main atmospheric greenhouse gases are H2O and CO2. What is surprising is the wide variation in the estimated warming potential of CO2, the gas held responsible for the modern concept of climate change. Estimates published by the IPCC for climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 concentration vary from 1.5 to 4.5°C based upon a plethora of scientific papers attempting to analyse the complexities of atmospheric thermodynamics to determine their results. The aim of this paper is to simplify the method of achieving a figure for climate sensitivity not only for CO2, but also CH4 and N2O, which are also considered to be strong greenhouse gases…”

The ‘evidence’ is quite clear.
Try reading it.
I’m in total agreement with You-Richie.


Thanks Chris.


“none of the doomsday papers mention the sun. Not one. That’s because it is a load of pseudo-scientific garbage.” Spot on. In fact, carbon dioxide, which is blamed for climate warming, has only a volume share of 0.04 percent in the atmosphere. And of these 0.04 percent CO2, 95 percent come from natural sources, such as volcanoes or decomposition processes in nature. The human CO2 content in the air is thus only 0.0016 percent. So cutting out all human emissions will have such a minimal effect on the overall situation as to be absolutely meaningless.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Perhaps it was ^^this^^ you have had access to. Cheers.


Global warming is like covid based entirely on computer modelling. It’s about that was banned and scientists had to do real research and actually step outside their offices and labs.

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