RIP Jordan Maxwell

I’ve just learned of the sad passing of Jordan Maxwell. What a great man he was. I last spoke with him a few months ago, to arrange for him to come back on the radio with me. He sounded frail and said that he hadn’t been well.

I first met him in late 2010, when I was presenting an evening show for Talk Radio Europe. I knew next to nothing about the occult or symbolism, so I invited him to come and do a show with me. We hit it off immediately.

Jordan came on regularly after that first show. He was incredibly generous with his time and always patient with my MSM style probing. I would jump in often and say things like “sure nobody would believe that Jordan, that’s crazy!” Or, “Where’s the evidence man?!?”

However, I would then back off and listen to his answers. He told me that he loved it, the robust nature of those early chats. Later, as I came to understand a little more of the subject, I’d ease off on the interruptions and just listen. I’m glad I did. What an education it was.

He opened my eyes to the world of secret societies, ancient and modern and the part they continue to play in manipulating global events. He taught me and my listeners about maritime law, common law, the power of words and images, the supernatural and much more.

He was always available and never asked for anything in return for giving so much of his time.

I never met him, although I did invite him to come and visit us a few years back. I planned to book a venue so that Jordan could deliver a lecture. The ticket sales would’ve covered the cost of the trip. Obviously, it never happened. How I wish it had.

I’ll leave plenty of room for your tributes to Jordan on this evening’s show. I offer my sincere condolences to his family, friends and legions of readers and followers around the world.

I loved him and I’ll miss him.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.



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Great communicator. There’s quite a few videos of him on You Tube.


“The Chief Cornerstone”

~Jordan Maxwell


Lovely tribute on Thursdays show Richie ashamed to say didn’t know much about Jordan Maxwell. Definitely need to check out the information he was putting out.


Jordan Maxwell’s Final & Most Controversial Lecture EVER… An Exposé Of Secret Societies via the UAMN TV youtube channel

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Jordan Maxwell’s Final & Most Controversial Lecture EVER… An Exposé Of Secret Societies via the UAMN TV youtube channel

Dean Smith

Only just caught up. I used to say to the wife, I’d love to have a holiday in Jordan’s Maxwell’s brain… just to have a day. The man was inspirational. Hes done what he needed too… and checked out just at the right time in this crazy world….. so can’t be too sad…. he had a great innings and certainly knocked many minds for six. ❤❤🙌

Deb Griffiths

I first came across Jordan around 18 years ago, he was one of the first to open my eyes to what is really going on. Its a sad day that he has left us, but he truly has deserved his eternal rest, or big party in the sky, which ever it is!
God bless Jordan Maxwell for all his hard work, and amazing knowledge, he will be truly missed.

Stephen Cronin

He was the first person that opened my mind to how the world really works. Great man.

Safe journey Jordan!


Loved listening to Jordan, rest in peace xx


Him and Jo Ann Hughes of the byte show ,,, wonderful people … loved dearly

John Roarty

Such a great man and passionate to educate us beyond this 5 sense reality bubble. His knowledge lives on at Rest in peace dear man.


Gone but never forgotten, RIP Jordan.


The common law info is something everyone needs to look into,its not taught in schools for good reason.

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RIP Jordan Maxwell.


God bless you and your friends

ian heaver

Well how bizarre – I was thinking just this evening that I hadn’t seen any Jordan Maxwell videos for ages so played one of his videos on YT where he was talking about Maritime law. Immediately after that I played Richie’s show from this evening (on Podcast) and Richie told us the very sad news that the great man had passed away. I have been watching Jordan’s stuff for about 15 years after watching a video of him with David Icke. He was one of my favourites to listen to at a time when very few people were talking about the kind of things he talked about and he was a very knowledgeable guy. Great tribute from Richie at the start of this evening’s show – RIP Jordan !


would love to hear those old old interviews richie. podomatic only goes back so far

Darren Of Norfolk

Thankfully, interviews with Richie and Jordan Maxwell are still on youtube.


Requiescat in pace. He will not be forgotten. Blessings be upon him.

Neil James

Rest well, J.M.

Jon Taylor

Rip Jordan. His conscieness has gone to where ever our conscieness goes because whatever we are apart of here it is infinete and eternal so we can’t add or take anything away from it. Loved hearing him on your show richie.


God’s got his hands full tonight, let’s hope Moses Tablets fully charged to Google it.

RIP Jordan Maxwell


This generation of truth tellers were so important to our understanding of what is happening today. We owe them so much.


I loved his conversations with Bill Cooper! Learned a lot from both and enjoyed listening his lectures, he will be missed!


Jordan will be missed, he was one of a kind. so knowledgeable. I shall raise a glass tonight for the man! R.I.P.


God bless Jordan. Very sad news to hear of his passing. I was just listening to him talking about the ‘Jesuit Gatekeepers’ and turned it off to put the Richie Alllen Show on! An amazing person and a mine of information. He will be missed. RIP xxx


Great interviews with Jordan Richie / raise a glass of whiskey for him today! Jay from Drogheda 🇮🇪


I believe Jordan was the first time I heard you, Richie. I had been researching trauma and abuse, and found the rabbit hole concerning ritualistic abuse, and somehow interviews with Mr. Maxwell came up, on your show. So, bless him for his life and work, and for opening the door to you! Peace and ease to him, and us all. I shall raise a parting glass…


Jordan was wholly for waking me up 14 years ago. I was researching the Templars and Freemasonry and came across a video of him. He casually mentioned something about either money or birth certificates as a throw away line and I went ‘WHAT! – that can’t be true’. Started following bread crumbs deep down the rabbit hole, didn’t sleep for three days and never looked back.
Thank you Jordan, I owe you so much.


‘wholly responsible ‘… my mistake


“The mind is like a Parachute, if you don’t open it, it won’t work”

~Jordan Maxwell

“Jordan Maxwell – Knowledge Is The Key”

Dean Smith

That’s just the best quote…

Bruce Botrel

Jordan saw the bigger picture, now he has a better view, wish he could have one more chat with you now Richie.


I’m somewhat ashamed to say I’d never heard of Jordan Maxwell until recently, but not too late; his words and works live on and I will get into them. Good men don’t seek greatness; good men have greatness thrust upon them. Rest well.


An amazing man Jordan will be greatly missed, my condolences to his friends & family R.I.P Jordan Maxwell ❤️

Dove Rock

MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON Jordan. A GOOD MAN…Guess he knows now… rip. Sad news

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Paul Le Wulnatz

Richie, I just found out about Jordan via the live show. I’m so sorry to hear that he has passed – he was such a great mind – his grasp of the meaning of language was absolutely fascinating to hear and was always a highlight when he appeared on your show. Listening to him speak was wonderful and I always had the impression that he was a genuinely lovely guy – he came across as being very affable, bless him.


Simon Thomas

Legendary Researcher… Will be surely missed, and remembered…XXXX

Mark Bajerski

An true inspiration in my life. Like many true artists his work will have more value from today……god bless Jordan, you did your best and that’s all that matters. love Mark

ian heaver

A lovely message Mark from one great man to another !

Truly sad news about Jordan Maxwell. He sacrificed so much for his Research, and had so much knowledge about issues most of us could never come close to understanding. RIP to a great man.

Taffy Canuck

Some of Jordan Maxwells
interviews scared the piss out of me…he went deep for sure..he will be sorely missed


One of the original critical thinkers, he was responsible for a jot of people looking at the world with a different view, RIP

Cliff Charlton

One of the pioneers of alternative information. He helped everyone that listened understand what a strange but wonderful place we live in. Good bye for now wise elder god bless you Jordan.

Scottish John

He’s gone to join Jim Marrs. The angels will be fighting for seats to listen to them.


I first heard of Jordan when I started listening to you and then David Icke a few years back. I always found him fascinating and enjoyed his talks and interviews. He seemed like a man who was far more interested in acquiring and imparting knowledge than in material possessions. I shall be sorry not to hear him again but I do believe there are realms beyond this one which are better than the cesspit we are currently living in which he has now escaped.

That’s a very nice tribute Richie. Bless you Jordan and thanks for all that you did.

Michael O'Connell

I first discovered Jordan around 2004 when I first got Internet at home. First question I asked the Web was “who rules the world” because I instinctively knew it wasn’t your wash n go politicians. One of the first things that popped up was Jordan Maxwell and down his rabbit hole I went
I’ve learned so much from this great man
I’m sure Richie will agree that we stand on the shoulders of giants and my god Jordan Maxwell was such a giant. Rip 🙏 brother

Last edited 3 months ago by Michael O'Connell

I am not really familiar with Mr Maxwell: however, his passing does highlight something.
The old school delvers into the hidden are gradually disappearing. They have not been numerous to begin with and it seems that they are being replaced with less and less ‘new blood’.
As it stands, I don’t know any youngsters with that level of curiosity and enquiring nature; and even when (just over a decade ago) I worked in a Further Education college, despite being on good talking terms with a great many students, I knew barely anyone who was truly able to ‘think outside the box’.


Yes. Well observed.

Lord Gorringe

Bless ya Jordan, ive been reading you and listening to your lectures for decades.
The Grandaddy of the occult and esoteric and only to findout a few years ago that you were close friends with Manly P. Hall and inherited his works.. No wonder, thank you for your Lifes work!

Richie, perhaps you could run your interviews with Jordan after the RA show, or perhaps a special ‘sunday melodies’ dedicated to Jordan full of the interviews?

Been listening for nearly 7 years, and have never missed an episode. Gotta say it took me a while but im now a regular to sunday melodies as well, now that you do add a little current affairs. Love the random musical stories.

Hope you are still finding vinyl bargains on Discogs matey 😉


That’s a good idea about re-running Jordan’s interviews, perhaps one or two a month when Richie doesn’t have guests scheduled rather than on Sundays. Someone had downvoted you, goodness knows why. Anyway I’ve wiped that out.

Lord Gorringe

God knows, probably one of the troofer industrial complex.. unless its Richie himself who got a broken record in the post and is none too happy about Discogs! ha ha!

Thank you kindly!

John Heffernan

Well said Richie…


A beautiful and fitting tribute Richie. Thought of you as soon as I heard the news (20 mins ago!) RIP Jordan x

Trying Tracy

Such sad news. I found Jordan about 10 years ago, we came across a recording of him talking about maritime law. What a great man. I truly can’t think of anyone who can replicate his knowledge and the soft tones he used to express it. RIP

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