Queen Calls Unvaccinated “Selfish” & Says “They Should Think Of Others”

In a video call with NHS officials, The Queen suggested that people who refuse the vaccine are “selfish” and that those who are having doubts about taking it, should “think of others.

She also described the virus as “a bit like the plague.” The 94 year-old said that her jab hadn’t hurt at all and that it left her “feeling protected.” According to The Daily Mail;

It is highly unusual for the sovereign to take such a firm public stand on contentious issues and her remarks will be seen as a victory for efforts to increase take-up. An NHS vaccine chief said it was an ‘incredibly important vote of confidence’ in the programme.

More than 18million Britons – one in three adults – have had at least one jab. Another 448,962 were given first doses on Wednesday.

But officials are concerned that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ could still undermine the rollout and even slow down the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Listeners to The Richie Allen Show will have heard me speculate this week, that the slowdown of the vaccine rollout is not down to supply issues. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam told SKY News that fluctuations in delivery are to blame, but I don’t believe him. I think they have run into problems with uptake, far earlier than they anticipated.

A report on SKY News yesterday, said that nearly 28 per cent of the UK’s care workers have refused the jab and a number of immunologists appearing on BBC TV and Radio admitted that there is a problem with uptake among hospital staff.

That might go some way to explaining The Queen’s so called “extraordinary” intervention. It remains to be seen what they will do about it in the short term. Maybe we will see more public figures pleading with us to be unselfish and have the jab. As they become increasingly desperate, we can expect more threats about what we will be prohibited from doing, should we refuse the vaccine.

I have no doubt that as The Daily Mail said today, they will also say that restrictions may have to remain in place unless the refuseniks roll up their sleeves. It might reach the stage, where people will be asking their neighbours to see the NHS card that is given to everyone who has had the jab. It’s going to get ugly, that’s for sure.


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Ever notice how “caring for the health of your neighbor” is quickly forgotten when it comes to bombing the crap out of people in other countries? I guess their health doesn’t matter, does it? Oh, but god help you if you don’t get the poisonous jab to “protect granny”. Hypocrites.


Peter Hitchens has announced that he has succumbed to the vaccine attrition and finally taken Covid1984 vaccine, citing a lack of support from the likes of Douglas Murray and other talking heads.


She has some nerve call in HUMANITY selfish
Look at the empires her blood lines have raped and pillaged ……she SHOULD be made to give back all the crown Jewels she dug out of Africa and India
Your welcome to my JAB and your evil off spring


Just on the headline, why do people look up to these pieces of garbage, just tell them to fuck off, take OUR LANDS, THE PEOPLE’S LANDS BACK, and consign these fucking idiots to a place they belong, they are scum of the highest order, sorry for anyone who looked up to these vermin, ask yourself why, why look up to cunts you do not even know, the queen, phil the greek, big ears, anne shergar, andrew the pedo, prince edward, that freak looks more normal than the rest of the scum, fucking line them up, come back as a virus ?. the great reset ?, big ears, nae wonder wee harr.y fucked off.


Martin, bless you for posting this opinion. The bottom line is that the Royal family are at the epicenter of the establishment and will eventually (like Caesar and Nero) become hoist by there own petard. That day is approaching fast.


I think they’ll try fining us next then internment camps for dissidents


THAT…may very well be the tipping point to revolution in the country.


Did anyone believe the Queen of England has taken an experimental vaccine?

Of course not.

gies peace wi yer book promotion mate, why not promote the bible, seen ye aboot as we say


Not for a moment, none of her ilk will have it, she may ‘think’ she’s had it though because she’d not lie. I think that not having to ever have them is the elite’s payoff for implementing it real fast, or else !


Not a chance in hell. Look at how hard teams of highly qualified and experienced medical personnel work to keep these people alive; no small wonder that they live for so long Prince Kebab is 90 years old.

Zac Baled

According to jonathan van the tam stooge (government medical officer or something) he once again gives an analogy as if we’re in a football match winning 3 – 0 at half time. The players (which are the population) think its going to be easy sailing and we’re about to win the match (i.e win the war on covid) however the opposition (which is covid) are thinking about throwing a surprise by winning the match 4 – 3 (this is because of the down ward spiral in vaccine intake amongst the population)

What I suggest to jonathan van the tam stooge is that he should double up on his defence (which would be taking us off his team by putting extra defenders on) meaning giving our vaccine as second dose to those who have already taken their first so that according to his van tams own common sense and logic his defenders (those gullibles who have taken the first vaccine) would double up as extra covid secure so this way the vaccine takers could very easily stop the opposition (the convid-1984) from its track and win the match (war on covid) from not letting convid score any goals in the second half.

This way we the hero’s have sacrificed our vaccines to be given to our team mates (the 19 million) for the greater good of the team (the country) so far from being labeled as selfish we should be honoured with praise and prestige and looked up on as legends amongst our team mates (the 19 million) because we the hero’s sacrificed our arms for the greater good!

I think jonathan van tam needs lessons on game management – so we invite him on The Richie Allen Show and take lessons (A debate with our very own Dr Vernon Coleman) – what you good folks think? Come on jonathan van tam you know you want it!!


jon van bam is a creep, who works for the pharma cartels, Zac don’t even lower yourself by looking over his lying remarks, he is thick and a dick and should be shot for treason, with his friends


He’s as dense as mince (mind you which of them aren’t) and reminds me of tubs from league of gentlemen 😂


Old lizzie full is of nonsense, bet she wouldn’t even give the corgis the jab, would be quite ironic if old phil the greek passed and it was put down to covid, well he did say he would like to come back as a virus, no problem phil, you might as well take this one with you then tally ho.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Simply strengthens my resolve to avoid at all costs…….🙄


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻A real own goal by her maj


One a succession of nails in the monarchies coffin.


more power to you….


Rich, very rich coming from the woman who wealth is based upon the land her ancestors took/stole from those less able and who is essentially paid for by us. Naff off.


I’ve been trying to navigate the Council of Europe because I’m sure I saw something the other day about dismissing mandatory vaccination saying it’s unlawful but I’m not very savvy with technology. I know they were formed after WW2 and have nothing to do with the European Union. Can anyone help find this information please?


Never heard of them Kathy, will have a look later.


See link below from Lyndsey. 7.3 -7.3.1 7.3.2 7.5 -7.5.1 Amendment 1
Final version 7.5.1 amendment on right.
Obviously our government are pushing masks and social distancing still.


Yep had a look, pretty depressing stuff to be honest.


Yes I’ve been looking and found it. Thanks Lyndsey.


it was definitely trickier to find then it should have been. curious.


Yes I thought so. I called my sister and she navigated for me. It’s like everything’s a challenge. Like you say, curious.


Checked that link out, these people are insane.


When i saw this headlining in the Daily Fail today “Selfish” wow. Now I know I am in good company here with regards to our Queeny. But lets speak for those who may still tolerate her. Surely the citizens of our country can recognise the disgusting,outrageous terminology of selfish placed upon a populous whom have given up their entire lives for over a year. Countless job losses, businesses in ruins, suicidal rates, childhoods destroyed, families broken apart and those spending time completely alone. Without another soul.

Sacrifice. People have sacrificed everything. Their entire life. And now the cherry on top arrives and you are SELFISH.

Get a grip. This is poison. I didn’t think the media could stoop any lower. And Richie teetered on conversation recently about Satanic elements to all this. I’ve never been akin to that. But today. This is demonic. Evil. They don’t give a crap about you. or your family. OR YOUR HEALTH.

They are desperate. Panic.


To call people selfish because they don’t have the vaccine makes no sense because people have nothing to gain by it. Are the doctors, scientists, nurses, care workers etc who have lost their jobs in order to warn about the dangers selfish? Far from it, they are heroes. It ill behoves people who’ve had a life of pampered luxury to call others selfish.


Seriously people are so thick that they believe these people are given the same vaccines or medication as us mere mortals.


Spot on.


Spot on, bet none of the royals ever got a vaccine ever, why do you think they live to such a huge age, that and doing next to nowt!!


People so easily forget the doctors of equal, sometimes GREATER qualifications and experience to those “government elected” have nothing to gain for raising concerns. literally nothing. They do it for respect of the hippocratic oath.

People have lost sight of this.

They’d give Bill Gates 12 minutes (uninterrupted) on BBC attention. But won’t give 12 seconds attention to a qualified and esteemed medical official. Jusr because Teletwat and The Daily Fail said they are wrong.

They don’t even know who Sage are. so you put your trust in the invisible. Just like you put your fear in the invisible “the virus”


Trust in God, fear demons, and genuflect in the NHS Church.


Brilliant, pretty much sums it up, the only thing i would disagree with is “i didn’t think the media could stoop any lower “, never underestimate those swamp creatures.


haha Martin you are so correct. I think I’ve expressed twice now some level of mild forgiveness. I need to realise I am plugging a dead horse here. Apologies.

Mainstream are swamp creatures. Complicit. with blood on their hands.

thank god for Richie and the few within the independent to provide a voice and community we can turn to


The EU has hit a brick wall with the Kill Gates’ wackseenz for sure 🙂

France & Merkel beg citizens to take Oxford jab after millions of doses remain unused


All right, so I’m selfish. She can think what she bloody well likes as I don’t give a stuff what she thinks !!!

Tom M

Doesn’t surprise me whatsoever. Just the other day, the BBC were wheeling out Dave Bartram from Showaddywaddy, urging all the sceptics to go and take the vaccine.

If this doesn’t scream of desperation by the powers that be, then I don’t know what does.

Simon Corbett

Yes, UK Column News, covered this on Wednesday. 👍


Is that true, hope it’s not, because if it is i will be left with no choice, i must take the jab


You’d need to be over 50 to know who Dave Bartram was or to have heard of Showaddywaddy. I’d have thought they would be mainly targeting a younger audience .
I’m holding out till one of the girls from Bananarama tells me its OK.

Scott Davidson

We should not be surprised the Monarch is telling us how to live our lives its her perceived role. Perhaps she may tell Andrew to help the Americans with their investigations into Epstein seems selfish of him not too.

Ronald Templeman

Charles is in with Bill Gates and the great reset, so must have had a word with the queen well I could not care what anybody says they can stuff their vax. Makes one laugh she has done nothing for her so called subjects while they have been losing their freedom so I feel it’s time for a Republic with David Kurten’s as president and an independent government.


I agree with you entirely except I’ve that no idea who Dave Kurten is.


He’s a candidate for the London Mayor. Also a politician. Definitely one of the good ones.


Thanks for the info, I’ll look him up.

ian heaver

Yes David Kurten is brilliant. He talks a lot of sense.


He’s standing for the Heritage party.

Gene Hunt

The hypocrisy of this lizard woman is quite staggering!……..the irony of her remark is obviously completely lost on her.

*Lizard Lady* should ask her hubby who said when he died he’d wanted to come back as a Virus, “”Get On With it Phillip”…it’s virus-time…my ‘precious’…honey”.

2 be or not to be(Hamlet), said Shakespeare.
Why not modernize this current Tempest-theatre with a democratic Republic?

Time for those 2 to join Jimmy Saville’s company in the very hot place he now spends into Eternity.
Showtime Everyone.
Time for a modernized Tyburn ; Let’s Dance.
Wm. Shakespeare, the poet is dead, as well as the first Britt covid-vaccine recipient Wm. Shakespeare.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Freedom! Freeedom! Freeeedom!

Jeananne Crowley

Most unusual… seems to confirm Richie’s ‘speculation’ re lack of take up. They’d never have forced Queenie to actually ‘Say something Ma’am say something!” unless they had to.


Her maj’s policy was always to never debate or offer an opinion on anything so this speaks volumes

fab nocivelli

Did Phil the virus get the vax?


He reckons he has but bet it was saline



Firing the “BIG GUNS” now aren’t they!!


How many more slaves can we convince to sign up to the big pharma, digital id – health passport special huh??

“Take the knee and receive thy jab oh subservient peasants”

Or we’ll send in the SWAT boys to hold you down and do it regardless!!



Was it the CGI version?


Smacks of desperation when they have to roll out the old bird to fire the big guns!


It would seem that the Globalists are getting a bit desperate for Queenie to come out of her bunker.
I say ‘seem’ because I agree with Mr Gosling that those people think, and plan in detail, in the long term.
In which case, Queenie’s speech had a specific purpose beyond the perceived obvious one.

Simon Corbett

If they’ve already got Betty, pushing the jab, I think they are struggling with getting enough people, to roll up their sleeves. You’re spot on Richie. There is hope for us winning yet 👍


Queenie’s speech will also increase the level of hostility towards unbelievers; re-ignite flagging ‘debate’; and push the monarchy towards centre stage in the general public gaze (much as Charles is doing at Davos).


I totally agree with you. I’m so disappointed in her. Lyndsey’s comment was spot on too,


I think dear old Queenie is rather like an old Sony stereo 8 track tape player.
Beautifully made, state of the art in its day and incredibly still fully functional but now totally obsolete.


She’s lost the plot, bless.

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