Scientists Say Summer Covid Surge Is Likely – Pull The Other One

So-called experts are warning today, that the relaxation of coronavirus measures, means there will inevitably be a third wave of cases this Summer.

Professor Adam Finn, of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said that all the modelling points to a rise in cases, because many adults have not yet been immunised.

Finn said that the UK was still vulnerable and warned that the dates for easing restrictions may have to be adjusted. Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, Finn said;

“The models that we’ve seen on JCVI clearly point to a summer surge in cases as the lockdown is relaxed, because there are still many people in the adult population who’ve not been immunised.

The sense that the problem is all over, I’m afraid is a flawed one, we’re still in a vulnerable situation, and there are still significant numbers of people who potentially could be harmed by this infection if this happens.”

In England, the next relaxation of lockdown restrictions is due on May 17th. From this date, people can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors and six people or two households can meet indoors.

Adam Finn and his colleagues are scaremongering. They get away with it because of the corruption and ineptitude that is endemic in the UK media. The more that presenters fail to eviscerate these spoofers, the bolder they become. Their claims become more ridiculous too.

University College London reported three weeks ago that the UK has reached herd immunity against covid-19. The Office for National Statistics said last week that nearly one quarter of all deaths categorised as Covid-19 deaths were not caused by the virus. In reality of course, it’s a lot more than one quarter.

I’ve never said the virus is a hoax, but the pandemic is. There never was a pandemic. This has always been about the vaccine and the vaccine passports. Claims of Summer spikes and double mutant variants are nonsense. Don’t believe them. They’ve lied every step of the way.

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Ronald Templeman

They don’t stop trying and as for the Indian mutant, taking into account that the population is around 1390,5000,000 and 22,500 die a day normally. The Daily Mail say a shocking 1600 die of covid in a day, the above figures put things into prospective.


Ya, it is absolute nonsense and on the par with a deadly measles outbreak of 9 cases in the whole state of New Jersey.
Complete Tosh.


Time to up the cycles again. Who ever heard of a flu-like illness in the summer? Have people lost all experience along with common sense?


Otherwise known as Hay Fever!


The summer surge will be surge testing.
It’s bleeding obvious that is how they will keep their pandemic going until the winter.

Here in Baden-Württemberg they re-opened the schools in order to have healthy children tested, predictably the schools have closed again after less than a week because the infection rate is up.
We are under a 22:00 curfew as a result.


Disgusting. It’s funny how this supposed virus only keeps certain hours in some countries. All logic and reason has long since disappeared.


A summer surge? According to legitimate scientists, Coronaviruses only survive between December and the end of April approx, they cannot survive as the weather warms up. Introducing masks and continuing the lockdown last summer was the biggest giveaway this whole charade was a tyrannical scam.


The models have 300 per day dying….250 of whom were fully vaccinated.


Who is paying WHAT, or has WHAT DIRT on thesefucking liars! They are flipping all known medical science in the most blatant BS the world has ever seen! They must all be arrested and jailed for life, implanted with a DARPA bio-sensor, so we can tell when they are about to die, and executed live on TV screened to the rest of the on a celebrity covid criminal island, all awaiting their similar fate. Leave them isolated in sensory deprivation like Gitmos lockdown torture techniques, under permanent armed guard and all global surveillance systems trained on that Anthrax Island, they all deserve to rot in hell upon, mulling over how they dared to stick their heads above the pulpit in the most blatant crime against humanity ever attempted in a coup upon the human race! THEY ARE NOT LIKE US. EXTERMINATE THEM ALL LAWFULLY.


F**ken horseshit!!
Is it ever going to end!??


Hermione Granger

the rich want to makes shares in pharms rise its a big business lik,e any war


Oh they’ve waged a war alright!

Without firing a single bullet… And they’re looking to get the numbers down too in much the same way.
Only using different types of ‘shots’ this time… Shots being fired into docile, willing or even desperate targets.

The perfect war.

And if their plan comes to fruition, the true body count hasn’t even begun to register yet.



Spot the funds that both Pfizer & AZN thats the rigged “free market” all about control the money is a means to that.
Top Institutional Holders Pfizer



By cases of course they mean people with nothing wrong with them who have tested positive in a test which is not looking for any virus and whose creator said should never be used for diagnostic purposes.

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