Quebec To Impose “Health Tax” On Un-jabbed Citizens

The Canadian province of Quebec will impose a health tax on citizens who have not been vaccinated against covid-19. Quebec’s premier Francois announced the plan yesterday.

Quebec will be Canada’s first province to introduce financial penalties for the un-jabbed. According to the BBC:

Only about 12.8% of Quebec residents are not vaccinated, but they make up nearly half of all hospital cases. According to federal data, just over 85% of Quebec residents had received at least one vaccine dose by 1 January.

Premier Francois Legault said during a news conference that people who have not received their first dose of vaccine will have to pay a “contribution”. The fee has not yet been decided, but will be “significant”, he said.

“I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifices,” Mr Legault said. “I think we owe them this kind of measure.”

Last week, the province announced that it would require proof of vaccination to shop in government cannabis and liquor stores. Quebec isn’t the first region to levy fines on the un-jabbed. 

From the end of the month, Greek citizens who have refused a jab will be fined €100 each and every month they remain unvaccinated. The un-jabbed in Singapore must pay for any covid-19 related treatment.



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As a Canadian, it just sickens me to see our elected officials advocating totalitarian measures – either “they” (including our PM) must have skipped out of history classes or these bastards know exactly what they’re doing!

On ‘Othering’


Good article. How is not having a vaccine racist? Perhaps Justin Trudeau would like to explain that one because it makes absolutely no logical sense.


Hi Richie, if the unvaccinated, who are now a small percentage of the population, are making up at least half of covid hospital cases then doesn’t that really damage your whole anti Covid vaccine narrative? If not, then could you do an article on why it doesn’t? Or maybe a commenter here can point me to something debunking the claim?


It’s called lying Terry, politicians are rather good at it. Did you know that anyone who hasn’t had a booster but has had previous jabs is now considered as unvaccinated? You might also like to consider that there are no physical samples anywhere in the world of this supposed virus, it is just computer generated.

Urban Fox

There aren’t any people in hospital with covid not one, jabbed or un jabbed. As covid is a computer generated virus. The genetic code was taken from various strands of DNA, fed into a computer program called Insilico. Then the program extrapolated the results and filed in the blanks. The supreme court in Canada has said on record, that covid 19 has never been isolated and there are no samples of it anywhere in the world. There is an abundence of evidence in documents, recorded conversations, videos and books to support this claim.

Why would any sane person with the ability to think for themselves and click on the above link. Take this vile depopulation Bio weapon.?

Other questions people may like to ask are.

  • Why were there no excess deaths around the globe in 2020 ?
  • Why are the only excess deaths from all cause mortality, happening since the fake vaccine rollout. ?
  • How many patients in hospital are in there because of the injuries from this Frankenstein medicine. ?
  • How can you know anyone has something called covid 19, when the test is not meant to test for diseases. According to its creator Kary Mullis. All it does is replicate and magnify genetic material and DNA. ?
  • How can flue disappear for the first time in human history. Only to be replaced in many country’s with almost identical covid 19 case numbers.?
  • Is the above because it is in fact flue. ?

I suppose you’ve never been lied to in your entire life? You better wake up because you won’t like what is coming. This was never about a virus.


The un jabbed should apply for tax rebates seeing their taxes help pay for the vaccines.

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