Senior Tory MP: In Autumn We’ll Have Vaccine Passports & Lockdowns!”

Speaking to SKY News this morning, senior Tory MP Sir Charles Walker said that come Autumn, we’ll be back in lockdown even if everyone is jabbed and vaccine passports are a condition of entry at venues.

Walker said that he’s not in favour of the plans announced by PM Boris Johnson yesterday. He told SKY that the Government had previously “ruled out vaccine passports, is now introducing them, ruled out mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers, is now introducing them.”

He also criticised plans to vaccinate children. He said:

“I am not sure why we are vaccinating young people for a virus that poses very little risk to them? On whose benefit is it for?”

The Broxborne based MP has declined to be jabbed. He went on to say:

“By some point in the autumn, it will be most hospitality venues require a vaccine passport and we will see if it staves off lockdown. I suspect we will get both vaccine passports and lockdowns.”

You heard it first from a Tory backbencher. Even if they jab the entire population (they won’t) and mandate vaccine passports for every venue, they’ll lock the country down again anyway.

He’s right you know.


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Most of the garages and shops I’ve been in this week, and so far, no hassle from anybody. In one garage, there were two chaps at the tills, one wore a mask, the other didn’t. Most of the customers were maskless. Signs still on the door requesting the wearing of masks and keeping your distance – no one appeared to be bothered by any of it


Excellent interview.

Former ethics researcher at the W.H.O., Astrid Stuckelburger, PhD, sheds light on the behind-the-scenes at our Top wlWorld Health Agency, their conflicts of interests, and WHO’S really been pulling the strings in the #Covid19 pandemic response.


Thanks for this Chris, not too long and straightforward. Hoping to show neighbours in their 70’s who have finally cottoned on that there is more to this than a ‘virus’. They are both dj but have told us ‘not to get it to protect our health’, bless. They are saying they dont know if they will live long enough to see what this is all about now as they dont know what they have had put in them. Hindsight eh?

Noel cox

I like this chap, did a great video interview a couple of months ago about the nonsense going on, fair play him him saying he didn’t get the poison


This is no surprise at all because none of this is about health and it never was. The only way this will ever stop is if everyone, everywhere, stops complying. I said this from the beginning and people just looked at me as if I was mad.


I know the feeling!

Urban fox

Day after U.K “freedom day” .Just back from co op. shop. Announcement on tanoy. ” please continue to wear your masks,and show respect for yourselves and others” Say no more. 20th JUly

Urban fox

And I sadly predict most businesses will do the same and most will comply. Same with the poison jabs. The only way out is to get the truth of the hoax out to more people. A lot more people. And before anyone says boycott. You cannot boycott a business that does not want you. But you need it. We need to do the opposite. Go down to these places and make it hard for them. Why not get together with others and do this?


UK residents please sign petition against vaccine passports


Had a titter at the socks advertised 17mins in.


Thanks for link Brenda, listened to these during day. The socks sound great! 😂


Includes evidence trail of spike protein patents as far back as 2002. Additionally self-incriminating record of criminal intention for its mission.

Last edited 2 months ago by Brenda

On the U.k Masks anniversary and fake freedum day which has a 5 point stage if reopening
They again push no QR code no entry!

*“It *is* ‘Freedom’ – we just re-defined the meaning of the word..”
“Oh, you mean like you did with “Herd Immunity?”
“Yes – just like that: You now have to EARN your freedom by earning your immunity..”
comment image

*Antony F2FT

Last edited 2 months ago by ame

What’s changing in England on 19 July What’s changing in England on 19 July –

No limits on gatherings and removal of 1m-plus social distancing – Face coverings no longer required by law and nightclubs can reopen –
No limits on guests at weddings, funerals, concerts, theatres, sporting events and religious events – Pubs and restaurants will no longer be restricted to table service – Removal of limitations on care home visitation – Removal of self-isolation for fully vaccinated adults who come into contact with a positive case — BBC


well at least hes honest,


An honest MP? Steady on mate. I smell the ‘simple sword of truth’ here. It has become very hard for me to trust ANYTHING that emanates from the mouth of a politician; especially a careerist.


Well we know that those who believe that they control the plebs, proles, simple folk etc give us the heads up of what they are going to do to us then they forewarn us and if we do not stand up and say no or take action against this then they consider that as accepting their plans. We have consented.
I wonder sometimes if that is what politicians of opposition are doing, ie laying out their plans, giving us the heads up?

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

Part of me feels that It’s them toying with us; such is the twisted nature of the dark triad. Jacob; these people disgust and scare me in equal measure.


yeah more a rhetorical post saying what we are all thinking rather than an honest MP, which we all know does not exist


Well, it’s not like we didn’t know. Just as we know the excuses that will be used.
Yet still, so many will not see.


…or care. It’s really demoralising

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