Business is booming in the Truther Industrial Complex. It is for Tommy Robinson anyway. In a new YouTube video, Tommy told his followers that he expects to be killed. Send more money. In case you've never heard of him, Tommy is a racist thug, although in the interest of balance, Tommy says he is a changed man these days. It doesn't matter whether he has changed or not, I'll explain what I mean by that as I go. Now racism is a big word, well a broad word anyway, in terms of its definition. It is a word that has been used to silence and discredit people who are asking honest questions about multiculturalism and migration, there's no question about that. But Tommy (real name Stephen Lennon) is a bona fide racist and fully paid up member of The TIC (Truther Industrial Complex). Don't get me wrong now, Tommy can say what he wants and I for one would never attempt to silence him, no chance. Free speech for all I say, especially for those you most vehemently disagree with. But he's as much a tool of the establishment as Anjem Choudary or Omar Bakri once were. The system loves Tommy.

Tommy screams loudest, that Islam is taking over the world or trying to anyway. Radical Islamists are trying to kill us all. Muslims are conquering the UK by stealth and Sharia reigns in many areas according to the alt-right. That's all Tommy wants to say don't you know and boy is he being targeted for telling the truth. He is under constant attack and told us the other day that he might not be around for very much longer (see below). You see, the Truther laid bare is a mythomaniac and a narcissist. Ultimately, it's always about them. They place themselves at the heart of the story, so that it's not so much about the danger of radical Islam as it is about Tommy risking life and limb to get the truth out, which is the essence of mythomania as applied to the Truther. 

The Wahhabi nutcases that fly the Islamic State flag are the creation of Mossad, Mi6 and the CIA. As the agents of George Soros' Open Demcoracy foundations paid handpicked traitors in Syria to ferment unrest, at the same time US, UK and Israeli intelligence were overseeing the arming and training of stone cold madmen in Saudi Arabia. At the same time all of this was going on, police forces around Europe were turning a blind eye to a disturbing trend towards Ultra-Conservatism among a minority of young Muslims. This is true. Some young (mostly) Pakistani men in the UK and elsewhere in Europe were adopting a very conservative world view, through their narrow minded interpretation of The Quran. The grooming gang scandal and how it was ignored by (some) UK police forces, having been instructed to do so by the Home Office, is directly connected to what happened at the same time in Syria believe me. You could make the analogy that this was like building a bonfire. Wahhabi jihadists were unleashed on The Middle East, while at the same time back home, a minority of young Muslim men were allowed run amok and rape young girls at will. Join the dots. Cui bono? 

What did I mean when I said earlier, that it doesn't matter whether Tommy Robinson has changed or not or whether he is sincere? I meant that when all is said and done Robinson and his like are the systems greatest servants. "The Muslims are trying to take over" says Tommy. No mate, Zionists like George Soros (caporegime in The Rothschild Family) are manipulating events in plain sight, turning people against one another, killing hundreds of millions of people in the process, driving millions of hapless migrants into Europe and using you to sell the US V THEM narrative. You do it well Tommy. Give me a break with this "I might be killed" shtick. Feck off man, they love you. Tell me Tommy, you have 77,000 YouTube subscribers yes? I had 76,000 before my channel was deleted. Your "I will be killed" video has over 300,000+ views! Explain that to me. I couldn't get as many views despite having similar subscriber numbers. I know that it's not about me, I am insignificant. It's the information.

The truth is Tommy that you are The Truther Industrial Complex. Your simplistic US V THEM narrative is being pushed hard, while GENUINE alternative media is being shadow banned or banned outright. Identity Politics, Right v's all bullshit right? You get rich on it, because there are enough followers out there, people who are incapable of thinking for themselves and all too happy to let someone do their thinking for them. Give them a Patreon account and they'll make ya rich won't they? Are you just a pawn Tommy? Or is it something more sinister than that? Why for example did you wear a Mossad T-shirt when you were interviewed by my mate Hayden Hewitt last year? Are you working for the Israeli's mate or are you really that stupid? It matters not. Either way, you push the left/right agenda and make plenty of money while those pulling the strings laugh their asses off. You're not alone. The UK is full to the brim with prole pretenders and narcissistic truthers, with their conferences where the intellectually lazy can come and meet the heroes of The Truther Industrial Complex, pay their money and go home happy in the knowledge that they made a difference. And the beat goes on.

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