Risk Of Blood Clot From AstraZeneca Jab Has DOUBLED

The risk of suffering a serious blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine has doubled in the last fortnight according to new research. Despites this, the UK regulator continues to claim that the benefits of having the jab, outweigh the risks.

New data from the Medical Healthcare products and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reveals that blood clot cases have risen from 79 to 168 since April 8, and deaths from 19 to 32.

Now it’s claimed that the risk of developing a blood clot has gone up from one in 250,000 to around one in 126,600. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended that the under-30’s are given an alternative to the AZ jab.

The MHRA has updated its advice and is now urging people to contact a doctor immediately, if they experience a severe headache from around four days of vaccination, which doesn’t improve with painkillers and feels worse when lying down or bending over.

The regulator also warned people to contact a GP if headaches are  accompanied by blurred vision, confusion, difficulty with speech, weakness, drowsiness or seizures.

People are also being asked to look out for a rash that looks like a small bruise or bleeding under the skin, shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling and persistent stomach pain.

In a crass and unbecoming tweet yesterday, I suggested that you’d have to be “off your tits” to have the AstraZeneca jab or any other covid vaccine. Cracks are appearing in the dam. These treatments (they’re not vaccines), are not safe. They could kill you.

Never forget that they were given emergency use authorisation and the manufacturers have been indemnified against liability. Unsurprisingly, none of the UK news channels are covering this story this morning.

A journalists job is to inform the public. I am informing you now. They have admitted today that there is a 1/126,000 chance of developing a blood clot. A blood clot can kill you. What’s the real figure? It seems that the more research they do, the more the odds narrow.

You’ve probably had covid-19 and never noticed. The odds of becoming seriously ill or dying from it are astronomical. There is absolutely no benefit to taking a chance with one of their experimental drugs.


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This is how you know this whole gene therapy program is ridiculous. In this article in metro they said you must wait 4 weeks after a test from Covid before getting vaccine.

Hold so that must mean they are not giving the vaccine to people who are “ill with covid”.

Why wouldn’t you give someone then the cure if they are ill will something. Unless it’s not a cure! How obvious is that for people not to see!!!

Wayne Teachman

EVEN the Corporate run CDC has taken down the results and number of killed by their jabs but the beautiful thing is more than half refused the jab and far more refused another so know that the overwhelming amount know what and who is killing the World Population through Genocide using Treasonous Gov. Frauds


Here in Oz the vaccine rollout is going very slowly, with predictions that it will be the end of 2022 before everyone is vaccinated. The huge vaccine centre in Melbourne looked totally empty last week. Hopefully Ozzies are waking up, but I’m not holding my breath as there are plenty of masked zombies still walking around.

Danny Warden

Here in France we are all mostly sceptical about the jab. Having said that , it seems only senior citizens are wanting it and my belief is it’s because they watch mainstream media and don’t go onto the internet to research this death in a bottle.


I write as an ex-nurse and midwife with 25years experience of giving vaccines, total must be in the thousands and included live vaccines, vaccines for travel, pain relief and occupational vaccines. I, myself, my partner, my kids have had all our vaccines as required so I could not be classed as an ‘anti-vaxxer’. My professional roles’ included mandatory annual Anaphylaxis/CPR update Training and the trainer would always start the session with ‘well, has anyone had to deal with an anaphylaxis case following administration of a vaccine?’. In all my updates NOT ONE staff member said they had had a case
of anaphylaxis to deal with following the administration of a vaccine. I put this comment in the comments page of a national rag where two other nurses also said the same and between us we had 100years experience of giving vaccines where NO ONE HAD EVER HAD AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO A VACCINE! Zilch, nothing. But as those in the know are aware, these mrna gene therapies are not really vaccines are they? The numbers of serious side effects already with these therapies should surely be reason enough to halt the programme, but then it is not really about protecting health. How these lying b@$t@rd$ sleep at night is beyond me.

Danny Warden

They sleep very well at night because they are not like us. They are psychopaths!!

Number 6

Last week I took the risk assessment hospitals use to determine your risk of death from covid on behalf of my friend. She is forty, no other risk factors other than being slightly overweight. So filled in the form with her info. She had a 1 in 144,000 chance of death from covid. She is still going to take the vaccine so she can go on holiday! The concoction she will take has near same risk of getting life threatening blood clot. I have given up trying to persuade people even dear friends. As someone once said, ‘stupid is as stupid does’.


Not sure if you can make out the screenshot I have taken from a newsletter sent to all members of the UNITE union. I was amazed to find that members of a trade union who question the vivid narrative are now considered’far right conspiracy theorists’ …. Who knew?!


**covid** not vivid. Blimmin’ auto correct


Bloody “Predictive Testicles”
Sorry “Predictive Texting”!!!!


That is both hilarious and scary. How on earth can shilling for Big Pharma be “left wing”…!?


I’ll be the 7 billionth in the queue for mine…. everyone else can fill their boots.

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