Senior Tory Says Vaccine Passports “Probably Illegal”

The former Brexit Secretary David Davis warned today that, vaccine passports might be illegal and that firms trying to implement such a scheme, may find themselves in court.

Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove is heading up research into whether the government can introduce a Covid Status Certification scheme, to allow the economy to reopen faster.

The documents would provide a formal record of whether someone has had a vaccine or if they have recently tested positive for the virus. Speaking in Westminster this morning, Davis told MP’s that such a policy would result in indirect discrimination. “That’s illegal,” he said.

He went on to say that legal action would be inevitable.  Davis was giving evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee. He said;

“Now, the reasons against domestics passports, there are many, but let me pick off a few. Firstly, the impact of this would be discriminatory. Under the law it will be indirectly discriminatory and that is illegal.

You may well find it has been said that black and ethnic minority communities are less inclined to get vaccinated, well that would be an indirect discrimination. You have heard that younger people may not get vaccinated, that would be a discrimination.

Some people have ethical or religious objections. We have heard about the fears that various animal products may be used [in vaccines], worrying some religious groups.”

Davis conformed that he had had his first jab.

Earlier, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that it is the government’s intention to introduce legislation to make it compulsory for care home workers to have a covid vaccine.



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I always found it incredible that Brits didn’t have National ID cards like most other EU countries do. You aren’t even required by law to carry your driving licence while driving in the UK. Police weren’t allowed to talk to you unless you had done something wrong. Your medical record was strictly private and confidential. You had employment rights and entitlements. Just a year ago
living here was unlike any other place I have ever been to.
How did we get from that to where we are today? Discussing vaccination passports and Covid certificates.
The power of Propaganda…


It may have been a good idea to allow the americans to keep a copy of the Magna Carta; just in case the current maritime / corporate system tries to simply delete it.


It may have been a good idea to allow the americans to keep a copy of the Magna Carta; just in case the current maritime / corporate system tries to simply delete it.

Jane Edmonds

I am pleased to hear David Davis say this at least, it’s up to him if he wants to be vaccinated and it should be the choice of all. I feel we might be getting somewhere


NEVER set much store by politicians; that’s how we landed up in this mess in the first place.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I have a *Question*.
“Why was my comment ‘deleted’/disappeared here, a few minutes after posting?
Without explanation?” :
It was in no way offensive and, I was 100%…sober.

Last edited 1 year ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Sometimes it happens, often because of links in the comment. Just re-post it.

Urban fox

The law will not protect people against tyranny and probably never did. The law is whatever those in power says it is, from one day to the next. If the law needs to be changed , they will change it, to suit there plans. Just look at the last 12 months. Just watched ” the Tudors ” begining to end. Fantastic series, and if people think things have changed since the days of Henry the VIII, they are wrong. As Judge Dred says ” I am the law”
It’s people pushing back and not complying and being difficult, that brings about change and puts an end to tyranny, not laws.


As George Bush said regarding the Constitution: “it’s just a God Damn piece of paper”. And, He was right, unless you are willing to fight to uphold it, that is all it is.

Urban fox

Absolutely, !


Well said Foxy…

Urban fox

Thanks for that, hope you doing OK

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