SAS Bans Offensive Nicknames

SAS members have been told to stop using offensive nicknames. The ruling was made after an intelligence corps soldier complained after he was referred to as “green slime.”

Intelligence corps soldiers have traditionally been referred to as green slime because of the colour of their beret.

According to The Mirror:

Referring to the RAF as crabs – because their uniforms supposedly match a blue ointment once used to get rid of pubic lice – will also be outlawed.

And calling officers ‘Ruperts’ will no longer be tolerated.

SAS sources said the terms were just banter for stressful situations. But a memo was sent out by top brass after a male soldier complained.

An insider said: “The SAS thrives on banter as they have to do a lot of nasty stuff and it’s their way of dealing with it.

“They rely heavily on supporting units and although they use nicknames when dealing with them, it doesn’t mean there is no respect. It goes both ways.
“We could end up at war with Russia. Most soldiers have more to worry about than playful name-calling.”

Last year, SAS officers were banned from calling the SBS the ‘Shaky Boats Service’.

Clown world.



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This is my opinion, there are many like it but this one is mine.

I knew someone who was stationed in Afghanistan (early 2000’s after a certain false flag event) and he referred to the SAS as only working on Saturdays and Sundays. (Oops another offensive and hurtful term that the SAS will of course ban.)

I guess if your name is Rupert Green then you are by default banned from joining the SAS, unless he changes his name by deed poll.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, unless you are in the SAS. Another reference to the acronym.

Anyone remember the scene from Whoops Apocalypse (rated 15) with Rik Mayall leading his squad?

The intelligence corps officer that made the complaint has he not had any life experience?

It seems that the woke brigade (wonkers or wonkys) have infiltrated the SAS.


Brings a new meaning to the word SASsy


People have always used joking around to cope with stressful situations. As I’ve mentioned before a relative of mine who worked as a theatre sister in a hospital near what was then an accident blackspot said people would be shocked if they heard the black humour the doctors indulged in but it was how they coped with seeing smashed up and burnt bodies on a regular basis.

I’m sure the series Mash could never be made now because that was full of what is now deemed ‘offensive’ but it was actually very funny. Why don’t these people just live how they want to live and let others do the same?


That’d be way too easy Jennie, the entire ‘Woke’ business model is built around a constant diet of nit picking and excruciating micro management. To quote Reeves and Mortimer “they wouldn’t let it lie”!


Do away with the free banter and gallows humour as a way of coping and replace it with expensive counselling services.

Funnily enough, robots don’t banter…


So it’s come down to this, the trick to defeat the infamous SAS is not bullets and bombs but a loud speaker blurting nicknames.


Rassclaat!! Snowflakes have enter the special forces.


Now I’m triggered 🙂


Someone should explain to the philosophy of Sticks And Stones to these brave heroes.


It’s not the soldiers it’s the top brass telling them what to do.


This has got to be a joke isn’t it?? Big, tough soldiers offended over nicknames seriously???? They’re supposed to be the best of the best!! We’re doomed 🤦‍♀️

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