Radio Presenter Hammers Labour MP For Calling Her “Anti-Vax”

Talk Radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer had a proper ding-dong with Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds this morning, after he implied that she was “anti-vax.”

Brewer, who has had two covid jabs, asked Reynolds for evidence that facemasks prevent transmission of the virus.

When Reynolds said that her point was “tedious anti-vax stuff,” Brewer lost her temper. She told Reynolds that she’s fed up with government and opposition politicians calling people anti-vax when they are challenged to provide evidence that restrictions work.

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See, I view this as a positive- as these numb nuts are so out of touch ( just keep in forcing the narrative, where on a WINNER – chicken dinna!) blather about ‘against lockdowns’ but pro other typie things that are just as intrusive as a lockdown – so where better than them. Fucking shite clearly NO ONE in the sanctum has a clue.
For some time now, I have the distinct feeling all the stuff that us lot have been through over the last 2 years was to get us readied for the ( what I feel is inevitable now ) ugly – violence on the streets break down of society faze where heading into. To much has been done, too much lost , too much felt. I’m here in Melbourne, in the belly of the beast – and I can tell you us ‘anti vax’ lot are still here, healthy and happy we made good choices – and stood up when it was needed. I prance around EVERYWHERE flaunting my BARE FACE , while the sheep truly are cowering in masks – ongoing health problems, testing to oblivion. In the middle of an Aussie summer! 90+ vaxxed – and they where promised ice cream and fairy cakes!!!!


What a collared tosspot Jonathan Reynolds is, the narrative is falling apart faster than I thought it would, good ok JHB for calling this gobshite out on maskes, he feels they work doesn’t cut it !!


JHB hates anti-vaxxers herself though as conspiraloons! Good she called him out, as NO SCIENCE for masking exists. Its all garbage. Lockdowns too of course and OF COURSE the gene stabs! Maybe JHB will wake up fully but really she knows its all BS and we anti-vaxx are correct all along! Just a gatekeeper still but the recent reversals on policies give her a little more lee-way to pretend to not shill as much as usual.

Urban Fox

I wouldn’t even take a real vaccine, if there was a real new virus. Anti vaxer and proud.


That’s just stupid.

Urban Fox

No I’m informed and enlightened. Iv spent an entire lifetime studying the truth about life and this world. Not watching BBC News and reading comics.

You are either just uniformed with a gripe or are working for the 77th brigade or some other goverment department. Because otherwise you would not be trying to cause trouble on this site with people that you have nothing in common with. I dont intend on communicating with you again.

Urban Fox

Just to add, this is what you are promoting. And all of these Jab manufactures or the governments on there behalf have paid out millions in compensation to victims of this kind of poison filth.

And unless you can show me the excess all cause mortality deaths from 2020 and excess funerals, which there were none. And explain why the deaths have gone through the roof since Billy’s Blood clot jab extravaganza. The blood clot that someone in my family was lucky enough to get. I suggest that i am not the stupid one.

Noel cox

I like her…

Caroline Fealy

Yes i actually saw this made me chuckle 🙂


She’s just a presenter asking questions, her personal views are immaterial. He’s an elected representative, he’s the one who has to justify support of the policy. The reason he is putting it back on her is because he can’t justify his support for a harmful, nonsensical policy and has no answer.

M T Hadi

If you don’t have your biweekly vaccines, then you are an anti-vaxxer…


Been a Labour supporter all my life but when these loons get into power, and they will as the zombies are being groomed into believing Boris is the anti-Christ, the UK will be sunk in no time at all.


julia didnt say she has had a booster, i hope she is saying no….

Tony K

Funny how “antivax” is now akin to “antisemitic”.


So true. Kill off any counter argument challenging anything from vaccines, climate, masks and other useless restrictions like lock downs and you are labelled ‘anti.’ Julia clearly asked him for scientific evidence that masks work (which it does not) and he immediately called her ‘antivaxer’ without answering the question.

M T Hadi

Brought to you by the same controllers…

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