Rees-Mogg: Insulate Britain Are “Frightful Humbugs!”

Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg told Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning, that climate protestors Insulate Britain are “frightful humbugs!” Well said Moggy, well said old chap.

Then, he switched out of Enid Blyton mode and got serious. He called the protestors “lunatics, fanatics and bad people.”

Rees-Mogg, who is in Manchester for the Conservative Party conference, told Hartley-Brewer:

“Thinking that it is worth risking people’s lives, because you haven’t even insulated your own home, that’s the other problem. They are frightful humbugs….Well there’s one fellow…this chap let out all his properties and hadn’t even insulated them!

I think they’re just awful and taking this risk with people’s lives is so irresponsible and I’m glad to tell you that the government is taking extra powers so that they can be removed.”

Yes, the government is taking “extra powers.” I’ve written about this earlier. It looks to me like problem, reaction, solution. The extra powers are not about dealing with a bunch of deluded climate-mania sufferers.

They want the power to crush rebellions when folks wake up to the Great Reset agenda, of which the climate hoax is a major cornerstone.

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Telegram: long list of “Vaccine” injury and death.


The WEF and the Pandemic

How is the Davos World Economic Forum involved in the coronavirus pandemic?

The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is a premier forum for governments, global corporations and international entrepreneurs. Founded in 1971 by engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF describes its mission as “shaping global, regional and industry agendas” and “improving the state of the world”. According to its website, “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.”

The WEF has been involved in the coronavirus pandemic in several ways…..

Urban Fox

That worrying diagram in the article , really says it all.



Steven James

We can only assume GP’s are trying to murder or harm unborn children !


Some of them definitely…

Steven James

Anyone soaking up this mainstream media propaganda piffle must be docile and mentally disturbed.


Why was the Conservative MP that could not login for the Welsh vote on Convid ‘ SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS YA’ passport not allowed to enter a verbally cast vote, they knew who he was and there is no reason for not allowing him to verbally cast his vote, therefore the Vote is null and void. spread this objection to the legality of the vote.

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Tony K

Tell you what mate, your djing, and knowledge of musical history is sublime.

Tops your journalism.
And that’s saying something.

Big up.


Yo, Richie and friends, just watched big Fury do what he had to do a Irsh/manc and thanked our lord Jesus, like usyk the other week, stand up Christian soldiers. On a side note wilder came in like a satanic magazine. and lost.

Tony K

Never a bigger reminder;
It’s the fight in the dog,
Not the dog in the fight.

Tyson is a moral legend, like his dad.


Please download the pdf version of this before it is removed from the website and watch the video.

More Than 200,000 Have Already Died From the COVID Jab in the US.

So far, the CDC has not determined that any death was directly caused by the COVID shot, but that doesn’t mean the injections haven’t killed anyone. Calculations using VAERS data suggest the COVID shots have resulted in 212,000 excess deaths in the U.S.

An estimated 300,000 Americans suffered permanent disability from the COVID shots, and anywhere from 2 million to 5 million may have suffered adverse reactions.

Dr. Peter Schirmacher, chief pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, who is recognized as one of the top 100 pathologists in the world, autopsied 40 patients who died within two weeks of their COVID jab, and found 30% to 40% of the deaths were conclusively due to the shot.

One top neurologist claims to have 2,000 reportable vaccine injuries in 2021, compared to zero in the last 11 years. In all, 5% of her existing patients now have suspected vaccine injuries, but she has only filed two VAERS reports due to the complexity of the filing.

How Many Have Died From the COVID Jabs?
According to Kirsch, the COVID shots have already killed an estimated 200,000 Americans, a far higher number than the 15,386 deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of September 17, 2021.1 You can find all the research for Episode 1 of the “False Narrative Takedown” series on

Urban Fox

Who really runs the world?. In-depth research shows that it is the same 13 family bloodlines, that all interconnect. These family’s have manipulated the history of the human race on this planet since at least Babylon. And there bloodlines have been traced back thousands of years. They have achieved this through the secret society network, and infiltrating every major institution on the planet.

Monopoly – who owns the world? Documentary by Tim Gielen – David Icke

The video link iv posted above, ‘Who owns the world’. Shows that these families, five in particular. Not only run the world, but they also own it. They own the major shares in two investment company’s, And these companies own the major percentage of shares, in practically every product, service or resource on the planet. Either directly, or indirectly by owning the shares controlling the supply lines that get these products, services or resources to the public.

Its now possible for these family’s to completely collapse the entire system at will. But not in the way that we all want the system to collapse. But by there total control, over food, water, electronic products , the internet, clothing, and the energy supply to our homes and vehicles. We are already seeing a major impact on wholesale energy costs, that has yet to be passed onto the consumer. I think it is fair to say that we may see major food shortages in the time ahead, and there may well be deliberate power cuts and internet outages.

If there is anything that we can do, to protect ourselves and prepare. It make’s sense to take whatever precautions we can take now, to help ourselves the best we can.
I dont know whether the agenda that is rapidly unfolding can be stopped. But i do know, that the more people comply with the system, the faster we will head into the abyss.

Urban Fox

This was the day, Dr Sam Bailey finally went all the way on video.

Once Upon A Time in Wuhan … the GREATEST HOAX and CRIME began – Dr. Sam Bailey (

For anyone who hasn’t seen this essential viewing, it was the first video i saw, where Dr Sam finally came over to the dark side on video, at the end of July. Iv made my views clear and wont be changing them. Koch’s postulates no longer required after 120 years of use. No samples ever been made public , under world wide freedom of information requests, No excess total death figures for 2020, no excess funerals 2020. And the drop in other illnesses, as specially flue by 98%. Can only mean one thing, ” There is no spoon “.

There have been comments about this video, asking where is the explanation for all the hospital beds being taken up.? Some of the reasons i state below.

1/ Many hospitals around the world, as proven by testimonials and video footage, were in fact quiter than usual jurying 2020. In fact they were so quite that casual nursing staff were given 2 months leave in the UK around April and May.

2/ People are always in hospital for a wide variety of reasons, usually because of being ill. But once they are in the hospitals, they are tested with a fake test, not testing for a virus, and thereafter classed as a covid case.

3/ Where hospitals have genuinely been very busy, this is not unusual. But the situation should in fact be worse than it is, as they have been taking hospital beds out of service to increase distancing. And also sending staff home without any symptoms on the basis of the fake covid test.

We are now genuinely seeing hospitals filling up, and going forward we are going to see genuine total death statistics increase by a large amount. But the real reason for these extra hospital admissions and excess deaths, will not be down to covid and its variant’s but because of the poison jabs, and the devastation they are leaving in there wake.


Morning Mr Fox. You could also add in all the inevitable deaths as a result of withdrawn medical treatment for heart problems and cancer. Also many people still cannot access their GP. I think we are now in the calm before the storm, the mini Indian summer during September has delayed the start of the flu season. Once this gets under way we will find out how the newly reprogrammed immune systems of the vaccinated cope with a real in the wild flu virus. We are getting to the crucial part of the great experiment and I don’t think its going to end terribly well.

Urban Fox

Morning Mark, all very true and thanks for reply.


I agree with every word you say. The prices of everything here in Ireland have gone up a lot over the last 12 months especially gas and electricity and there are things you can’t get in the shops. If, by necessity, you order things on line (not Amazon who I refuse to use) they take ages to arrive. I believe shortages are phase 2 of the plan.

Urban Fox

Lovely to hear from you. I haven’t been to the big supermarkets for a number of weeks. But the small Tesco and coop i use near me, i am regularly seeing whole shelves empty. Despite claims to the contrary, food supplies in particular have not been the same since early last year .As i read about over a year ago, this is down to a number of factors. Locusts are becoming more virulent. And immune to pesticides in recent years. Whole crops regularly being destroyed. Factories ,farms and warehouses were regularly being closed down over the last 18 months on orders of Goverment, even in some cases because of one positive test. And more recently over the last 6 months, wholesale energy costs up by over 50 %. Are driving up the cost of transportation and food storage and production. The supply lines have been struggling for the last 18 months, but the authorities have been denying this. I make a point of listening to what people are saying when i am out. And also am on friendly terms with some staff in the local supermarkets. And i know from what they have said, they are all struggling to get supplies to the stores since this began. Iv also seen pictures online of near empty warehouses shelves.

Also as iv mentioned before, remarkably the stock market is still doing well. It is still around the 7000 mark. Which makes no logical sense. It was around 4000 in 2008. As most investors can not be this naïve. This can only mean that the family’s behind this are buying up shares with the aim of dumping them. I can not think of another explanation. The dumping of these shares, could cause such inflation that cash becomes almost worthless. And cause what’s called a double run. Everybody trying to withdraw cash and also selling there shares at the same time. This would then enable emergency banking regulations to come into play. Look up ,’ Bank bail in regulations. ‘

Speak soon, Fox


Thanks for the info. Here it’s not just the wholesale price of fuel that has gone up but the price paid by consumers as well. I’m wondering if the bail ins apply not just to banks but to pension funds too. I’m also wondering whether to cash in my small private pension fund or leave it. The trouble is cash might, as you explain, become worthless but on the other hand these funds might collapse. It’s like we are between a rock and a hard place.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jennie
Urban Fox

The emergency regulations are i believe just for the banks. They are deliberately very flexible. But i think the most likely scenario is that, they may “borrow” savings over the amount that a person normally has going out every month to cover there essentials. And this may be done on a percentage basis depending on a persons income. But anything much over the essential outgoings will not be safe in any particular account. So depending on how much money a person has, it makes sense to spread between different accounts. And for that money ideally not to be much more than monthly outgoings. So if monthly outgoings were 1000 pound, then maybe no more than 1200 in each bank. Money can also be put on cash cards or kept in cash and well hidden.
Pensions etc. I cashed what i had early on in this scamdemic. As it should have dived through the floor. In hindsight i lost money as it has not done what it should have done. It may be that they keep things artificially propped up for the next few months or even a couple of years, its difficult to say. They could pull the plug tomorrow.? I wouldn’t want to tell you what to do, as nothing is certain. But i would be very itchy if i still had a pension fund now. It may be prudent to cash at least some of it, or speak to someone about putting money into specific sectors, rather than a general fund. Most pension funds are just spread out over a wide area, unless you have made special arrangements. I think it wise for people to be spending money on supply’s, that they can use, sell on or barter. Whilst they still have any to spend.


Thanks for that, I’m sure there are a lot of people in the same position wondering what on earth to do.

Urban Fox

Energy costs gone up here as well. But by relatively small amount. As they have been capped. But they will not be able to operate indefinitely in that way.


This is certainly worth a look.

You Can’t Catch A Virus

You can download it as a Pdf.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jennie
Urban Fox

Thanks will have look, Regarding shop shortages. There are also a shortage of truck drivers. Due to being off because of positive covid tests and also because they have not been licensing new drivers over the last 18 months. So there is a big backlog, of drivers waiting for training, licensing and tests.

Urban Fox

Morning, just read this article ,very interesting. And i believe at least in part accurate. Possibly in its entirety. Either way as you know. I believe C19 total nonsense. As Neo was told in The Matrix, ‘ There is no spoon ‘. And just like the title of the book by the thriller writer Alister Mclean, ‘ Fear is the key ‘


Practical Reasons Why Vaccine Injuries Are Rarely Reported.
In a Highwire exclusive, Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant (PA), blows the whistle on COVID jab injuries, and the fact that these injuries, by and large, are not being reported.

According to Conrad, shortly after the mass vaccination campaign began, she started seeing a surprising number of hospital patients who had recently received a COVID shot and were now testing positive for COVID-19.

In particular, patients were coming in with pneumonia, and this was happening even in the middle of the summer. It’s become so common, Conrad refers to 2021 as “the year of pneumonia.” Sepsis cases have also increased.

Urban Fox

Hi, Jake posting this here, as well as comment page, as they will be deleting those soon. This is in response to your post on that page.

Your right regarding every sniffle being seen as a reason to be tested. Anyone who is germophobic will have been in there element since the start of this. And likewise anyone who is a bit hypochondriac, will not take much persuasion to think they have a deadly virus. Even the average person who has bought into the scam will not take much persuasion. Either way, it plays into everyone’s fears. This whole thing is fear based. That is how they are maintaining the control. Throughout this whole era, a book title of an author my mum used to read when i was a child, keeps coming into my mind. Alister Mclean i think it was. ‘ Fear is the key’. Seems very apt at this time in history, ‘



NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.


(must watch and share latest episode)

Fauci & Becerra Get Ripped A New One; Bombshell W.H.O. Exposé Through The Lens of A Pandemic; More U.S. Health Officials Jump Ship.
The W.H.O at the Vaccine Summit admit that Vaccines are not safe!!


Excellent Jake.. for those pressed for time, the big bomb goes “BOOM” at circa 1hr 40 mins onwards..

And worth mentioning that this episode of The Highwire focuses on a historic episode (145) which went out in January 2020 before the scamdemic even began!!

Prophetic would be an understatement.

It’s simply world class research this.




Thanks Gerry for the little introduction to the episode and time line.


You’re welcome J!
Glad to help out mate.


Anytime Gerry my friend.


Covidland – The Lockdown – episode 1


Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president, National Vaccine Information Center, describes the move toward authoritarianism in U.S. public health policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, which threatens civil liberties and the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking.

Barbara talks about how Americans can participate in all levels of government to change laws and protect freedom of thought, speech, conscience and assembly.

This is outstanding:


Said on here before mogg is a c–t, portrays himself as a devout catholic, family guy and all the other garbage he talks, his father was named in the R.A.I.N.S. list of satanic scumbags, with many others that most people would not believe, like father like son ? just another satanic piece of garbage masking his real persona under the cover of being a Christian, how the fuck people can fall for this is sad.



Steven James

I’ve not noted as yet any vetting or editing of your PodOmatic recordings.
I do repost them all on your good friend Twitter 😂
Just to annoy the critters.
I did have my long established Twitter account suspended myself only last week.
I’d upset a few mainstream journalists and politicians and was reported for being a naughty boy.
I like a challenge,I opened a new account.
I like playing games with the idiots 🤷🏻‍♂️


This hour long discussion shines new light on the political and medical decisions that have been taken over the past 18 months and calls into the question the real motivation behind lockdowns, mask mandates and the rollout of the vaccination programme.

Joining host Sara Haboubi are Mattie McGrath (Independent TD), Dr. Micheal McConvill, Dr. Martin Feeley, Dr Vincent Carroll, Melissa Ciummei (investor) and Paddy Hennessey (Irish Nurses for
Transparency and Openness).


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signup and earn momey….

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I will have two of the above


They’re popping up all over the site like a nasty rash J…


Last edited 10 months ago by Gerry

Poison Ivy!


Thank you for this, wasn’t able to download it so I hope it stays up. Last summer the Irish government hired a panel of doctors to advise them who they then ignored completely because the doctors said none of the proposed measures were necessary. Stephen Donnelly refused to attend a scheduled meeting with them obviously because he had no answers.

They have caused huge damage to people, to society and the economy based on lies they knew were lies. These people need to be put on trial, they are out and out criminals. As you know Gerry Ireland is riddled with corruption and needs a thorough shakeout in so many areas. How on earth can we bring this about?


All we can hope for Jennie is that a global awakening occurs of biblical proportions, if we get that, it will eventually spread to Ireland and then we can see about chasing out the likes of Donnelly and co. once and for all… (& lock them up!!)

I don’t know if you’ve seen this one, but a few people posted it yesterday..

Worth a look and it might just help unlock a few more if it gets shared:


I found the discussion interesting but what most of them still don’t get is that all this was planned and deliberate.


Yes, I agree with you here Jennie.
The Irish enquiry is quite conservative, so they’re unlikely to go too far down the rabbit hole.
(Though, this has the advantage of potentially unlocking a few more who otherwise would have no chance of rescue!!)
But the discussion does hint at aspects of it and at least they’re exposing the outright insanity of the nonsense.

We can only hope the message continues to spread.


Yes I suppose we have to be grateful for some progress and accept whatever allies we can get even though they are not fully awake.


Sometimes it’s baby steps Jennie.
Sooner or later, they’ll cop on.. so the sooner we can achieve it the better.

I posted two good videos up above, one by Barbara Loe Fisher (National Vaccine Information Centre — US)


COVIDLAND – The lockdown – episode 1..

These two are well worth the time it takes to watch them, as you will see that we’re not alone in this quest to awaken people.

And they most definitely have the potential to unlock many more as long as they get shared.



Jennie I think all of these so called leaders in all of our countries should be charged with murder and treason and when found guilty executed for their crimes. Not a popular opinion on here with some people but that is how I feel. I would in no way re-introduce capital punishment over here, but for monsters like krankie and her like I would, And for anyone that thinks that is extreme look who they are targeting the most vulnerable amongst us, the very old and the very young, only sick depraved satanic scumbags could be a part of what they are carrying out. What we are seeing is evil on a scale never before seen, well that needs action never before seen. Marches and pacifism are, sorry to say not going to solve this, it’s us or them and sadly it looks like us and people are lining up to be exterminated thinking they are being saved. And if we ever get out of this and bring the said traitors to trial and found guilty they should be put down by lethal injection, to show them we still have a bit of civility give them a choice moderna, pfizer or for that lump of lard in no 10 johnson and johnson.


They deserve punishment and I fully understand how you feel but let them rot in jail for years. I believe in karma and if I kill someone I take on the karma but if I carry out non-violent punishment the karma remains with them. You might think that’s airy fairy nonsense but that’s how I see it. I’m sure they will have to pay for their deeds in some way but perhaps not in ways that we understand.




Cheers man!
Last weeks was excellent too btw!!



Todays episode was a mind blower ans is excellent information.
Should wake some people up.


Hi folks, just taking a little time out from onerous family commitments owing to the significance contained in link. Sent this by a young friend ‘my convert’ who is doing some info gathering for me & others
while isolating as a named contact (for no good reason & without pay!!). This is very revealing about blatant disinformation being pedalled from the medical profession- all proven!!
What we’ve all suspected all along; I do believe from my other sources within local healthcare professions that this is likely to be endemic.

Last edited 10 months ago by Brenda

BRILLIANT ! many thanks Brenda…

I love the phrasing these LIARS bleat-”the DATA you CRAVE” cries the CRAVEN !
…& The RAVEN is also a well known TRIXTER GOD…

If anyone with an opinion now can be prsecuted for sexism/ genderism ,racism (etc!) and uncomfortable facts or theories are censored, shouldn’t OVERT and WILLFULL spreading of disinformation that could lead to HARM be also persecuted? … Obviously not, when its being farted out by Concieted Eugenist Trolls !!!


Good scoop Brenda!
Thanks for sharing.

Caroline McHale

Hope I’m not asking a stupid Q
Would insulating your house the way INSULATE BRITAIN want, would YOUR house NOT over heat in summer time, THUS householder using AIR CON/FANS which need electricity

Also, for the first time in Irish history, Ireland is importing Peat from Estonia, both countries in the EU

Why HAS the EU put BAN on the Irish digging/burning their own land for peat
It goes back to their ancestral time & tradition of many Irish family
Bord na Mona comes to mind

Surly the cargo ships carrying peat from Estonia, is more HARMFUL on the environment
WHY, are the Irish folk letting this happen


Opening a few windows might help if it got too hot in the summertime.


It is not about insulation but removing old heating systems and replacing them with new eco systems that give out very little heat which will reduce C02 “footprints”.
Just how many people including the elderly will pass away in winter I do not know but those pushing this will have produced mathematical models to predict the numbers culled.


Insulation is a very good idea and they should have been building new houses with a high level of insulation for decades now but they still aren’t. So many things they could do without introducing draconian laws but of course this is no more about the environment than covid laws are about health.


Because big pharma and the banks [aka globalists] own Ireland and the quislings who run it…. hook, line and sinker!

It’s that simple Caroline.


I do actually agree with the banning of peat as fuel because the level of peat cutting has had a devastating effect on nature and wildlife. We should live a simpler life more in harmony with nature but this is not what these psychopaths are about. They want to create a digital prison with more and more technology and more and more control. They don’t want people to have a greater connection with nature or with each other and they certainly don’t want us to use natural medicines or to eat good natural food.


There was a time, long ago, when humans prayed to a whole legion of deities. Among these were the sun gods; the river gods; the sea gods; the storm gods; the gods of volcanoes; the gods of the forests; etc, etc.
Later, as we became aware that we lived on a giant rock in space we believed that said rock was perfectly still and suspended and that all of the celestial bodies revolved around us and our rock.
We believed that if we did not make the necessary prayers and sacrifices to the various deities of our environment and the heavens that they would punish us in some way. Perhaps the seas would rise; perhaps the volcanoes would erupt; perhaps the sun would go dark; perhaps the harvests would fail; or perhaps little bits of ill luck would befall us.
The Christmas tradition of having a tree in the house is tied to these beliefs. It was believed that by bringing a young tree into the house (or even just the top part of a mature tree) would provide the dryads, or other elemental creatures that resided in them, with a warm and safe place during the harshest time of the year – an act that would be viewed favourably by said beings, who would then reward the home owner during the coming year.

Our ancestors did these things so that they could feel some control over the natural world; that their virtuous actions would make a difference to the uncaring foibles of nature and the precession of the heavens.

The climate change activists are, at best, modern versions of those distant ancestors. They would seem to have an arrogant belief that we control nature, not the other way around. It is, in a way, the ultimate expression of Narcissism.

Do we have an impact? Yes, of course. We are, generally, not kind to this world that we live on. But, it has survived and recovered from far worse than us. There was a time, in its early youth, when our planet’s surface would have been subject to radiation levels far in excess of anything we could bring to bear; when carbon dioxide levels were far higher; when oxygen levels were far higher as well; when the surface was bombarded with meteors, the last great one being that which wiped out the dinosaurs; when methane fire storms raged across vast land masses; when the surface shook and raged with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes beyond anything humanity has ever known; when the ice at the poles was barely noticeable; and when the ice covered most of the planet; when the ocean and sea levels were higher, and when they were lower, than they are now.
Coral reefs have come and gone, and been reborn again; billions of species of flora and forma have come into existence and gone extinct before humans ever trod upon the planet; whole, planetary eco systems have come and gone without any intervention from us.

The planet, the environment, has survived. It does so because it changes – sometimes in small, incremental ways, at other times in big, catastrophic ways. It cares not one jot for us.

So, as far as I’m concerned, the climate change protestors are, at best, delusional: but in their delusions they will sell us all to servitude to the corporations. Because, at least in that, they have some sense of control.


Excellent piece Craig and thanks for writing/sharing it.

May I just add that this control is no longer restricted to the physical world and that it would now appear our metaphysical realms are being targeted too.

Here’s an article I’ve just read which I believe highlights yet another layer of the agenda, but a layer which is far less obvious than what they’ve been serving up thus far:

One might also contemplate that, although not mentioned in above article, there are ‘connections’ here to suggestions that substances such as ‘graphene oxide’ (nano technology) and notions of remote neuronal interfacing are a part of a broader plan for transhumanism enhancement.

Think bandwidth.

Think accelerated thought processes.

Think 5G (and upwards).

Think mandated injections.
(Why?? — digital ID — graphene oxide? — bandwidth/connectivity increased?)

Think control.

Ultimately, it always goes back to our thoughts —

and how to ‘control’ them.

And as you say, our planet simply gives us the playground to exist and does not discriminate in the ways we choose to playout this existence.

So true to evolutionary form, some will always play harder and more determined than others…and those hard ball players are most definitely not climate change activists!!

Of this you can be certain…



They ban anything until they can find a way of making large sums of money out of it.


Advancing technology is now providing the opportunity to lift these bans. Money is just another way to control and it’s becoming unfashionable now (especially cash!). So, this is where digital ID and social crediting comes in.
The mediums and methods of control are what ‘ze great rezet’ is all about.
Transhumanism and brain interfacing will be a part of it.
The technology is there now and the capability and intention to deploy and use it is as real as it gets…

Dystopian times lie ahead and the trusting masses are deliriously ‘sleep walking’ straight into them.


I’ve tried to tell a few people about transhumanism but they just think I’m mad. Definitely a dystopian future ahead but I’ll fight what I can for as long as I can.


That’s the same cognitive dissonance that makes them wear masks and willingly roll up their sleeves for the clot shots.
Without this cognitive dysfunction within the masses, the globalists wouldn’t have any chance of implementing their designs.

The mind control has been around for aeons, it’s simply going up a few levels now.

No point in trying to convince the asleeple people, as most are already wired up (unbeknownst to them!)…

And they’ll never understand or figure it out one way or another!



Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm. This UK document pdf on official Government site – all 110 pages of it!!
Invite them to read the official agenda and to question why tax payers’ money would be wasted on such a fantasy project.
Should provoke some stirrings for anyone truly interested.


Thank you for that. So human augmentation is the new phrase for transhumanism. In the future maybe accepting HA will be about as voluntary as vacination is becoming.


I used to do quite well out of the old Liberty Caps (magic mushrooms).
Pick bin bags of them and then pass them on at £5.00 for 50. Very good earner from a free product.




Gerry keep your eye on project veritas, they have done some sterling work stinging employees of the pharma crime cartels. A couple of months ago they stung the cnn guy a total psycho who admitted he got up in the morning and was dismayed the covid body count was not higher.


Cheers Martin.
I’ve noticed one or two in recent times alright (and maybe a few months back!)..

Here’s one which was posted in the Irish Sentinel a few days ago.

It concerns goon gle and u tube..

And how they operate.

I see another one there too coincidentally enough …

A Pfizer employee scoop.

Also worth a look.



ha ha ha, likewise mate picked bags of them back in the day, never sold them though took the lot, first took them at 14 years old, oh what a trip, mates older brother gave me them, asked him what do they do, he said they make you feel happy and you will laugh a bit, feck all about the hallucinogenic properties.


They’re also rich in potassium which is brain food…

The hallucinogenic properties of magic mushrooms are debatable.
(ie. Are these experiences real or figments of accelerated chemical altered imagination?)

Some ‘psychonauts’ like Terence McKenna (now deceased) believe they are gateways to other dimensions or perceptions of realities.
(There is evidence these realms are indeed as real as it gets — think near death experiences to name but one!)

The psychedelic ingredient within the psychedelic mushrooms are psilocybin which converts to psilocin, which is 4-HO-DMT or 4 hydroxy DMT.

This is a slightly milder dose of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)..

DMT is produced naturally by virtually every living organisms on the planet (to include plants!)..

It is a 5-HT (neuro transmitter) agonist (think lock and key, or the dialling in of a frequency on a radio!)….

It is this chemical reaction in the brain that opens the gateways to the aforementioned realms of consciousness.
(Other so called ‘hallucinogenics’ do likewise!)

When you produce DMT naturally in the pineal gland (in dreams), you may be or ‘are?’ dialled into these ethereal broadcasts…??

They don’t teach this stuff in school Martin and they most certainly do not want you accessing these states of consciousness at will.

So, no surprises then that they are now seeking to regulate and control it and potentially utilise this capability to further their transhumanist agenda by way of manipulating it.

Before the scamdemic started, people were starting to awaken en masse to these substances and were seeking to explore their potential…
(Excursions to Peru and Costa Rica for example — many high profile figures were seeking these enlightening experiences also!!)

So, perhaps this is yet another reason the scamdemic was triggered…??
(ie.. We can’t have them wakening up now can we!! 🤔)

Think George Carlin..

“It’s a big club… And you ain’t in it”



Gerry none of these substances open fuck all portals, never tried or ever would take DMT or stuff like it, why was rogan promoting this stuff ?, would never tell, well I hope I would not tell anyone to take any natural or chemical substance that will change your train of thought, but trust me mate the mushrooms or acid do alter your thinking or being, for a time, it can be a good experience or bad, and if it goes bad, it is bad, commonly known as a bad trip, my mate ended up in the psycho ward because of acid and we were only young at the time, he thought he was nuts, but realised he was alright once he was in with that mob for a week, he was lucky his family got him out, we thought he was away seeing a lass in England he had met, he only told us a year or two later where he was. To end up the mushrooms and stuff are real Gerry, no question mate indulged in both of them, can be a great experience, but can also be terrible, do not let anyone kid you. P.S. and for anyone saying these drugs are some kind of portal, or seeing another world, or oh yeah I took a trip I know the secrets of the universe, take it from me mate, methinks they might be on drugs lol, 100% they talk shite. Great post by the way Gerry.


I hear what you’re saying and understand your perspective and experience with your buddy.
(I too have seen the damage that substance ‘abuse’ can cause — not nice — take alcohol as the most obvious case in point!!)

But also, beware of legacy media inspired fear porn when it comes to the deeper understanding of nature ..

As I stated, you produce DMT naturally, so you don’t get a choice in the matter with this one I’m afraid.

And you are 100% ‘incorrect’ in your final thoughts regarding the understanding of universal secrets as assisted by what you classify as shite talk on drugs…

Yes, there are lunatics out there who couldn’t tell the difference between a banana and an orange…

But equally there are many out there who can!



What I meant was though all sort of drugs natural and manmade can and do take you to a different realm, no question about that have been there myself, it is the substance you have taken which creates the balance or imbalance that takes you there. Can you have experiences, thoughts and ideas which can be magical absolutely, but most people know it is whatever you have taken which makes that possible. Gerry I had experience’s nearly 40 years ago on the mushrooms that I still treasure, one was due to the landscape we were in I thought we were in a space invaders game and it was brilliant, but I knew we did not( to be honest you never know ) live inside that game and knew it was the mushrooms that created that beautiful reality I thought I was in. That is just my opinion and other people have theirs, the biggest question there is, and we have all asked it, why are we here, what is it all about and what happens when we leave this world, a lot of people have many opinions from religion to the hoax big bang theory promoted by the monsters running the virus scam, my opinion is no one really knows 100%, though a lot convince themselves and try and convince others they know, the truth is they do not know. For what is worth I believe in a creator or creators, what that is or who they are I do not know, if I was a betting man our time here is some kind of test that if you pass you might go on to another journey whatever that entails, the vast majority fail the test and when they die, they stay dead.


Consider the idea that you’re not really here either. That this is a mere figment of your imagination too!

Ultimately everything we see, do and think is only a figment of our imagination that is governed by our ego construct.

So, I would suggest your experience on the shrooms of being in the space invader game was every bit as real as this one while you were in it, and at that moment in time, the shrooms were providing you with the experience that your spirit desired…
(Sounds like it was a cool trip btw!! 😂)

But I agree, you can never be sure to the point of absolute certainty…

Though, the evidence I’ve researched would suggest that it’s pretty close!!

Re physical life/death…

I believe life’s eternal and that at this precise moment in time, we are simply spirits having a human experience…

The trick is figuring that part out, once you do, everything else is inconsequential!

However, if you don’t, perhaps you’re made do it all again repeatedly until you get it right??

Only next time, you might spend your reincarnation as the aliens in the space invader game or even the missiles!! (Or the defence blocks!!)

And there’s evidence of this type of experience too I jest you not!!

I’ve even heard of some trippers turning into chairs, rugs or Lego blocks!!

So… Yeah.. if you fancy experimenting with the plethora of ‘substances’ that exist out there, it’s best taken under advisement and with great respect and consideration!!

Or alternatively, just don’t go there at all!



Gerry my days of experimenting with the mushrooms and other stuff like that are long gone, never say never but I doubt I ever would again. But yes agree with what you say there it could be anything and various reasons why we are here. Pretty disgusted that for a while I fell for the so called big bang theory which the satanic ones promote, with all their science which again is promoted as fact but when you look at it they have no fucking clue what they are talking about, all they do is give the people the illusion they know what they are talking about, gases formed, atoms, there was an explosion blah blah ( wee greta style ) well when you ask these people where did the gases come from ? atoms formed ? from where ? they have no answers, because they do not know. On a side note as a lapsed Christian I still believe Jesus walked in our world, was he what he proclaimed to be ? my honest answer is I do not know, but if I could follow his teachings and live my life according to his ways ? if Jesus was a fraud or did not exist why do these satanic monsters still attack and mock him and his followers.


Honest answer, I don’t know.
But there are some really bizarre insanities taking place that are hard to fathom.
Some days Martin , I actually do feel like I’ve died and I’m now playing out a new existence somewhere in the twilight zone..

And the test is about to go up a few levels.

What else can you do except soldier on.

Who’d have ever thought we’d be here today having this conversation less than two years ago?

Just wtf are these satanists up to??

The mind boggles!



The good old they only put a smile on your face and make you feel good.
Yes if you take a very low dose of maybe 15-20.


Yep he lied, glad he did though.


Excellent points and context ! …. ” They would seem to have an arrogant belief that we control nature, not the other way around. It is, in a way, the ultimate expression of Narcissism.”

If we look back at the so-called Dark Ages they had abundant Energy Generating Devices, Windmills and WATERWHEELS/MILLS were prolific and the water wheels were all along river banks and the like.

It’s always suprised me that they have never designed a DYNAMO that gets energy for EVERY WAVE along coast lines- from Both Directions of the Wave… also much of Industry waste is simply burnt, when the incineration is also a power supplier !

It seems a lot of time and energy is wasted on EVADING SOLUTIONS?


In the UK, Hydro-power plants have been rejected on ‘environmental grounds’, despite the tidal surges of the three main rivers generating enough power to easily supply the whole of England and Wales with their electricity requirements.

I have been seeing stories, for years, of people who have gardens backing onto running water courses setting up home made waterwheels to generate electricity – and being prosecuted for it under obscure laws.
I have read stories of people who have built genuine eco-homes (for very little money, I might add): homes that blend in to the natural environment and are not connected to the grid. And yet, because of ‘regulations’ of one kind or another, they have been declared ‘not fit for human habitation’ or the owners have been told to pull them down.
The following is just one example:

The most publicised environmental/climate change groups like Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace work hand-in-hand with the big corporations to offer solutions that only put more power into the hands of those corporations. They are real solutions, but only through the narrow lens of commercial interests.
The best sustainable solutions would be less reliance on the corporations, not more.

For instance, one of the arguments I have heard refers to the old ‘pea soupers’ of London: but much of that was created by industry, not homes. Industrial smoke was of such density and high output that air currents couldn’t effectively disperse it – unlike the smoke produced by homes.
And, of course, there is the matter of people/homes being packed into tight quarters. Rural areas never had a problem, despite being wholly dependent on coal and wood.

It seems to me that what we are being ‘offered’ (read, ‘demanded of’) are the worst aspects of Socialism, Marxism, and Capitalism working hand-in-hand to centralise all power and control. If I recall rightly, Marx spoke of the ‘dictatorship of the masses’, of the rule of the 99%. That roughly coincides with the number of people who generally don’t question and who ‘follow the herd’, no matter what system dominates their lives.


The Insulate Britain protests are a good example of how inferior numbers can overcome superior ones.
Think of all those people stuck in their vehicles. If even a relatively small percentage decided to get out of their vehicles, group together and physically remove the protestors the problem would soon go away. But those superior numbers just sit there; their unwillingness to act empowering the protestors, the police, and the state.

And how has this been achieved? By conditioning us to think that taking the law (laws that were again created through our unwillingness to oppose them) into our own hands is the act of a criminal.
The same is true of any protest, whether it is one you support or not.


Most people only think about the inconvenience to them caused by protestors without looking into what protests are actually about.


It’s also part of the energy plan to get everyone on their smartgrid. As you say, Rich, it’s problem-reaction-oh, we already had the solution, here we go.

I personally think those greenies are a bit looney, but I’m one to talk! What they want is everyone on a smart meter so the state can turn your heating up or down for you, thank you very much, serf.

It’s a falsely created higalien dielectic argument