SAGE Calls For Two-Week Circuit Breaker After Christmas

There have been reports overnight, that SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) has recommended a two week circuit breaker lockdown after Christmas, to slow the progress of the omicron variant.

Articles in some newspapers this morning suggest that the Prime Minister will attend a hastily convened COBRA meeting this weekend and that an announcement on further restrictions may be imminent.

According to The Mail Online:

SAGE’s scientists are warning that Christmas may have to be cancelled for a second year with calls for a two-week circuit breaker lockdown and a ban on indoor mixing to stop hospitalisations from the Omicron Covid wave peaking at 3,000 a day. 

Leaked minutes of a meeting of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) warn that restrictions are needed ‘very soon’ to avoid hospitalisations rising to 3,000 a day.

During the meeting on Thursday, the experts backed a ban on indoor social contact and hospitality. In what could be a blow to Britons planning New Year parties, they want fresh measures to come in before January 1.

The Times is reporting this morning:

Meeting other people indoors would be banned for two weeks after Christmas under plans being drawn up for a “circuit breaker” to slow Omicron.

Ministers are due imminently to present proposals under which England would return to restrictions last seen in April after models suggested that this could halve a peak of hospital admissions that might otherwise break the NHS. However, Boris Johnson has not yet approved the plans and insisted yesterday that he was not “closing things down”.

The government said yesterday, that more than 93,000 people tested positive for covid on Thursday, a new record. I don’t believe them. They continue to claim that cases of the ultra-transmissible omicron variant are doubling day by day. I don’t believe that either.

We are warned repeatedly, that the new scariant might overwhelm the sacred NHS. This is utter nonsense. I repeat, the total number of NHS hospital beds in England has more than halved in the past 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2019/20.

In 1988, the UK population was 56.9 million. Today, it’s 68.4 million. Keep sharing this irrefutable fact with your friends, families and co-workers until it gets through their thick fucking skulls. The NHS isn’t fit for purpose.

This morning, more than 10,000 beds are occupied by seniors who are ready to be discharged, but can’t be, because the social care crisis means that there is a massive shortage of carers available to look after seniors in their own homes.

Neither covid nor Winter flu is overwhelming the NHS. It has been systematically destroyed by successive governments. It hasn’t been mismanaged, it has been deliberately undermined. You’ll never read what I’ve written here in a national newspaper, nor will you hear it said on television or radio.

Imposing life-sucking, authoritarian restrictions on society has got nothing to do with protecting the National Health Service or keeping people safe. It’s all about the jabs, stupid.

As many as six million people in the UK have not had a single covid jab. This won’t be tolerated. The un-jabbed will be blamed for the reintroduction of lockdowns. The calls to exclude us from societal participation will grow louder, as will calls to mandate the damned things.

Buckle up. We’re in for a bumpy ride.




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Here is old snake eye’s in his latest sinister vaccine ad, who in their right mind would do anything this creep tells them to do.


More like “Get digital ID’d now!!”

Anyway there’s only one way to exorcise this bastard…

Over to you Colm:


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Look at his eyes, as simon and garfunkel might have said ” hello darkness my old friend “.


Yeah.. I’m seeing demonic possession alright..

No doubts he’s had one or two indoctrination smacks during his time!



Alright Gerry. The krankie’s eyes are the same, same with biden, not sure what is going on with these ” people ” but something is not right.


Possession Martin.
Something got in there..

And it’s not for leaving!!..


David Farrell

I personally, from day one, have never listened to these cunts, and never will. From day one, I’ve had my Sunday lunch with my mum and my brother with his family every week. While other scared little sheep were having Christmas alone, we had a big family one! This bald headed cunt can go fuck himself, and God help him if I ever come across this prick in the street!


🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


Brilliant mate, merry Christmas.

David Farrell

Thanks. Same to you too

Last edited 1 month ago by David Farrell

Yaaaas, spot on, LOVE your comment !!!!!


Let’s remind ourselves what the NHS has to say about respiratory infections:

‘Most RTIs pass within 1 to 2 weeks. You can usually treat your symptoms at home.’

Curiously enough, the same time frame required to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’.
It’s as if the newly vaccinated are an infection risk to other people.


and where does whitty and co expect people to find jobs and how do they actually expect the economy to function? lockdowns did not work 2 yrs ago they aint gonna work now, Also interest rates went up a few days ago and this can only mean more rises in the future which will cripple the economy.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

Interest rates went up a quarter of a percent. That isn’t much to worry about. The pre-jab Covid attributed death rate was close to those figures. The far bigger hike in inflation is a greater concern.


indeed regarding interest rates, above I mentioned that I expect more rate rises in the future, yep the rise was only a quarter percent at the moment, but, in say 2 – 3 yrs time it could be a much higher interest rate.


The Government have painted themselves into a complete corner on this. They have such colossal levels of debt combined with a huge housing bubble that any serious rise in interest rates would simply collapse the economy. We have had decades of completely irresponsible economic mismanagement. On the other hand if inflation really gets going (and it doesn’t need to be hyper inflation about 30% or less would do it) the economy will similarly collapse. They are between a rock and a hard place. The Federal Reserve attempted to raise interest rates in the United States (the taper) and the economy immediately began to tank resulting in them having to be lowered once again. This will end in the Great Reset.


Dear Richie thanks so much for all your hard work. I love reading your articles and use and pass on the invaluable info therein. I went to the Royal Opera House the other night to see The Nutcracker which was wonderful. Unfortunately only about 6 of us were unmasked. Its disheartening to say the least. These people are not making the connection IT DOES NOT WORK. THEIR MEASURES DONT WORK!!!!!! Aggghhhhh. I know what its costing you mentally to keep doing the same thing over and over and seemingly banging your head against a brick wall.


2 weeks leading to a year or more.
The Cov’Idiots will lap it up

Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 6.03.26 pm.png.jpg

Just read an interesting article proving the lies about only 5 million who have not yet been jabbed, the figure is more like 23.5 million. Just one of the many lies which continue to be rolled out. We are not alone!


Brilliant article, I just knew there was far, far more of us non jabbed folk out there. When they start their vaccine mandatory nonsense, then I’d like to see them fine all of us, the Courts would collapse. We are not alone, there is a HUGE resistance, hold the line xx


I’ve revisited my knowledge of the basics of vaccination.
The purpose of a vaccine is to introduce the infection into the body (in an alleged controlled fashion). So it’s hardly surprising that they can run with the story of increased cases/Covid outbreaks, etc and can claim Covid deaths.
From a particular point of view (as Obi Wan said), they are telling the truth.
Covid cases. Covid infections. Covid injuries. Covid deaths.

Vaccine induced spread.

Now, in the case of infections spread through direct body, or body fluid, contact there is a good case for vaccination as there are less natural defenses.
But this is not the case with respiratory infections. For a start, not everyone will come into contact with it, especially in outdoor spaces.
And when they do, we have a multilayered defense system – from the fine hairs in our nostrils to the saliva glands and mucus membranes our our mouths, sinuses, and respiratory tract.

Basic stuff really.

Anything that transitions from lungs to blood stream will be the remnants of the infection that is much easier for blood based immunity systems to deal with.
Vaccines for respiratory infections does an end run around most of our defenses. So the touted idea of ‘controlled exposure’ no longer holds up, does it?

Is my reasoning flawed?


There are no so called ‘vaccines’ for respiratory illness and never will be as they do not work for those types of illnesses.
The Flu Shot is a perfect example of that.

They have been trying for decades to produce these and now ‘Kill’ Bill Gates has said that they are producing a combined flu/covid shot. The gullible and none educated will take this when it is offered as a ‘miracle’ cure.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

Simple reason it’s impossible to vaccinate against these viruses is the fact that they mutate constantly.
So, the ‘virus’ that leaves your body after you’ve become infected with it, will have minutely different genetic coding upon exiting as it will have been altered by your immune response!

Hence the origin and creation of variants!

Which basically guarantees that they can run with this scamdemic shit show for eternity if they so choose as it’s impossible to run out of variants!!

Or until everyone is signed up to the new digital ID social crediting total surveillance enslavement system..

Whichever comes first!!


Gerry the whole virology department, or ” science ” needs to be revisited. Infection is real no question, but is it caused by a virus or other means, fuck knows. The old covid narrative is in my mind garbage, or any cold or flu narrative for that matter, if you look into the greatest of them all the so called ” Spanish flu ” you will find it was not an infectious disease, so what what was it ?, smoke and very dark mirrors at play mate, and a lot of $$$$$$$$.


It’s all only a dose to me Martin.
I’ve studied this a little back in the day, so I’ve some limited knowledge on the topic.
To me, natural immunity is the optimum defence against any flu/cold bug and to risk this in the name of government coercion underwritten by globalists disguised as big pharma is the ultimate mistake to be made by any idiot who buys into this bullshit.
You reap what you sow in this world I’m afraid, and there’s a hard lesson to be learned by many a sheep yet, as this story unfolds.
For some it’s instant, others it’s days or weeks, others it will be months or years..

But one by one everyone who’s taken this poison will pay the ultimate price.

Whether it’s their freedom or their personal liberties, or eventually their lives…

Sooner or later the price for this catastrophic error in judgement will have to be paid.

Mark these words.


It’s another reason why there was no ‘flu’ last year. Far less people were getting a flu shot. And those that did we not mixing and spreading their manufactured illness.


Dr Graham Downing did a very good presentation on Flu Shots and the correlation of cases of the sick and hospitalisation increasing from 2017.

As the march to mandatory vaccination builds, 2016 saw another wave of flu vaccination of children across the World. To some, worryingly, the flu vaccination was administered en masse at schools across the UK against the wishes of many parents that do not want medical procedures merging with the school timetable. They could not see the point of it and some feared it may cause harm. The argument that mass vaccinations are justified to protect the health of our communities just doesn’t wash with them. They fear we living in an insane World where common sense and science are being ignored for profit and ulterior motive. Dr Downing uncovers the truth in ‘One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.’


Cheers for that. 2017, huh? That’s most interesting. I had my first ever flu shot in 2017. I didn’t ask for it; I was seeing the nurse for something else and the shot was in my arm before I knew what was happening.
For 3 weeks after I was really ill (the longevity, in particular, being previously something I had not experienced).
I took my concerns to my GP who dismissed the idea of any correlation.

The following year, 2018, I deliberately had the flu jab as an experiment.
I got the same result. And still my GP practice dismissed the idea of a correlation.

And this year, every time I have been in enclosed spaces with the recently jabbed I’ve been ill for days afterward.

I don’t care what the bloody ‘specialists’ say: I know a correlation when I experience it.


Agree with that.


Like you I have looked into vaccines these past few months. In no way a scholar on the subject, but here’s me, Jenner was a fraud, Salk was a fraud, Pasteur was a fraud and a prick. Answer me this Craig, how the fuck do you prevent people catching a disease by injecting them with toxic poisons, it’s basic common sense to conclude this theory is nonsense, voodoo science built on a mountain of lies. Vaccines are the biggest fraud carried out on the people of this world, for anyone that has looked and cannot see that, well go get that that booster eh.


These are excellent Martin (a must watch!) and go a ways to validating your thoughts!!

Dr. Sam Bailey “The Covid 19 fraud and war on humanity’

Part 1:


Yes. I too have had a bit of a look: specifically at the correlation of emergent new illnesses following vaccination programmes.

Paul G

Daily Expose have done an article stating 23 million have not had a first dose, not 6 million . Interesting if true


It turns out there’s way more unvaxed than they let on, some 23.5 million us. So put that in ya pipe and smoke it Sage twats!


The Omicron scariant will also be used as plausible deniability for the booster damage.

In essence this latest SAGE report amounts to a nightmare before Christmas to herald in the continuous nightmare which will be maintained indefinitely thereafter.

Sure, while they’re at it, we may aswell add in some flavours of our own..

Best get these out of the way now and perhaps enjoy the few days of peace when they arrive next week!!!



(Note: maybe there’s hope for poor old Joe here somewhere… Who knows?? 🤷)




Brilliant article Richie, I don’t believe a word they say about any of this covid/moronic nonsense, lies upon lies upon lies. That Whitty guy looks like he has literally slithered up from the depths of hell, the booster ad he did was insane, very, very creepy. The mass amounts of deaths that will come from those jabs will be blamed on ‘the omicron’ and all us lot, the unjabbed AKA the smart folk. Hold the Line xx

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