Rail Conductor Fired For Questioning Black Privilege After Diversity Training

A rail conductor is suing his former bosses after he was fired for criticising diversity training and questioning “black privilege.” Simon Isherwood left his microphone on at the conclusion of a training session which took place on Zoom.

His colleagues reported him and he was sacked.

According to The Telegraph:

Simon Isherwood, 60, from Northampton, was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct from West Midlands Trains (WMT) in March last year after he accidentally left his microphone on, meaning his colleagues overheard him criticising the webinar’s contents. 

The session in January last year was attended by around 80 staff members from East Midlands Railway, West Midlands Railway and Mr Isherwood’s former company London Northwestern Railway, which is owned by WMT. 

At the end of the session, while staff were thanking the host, he was overheard telling his wife: “I couldn’t be a—- because I thought, ‘you know what, I’ll just get f——– angry’’.

You know what I really wanted to ask?… and I wish I had, do they have black privilege in other countries? So, if you’re in Ghana?…”

Ghana has a population that is around 98 per cent black, and two per cent white, in contrast to the UK’s population of around 86 per cent white and three per cent black. 

Mr Isherwood says he made the private remark, unaware his phone was still recording via Microsoft Teams with 30 people still listening because he felt diversity trainers in the session were “indoctrinating their view on us” that “implied all white people are racist – but I’m not”. 

But his remarks prompted colleagues to complain to bosses that they were “disgusted” and “angered” by the comments. Mr Isherwood was suspended while an internal disciplinary probe took place.

Mr Isherwood was sacked after West Midlands Trains, the parent company of London Northwestern Railway, ruled he had  “caused offence, brought the company into disrepute and breached our equality, diversity and inclusion policy and the code of conduct”.

Now he is taking the company to an employment tribunal, to be held in Watford on Thursday and Friday, suing for unfair dismissal. 

The Free Speech Union is backing him.





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Urban Fox

Up until around 30 years ago, which seems a long time. But isn’t really that long at all, and to me seems like yesterday. Those who were treated badly because they were black, female or elderly etc, didn’t have any special laws that protected them. However they were still as protected or not by the same laws as everyone else. The laws of harassment for example covered many situations. Meaning if someone was carrying out actions that were deliberate and sustained, that were designed to cause harm including verbal insults, they could be prosecuted. If someone was assaulted or murdered there wasn’t a separate offence because the victim was black, female or gay. It was simply an assault or murder charge.

As soon as they started to bring in laws that were very specific, intended to give more protection and rights. Or at least that’s what people were told. I could see the dangers of where things were heading. Because whilst on the face of it this was all a great idea, it was only ever going to end one way.

It was once the case that if two people were involved in a heated argument, and an offensive name was used. Then the other party would tell them where to go or reciprocate in kind. Now that same confrontation ends up with a criminal prosecution. If someone didn’t want to employ someone, they didn’t have to explain why as it was there business. Yes it can be argued that its not fair to discriminate. But equally we should ask, is it right to be telling people what decisions they should be making with there own businesses’.

Once we started passing laws about how people should think and what decisions they should make. Once we started to pass laws about what people can and not say. Then that became fascism, whatever the ‘good intentions’ may have been. I said this at the time, and it was an unpopular opinion. But fast forward 30 years and look at where we are now. Increasingly people are having to guard what they say and what views they express. For fear of being vilified, canceled or even prosecuted. And the list of what’s unacceptable becomes longer by the day, as the list of what’s acceptable becomes ever shorter. The disgraceful way that the Richie Allen show has been treated by Tunein is just one small example of this. This is an attack on all of us who listen to the show, whether we have ever used the app or not. Who the hell are they to tell us what we should be listening to. What we should read or say, and what views we should hold.

This story about the rail conductor, shows we have now reached a stage where even things we say in a private conversation. Can be held against us and have serious repercussions. How long before things we say in our own homes even out loud if alone, becomes punishable by law. Because the state has been listening in via our electronic devices. Am i exaggerating the situation or delusional after reading to much dystopian fiction. I dont believe so, from what we are now witnessing. As we are fast becoming a society where we will not be able to read or hear, or have excess to any information that the state doesn’t want us to have excess to. A society where we have to guard every word we speak, and even what we think.

People need to wake up now and see that the law makers and the state are not there friends, but there controllers. We have to take back control and not be afraid to express ourselves, by whatever medium we can find, and say enough is enough.


“Meaning if someone was carrying out actions that were deliberate and sustained, that were designed to cause harm including verbal insults, they could be prosecuted”

The authors of the no Irish no blacks no dogs signs must have been shitting themselves.


I agree with you. I’ve always been willing to argue my corner on any view I hold and someimes I will argue against those views I disagree with (sometimes it’s best just to ignore them). If someone has a go at me I either defend myself or turn the other cheek. I don’t need governments to defend me from different opinions and I strongly disagree with the notion that there are certain groups who are so feeble that they are incapable of standing up for themselves, this creation of more and more victim groups. The establishment don’t actually care about people, only about using them temporarily to further their sick agenda.

Physical violence is a different matter, there governments do have a duty to protect but they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it.

Urban Fox

Thankyou. I’m glad someone understood what i was saying. I actually cant be bothered to reply to the above comment. I saw it coming before it was written.


A very defensive attitude from someone championing free speech.

Deal with the point not your ego.


’caused offence, brought the company into disrepute and breached our equality, diversity and inclusion policy and the code of conduct”.’

I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I’m not.
I was disciplined in a job in 2018 for ‘causing offence’ to an eavesdropper to a private conversation – and I subsequently walked out in disgust.
And in 2019 I had to endure an eight month investigation for causing offence to another eavesdropper, with the charge being a breach of discrimination policy (though the concluding interview focussed mainly on Code of Conduct violations). The fact that the investigation team violated numerous policies and procedures (which I challenged them with every time it happened) was dismissed and brushed under the carpet.

Truth, facts, and outcomes no longer matter. Only the ‘noble cause’ and the ‘noble intent’.
And we all know how that plays out.


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I was court marshalled out of the Royal Navy and jailed for eighteen months in my teens because I punched and broke the skull of a matelot who called me a nigger as we walked passed each other.

Poor bloke was so offended that I had the uppitiness to respond with words that he confronted me, so much for freedom of speech.

I was informed he would never be able to sail again as a result of his injuries.

The moral of my story ?

His white privilege was our bad bad luck, had he been born 40 years later he probably would not have had his skull broken by a black Geordie because I wouldn’t have heard his thoughts.

Karen m

So you believe in all this white privilege bollocks then? You think white people are all inherently racist and need to go on ridiculous courses to have that drummed into them? Surely not?


I know very little about it Karen, I only read about it on here as I tend not to be led by MSM.

Karen m

I can’t work you out! Perhaps that’s the idea! Most people have heard about this white privilege stuff (and you have actually mentioned it!) and critical race theory and so on, whether or not they listen to the MSM. So it would be good to know what you honestly think, and without being slightly cryptic so that thickos like me can understand.


I told you what I think Karen.

Yes I am usually cryptic but that’s my way of dealing with the fact that a pretend virus that is based on a test that isn’t a test is being used to control us all.

Now the serious subject of our children’s impending slavery, that I take far more seriously.

Topics such as critical race theory I have no clue about and treat with even greater disdain than a virus that predominately kills people pass the accepted age for dying, “critical race theory”, the title says it all really.

I mentioned white privilege in the most sarcastic way possible, I can’t wrap my head around why seemingly intelligent people are obsessed with such utter nonsense.

Surprising when you consider how many claim to be ‘awake’

Personally I see no distinction between them and the mask wearers, both are being led by their telly along with some inane belief that there are different races of humans currently living on earth.

I hope you believe me this time ! 😁

Karen m

Thank you, Angelseal. I didn’t NOT believe you as such. Like I said, I couldn’t work you out. I agree with a lot of what you say, as I think most on this forum would.

Race is, beneath the surface of all the rubbish we have been told to believe, irrelevant or, as you say, not really a thing. We are all humans, individuals, all one if you like, but we’re not ‘allowed ‘ to think like that. We all have to recognise and acknowledge that we are white or black or this or that, as though our skin colour or where our ancestors came from make us what we are!! Mad, eh, but the only people ‘obsessed ‘ with all this CRT nonsense are those whose agenda is to continually divide us in any way they can (and the ‘woke’ who want to be ‘good people’ and can’t see what’s going on).

People on here are not ‘obsessed’ with it, but will rightfully call it out as the dangerous dogma that it is. I wonder if YOU have misunderstood some of THEM?

Now, Mr Cryptic! Was your original post some sort of metaphor for something? You told Craig that you were confronted by a stranger and you exchanged words, but your post said some bloke called you a nigger and you caved his head in? Bit different? So what WAS the moral of your story? In plain words for the thicko here! 😊


Tried twice to respond Karen, but this site for free thinkers is monitoring my posts 😂


That’s an interesting story, because about 35 years ago I was confronted by a couple of black guys who said, ‘what you looking at whitey?’ before beating me so badly I couldn’t work for a week and could barely walk.
Fortunately, I don’t collectivise.


Very interesting story Craig and one that must have made the main stream media along with black man rapes white woman that the Sun ran with back in the day, such was their desperation to influence the indigenous population.

Whitey ! ?

They must have being Oxford University educated black people.


In other words, you don’t believe me.
Now that is interesting.

And, no, they were not university educated. From my statement the police identified them as part of a local gang and I was advised not to pursue any legal action as that gang (like most gangs of any background) had a habit of intimidating witnesses into silence.
No case with the police combined with my desire just to get on with life meant no press coverage.


You need help !


Such as? No, let me guess – you would have me take after you and live in denial when the facts don’t suit.

Urban Fox

I was followed onto a tube train and beaten up by a group of Indian guys. Who had followed me from Hyde park one summer. After they had been shouting abuse at me for speaking to an Indian girl in the park. Saying i should mix with my own kind. I was also abused and harassed several years ago where i lived. Every time i went out of the front door and called a cracker. I never once complained about racism. And the latter incident complained of harassment, only as i was unable to go about my business.


The moral of the story is that you behaved like Tommy Robinson, Will Smith, and all the woke who believe offensive words should be met with physical violence.

What next? Stone a child for not showing you respect?


Read what I wrote, I was confronted by a stranger after we exchanged words.

Seriously Craig, seek help.

You appear to be suffering from a lack of attention as well as paranoia.


‘Woke’ another telly word, turn it off man.

Last edited 11 days ago by angelseal
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