For the second day running former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will be quizzed by investigators looking into allegations that his 2007 election campaign received funds from late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Sarkozy vehemently denies the allegations against him. He is a stone cold liar, though lying is the very least of his crimes. Sarkozy, who was France's Interior Minister at the time, met Gaddafi in Libya in 2005. A memo obtained by  Mediapart (investigative journalism site) and handed to a judge in March 2012, revealed that the October 2005 meeting resulted in the “campaign financing” of Sarkozy being “totally paid”. The memo shows that €50 million was laundered through bank accounts in Switzerland and Panama. Accounts were opened in the names of family members of Sarkozy's UMP party. It wasn't very clever really. The money was used in Sarkozy's successful 2007 Presidential election campaign. 

Gaddafi met new President Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in December 2007 (that was quick) and the two men signed business deals worth billions of Euros. Sarkozy hailed Gaddafi and said that the Libyan's had stopped developing weapons, were no longer backing terrorism and had freed a group of foreign medics that July. You might remember that three years earlier in 2004, then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair met with Gaddafi in Tripoli. Blair said that Libya was no longer sponsoring terrorism and that Gaddafi's attitude to the west had changed. Also in 2004, Gaddafi travelled to Brussels and the EU was so delighted with him that it withdrew all sanctions on Libya. So these were great years for Libya and Gaddafi himself. Italy, under the premiership of Silvio Berlusconi, apologised for its historic occupation of Libya and agreed a $5 billion reparation package. Gaddafi in turn promised to do all he could to prevent illegal immigrants getting into Europe through Libya. This is very significant. Also very significant is the Second Africa - South America Summit, which was held in Venezuela in September 2009. Gaddafi attended and effectively sealed his fate and signed his death warrant by calling for a military alliance across Africa and Latin America to rival NATO. Gaddafi knew that Blair, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and the rest weren't really calling the shots. He knew that Libya, Syria and Yemen were in the cross hairs of the Neocon Zionists and international banking cartels who really pull the strings. Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez knew this all too well. Their plan for a NATO style alliance of their own was a pragmatic one.

Fast forward to early 2011 and the Arab Spring. Tunisia was first of course and then literally overnight, massive protests broke out across Libya. We now know that George Soros and his Open Society Institute was behind the funding of these so called opposition groups. These rebels were in reality made up of many radical Islamist extremists who had been smuggled into the country to spread violence and terror. Despite these "rebels" overrunning  Benghazi, Misrata, al-Bayda and Tobruk in February 2011, Gaddafi forces rallied and by late March were gaining the upper hand. That led to The UN declaring a no fly zone in order to protect the civilian population from government airstrikes. Real journalists knew that government forces were not targeting civilians, they were engaging foreign extremist mercenaries who were posing as rebels. NATO began bombing and killing thousands, France and Qatar began training and providing material support for the so called rebels, the country was turned into a hell-hole and Gaddafi was captured and murdered in October. In 2015 Westminster's Foreign Affairs Committee concluded after a two year investigation that:

.....the early threat to civilians had been overstated and that the significant Islamist element in the rebel forces had not been recognised, due to an intelligence failure. By summer 2011 the initial limited intervention to protect Libyan civilians had become a policy of regime change. However that new policy did not include proper support and for a new government, leading to a political and economic collapse in Libya and the growth of ISIS in North Africa.

Nicolas Sarkozy had a lot to gain from the sacking of Libya and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Sarkozy knew the truth. He knew that Libya wasn't a state sponsor of terror and that it had no intention to develop weapons of mass destruction. Yet Sarkozy called for regime change. He shouted loudest about human rights abuses and the threat to Libyan civilians. He led calls for the imposition of the no fly zone. I'm not saying that these were his policies, of course not. These decisions are made by others. Sarkozy, Blair, Cameron, Obama and the rest are merely puppets. But they do know the truth. Would Sarkozy have spoken up for Gaddafi had he not owed him €50 million? I doubt it. Will Sarkozy face real justice? I doubt it. He should be sent to The Hague along with David Cameron. I said on the radio show last night and I say it again, what will it take before people take to the streets torches and pitchforks in hand? We are led by psychotic, nation destroying, mass murdering, child abusing, gross perverters of all that is decent and virtuous. What a wonderful world.

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