Shame On Businesses For Begging Government To Reopen On June 21st

They say that pride is a sin. Some say it’s a deadly sin. I don’t know about that. Pride can be a virtue too. I’m proud of the fact that no matter how much shit has been thrown at my radio show over the last few years, I haven’t blinked. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of being a man and standing up to bullies.

It sickens me to see publicans and restauranteurs on the BBC and SKY News this morning, begging the government to stick to the so-called roadmap and end all restrictions on June 21st. It’s pitiful. It’s nauseating, Where’s the pride?

One bloke, appearing on SKY News, spoke of how his business is hanging on by a thread. He said that if the country doesn’t fully reopen and he has to maintain social distancing in his pub after June 21st, he’ll be finished. He pleaded with the government to stick to the roadmap.

The restrictions have killed hospitality. The reduced capacity means that for many pubs and restaurants, breaking even is a struggle. 10,000 pubs closed for good last year. Thousands more are expected to go out of business in 2021.

A drowning man will do anything to save himself. He’ll kick and scream and grasp onto anything to try and stay afloat. Hospitality is going under, but rather than fight for their lives, owners prostrate themselves on national television and beg for the right to earn a living.

“Please Prime Minister” they cry, “please open up fully on June 21st to give us a chance.”

Why don’t you grow a pair and open up now? Open up! Tear down those ridiculous fucking signs, throw out the hand sanitisers and rip up the floor markings! Burn the facemasks and the perspex screens that you used to separate customers and live!

Yes, live! You have a responsibility to your family, your staff and your community. Be the example.

Take those QR Code stickers and shove them up the arses of your local MP’s. Refuse to ask your customers for their personal details. Do it now. Do it today. What have you got to lose?




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Well said!

Patricia Deakin

You are bang on there Richie, it’s hard to believe that people would rather lose their business than stand up to the tyranny. I wish to god that they would fight back better, it’s shocking to see what fear has done. Here in Ireland the news is warning us about a 4th lockdown because of all the congregating in the good weather. WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS????


Just like in December, a couple of weeks of slight easing (although not much) then shut back down again. Fun is now officially illegal here in Ireland.


The only power they have is the power you give them – David Icke

Tom M

You’re absolutely bang on the money Richie, but what good is it for these businesses to reopen and remove all restrictions, when the Gestapo *sorry* police and council officials would be immediately sent round and have them instantly fined and their licences revoked?

Just the other day, a relation of mine openly admitted that they don’t “give a sh*t” about pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues and are perfectly happy to see them shut for even longer if it means “saving more lives”(despite the fact that millions of people are employed in the UK hospitality sector, and these businesses are going down the pan at an alarming rate”.

I absolutely despair at the mindset of some people.

Patricia Deakin

Yes I think that’s the problem it’s the people themselves who are allowing this to happen. They are getting used to the restrictions and they are so happy when they get a little bit of freedom. I hear the same crap here from people, it’s nauseating

Hermione Granger



Great article Richie. They are destroying hospitality, tourism, sport and the arts, anything that gives people any joy or pleasure.


You see Richie…

They’re all gone “”Ga Ga!!””

And why???

Because they’re enjoying bending over to their Luciferian globalist slave masters too much!!

Nah… That’s just conspiracy nonsense the mainstream might say…

Oh really says I.. 🤔

“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies.. fairwell and adieu you ladies of Spain”

Arrr Arrr!




My partner took our daughter to McDonald’s for a treat, they wouldn’t let them eat inside unless my partner downloaded the NHS app and the McDonald’s app. Thankfully she was able to get my daughter a takeaway without downloading any apps!!! The girl that served them said she would continue to wear a mask even if she didn’t have to. It’s a fucking shit show and I will never comply with it 👊


Spot on Richie but unfortunately most of the people are lazy and cowardly they prefer to wait and ask for permission than to research the rules & guidelines to find a way around them and then be brave enough to open up

Urban fox

Your spot on Richie,but they won’t of course. It’s the apathy,complacency and blind belief of the general public. That allowed this tyranny to take hold last year. And that same attitude that has allowed this abomination against mankind to thrive..And that Will ultimately take us to our doom, Unless we Resist, And stop cooperating with our own enslavement before it’s to late.

Ronald Templeman

I have been invited out for a meal, I will not go until all this crap is removed, the only time I will put my head round a pub or restaurant door is when there are NO MASKS, PLASTIC SHEETING ETC, OR ANY SORT OF CONTROL.

Urban fox

Me as well. I have a friend that has just carried on. But I think this just helps to keep it going. And why would anyone want to be in that environment.


I feel the same. What pleasure is there is not being free or able to communicate with people. I’d rather stay at home.

Tarek Langenfeld

Last year in May I heard about a guy who hangs himself because he had loose his low wage job over Covid here in my corner of a cage.

The pressure is rising, high so high€

Nice weekender


Nice weekend to you too.

Simon Corbett

Sadly Richie, they have landlords over a barrel.
The local councils would send their stasi straight round, complete with a hi Viz & clipboard.
They can refuse to pay any fine, but ultimate threat is to remove their licence, so they are basically screwed.

Hermione Granger

Crewed now aren’t they may as well open


The only way is for businesses to get together and all open at the same time, they can’t defeat a mass movement.


Right on Richie, put that on billboards!👍


Totally agree Richie, the scam would be over and done with in no time!


Couldn’t agree more Richie!

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