Sick Bastard Interviews Sick Bastard In First For UK Television

Are we living in a hologram? Is it all just an illusion? Are we in The Matrix and dreaming our experiences? Has humanity somehow stumbled into a parallel universe at some point in the last 20 years, without us noticing it?

These questions swirled around my head this morning as I watched the lying, cheating, murdering, genocidal cunt, otherwise known as Tony Blair, being interviewed on ITV by the man who did more than most, to help him murder more than one million Iraqi’s and render three million more homeless.

Yes, “dodgy dossier” himself Alastair Campbell, a facilitator of genocide, actually interviewed his master on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show today. Campbell was guest co-hosting.

Can you guess what the psychopaths discussed? Murder of course! What else? These days, Blair is shilling for AstraZeneca and Billy “poison jabs” Gates. Blair is pushing vaccines that he knows are killing people and injuring many more. He knows this.

And Blair wants to give them to children! Campbell egged him on. I pinched myself so many fucking times while watching the “interview,” that my face is unrecognisable. I look like the Elephant Man. If you say that’s an improvement, I’ll beat the granny out of you.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two men who should be hanging by their ankles in The Tower of London, so that their victims families can pass by every day and defecate on them, were yukking it up on national telly. Ah sure it was great gas.

There can’t be a God right? God would never allow it would he? Does it not offend God that a man who killed millions of people and THEN converted to Catholicism, now wants to poison the world’s children?

We’re all stars in our very own episode of Black Mirror aren’t we?






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I’ve not forgotten about David Kelly. I’ve not forgotten about Iraq. And I’ve not forgotten nor forgiven the lies.

Tony K

If there is any true justice in this world, Bill Gates should suffer what Gadaffi undeservedly suffered. So should Tony Blair and Dr Michael Ryan (WHO)


Richie at it again with the classic truthbomb title “Sick Bastard Interviews Sick Bastard”
Well Done Richie, dont let anyone forget how sicko mr Campbell was senior spin doctor for Blair with that “sexed up” Iraq document!

Tom M

Just when you thought GMB couldn’t possibly sink any lower after that putrid creature Morgan left, they plumb entirely new depths with Blair & Campbell.

These 2 pieces of excrement belong in the dock at The Hague, not presenting dreadful low-rent breakfast TV shows.


Excellent 😂😂😂😂

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark
Tim in Brazil

“the lying, cheating, murdering, genocidal cunt, otherwise known as Tony Blair,” You have a wonderful way with words, RIchie..

Boris The Toilet Mop

Aye, pure evil.

The worst thing is if they do pull off this whole NWO agenda, it would not surprise me if he is the man in the driving seat, self appointed world president or some shite like that.

What was it on V for Vendetta, The Chancellor?

Bill wilson

It’s not black mirror……Black mirror was entertaining.

Ronald Templeman

Richie it tells one something about this country from a number of years back that neither of these evil bastards were never charged for war crimes and as you say strung up in the Tower of London or some place for the rest of their lives.
The main stream media have been a total disgrace as after seeing and knowing what they did, how could one stand in front to so call interview without punching them in the face. Two total sick individuals.

Urban fox

“Lord,protect our lives from the threats of our enemies.Hide us from the conspiracy of the wicked. For they have laid plans against us. ”

And like covid 19, most people don’t get it. Well actually in the case of covid,no one gets it. As it has been proven to not exist. Like the WMD’s. But this time the WMD’s do exist,and their calling them vaccines.

Urban fox

And of course those other two weopons,face masks and lockdowns.


just look into blair eyes and you see the devils disciple those are manic eyes


Makes you wonder how Blair and Campbell sleep at night with their past History but i suppose people devoid of a conscience find it easy.


All I think of in regards to Alistair Campbell is the e-fit of Jill Dando’s “alleged” killer and how similar that they look.
The Parasites do enjoy rubbing our noses into it by parading the culprits of evil on TV in their belief that we will never do anything to hold them to account.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

I like it Perfect, e-fit of Campbell.


Not beyond the realms of possibility at all.
Wasn’t Jill about to blow the whistle on their satanic interests??

Old habits die hard!



Was there some rumours of exposing Child trafficking?


That’s what I heard Jacob.

Alex Romero

Truth is, these muppets are given carte Blanche to air their psychopathy because we live in morally degenerate times. Rule of thumb, if it’s on TV it must be ok. Add a lazy populace incapable of critical thought and voila! Here we are.


Thank you very much Richie for watching this sort of thing so we don’t have to, I can imagine how it makes you feel.

I’ve been watching interviews quite a bit lately with people who’ve had near death experiences, I find them comforting, and I’ve also personally met three people who’ve had them. Those who’ve experienced this actually do say that what lies beyond feels a lot more real and that this world is the dream although more like a nightmare at the moment.

We are here to learn and experience but of course we all get very attached to our temporary lives. I do believe in reincarnation and whatever we create others will have to live with and we will have to come back to.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie,all very true.

Thank You Jennie.

Let’s just say that many many years ago, the people who saved my Life at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm ….treated Me as, ‘someone who had risen from the Dead’.
They were clearly confronted with something they hadn’t seen before.
Almost as if they had…”seen a ghost”.
A friendly one I my add. They were quite curious to tell Me so.
Regards Chris


I wonder if Susanna Reid was feeling a but spit roasted?


Maybe it was a Freudian slip, but I meant ‘bit’ not ‘but’.


If I remember correctly, God gave Free Will to Humankind and then buggered off.
Everything that has happened since is on our shoulders.
On top of the war crimes, let’s also remember that evidence has emerged of Campbell cosying up to Epstein.
He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ‘news’ hosting position.
What next? Putting him in charge of a toddler playgroup?

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