Refuse A Vaccine? You’re Likely To Be Visited By A “Persuader.”

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said yesterday, that folks who haven’t taken up the offer of a vaccine, could get a knock on the door from council staff to “persuade” them to have it. He told MPs that he wanted to use local authority’s to find those who had refused the jab and determine what might then convince them. If that sounds sinister, it’s because it is. Very.

Zahawi went on to say that the NHS was already trying to “identify to individual level the people that we need to reach” to ensure that all over-70s had a chance to be vaccinated by February 15th. During a phone-in last Thursday, The Richie Allen Show spoke to 79 year old Ron, who said that he had received a phone call inviting him to come and be jabbed. When he politely said “no thanks”, he was told that he would be put on “the decline list.” Now that’s creepy. Why the need for a decline list unless you planned to use it to sanction those who have refused the vaccine? What might sanctions look like?

Zahawi’s comments came on the same day that Conservative MP Mark Harper, a member of The Covid Recovery Group, said that health care workers who refused the jab should not be allowed to work with vulnerable people. You are undoubtedly going to hear more of this in the days and weeks to come. “No Jab, No Job” is a catchphrase that rolls off the tongue. It’s everywhere now. And according to The Times this morning:

British officials have started work on a “vaccine passport” as Greece prepares to waive quarantine rules for tourists who can prove that they have been inoculated against coronavirus. A certification system is being planned, The Times has learnt. The Foreign Office, Department for Transport and Department of Health and Social Care are working on options for travellers to countries that may demand it as a condition of entry.

The gloves are off now and things are moving very quickly. We’re at peak lockdown fatigue. People have had enough and are beyond desperate to return to some semblance of a normal life. The government is dangling the vaccines and the health passports. It’s classic carrot and stick. No amount of money on earth could persuade me to have one of their vaccines. I’ll take my pleasure where I can find it and look forward to the knock on the door from “the persuaders.” That’ll be fun.

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yeah you need to be reeducated baldy!


Richie, you’ve got 3 yr olds in here making comments. Need some age restrictions otherwise the infants will have their way!


Elon Musk has just come out and said he nor his family will have it, so are they going to refuse him into countries with his billions !! Or will he succumb to all the fake jabbing like the rest of the politicians!

Janet Woods

One thing Angela l don’t care for Leon Musk but l do agree my family and l won’t get the vaccine

Last edited 4 months ago by Janet Woods


Reports of adverse reactions from the #Covid19 vaccines have piled up and recent polls have shown that 51% of Americans will delay or refuse the shot altogether. Why are people refusing? Take a look.


Cheers Jacob just watched it, love Del and all that he has been doing for years, people don’t realise the risks people like Del and many others take by calling out these pharma gangsters these scumbags would do anything and I do mean anything to protect their companies or themselves. The Zook guy, the 60 year old that gets mentioned, who died hours after his shot, do you know his wife and daughter are still telling people to take the jab, it’s what he would have wanted, these people are crazy what other explanation is there. read about it on


You are welcome.
Like you I have been listeng to the High Wire for a number of years and have learned so much and continue to learn.
Del, his team and the guests he has on the show I take my hat off to.
Baffles me how Zook’s family are still pushing the Vaccines are safe narative, maybe someone has had a word with them?


That thought did cross my mind, if memory serves the wife actually said we will have to wait and see what killed him mean while telling people to step up and take the jab, he was dead a few hours after taking it, the only other thing he suffered from was anxiety which he had for most of his life, that in itself is not a illness more of a condition, so basically he was fit and healthy. It’s like the guy who took the jab a few weeks ago think he is high up in the council in the north of England, he said he thought he was going to die after taking the jab, but was still telling people they should take it.


Thinking alike.
Complete madness to fall ill then recommend that the very thing that made them ill.

Tom M

The Parliamentary Assembly of Europe who cover human rights (The UK is still inside that) recently released a document: Resolution 2361 (2021) Covid 19 Vaccines – Ethical, legal and practical considerations.

With respect to ensuring high vaccine uptake; ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccine is NOT mandatory and that nobody is politically, socially or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated; if they do not wish to do so themselves.

The document then goes on to say that you CANNOT discriminate against any person not wishing to take the vaccine.


”The new normal sometime in 2022-2023”

We require all those who were jabbed with Pfizer mRNA toxcine to go to your nearest location of 5G antenna and remain there for 5 min to “download” your personal updates for the latest variants of the DEADLY virus for your own safety!
Failure to do so will result in forceful detention and criminal penalties because we care for you!

Save lives – protect the NHS.
Ministry of Genetic Modification.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Believe it or not readers, what Herb just wrote is more *science* than fiction.
I sh_t-you-not.

Want to know Why?.
A very easy read & affordable book which was updated 1 yr. ago called *The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life* by Dr Arthur Firstenberg and explains the fundamentals of, and history of electricity and our ‘modern gadgets’ is a MUST-Read :

“Over the last 220 years, society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is ‘safe’ for humanity and the planet. Scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this conviction by telling the story of electricity in a way it has never been told before–from an environmental point of view–by detailing the effects that this fundamental societal building block has had on our health and our planet.

In The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg traces the history of electricity from the early eighteenth century to the present, making a compelling case that many environmental problems, as well as the major diseases of industrialized civilization–heart disease, diabetes, and cancer–are related to electrical pollution.”

Supplementary reading which is a little-bit technical and perhaps difficult for those without any basic understanding of the *Sciences* is *The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life* by the late Dr Robert O Becker.
I encourage Everyone to at least ‘take a look’ at it, here:

The Body Electric tells the fascinating story of our bioelectric selves. Robert O. Becker, a pioneer in the filed of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in living things, challenges the established mechanistic understanding of the body. He found clues to the healing process in the long-discarded theory that electricity is vital to life. But as exciting as Becker’s discoveries are, pointing to the day when human limbs, spinal cords, and organs may be regenerated after they have been damaged, equally fascinating is the story of Becker’s struggle to do such original work. The Body Electric explores new pathways in our understanding of evolution, acupuncture, psychic phenomena, and healing.”

In one of the interviews Arthur Firstenberg did, He mentioned *Body Electric* as an excellent primer.
Why not give it a try. Ya’ never know ’til you know, as the saying goes.
Never ever take a ‘defeatist attitude’ and never ever under-estimate what you think you can do if you really what to.
Knowledge is Power.
Take a bite of ‘the apple’.

ps. ^^^^ look at my photo^^^^
it’s 1 of my many apple trees, which I owe many for my transformation from a ‘know-nothing’ to a Johnny Appleseed.
Regards to All and, Thanks Again Richie & Hayden for this…*forum*.

additional sources:


have heard so many people recommend the invisible rainbow it must be a book worth reading, is this the book that gives an explanation for the so called Spanish flu ?.

It’s truly an ‘excellent’, superbly well-documented and…an *easy read* which in my opinion is.. a god-send, just-in-time, source for what WE are facing. Yeah, the nwo-new world order/great(cough-cough) reset.
If You do a little bit of shopping, You can get it for about £16 with shipping.
I boycott am-a-zom-bie.
Try book depository or blackwell’s uk maybe.
Try also abebooks for a real ‘choice’.
Cheers Martin

just found this ‘summary’. look’s real-good-


I have read a few chaptors, of the pdf version, and it is a good read.


I’ve bought this book last March. That’s why I’ve made my post above 🙂


Hi Herb,
Unfortunately your words will be taken as NON sense by the majority of people outside of this website who have lost their ability to use their critical thinking or intuition. The technology has been made years ago and the implementation is being rolled out surreptitiously everywhere. Christopher Young covers very well why all types of Wifi etc is terrible for us and I add this:

By Catherine Austin Fitts
Just as Gates installed an operating system in our computers, now the vision is to install an operating system in our bodies and use “viruses” to mandate an initial installation followed by regular updates.
Now I appreciate why Gates and his colleagues want to call these technologies “vaccines.” If they can persuade the body politic that injectable credit cards or injectable surveillance trackers or injectable brain-machine interface nanotechnologies are “vaccines,” then they can enjoy the protection of a century or more of legal decisions and laws that support their efforts to mandate what they want to do. As well, they can insist that U.S. taxpayers fund, through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the damages for which they would otherwise be liable as a result of their experiments—and violations of the Nuremberg Code and numerous civil and criminal laws—on the general population. The scheme is quite clever. Get the general population to go along with defining their new injectable high-tech concoctions as “vaccines,” and they can slip them right into the vaccine pipeline. No need to worry about the disease and death that will result from something this unnatural delivered this quickly. The freedom from liability guaranteed by the PREP Act through the declaration of an emergency—and the ability to keep the emergency going through contact tracing—can protect them from liability for thousands if not millions of deaths and disabilities likely to follow such human experimentation. Ideally, they can just blame the deaths on a virus.
A colleague once told me how Webster’s Dictionary came about. Webster said that the way the evildoers would change the Constitution was not by amending it but by changing the definitions—a legal sneak attack.
I believe that Gates and the pharma and biotech industries are literally reaching to create a global control grid by installing digital interface components and hooking us up to Microsoft’s new $10 billion JEDI cloud at the Department of Defense as well as Amazon’s multibillion cloud contract for the CIA that is shared with all U.S. intelligence agencies. Why do you think President Trump has the military organizing to stockpile syringes for vaccines? It is likely because the military is installing the roaming operating system for integration into their cloud. Remember—the winner in the AI superpower race is the AI system with access to the most data. Accessing your body and my body on a 24/7 basis generates a lot of data. If the Chinese do it, the Americans will want to do it, too. In fact, the rollout of human “operating systems” may be one of the reasons why the competition around Huawei and 5G telecommunications has become so fractious. As Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada has warned us, 5G was developed by the Israelis for crowd control.

Battelle to Develop Injectable, Bi-Directional Brain Computer Interface
¨Battelle has for years successfully demonstrated brain-computer interface (BCI) projects — just look at NeuroLife®, which has enabled a quadriplegic man to move his hand again using his thoughts. Now, the government’s forward-thinking Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a contract to a Battelle-led team that pushes researchers into the realm of what was once considered science fiction.
Imagine this: A soldier puts on a helmet and uses his or her thoughts alone to control multiple unmanned vehicles or a bomb disposal robot. That’s the basis for this effort for DARPA’s Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3) program. The N3 program seeks development of high-performance, bi-directional brain-machine interfaces for able-bodied service members. Most of the current BCI research, including Battelle’s NeuroLife technology, focuses on helping people with disabilities who must undergo invasive implant procedures, including brain surgery, to enable a BCI that can restore lost function. For the next BCI leap, in which the technology can be used by healthy military service members, it’s imperative to find lower-risk and less-invasive options.
It’s a path Battelle Senior Research Scientist Gaurav Sharma has already begun to navigate. Heavily involved for years with the NeuroLife project, Sharma began to develop ideas for non-surgical BCI options. The DARPA N3 program provides the opportunity to further develop them.
Battelle’s N3 concept for a minimally invasive neural interface system, called BrainSTORMS (Brain System to Transmit Or Receive Magnetoelectric Signals), involves the development of a novel nanotransducer that could be temporarily introduced into the body via injection and then directed to a specific area of the brain to help complete a task through communication with a helmet-based transceiver. Upon completion, the nanotransducer will be magnetically guided out of the brain and in to the bloodstream to be processed out of the body.¨

We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured.
Our Operating SystemRecognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

Saludo John


If anybody is still under impression that lockdowns are meant to end then one doesn’t pay attention and live in a delusional bubble. It’s NOT MEANT TO END until all independent livelihood is gone and all guinea pigs are jabbed with Genetically Modified ToxCines

UK Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi says that lockdown restrictions will not be lifted (remember just 2 wekks to “flatten the curve” 🙂 ) until all over the age 50 receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a decision he claims could push the return to normalcy into the summer.

Tarek Langenfeld

Nomore searching


I now know three people who have died after getting the shot. One 2 days after getting it had a heart attack. Not a thing about him in any papers or news. Another died of “respiratory failure” 2.5 weeks after it. The other died 11 days after receiving it. No reasons given! Family said he had a stroke. All in late 40’s will you ever hear this? Bollocks you will!

I’m 6’2 114kg, I’ve worked out half my life. I’d love to see some council child come to my home and try and passively threaten me about not getting the death shot. The vaccine would be the last thing on his mind when lay in hospital with his skull split wide open.

This is what’s wrong with the U.K. now; it’s become to civilised. And that’s fine for the most part. But it makes a population so easily pacified, and frightened.

I grew up in Belfast. And violence was as natural as walking to shop for milk.

I see kids now holding their phones at riot police, thinking this will actually stop the cops fking them up.

If I’m denied things because I choose to not take a shot – then I’ll take what I’m denied. I won’t be ostracised for choosing not to take a fucking emergency “vaccine” not ever!


totally agree with that, look what the thug police have done to people over the last few months, abused people assaulted at will, how many people have retaliated not many, I watched a few of the London protest marches where the cops employed the snatch squad tactics, pulling someone out the crowd to arrest them, sure people shouted things at them but nobody tried to get the person away from the police, don’t care what kind of march it might have been but not too long ago those marchers would have fought back against police brutality, that’s not me looking back ole misty eyed and stuff, that is just a simple fact, we as a nation in some ways have gone soft.


Absolutely agree! It makes me cringe at times watching crowds just stand there video themselves being pepper-sprayed and dragged around etc.

I understand that as a species – becoming less violent is a good thing. But then when violence is actually needed – you have a population that has never known any violence at all.

I’ve seen many people on tv sobbing and in shock after being screamed at by cops. It makes me laugh! If an unarmed cop screamed at me. I’d hospitalise him!

I grew up in a catholic part of Belfast (which was patrolled by the British army and police) there were frequent and very serious rioting involved. Including live rounds being used. At 16 – I’d been shot with 7 plastic bullets (with steel bars inside them to add extra weight) you got hit, if you couldn’t continue – you were dragged away. If you could! You got on top of roof tops and bombarded petrol bombs, bricks etc. (I’m not a thug btw! This was in 1996 lol! A very different time period)

Obviously Belfast was a volition place – and I’m not advocating people go out and go crazy. But they also can’t allow themselves to become to passive – that they don’t know how to actually resist.

Nations all over the globe are actively suppressing their populous. Burma now – internet cut off, under military control.

In those scenarios – you’re in it for your life. Not just your right to walk down the street.

But it is also being done in the U.K. not to that extent – but freedoms are being eroded. And people are welcoming it with open arms. The ones speaking out, are deemed extremists or conspiracy nuts etc.

People will only truly see it, when it starts affecting the upper/middle classes. It’s always the way.


The fact they openly admit that the “vaccines” neither stop you getting the virus nor stop you from transmitting it combined with countries saying they will allow people who have been vaccinated to travel to them just shows that this has NOTHING to do with a virus whatsoever

Richard Hargrave

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) own figures say that UK approved Flu vaccines were expected to kill 377 per 100000. This correlates with the September to November surge in so called Covid-19 deaths. That’s Genocide. ~ a quarter of a million of our people. So untested COVID vaccines? No way. This is Vaxtermination. So when we get another surge in deaths, ie the people who received these untested vaccines, the Government will say, ‘oh Covid-19 to blame’ and blame the population for not behaving correctly and lock us down again. Those that don’t die from ‘COVID-19’ will die from suicide or cancer etc. It’s their plan. 2025 population of uk projected to be 14 million. It’s all available to see if you look. Don’t answer the door! Decline list will mean no access to work, travel, healthcare, food. I hope I’m wrong.


My thoughts exactly mate, I also said i hope I am wrong but these jabs are or seem so important to the plan they will try everything to get us to take them.


Yup, the local clinic have been continually phoning, the last call my sister gave them the lowdown on the many serious and profoundly important reasons why folks should not partake. The obviously naive and prepped young girl on the other end almost sounded scared for some reason when she asked why not. Our response was almost certainly recorded.

Tommy Hutchinson

What date does the trialing by the people for those complicit in global crimes against humanity start again?!

Jo Katsuno


Milenko Manojlovic

Fear mongering by a government, I heard on morning Britain the general consensus is against “health passports”.


They are using the ‘decline list’ for the flu jab too, both this and last year.
This is absolutely appaling! I will not be taking it, hell will freeze over first.

Last edited 4 months ago by Truthnotlies
Urban fox

Hi, In the last 2 weeks, I have been sent 2 tex messages requesting me to contact the surgery for a flue vaccination. 1 message saying ” You will soon be called for your covid vaccination, so you need to be available. ” Then yesterday I received a message telling me they were currently having a drive ( their words) to test for Hiv/ aids. I believe their is a drive to pump as much poison as possible into the nation. To permanently keep us all drugged up. I’m absolutely convinced the plan in the future will include psychotropic drugs, perhaps in vaccines.
Until 2019 when I had to go into hospital I wasn’t registered with a Dr, and had gone most of my life without hardly any drugs even pain killers. Unfortunately now I’m in their system. The one positive, is my 2 weeks in hospital was not 2020. I certainly won’t be replying to the messages they sent.

The way things are going, we will have to hide behind the sofa, so we can’t be seen through the window. When they come knocking on the door. In the same way we did as children with my mum. When the man came to collect the gas money. Difference was, not paying the gas money wasn’t risking our lives.

And why are they pushing flue jabs, if flue has magically vanished.?


Same thing here. Just been contacted this week – beginning of February to have the flu jab Lol……… bit late in the season eh….. they’re actively Looking for customers….. whats all this about

Urban fox

I know , it’s all gone mad. I said to the one person I know who knows the truth. Either we are crazy or its every one else. Thanks for reply.


I would not have any have as they could swap the contents of the flu for covid they are desperate enough to try anything as once it’s done your screwed


alright mr fox, was wondering if you could recommend any books on vaccines maybe lol, caused a bit of a stir my friend, yer man thinks your Richie posting under your name trying to punt Vernons books ffs. If one good thing comes out of this, it is those people that run to their doctor for the slightest thing and are basically just wasting time, might have looked at alternate remedy’s that are better than the toxic drugs the doctor gives out, as you say mate those people that were chased into taking the flu shot last year if they are not asking themselves any questions there is no hope for them.

Urban fox

Hi there. Only saw couple of hours ago. Just been replying to Richie on other page. Also left message for you. I’m not making anything. Never occurred to me. Hope Richie understands. Oh well, fame at last.


Yes try Trevor Gunn’s published 2 books on Vaccines: This book could remove the fear of childhood illness and The Science of Health and Healing. Highly recommended if you want to arm yourself with the knowledge to challenge people on Vaccines


I am not going to be blackmailed and bullied to have a vaccine that doesn’t guarantee that you will not get it or pass it on. It is making older people drop like flies, God help them.


Richie, maybe when you have our lovely friend, Dr Vernon, on your show again, he could give tips on the best way to deal with these “persuaders” as some people don’t have much confidence in confronting a hard-sell. Dr Vernon is absolutely brilliant at talking down these hard-sell individuals.


Just tell them go to hell


Let them get into the flow of what they are about and then just shut the door in their face. No talking necessary.


If people are not confident enough to tell them no on the doorstep just don’t answer the door.


How about answer the door and hand them educational materials from Viera Scheibner, Brandy Vaughan, and Sallie Elkordy, making sure that they are properly aware of what they are doing before shutting the door? Just a thought as opportunity to do a type of reverse grassroots kind of work.

Mike Brown

Excellent article. Very supportive comments.

Urban fox

Please buy, share, give to friends and family if able.if


Agreed. It’s good. Also try Trevor Gunn’s Vaccines:This book could remove the fear of childhood illness.


It’s a 2nd edition and absolutely a must read one to grasp a scale of the scam perpetrated by Big Pharma and their minions aka “virus hunters”. Unless you dig into the history of so called “viruses”, you’d be an easy prey for the psychopaths and yeah, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read this book. It’s fun to read and you’ll never be the same 🙂

Richie, you BBG! it applies to you too cause you’ve got the audience …

Last edited 4 months ago by Herb
Urban fox

Response to Dr Vernon Coleman’s article and thank you.


A few months ago when I saw the statue being pulled down of Colstern, and there was talk of pulling others down, I was reminded of George Orwells 1984. I started making connections as others did. Because round about the same time, there were calls to have various books removed from universities and certain place names to be changed.

I don’t believe this was coincidence, that it happened in 2020. I believe it was carefully orchestrated and a warning sign of things to come.

In the book 1984 Orwell explains, there will come a time when people will stop asking , was it better before the war.? As they will no longer remember when things were any different. And any reference to the truth will have been carefully removed from history and replaced. I became convinced that 2020 was going to be given its own glossy makeover and portrayed as a great time of social change, where we all came together. To remove statues of evil people and defeat a deadly plague. And how we started to defeat climate change by not being allowed to go out and travel anywhere. And generally came together, learnt the error of our dirty ways,and all had a lovely time.
If you listen carefully to what is being said, this is already the way things are starting to be portrayed.Maybe we should call it ” Covid 19 The editors cut”

I sincerely believe that instead of toppling statues in 2021. We should come together now, and spend our time doing all we can,to topple these evil fascist from power. By exposing there lies and unmasking there real agenda. Which was originally called agenda 21 and now being called agenda 30, or the great reset. But even this agenda has recently been dressed up as a utopian future. Now that our enemy are having to reveal themselves. But if anyone cares to do their own research, they will quickly see ,the future these self appointed rulers of humanity have planned for us. Is as Orwell said , ” a boot stamping on a human face forever”

This is why we need to save and remember our past. And do all we can to safeguard our future.

Thank you Dr Vernon Colman, for all the work you do. And for helping to give us, at least a fighting chance of having any future worth living. If history doesn’t get the rewrite the global fascist want. History will remember you well.

MrsPhillips63 I can’t login or sign in so I don’t know where to put this. However it is very funny and we need a laugh now

Paul Ashley

It’s also carrot and stick in that even if you take the experimental medical treatment they misname as a vaccine, you will still be locked down, masked, and anti-socially distanced.


My Mother’s 90 and she said no to the vaccine when the local surgery phoned to book her in for her jab. She was also told she was now on the ‘Decline List’. The surgery also contacted her 3 times to try to get her to have a flu jab – she’s never had one in her life.


Regarding the flu jab I was bombarded with texts and calls I refused each time, then had a docs appt and was asked again, then received a letter which I ripped up and put in the bin, then one more phonecall which I said no to again…at that point I was told it would go down in my medical records as declined. I’m 56 never ever had the flu jab, not going to start to nor am I having this ‘jab’ either.

Rosie Lane

Always knew this would happen, can’t wait to introduce the persuaders to my mastiff cross, let’s see what she thinks of them.


Awww !!! 😀 I’ve also got a Bullmastiff cross.


They’ll get a bucket of water if they knock on my door.


Doesn’t stop you getting it or passing it on but unless you have it you are at risk of getting it or passing it on. 80% effectiveness at reducing symptoms of something for which 80% of people have no symptoms. Makes perfect sense.

Last edited 4 months ago by Stu

How much more obvious could it be with this Covid1984 scam?
they’re taking the piss at people in a broad daylight 🙂


btw, the damn thing has never even been properly isolated and proven to exist but people are too lazy to do their own research …

Last edited 4 months ago by Herb

You should find this interesting.
The UKMFA, Lawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an Open Letter, for employees and potential employees to share with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines on their employees. It outlines the legal rights to informed consent and medical freedom, and relevant employment law protections afforded to employees. Summarises the legal duties of employers. It also summarises the potential risks of Covid-19 vaccines and the trial data which indicates that Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection or transmission of the virus.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jacob
Paul Ashley

Boris The Johnson will use this great resource as a blueprint for what laws need to be changed to allow the tyranny to continue to spread and broaden.

Bill wilson

Bring it on

Urban fox



Remarkable, Shocking and Full of Facts and hard hitting evidence

If possible, Buy it, Read it, Pass it on to friends and family, Spread the truth.

Written a few years ago, but so relavent, feels like written yesterday!


alright mate. I downloaded Vernons two books on this site, where is this book on amazon ill have a look

Urban fox

Hi, great to speak again . Was going to get some jobs done and leave writing alone for few days. But didn’t happen. I wrote something on the article with the History photo. And it’s taken me hours. Hope wasn’t speaking crap. But once get started can’t stop.

I got Book off Amazon , I think it’s a new addition of it, published 2014. It’s like he knew what was coming. So relevant. I don’t know why anyone would have any vaccine after reading it. Let alone the new Frankenstein jab.

Very clear and well written, has Black cover with vaccine needle drawing on it. Stay in touch.

Urban fox

Wanted to put photo of book on here. But my tablet saying no storage, so can’t take the photo. No idea why, as I removed loads of things to free up space.


I’ve got it last March off Amazon

Urban fox

Thanks a lot. All the best.


cheers mate, I will have a look, to be honest I swore to myself not to buy another book until I had read a few bought but unread on the shelf, two Anthony Sutton books that have been sitting there for about three years and a couple of others, I used to buy and read them, don’t know what happened. Ever since I seen the film vaxxed and plenty of other things I would not go near the jabs, neither should anyone, in my opinion the vaccine has over the last 100 years or so went through 3 stages with the pharma crime cartels, no1 they were a money making scam,no2 then they worked out they could vaccinate people which would cause all kinds of disease and ailments years down the line which would enable them to sell the drugs for, making lots of money for damage they caused in the first place, and no3 is were we are today make more money off us while starting their depopulation agenda. Take care talk soon.

Urban fox

Thanks mate. I’M the same. Read a lot in the past. But very behind with my books last couple years. Read a few of my favorite non fiction. But need to read some novels and take my mind oFf things for a while.


I saw it on amazon the other day and it is in my watch list to buy.

Urban fox

Great, thanks for your reply. As specially as I had some abuse today on here. For promoting Vernon and his books. Go figure as they say. All the best.


My 83 year old mother, has had three phone calls from her doctors surgery and a letter from the nhs. She doesn’t want the vaccine. It didn’t make sense to her before I showed her all the reports I have seen of the effects, but I don’t know if she will hold out if she has people knocking on the door. She was worried about people knocking to do tests, although that isn’t in her area (yet).


Susan the pressure these monsters are putting on the older people to take something that instead of protecting them will probably do more harm is shocking, when I see that lump of garbage johnson and his snivelling little sidekick hancock talking about saving lives it makes the blood boil.

Rosie Lane

It’s harassment & bullying of the vunerable. Tell her not to answer the door to anyone she doesn’t know or see if she’ll be ok lying & saying she had it.

Andy Pattern

Will it be Tony Curtis or Roger Moore?


I will NEVER conform to this evil beast system


Work for the NHS but refused jab, have had email asking for reasons why I declined.
Waiting for the next action!!!


Stay strong Trudi. It’s not mandatory and they have no legal right to ask you why you declined. If they keep pushing it then this gets very close to a case for discrimination. They can of course move you if you are a frontline worker but they cannot actually sanction you.


I’ve been told of a couple of nurses who have declined jab and are getting treat atrociously by other staff that have had it and one has been told she’s being referred to HR to say why she’s declined it. They cannot force you to have it though they will try.


I don’t say anything anymore as had a few nasty comments.
Funnily enough a few have caught covid after their first dose.


Will see what happens, I’ve told them that I have multiple allergies and I don’t think the vaccine has been tested enough for me to have it and don’t want to take this risk.
I am as frontline as you can get and tbh it is sometimes quite horrible but I will rely on my own immune system to keep me healthy.


You should gind this interesting.
The UKMFA, Lawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an Open Letter, for employees and potential employees to share with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines on their employees.  It outlines the legal rights to informed consent and medical freedom, and relevant employment law protections afforded to employees. Summarises the legal duties of employers. It also summarises the potential risks of Covid-19 vaccines and the trial data which indicates that Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection or transmission of the virus.


Many thanks Jacob, this is excellent… I’ve downloaded the pdf for future use and also the UKMFA website which I hadn’t come across before.

Here’s a simple outline which appeared on David Icke’s site yesterday…..


Jacob I think they will TRY and change the law, and as i said on a post on here with the help of those labour rats, with starmer telling them all how to vote they will get it passed, hope i am wrong but i do think they will try, why would they not.

Wes Baker

Headline: ‘This just in: Westminister set to overturn the Nuremburg Treaty!’ Except all the UK press will cheer such a barbaric move…


Thank you very much for the information. My hope is that once this becomes a legal issue the lawyers will be all over it. The courts seem like our only hope and habeas corpus is enshrined therewith. These clowns think they are above it.


Thank you, just down loaded it.


I’m in quite a similar position to you Trudi. I work for a council. I haven’t yet had anything in writing, but things have been said and my workload has altered. I suspect they are going to say I might be endangering vulnerable people – whether that will stick I don’t know; you would think it couldn’t possibly since there is no evidence that I’d be any more of a risk than anyone else. I will challenge them as far as is possible, but with this mass panic going on, I don’t know what kind of support I’ll get from the union or if I’d get a fair crack in any arbitration. This really is cult-like, Day of the Triffids stuff. Whatever happens, I refuse to be coerced into having a vaccination against my will. If these persuaders turn up at my door I will gladly speak to them for as long as they’re willing to hear what a bunch of c@£#s they are.

Ronald Templeman

Remember it is under trial for 2 years so the Nuremburg Code comes into play the world agreed after the 2nd world war nobody can be used for this testing without their agreement.

Ronald Templeman

Check out the Nuremburg Code this is on 2 years trial not legal

Ronald Templeman

I will look forward to the visit and by the time I have finished bending the ear of who ever visits me with all the facts as to why I wont be having it and never will, maybe I will convince them that it’s a bad idea and they should be telling people not to have it instead. They really can’t believe everybody in this world is stupid, can they ? NOT FOR ME

Wes Baker

We’re in a post-fact world. That’s the effect of this psy-op.


Knock on door. Open door. ‘Persuader’ identifies him/herself. “I don’t talk to strangers”. Shut door. End of.

phillip mills

“Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”

-Marcus Tullius Cicero


Ian Hilpus

Total Control by way of a Plandemic! No turning back now! We lost our land, food growth, freedom, space, a Badger or Starling a Haddock pay no rent or taxes to live. We are the only species that are governed by outsiders who control our governments and fool most of us.

feudalism pyramid.png
Kelly Maher

I’ve always found science boring but I’m forcing myself to learn facts.

Dar Adal

Not having it no further discussion.


Lets be honest we knew last March when the weasel hancock said they were ” considering” vaccines as a way out of the plandemic that was their main goal. The propaganda levels will be ramped up to unseen levels this year, people that have refused the jab will be blamed for lockdowns, deaths and whatever else they can pin on us. Richie trust me by the closing months of this year maybe sooner there will be calls for anti vaxxers to be kept in their houses 24hrs a day 7 days a week, and if they are caught breaking the rules as in going to a shop or out for a walk they will be took to one of the newly built quarantine centres to self isolate for 3 or 4 weeks, does that seem far fetched ?, I don’t think so. If anyone thinks the covid cultists are suddenly going to wake up and see the light I wouldn’t bet on it. Richie after what you said about vallance and the emails and alerts he got when he mentioned herd immunity last march or April was it, it reminded me of a piece i read back in November concerning the sage team and who was on it, a lot of people yourself included might know this information but it is well worth 5 minutes of any ones time


Sorry Martin, can’t see it myself. Let’s say if even only 20% refuse the vaccine – personally, I think it could be at least double that. You can’t run a country, its services, what’s left of its economy with that amount of people locked up and not participating and not spending money. Especially if a good proportion of those are ‘essential’ workers, managers, and so on. The country will just collapse even further. I think it more likely that the restrictions will be tightened on non-vaxxers but not to the point where we can’t function at all…. in fact, some of us will adapt and cope very well indeed, and there will always be ways for us to create something far better when removed from the mainstream insanity. And anyway, at the end of the day, whatever they try to do to, the bottom line is that this is a war on us and we need to form and be a resistance movement – under the radar if needs be – to support each other and enable us to get on with our own lives. That will mean much hardship, certainly, but also great opportunities.



I hope your right Nick. Agree on the jab uptake, but my fear is, as you say the pressure they will put on people will i think make a lot of them say f–k it we have no choice, people with a mortgage, young family to support they might just decide to take it. When i listened to Dr Carrie Madej the other night in her opinion the jab was central to whatever they want to achieve, the end goal was depopulation in her view, I would not disagree with her, as you say it’s a war we are in if only the majority of the public realised that and stopped complying this would be over in 24hrs but that is not going to happen, anyway I admire your optimism, talking of being optimistic one of the things that we have on our side is truth, these monsters are lying through their teeth every time they open their mouths that in itself can take a toll on cowards like johnson and such.


Hi Martin:

I’m certainly with you there… despite all their (keyboard) fighting talk, I’ve always known and expected that, when it comes to it, at least 95% of Richie’s audience and those elsewhere will roll over and take the synthetic gene therapy, sorry, vaccine. They’ll make every excuse under the sun – like you say, “I did it for my family, I have a mortgage”, and so on – but they will also cling on to the expectation that somehow doing this will return them to some kind of ‘normal’ life and by default they won’t actually have to put themselves on the line. Because that is the hard reality of this situation… nothing less than being prepared to die for what you consider your truth will do, if it comes to it. That’s not exaggeration, that’s not some silly over the top faux-heroic sentiment, that’s actually how serious this situation may become if people only pay lip-service to the idea of freedom. I see from one of your previous posts that you too get this… the issue of having or not having a job is really not that important in the bigger scheme of things. Nor is having a home. Maybe for some, as I have heard on other podcasts, maybe not even their family is worth compromising for. It’s certainly easier the further out of the system people can remove themselves… but how many are truly prepared to do this? To go into survival mode if needs be and do without their comforts and ‘necessities’ of everyday living (and yes, that includes their precious smartphones). The answer is ‘not many’. And not many will ever stop complying or really stand up for what they say they hold dear in the name of freedom, as you say, it’s just not going to happen.

But that’s ok. For me, this is a spiritual battle. It’s not about whether we ‘win’ or ‘lose’ in this reality, it’s about how we use this situation to test ourselves, to learn and move forward on a soul level. Our spirit is being forged in the fire. It’s all just one big learning experience. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all we can to fight the good fight, but at the end of the day it’s actually irrelevant. As Max Igan is fond of saying, ‘Face infinity without flinching and have no stake in the outcome”.

Having said that though, yes, I am strangely optimistic. I’m a great fan of unintended consequences and I think there could be many of those coming which will be to our advantage. I have no fear. I am prepared physically, mentally and spiritually for whatever may come and that in itself gives me both strength and the ability to see and take the opportunities arising to create something better out of this… but only in my reality. Those who have refused to wake up are doomed and they will be leading a far more horrific existence. This was an IQ test for those who refused to wake up after 911. Most have failed it. This was their last chance. Some on here may not like to accept that, but that again is the harsh truth. We now need to save ourselves, not try to wake up others who would kill us to defend their ignorance and stupidity rather than listen..

Take care

Stephen Hardy

Hi Nick, forgive me for jumping into your conversation thread, but as I was reading, I thought this guy’s a big fan of Max Igan, and then a few sentences later, you name-checked him! Just to add to what you said about 95% of Richie’s audience and everyone else eventually succumbing and taking this gene therapy/vaccine, I think it’ll be more like 99% of the population. Even then it would leave around half a million not vaccinated, is the the resistance even that great, I’m not sure. The bullying, harassment and coercion tactics employed by these psychopaths will be too much for even the most determined 10 or 15% who were hitherto steadfast in their refusal to accept the jab. I’ve always believed since March, that this was always about the vaccine, and that in any case at least 80% would willingly take it with little or no coercion required. It’s easy to see this from the supine acceptance of all the other nonsense surrounding the scamdemic. My admiration for Dr Vernon Coleman and Piers Corbyn is limitless, there is nothing in it for them, only ridicule and libelous remarks, or in Pier’s case, bullying and harassment by thugs in uniforms, yet they carry on undaunted. But there comes a point when you have to accept the brainwashing has been so successful, huge swathes of the population are just not going to wake up, and they will take everyone else over the cliff with them. Outside of immediate family, perhaps, I would never try to tell others what to do. To use the awful, lazy, derogatory label, I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”, I’m PRO-choice and PRO-safe medical interventions. All I can hope to do is be a conduit for the informed, scientific information that is being censored and kept from public view by the mainstream media. Then, if people can be bothered to look at it, they can make up their own minds. And if people, including maybe family members, get back to you and say, “yes, it’s all very interesting, and that, but if there’s even a one in a million chance I could get the Timbuktu variant of covid, then I’d much rather have the vaccine, just to be on the safe side!”. I’m getting to the point, where I couldn’t really give a f*ck if everyone wants to get this crap injected into them, I won’t be taking it, and that’s all that matters to me.


This has been a really interesting conversation. I know in my heart I will go the distance with this. All the years I’ve been a square peg in a round hole have put me in good stead. My headstrong attitude infuriates my husband but sadly he’s one of the brainwashed. When he has his jab I’ll love and care for him as always. Just sad for him. I often say to him “you think life is a Disney film”. I’ve had a tougher life than him so I kind of understand but I come from the London streets of hard knocks and will fight till the death.


Hi Kathy

Please see my last reply to Martin which follows below


great post mate as you say those two people Vernon and Piers what they have done and are doing, in a normal society they would be regarded as hero’s by the majority not what looks to me a tiny minority. There is nothing but grief, ridicule and in piers case jail more times than I can remember, probably what inspires them to keep going is when people tell them through what they are doing they have opened their eyes to what is really going on must be inspiring.


Hi Stephen

Welcome aboard and very pleased to read your comments! Please see my last reply to Martin which follows below.


Great reply Nick, don’t think I can really add much to it. Totally agree on the point that most people will succumb to the jab, One thing that might make people stop and think is now the government and even the pharma crime cartels are saying the jab wont stop you contracting the virus it will reduce symptoms, how many people have been under the illusion that once the jab was ready we would all go back to normal, now they are being told they will still have to wear masks, social distance, there might still be lockdowns and the cherry on the top the jab will not stop you getting any virus, surely that must make some people think to themselves these people have not been honest with us, all the best my friend.


Hi Martin, Stephen and Kathy

Thanks sincerely all of you for adding to our original conversations and being able to understand what I was clumsily trying to say… it’s difficult in a limited space like this to not sound trite or over the top when I genuinely say that a mandatory vaccine is the line in the sand for me and I’ll go down fighting rather than take it. But it’s also true. Kathy, I get you…I’m a Brixton Boy from South London. I grew up on the infamous ‘frontline’ of Railton Road. There’s a certain strength and attitude that comes with that.

I think that if I could sum it all up, for me not complying with any of this insanity is about my own self respect, about self-empowerment, and about acting in my own integrity and standing for what I hold to be my values and ideals… and that would be the case even if I were the only one to see through this scam. Fortunately I’m not, as you and so many others have shown, and I truly love you all as my fellow brothers and sisters for your support and encouragement and for your own inspiring examples of doing what the majority cannot or will not… resistance, non-compliance, refusing to become slaves. Each one of you is a burning bright light in this darkness which has taken over the world.

I probably won’t revisit this thread, time to move on I think. But as I detest bullies, psychopaths and satanists, I fully intend to continue making life as difficult as possible for them and their order-followers. Whatever the outcome – and I still think that could be far from going the way these dysfunctional creeps would like – I’ll have the personal satisfaction that I didn’t bow down to tyranny, didn’t make the excuses, and I helped hold the line when it mattered. Sounds good to me!

With best wishes and much love


Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

You sound like a really nice young man there Nick.
I’d just wanna give You, some ‘food-for-thought’, advice as it were.

Don’t forget your ‘humanity’.

What the tptb-pathocracy always try to do, and is their top-priority, is to… ‘atomize the individual’. They try to isolate the ‘individual’ and/or make the individual believe they stand-alone.
1) smartphones produce a self-reinforcing behavioral change promoting “Me Me Me” with a dopamine-kick which over-rides normal human-interaction
2) the “pornographic male” is reduced to a dysfunctional and repetitive self-abuser with very low human inter-actional skills
3) readily available “self medicating” alcohol available at just about any shop/market and other assorted prescribed psycho-pharmaka as well as ‘illegal substances’ are everywhere, to be had

I can go on and on about the difficulties presented to any young man nowadays.
I’m old. I’m a father & Grandfather. I’ve been…’around’ too.

Let me let You in on a little secret.
It’s called “Love”.
Next time You take a walk outside, stop and talk to a bird. Why not a tree even. Look up to the blue sky and say hello to your love’d departed ones. Smile at someone and let your Soul radiate.
I promise You, You heart will be filled with it.
It’s that simple Nick.
Smile Nick. You are loved, don’t forget that.
And don’t forget that most people are just like You too.

No Fear.
Love Conquers All.


The problem is they want everything to collapse. The people behind all this don’t care about the mass of humanity, they want rid of us.


Not a chance of me having it. I’m currently employed but I am expecting that to change because of my stance on the covid jab. I’m going the distance and will never bend the knee.


there is worse things than losing a job mate, lost mine a couple of months ago could not care less, that will be their last throw of the dice to get us to take the jab, as it stands I don’t think this is legal, but there would be no problem to put a bill through Westminster more so with those fucking treacherous bastards the so called labour party voting with them, to stop us from working they will use the insurance companies, companies that employ non vaxxers will see their premiums go through the roof making it hard to keep going, so they will have a choice go under or adopt a vaxxed employee only, before anyone thinks they will never get away with that just look at the last 12 months, plus it would suit the agenda of gates big pharma and the government by getting nearly everyone jabbed. Good luck mate hope it works out for you.

Thanks for sharing as an expat stuck behind closed international borders in QLD Australia and family in the UK fast asleep to what is going down I get my news from you. I am sure this is coming to QLD as soon as they start to roll this toxic shit storm out in the next 10 days. Watch our numbers increase and the deaths start to rise.

Keep up the amazing work Richie. Your show and guest speakers are fantastic and its good to be able to listen to journalists who question and have integrity as most these days have sold their souls

In prep for the jab Sky News are out in force to spread their agenda


I’m also in this for the long haul. Absolutely nothing would persuade me to have this experimental vaccine. My worry though is that they might split families up because of vaccine refusal. It wouldn’t surprise me if they threatened to remove children of unvaccinated adults. They are getting desperate now.

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