SAGE Scientist Says “Covid Made The World Go Mad” In New Book

A government scientist has claimed in a book to be published this week that, “lockdowns did more harm than good” and that the “elementary principles of epidemiology were misunderstood and ignored.”

Mark Woolhouse is professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, a SAGE adviser, and the author of ‘The Year the World Went Mad’, an insider’s view of tackling the covid crisis.

Woolhouse argues that Whitehall and the devolved UK governments made a total mess of dealing with covid-19. He claims this has left us with a legacy of unsustainable debt, bankrupt businesses and civil liberties undermined. He says:

“I did not expect that elementary principles of epidemiology would be misunderstood and ignored, that tried-and-trusted approaches to public health would be pushed aside, that so many scientists would abandon their objectivity, or that plain common sense will be a casualty of the crisis. Yet – as I’ve explained – these things did happen, and we have all seen the result. I didn’t expect the world to go mad. But it did.”

Woolhouse says that there was no analysis whatsoever of the harms lockdowns would cause:

“There was never at any stage, even by the following year, any form of analysis of the harms caused by lockdowns. Were they even considered? I haven’t seen any evidence that they were and that is very, very troubling.”

Nuance, Woolhouse argues, was notable by its absence wherever lockdown was discussed. He claims that supporting it was seen to be virtuous with dissenters being lumped in with Q-Anon fanatics and flat-earthers.

The Year the World Went Mad: A Scientific Memoir by Mark Woolhouse is out on Thursday.




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This is scary. his is easily one of the most frightening videos I’ve seen. It makes me cry for those who don’t see what they are trying to do by ushering in what they call the fourth industrial revolution. Gene therapy/gene editing/bio engineering/transhumanism/digital ID/social credit score… these will all lead to the loss of every freedom ever known. Listen to his words. Listen carefully.
But on the flipside it makes me so incredibly grateful that “I know that I know that I know” that I belong to God. Jesus is my creator, and no man can hack my soul. We need to pray for people to wake up and see these things for what they really are. #ButGod


Wouldn’t it be one for the history books if Putin was the leader who saved the People of the world’s freedom and liberty from Globalists
#russiaukraineconflict #NATO #globalelites #bidenadminstration…/putin-destroys-7-u-s…/


The world has gone mad. Commonsense has been killed.

Remember when they cut the 15 wait/rest tome after boosters were given?

Now look what’s happened:
Motoring experts in the United Kingdom have warned that insurance policies could be invalidated if drivers have an accident within 15 minutes of receiving their booster vaccination.

… 🤔 I wonder why?


Last edited 4 months ago by surroundedbymorons

I have noticed that since these injections have been rolled out, here in QLD, Australia, we are seeing an average of 4 single vehicle accidents a week now. Drivers hitting trees, running off the road, hitting walls etc, running in to the back of parked cars.


I am watching: Nuremberg 2.0 Videos on Instagram, about; The Covid Hoax.It makes interesting & eye-opening viewing. There is a Mock Trial; they are gathering evidence, hopefully to have a real Trial soon to bring: Gates, Big Pharma & our Governments to book!


They are doing a great job. I’m not a vindictive person but there are those who really need to go to prison because what they’ve done is so extreme. Petty criminals get sent to prison but the ones who commit horrendous crimes don’t. That needs to change.

Tony K

I’m on day five.
A long watch, but worth it to pick up a few things I’d missed.

I liked the way Reiner said he couldn’t do shit legally because all the courts are corrupt, but went ahead as a “people’s court”, so as jurors, we can make our own decision.

As many have said multiple times, regardless of specific doctrine, right now we all have to support anything positive for humanity, no matter what angle it comes from.


So agree with you, we need to support any positive movements. Do you have a link to these please as I’ve only seen part of the first day so far.

Tony K

Just posted links to all five days Jennie, post is currently “awaiting moderation” (due to the links which are from bitchute). Hopefully Hayden will clear the post shortly.

If not, they’re all on bitchute.


“Grand jury – day 1”
“Grand jury – day 2”


Thank you.


Re: your interview with Kevin Barrett; he spoke about friends of his having died of Covid. I did hear him mention: Hospital. A lot of people died as a result of hospital treatment. Ventilators, etc. I am reading: The Real Dr. Fauci. They explain in there about how Covid should have been treated to prevent complications & deaths. Unless Kevin knows the full details about his friends; I can’t believe his opinion.


The only reason people think it’s covid is because of the fake testing. There are no physical samples of this so called virus anywhere in the world, it is purely a fake computer mock-up. Those pictures we saw a while back of what the virus is supposed to look like was actually an artist’s invention.

Urban Fox

Very true Jennie. I didn’t agree with a word that Kevin said.

But regarding having known people that have died with covid. All that means is having tested positive with a fake test, which is absolutely meaningless. There are also many incidents of people going into hospital with nothing to do with a respiratory problem, and being put on the covid ward, because of the fake test. And being hooked up to machines and pumped full of crap and then dying of the treatment. Did you see the guy interviewed by Gareth Icke, who was in a minor car crash and they nearly killed him like this.?

And as i often say ”The numbers tell the whole story.” No excess deaths in 2020 and the disappearance of flue, can only mean one thing.

Or as David Icke put it, ” If you want to go with the official story, there is a 0.03 % death rate from cases. When we take the false positives off that number, that they have admitted to. And we subtract all the died with , rather than died of. What are we left with.? ” In other words zero deaths = no covid. Seems very simple to me. Basic mathematics.

How can normal flue kill 650 thousand over a six month period. This is apparently how they measure things.{ They take the 6 worst months in each country, and call it the flue season. } Yet covid doesn’t kill one person.? How is that possible if it is real. Which brings me back to my saying, ”The numbers tell the whole story.”


I haven’t listened to last night’s show yet. I like Kevin Barrett the same as with Tony Gosling but I don’t always agree with what they say. I’m like you in that to me the evidence that covid is fake is overwhelming and I don’t understand either why people can’t see it. The evidence in your post and that you have posted so many times is absolutely true and verifiable. I think I know the Gareth Icke interview you mean. I haven’t seen it yet but I will watch it later.

I’m going to read what looks to be a very positive article, that I’ve just received a link for from a friend, by a Dr Zach Bush who I haven’t come across before then I’m going for a walk because it’s actually not raining for a change. It’s been horrible here, cold, wet and very windy and no doubt it’s been the same there.

Urban Fox

Car crash man was from few weeks ago, on the link below.

Weather been very much like that here last few days. But mild today and the weekend jurying the days. Cold nights. Mostly dry and sunny. I should try and get to the park and church garden. Haven’t been since last year, and only 10 minutes away.


Thanks for the link. My walk was quite pleasant, definitely an inkling of spring in the air. Walks in a park and church garden, sounds very nice.


I’ve watched now and he was certainly treated appallingly. Apparently the hospitals in the US get a lot more money from the government for people who are put on ventilators so it’s greed not need that’s driving it.

Urban Fox

Hi J, yeah shocking interview.


Prime Minister and  part time Swami Justin Trudeau-Castro announced Wednesday that his  government will revoke the Emergencies Act (EA) despite it being  approved by the House of Commons on Monday. Trudeau had said at the beginning of the week that the EA was still needed because  his government was worried about further freedom-oriented activity from Canadian  truckers and patriots.

The drastic change in governance comes  as the Canadian Senate has spent the last two days debating whether to approve  the EA when a national emergency is not present.   Conservative Senator Leo Housakos has led the charge in the Senate, and he gave  an impassioned speech today against using the EA under the  circumstances.

This country is deeply divided like I’ve  never seen,” Housakos said. “It’s moments like this when the  executive branch of government and every prime minister has an obligation to put  the nations interests above the interests of himself, his party, and partisan  politics.”

Many Canadian Senators are independent, even if appointed  by a Liberal Prime Minister, and have expressed growing concerns that they  believe Trudeau thinks they are there simply to “rubber  stamp” his policies, even if  objectionable.

Canadian politicos have opined that Trudeau saw  the writing on the wall given the rising anti-Trudeau mood in the Senate and  that the PM revoked the act before he could be made to look foolish for having  invoked it in the first place.

Well, he can’t avoid that now?


An artist impression


Brilliant!! 🤣🤣🤣


Every “True Canadian” needs to get a print of this, frame it and hang it on their wall.
Every true Canadian trucker needs to do likewise and hang a copy in their trucks..
Then millions need to be printed up and mailed to the 🤬r personally…

….at regular intervals and for the rest of his life!!!

A constant reminder of how much everyone remembers him!!


No offence mate but nobody would hang that anywhere except a dart board.


None taken!
As that’ll work too!!


Spot on Jennifer, he’s revoking it to save his own skin.


Exactly Jennifer, well said. Cut n run Justin is a dirty rat trying to jump out of the sinking ship, a lot of them are, things are going to get very, very interesting!!


Oh Jesus… What happened to us?



Very good song. I ask myself the same question on a regular basis.


It’s a catchy tune Jennie and the video captures the meaning.
Though, I’m inclined to think it might be more true had he said ‘oh Jesus, what happened to them’ … But that probably wouldn’t have sounded as acceptable or pleasing to the ear!!!
Nor as acceptable to “THEM” (😷🐑) either!!

Peace! ✌️


Very true.

Urban Fox

Great stuff Gerry. Hope you enjoyed Bond spectacular.


It was excellent Fox!

Urban Fox

Glad you liked it. I find it very uplifting, watched twice now. I found this the other day. A beutiful woman doing a Bond acoustic cover.

No idea who she is, but she’s wonderful.


You’re being blinded by her Fox!
She can obviously sing, but like most of it these days, there are some vocal enhancement tricks at work also!
(Listen closely!)
The acoustic guitars sound authentic enough though!!



Brilliant music, very catchy, funny, sobering and sad all at the same time ❤


Cheers Layla!


Hi guys, my 13 year son came home with this propaganda nonsense yesterday, the wee booklet is quite the read, full of BS basically, I wouldn’t put it past those bastards to slip in a covid19 jab in this vaccine 🙁 The fact it’s given to the kids themselves in School and not sent to the parents, more dirty tricks!!!

20220223_084304 (2).jpg

The propaganda guilt tripping booklet, I read the first page which was more than enough, straight in the bin!!

20220223_084310 (2).jpg

The consent form for parents AND children to sign, my kid is 13 how an earth can he consent to medical procedures lol. The nanny state on steroids, straight in the bin with this crap too!!!

20220223_084353 (2).jpg
Urban Fox

This is shocking stuff. And relates to what i wrote about the other day. I believe they are going to change all the vaccines over to similar to whatever crap is in the covid ones. With the same or similar effects. And spread fear regarding existing illnesses and scares about new Aids variants etc. They have already started doing this. I think they are going to continue with the exact same routine just with labels other than covid. It makes perfect sense in a warped mind way. They have got the idea into peoples heads with covid, and the are just branching it out in new directions. They are using the schools and the teachers as weapons’ of the state to get at the young ones, whilst they are away from the parents. The wokeness of the multi colored children on the leaflet is also revolting. All very sinister manipulation.


I completely agree with everything you have said, they are clearly going full steam ahead with this agenda even though they pretend that it’s now ending. It’s the kids they are after and anything goes with any means necessary. Well spotted Fox about the wokeness on the front cover, it’s all through the leaflet, Chinese kids, Black kids, Spanish looking kids, ginger haired kids (that will be the Scottish kids lol) it’s missing them masked up though to add the cherry of wokeness on top lol. Oh and you’ll love this, it has a hashtag all through it which I found particularly disgusting #vaccineswork 🙁

Urban Fox

THAT IS F***ING UNREAL? A step to far. How bad can it get.


It will get worse before it gets better, so happy to be in the free thinkers gang, can’t even imagine what it’s like going along with this, NO WAY, gives me the heebie jebbies hahahaha 🙂

Urban Fox

Or BB jebbies as Richie said the other week.




I’ve got to the point where I no longer trust the medical profession. I’m not saying that there aren’t good doctors and nurses as individuals because there are but I don’t trust the system. I cancelled a small operation I was going to have as I didn’t fancy going into hospital.

I only ever had one vaccination as a child which was the only one then that was compulsory and as an adult I was told that I have a very strong immune system so that could be why. My parents were very wary about vaccines and I wish now that I had asked them why.


That’s exactly why you have a very strong immune system Jennie as you have not had mountains of dodgy vaccines which I know believe children do not need. The list of childhood vaccines now is off the scale, all in all it’s 18 jabs from birth to age 14, and that’s not including the yearly toxic flu jab, it’s insanity!! I don’t blame you for not wanting to go into Hospital in these times, but I hope it’s not a serious issue as it’s awful that they have made people wary of going in for op’s, but I would feel the same as you x


Taking the jab is like amputating one of your legs to avoid athlete’s foot.
Stay strong Layla. The mob don’t like freethinkers and even people who get paid to think.
The attached meme summarises a lot of aspects of the covid-19 psy-op.


LOVE this, bloody brilliant, cheers Aldo!! 🙂


Excellent. But he needn’t worry about my part of Ireland because most of them are still dutifully wearing their masks even in the street.


Aww it’s the same here in Glasgow, up at Tesco this morning and EVERYONE is masked, brave heart it is not 🙁


Most of my family are in Ireland- my sister told me that masks come off next week! Here in Queensland , masks come off on 4th March. What I ask is ‘why not NOW? or does the virus now have the ability to keep a diary? I have never worn a mask, in all of this madness, not even at work where everyone is doing so.


I know it’s crazy isn’t it. It will be interesting to see if anyone still wears them when it’s no longer a requirement. I’m like you I’ve never worn one but I’ve had quite a lot of comeback because of it.


That’s the science fiction.

The virus also carries a measuring tape (my mum’s very cutting observation), has a passport, uses a a calendar, learnt Greek last year, reads census data to know who’s who when socialising, can count past six, as groups over six is when it comes out to play, doesn’t need viral isolates (so it has even more super powers), it also knows if you are a politician so it stays away from them (e.g. Alok Sharma 30 countries in 6 months no quarantining, unless you are Starmer who is triple jabbed (allegedly) yet has self isolate at very convenient times of debate**), it also knows if you are dining in a restaurant or having a pub lunch with a scotch egg, also the variants or scariants that (the original recipe WuFLU or CCP Virus, Kent variant, Indian variant, Delta, Omicron* (transformer or decepticon?) don’t have separate serological test for the aforesaid scariants, it also knows if it is indoors or outdoors.

If there was a big, horrible, nasty virus going about, I’ll take my chances with the 99.97% recovery rate without taking the highly dangerous, experimental, still in trial jabs that have killed thousands and seriously injured millions across the globe. Fast food joints warn people of allergic reaction from certain ingredients, but doctors can’t even tell you what’s in the jabs let alone the side effects.

Influenza A and B vanished in 2020 and 2021 but the symptoms of covid-19 are very similar to the flu. People still didn’t figure it out as they were paid to allow their businesses and livelihoods to be destroyed.

SAGE advisors scientists (don’t mention the funding from Billy Poison Jabs and Melinda Gates Foundation) really make Monty Python sketches look tame.

It is a shame that the masses have been brainwashed, threatened, shamed, bribed, psychologically manipulated into forced compliance but more people everyday are awakening from the covid delusion.

The German Government circa WWII would be embarrassed by the quality and quantity of fear porn that was on 24/7 by a willing corporate media for the covid narrative.

I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I can read, even look up big words in a dictionary, write (pencil, pen and crayons), type, access the internet for over ten minutes without looking at naked women 35 years plus, sometimes remember facts, on a good day I can even count, refer to and cite peer reviewed studies, research the harm that drug companies have done to the unknowing public without prosecution (VIOXX and Brandy Vaughan RIP) and make my own mind up or even change it if I am wrong or need be depending on the actual research. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but only YOU can make life-changing decisions based on the quality and quantity of research that you perform. caveat lector (that means be aware of Hannibal Lector or let the reader beware.)

As Gerald Celente states emphatically, “They are making this $hit up!” Apologies for the profanity as I used the phrase SAGE advisor or SAGE scientist which is bona fide oxymoron.

*Omicron may be the common cold.

**Not really debate but a muppet show for the masses as voting is the adult version of letter writing to Santa.


This is brilliant lol, it should be shown on every telly, every channel until it embeds in the brains of the great deceived ones hahaha 🙂


Covid- madness- driven by MEDIA and Government – a campaign of fear. WOW folks, here in Australia we have a NEW WONDER DRUG to save lives from Convid- Stromectrol- made by Merce……$11 a tablet….. SURPRISE, it is re-packaged and priced IVERMECTIN!!


Innit amazing how the bastards try to wriggle out of it. This twot isn’t just disassociating hisself from the con but he’s making money by doing so, the fucking turd.


He needs flushing Abdel


God willing a flushable turd.


Its rats jumping from the sinking ship!!!!


These fckers have some brassed neck , It’s their PSYCHOLOGICAL war that has sent the SHEEP insane !!!!!! 2 examples of this are those STILL WEARING MUZZELS, WHILST OUT WALKING OR IN THEIR CAR ALONE, and those other FCKWITS Roll up their sleves without question for EVERY ARM SPEAR

Urban Fox

Everything that caused harm over the last two years was down to mistakes and stupidity. How many times have we heard this since March 2020.?

Surely it is obvious that if you force businesses to close there doors for months, many will not survive, particularly the smaller ones. Leading to the loss of independent livelihoods and job loses. Which in turn will lead to more dependence on the state.

From a health perspective, there are study’s that go back many years that link poverty with mental and physical ill health. Isolation is also known to cause great harm, and research shows that people who are more isolated, tend to be less healthier as a result of there isolation. They suffer from a whole range of increased health issues and have a lower life expectancy than people who are less isolated. How many more people will have suffered increased isolation and loneliness due to the lockdowns and other dictates during the covid era.?

Lockdowns were not just dreamt up overnight. But had been discussed along with the consequences several years ago, as a new way of handling pandemics. Lockdowns and every aspect of what was shortly to unfold was game planned at Event 201. Including the psychological manipulation of the public, using the media to put across goverment messaging, and the censorship and disruption of anything that went against the official narrative.

At the very beginning when the concept of lockdowns were first being introduced. People should have asked themselves.

*Why for the first time in history are such measures being taken.?

*Can such measures ever be justified.?

*What will happen in the future if we except this now, once the president has been set.?

As iv said before, if one wants to know what the agenda is. We have to look no further than the consequences and effects of the causes. This can be said both regarding the lockdowns and the devastation that the fake vaccine rollout has had, in terms of health and excess death numbers.

It is a mistake to say that lockdowns have done more harm than good. Because they have done no good whatsoever. Nor would they have done, even in the case of a genuine pandemic. Which is probably why such a thing was never attempted before. Only by spreading the fake science myth of asymptomatic transmission, were they able to justify them for this elusive new plague. The consequences however, have been nothing more than coldly calculated.

House arrest of the healthy and innocent should never have been allowed to happen, by the acquiescence of the public, and should never be allowed to happen again.


Superbly written. Thank you Urban Fox.

Urban Fox

Thanks Adam, good to hear from you. How’s things?


Blood still boiling. 😊 I’m not too bad thanks Mr. Fox.

Anne Talbot

Very succinctly written Fox, agree on all counts.

Urban Fox

Thanks Anne for that. Sorry for late reply, how are you? I fell asleep after i wrote the above, hence the late reply. As iv not been well. Missed the show entirely, that i dont remember doing before. So I’m just listening now, as woke up just in time for the repeat on the loop.

Anne Talbot

Sorry to hear that Fox, hope it’s not too debilitating and that you’re on the right side of recovery. I had a bit of a cold last week, felt a bit of a misery with it for a few days and that was it !
I didn’t catch the show earlier this evening either, kept getting an error message so I’m going to catch up now. You take care won’t you…

Urban Fox

Been in some pain, but a bit better at the moment thanks. Good show yesterday, shame i missed it live.


Sorry to hear that. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie, feeling a bit better. Just gonna pop out and then have something to eat and drink.


Well said Fox, we were treated like criminals from the very start of this planned agenda. Lockdown is a term they use in prison, like a punishment for us all as if we had done something wrong, just being alive and breathing fresh air is seen as highly criminal behaviour to the dark and sinister cabal. House arrest should never happen again, and the people should NEVER allow it to ever happen again, ever!!

Urban Fox

Thanks for your reply Layla, good to hear from you. How are you and the youngsters doing.?


We are doing great, thanks Fox, I hope you are well in this insanity lol? I posted some letters from Jimmy’s School, more vaccine rubbish, it’s never ending 🙁

Urban Fox

About the same here i suppose. The sun is shining today and my friend is coming over later, so that’s something.


It’s the little things that keep us going my friend, I hope you have a good night, it’s meant to be a stormy one tonight lol xx ps If your not feeling great but I hope your feeling better, give pine needle tea a go, it’s amazing!!!

Urban Fox



Good write up Fox..

Urban Fox

Hi Jake thank you.


The year the world went mad?
Last time I checked the madness lasted two years. In some countries like Australia and Canada it is still ongoing. Obviously, Neil Ferguson was doing the sums for him.
(Sweden didn’t fall for the madness – as Vichy legacy MSM seem to have forgot that fact.)
Over 700 weeks to flatten the curve. Originally two weeks.
In other news water is wet.

The governments made a total mess of it on purpose to usher or trial several deep state agendas (Klaus Schwab – freelance bond villain – The Great Reset). Cashless societies, Social Crediting (enhanced digital slavery or digital dominance), Geo-engineering, Centralisation of Power, Supply Chain “Problems”, Rising cost of living via oil and gas cartels, Billy Poison Jabs Vaccine Depopulation agenda with some soylent green, Blackrock and Vanguard owning most assets, George Soros funding BLM and antifa to improve his stocks and political gains.
But that’s all a conspiracy theory.

Which means that we are unable to debate the overwhelming evidence to support the current and upcoming accurate predictions that so called tin foil hat, anti vaxxers, critical thinkers and researchers (such as the late Jim Marrs, Bill Cooper – behold a pale horse, silent weapons for quiet wars) were warning the general public for years if not decades.

Last edited 4 months ago by Aldo

This is an article from 2015. The writer had a lot of foresight.

Why Canada Will Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau


Why do so many people never think outside the box? The crisis in Ukraine is a prime example: It’s all Putin’s fault. Putin is the aggressor. A population that believes every piece of information that comes out of the mainstream is very easy to manipulate.

Last edited 4 months ago by Adam

There is a lot of truth in what he says but what so many people still can’t see is that the chaos, businesses going bust & jobs being lost, people becoming divided etc is what it’s all about. These things weren’t a by-product of the fake pandemic, they were the purpose of it.

Urban Fox

Very true, you read my mind. Either that or great minds think alike.?


Oh definitely the latter, lol.

David Farrell

The things we’ve witnessed over the last couple of years I would have never believed could ever have happened in as far as human behaviour is concerned. Fighting over toilet roll! Walking in the middle of the road to avoid another human being! Driving their car, all alone, with a facemask on! People scared to leave their homes! People scared to see their loved ones! Emptying supermarket shelves with little regard for their fellow man! Queueing up to get an unknown experimental drug injected into them, only to continue behaving in a manner as just mentioned! MADNESS!!! How in the world did we get to this place??? What the fuck happened to us???

Last edited 4 months ago by David Farrell
Anne Talbot

Absolutely David ! Don’t forget the yellow arrow markings on the pavements instructing which direction you were expected to walk. At first that made me gasp in horror, then I just laughed at the lunacy while observing people adhering to them. The amount of times I felt compelled to sing along to that song from the Wizard of Oz“ Follow the yellow brick road”
Oh wait a minute ! … 😂


Mass delusional hypnosis, we see utter madness on a daily basis now.


Utter Madness. 🙄


LOL when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always more haha


Here’s a nice little tune to maybe compliment your thoughts David to serve as a reminder..

Lest we ever forget.


He should rename his book ,
“The Bleeding Obvious” would be my suggestion.


Like that!


I 2nd that.
I wonder if he spoke out at SAGE meetings and said that this is wrong or just kept quiet and took the ‘Kings Shilling’?

Urban Fox

Very good, i love the photo above.


Thanks Fox


I wonder if anyone actually spoke out at these meetings, if they did they would have just been silenced, or a threat of we are freezing your bank account if you don’t tow the convid line or maybe the rats are all trying to jump ship lol


Brilliant LOL 🙂

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