Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that a reported chemical attack in Syria was in fact staged by foreign actors. In a press briefing today,  Lavrov said that he had "irrefutable evidence" that the attack was staged as part of a "Russophobic campaign" led by a certain country. He wouldn't name the country though. However a spokesman for Russia's Defence Ministry had no such qualms. "We have... evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organising this provocation," Igor Konashenkov said.

What a week it has been eh? It began last Saturday with the alleged attack in the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma, reportedly killing dozens of people. On Sunday every Western based news agency was blaming the Assad government for it, despite offering no proof whatsoever to substantiate their claims. This was followed by a bizarre series of Tweets by US President Donald Trump in which (to paraphrase him) he said that missiles would be in the air soon, smart missiles of course and that Assad was an animal for gassing his people. To be fair his Tweets have since taken on a more measured tone. The psychotic political class, save for Jeremy Corbyn and a few of his allies, have spent the week baying for blood, while being egged on by the impotent media. There's more spunk in the testes of Nevada State Boxing Commissioners than the UK's media right? The Russians and their Syrian allies offered to pave the way for the World Health Organisation and the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to come in and investigate the claims but Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron, the French President, said that he had proof that Syria was behind the attack. Theresa May's cabinet convened and concluded that there must be a response. What a despotic, vile and utterly criminal woman.

Of course Assad didn't gas his people last week. The Syrians, backed by Russia had just taken back the area, there was nothing to be gained by dropping chlorine gas on anyone. He wouldn't do it anyway, why would he? The Zionist-Neocon cabal is way behind in the game. Their Greater Israel project plans are in total disarray. Syria was supposed to have fallen five years ago. It hasn't, thanks solely to Russia. We know that the Americans supplied the means to make Chlorine gas to the so called Syrian opposition. That's a sick joke that, the Syrian opposition. There's no opposition, just a bunch of sick head-choppers, let loose on the country to wreck it like Libya was wrecked. Sadly Gaddafi had no big brother to stand shoulder to shoulder with him or the cabal would have failed there too. This latest false flag in Douma was predicted by the Russians on March 17th. They said the West would stage a chemical attack and use it as the basis for air strikes. Let's see what happens now. The Russians are standing firm and have reiterated that they will retaliate if their forces are fired upon. The question is, how far are Trump, May and Macron prepared to push it? Let's hope not too far eh?



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