Scientist: “Hugging Is A High-Risk Procedure!”

Peter Openshaw, a professor at Imperial College London, told the BBC this morning that hugging is a “high-risk procedure” and that it’s best if we greet people at a distance with “a smile and a kind word.”

Openshaw is a member of  the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG). Speaking to BBC Breakfast he said:

“Some of us are quite happy not to be hugging and kissing many times on the cheek. This is a high-risk procedure, I would say in medical terms and I would certainly not be embracing people closely. I think you can greet people perfectly well at a distance with a smile and a kind word. I think we must be extremely cautious.

I think we’re all in agreement that this is a moment when we need to be very cautious if we’re going to preserve our freedoms going forward into the summer. The more cautious we are now, the more likely it is that we’re going to be able to open up as we hope to over the summer.”

Peter thinks it best that we avoid hugging and kissing in order to preserve our freedoms. I guess irony wasn’t on the curriculum when Peter went to school then eh?

Who the fuck are these people? Hugging, a high-risk procedure? Really? Is this Revenge Of The Nerds IV? Are we really listening to dateless wonders and geeks telling us when we can be intimate with each other?

I bet Openshaw married the first girl that laid him. The gloves are off now. It’s time to send these people up, to expose them for the lunatics they are. I said in a previous piece, that there was a time when the nations comics would be queuing up to annihilate Openshaw and his witchdoctor chums.

It’s time to laugh these goons out of town and out of our lives forever.


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I took this snippet from Share widely.


They’ve had a bee in their bonnet about us getting close to each other since the start. And even though a sneeze can travel 200ft, which would be the logical worry, they’ve settled on 2 metres. What happens at 2 metres? It makes me think that hugging must be REALLY important to our wellbeing.

Zac Baled

Just listening to Richie on the radio as im writing this…. I cant believe what these assholes are saying on a national radio station.
Hugging is now ‘A high risk procedure’ as in medical (surgery) terms, fffs am I really hearing this bollox? Lololol
Personaly speaking I think theyre having a fukin some sort of a retarded breakdown!
Fukin’ell do’s and dont’s of hugging (lol) There are even bigger assholes right now (within some of my family members) who are taking all this shit in.
I cant believe what im hearing. Lol.
What a complete fukin tw@theads

Last edited 28 days ago by Zac Baled

I have no idea just how these people keep a straight face whilst uttering this bilge.

Tadhg Shelly

i presume if you were receiving a fat checque for spouting this shit from big Pharma. you might consider going on the radio talking this nonsense too.


I feel that far too many of you aren’t taking this seriously. I wear a condom when I have a wank. You can never be too safe. God only knows where my hand has been. I saw a teen boy shaking his head at me at Walmart for not wearing a mask. I followed him and his mommy for a minute just muttering odd things about fear being a killer etc. Brainwashing is a crime.



Tim in Brazil

In Brazil it is obligatory to hug EVERYONE and kiss two or three times both on arriving and leaving a social event. As a conventional Brit I didn’t like it too much to start off with but now, after 30 years, I am used to it. It is all high risk stuff nowadays, especially with the undetectable Brazilian variant in our midst. WTF

Last edited 28 days ago by Tim in Brazil

I always greet people with a kind word and a smile, however Mr. Openshaw, this would not be extended to yourself, should I ever have the misfortune to bump into you. Probably two words, one ending in ‘off’.

Russell Jones

Hi Richie
Could you play a request for me and all of us who are marching to a different beat and banging a different drum! . “ They don’t own me “ by the great Richard Ashcroft


I’ve heard the term ‘Freedom Day’ being used to refer to the lifting of some of the restrictions today. I would prefer to call it ‘Hug a Mug Day’……what we should be doing, to the the ones that are really ‘far gone’ with all this bullshit… run up to them and give them the biggest bear hug they’re ever had in their life!!……….go on people, I dare you! In fact, I double fuckin dare you!! 😂😂😂


I’d rather it be punch a mug day. I’ve got all this pent up anger for the last 14 months. xx


We can do ‘punch a mug day’ tomorrow 😊. I’m in 👍🏻😂 xx

Urban fox

Very funny guys,you crack me up. 😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂




Freedom is to hug and kiss when we want.
He looks a smarmy twat.

Urban fox

” Sex crime 1984″ the song from the remake of the film, just came to mind. Amazing to think we have seen this in our lifetime. And that most simply except aIong with other things as perfectly normal. Without question as they have become so conditioned.I still have to shake myself every day to make sure I’m not dreaming. I know hugging and kissing is not sex. But there are people who have had to break the law to have sex with there own partners over the last 14 months.


That picture is traumatising me 😳


It’s a high risk procedure if you hug this slimy little fucker! He looks like a serial killer with good manners.


His bio states that he is a Professor of Experimental Medicine. You could always pop around to his laboratory at Imperial for some after hours fun.


A highly underrated film is ‘Equilibrium’. If anyone hasn’t seen, go watch. It’s rather pertinent.

Urban fox

Fantastic film. People should watch it and “Equals “as well. And read ” Brave new world. All show where we are heading. Chemical control. Good name for a book. Along with anotHer book I want to write called “It’s All bollockS.”

As I understand it, Ferritin is the spike protein being targetted by the jabs.

Urban fox

I heard of ferritin. And brief look at article. Implications are concerning. Means potential for some kind of magnetic control at some stage.?


Magnetic control through, say, a high frequency wireless signal.
Now, what does that sound like?

Urban fox

Yes 5G, Which is very harmful like all such radiation. Including the new smart meters. Up to 200 times radiation of a mobile phone.Apart from the control aspect,the health implications are horrific. And of course like the vaccine deaths,will all be put down to plague.Fake plague


Crossing the road is a high risk procedure. Climbing a tree is a high risk procedure. Using power tools is a high risk procedure. Riding on two wheels is a high risk procedure. Using a sharp knife is a high risk procedure.
And so many other day to day activities.
We only learn through risk and experience and as we get older are able to calculate personal risk assessments.
How about these fucking busy bodies piss off and mind their own business.


Yaayyy! I just scored the winner in the cup final! Now none of you bastids come near me with your deadly hugging…..could cause an unflattening of a curve or something.
We’re screwed

Stephen Hardy

Glad you mentioned the cup final! I caught the last half hour or: A world class goal and two world class saves, but at the end, I’ve never seen so much hugging and kissing on a football pitch, it’s like the players were making up for lost time! But that covid’s a clever little bug: it’s highly intelligent, can measure precise distances – in feet AND metres – it’s very polite, it won’t attack while you’re eating, and thus not wearing your face nappy, AND it’s very respectful, it won’t go anywhere near a football stadium!


I often wear a smile when I’m out and about these days. Kind words, however, are becoming harder and harder to achieve, where once I found it so easy.


I find it hard to even muster a smile these days. You’re doing well.


If I’m being completely honest, it’s more of a rictus smile. People have even told me they find it creepy, but that’s their problem.


🤣😳 don’t be going all ‘Tony Blair/Matt Cockhead on us!’ Now they are rictus smiles! I don’t believe for a second that you have one of those! 😄


Those aren’t rictus smiles; they’re psycho Joker smiles.🤡


Professor Openshaw comes from Imperial College who I believe have received grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation totalling 182 million pounds. I don’t think we therefore have to take him terribly seriously he’s hardly independent and merely speaks on behalf of his paymasters.

Gene Hunt

I really do believe we’ve been living out a twisted Monty Python sketch for the past year or so……….


We are just living in a time of incredible upheaval. People used to the stable agrarian, feudal societies must have felt as we do when industrialisation destroyed their lives; pagan societies when the One God faith destroyed their ways of life, etc, etc.
In the Victorian era and hugging and kissing wasn’t a popular pasttime (especially in public) and polite interactions tended to be conducted at a handshake distance.
Part of what we are seeing would seem to be a reining in of liberalism (which also happened in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia).

Gene Hunt

Don’t mention the variant!…… I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it!!
(I know I know, Fawlty Towers not MP!)

Last edited 28 days ago by Gene Hunt
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