SKY’s Ginger Ninja Spotted Feeding The Homeless In North London

I miss Kay Burley. My opening monologues just haven’t been the same since the irrepressible Ginger Ninja was put on gardening leave by her bosses at SKY News. Back in December, Kay was told to go home and to stay home for six months, after she broke lockdown rules on her 60th birthday. If you can’t go on the razz to celebrate yer 60th when can you go on the razz eh?

Kay might have gotten away with it, were it not for her previous heckling of ministers on her show. When their colleagues had themselves broken the rules, Kay went Pete Tong on them. Outraged she was. So she got the boot. I cried for three days solid, pulled myself together and gave myself a severe talking to.

Then I broke down again, when I realised that Kay would be replaced by Niall Paterson. Tis like trading in yer Mercedes S-600 for an Austin Allegra. Not good. Paterson is well…shite, not to put too fine a point on it.

My heart leapt this morning, to see Kay’s virtuous visage gracing the pages of The Mail Online. She has been spotted handing out food at London’s Community Kitchen, which provides vital support for homeless and vulnerable folks. Good for her. It doesn’t appear to be a photo-op. The kitchen’s organisers were filming a video to put on social media and Kay was spotted. Cynic’s will claim that Kay is attempting to build herself back better, ahead of her return to SKY in the Spring, but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve scoured the interweb for a Kay calendar, so I can cross off the days ahead of her return, but no such calendar exists. SKY is missing a trick there. In the meantime then, I’ll make do with the memories. Fabulous.

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Richie, Having married and divorced 2 redheads in vegas I get your attraction with Kay. They seem to be my kryptonite too. The second one returned to Brighton UK where she is from and has since gotten a reddish coloured terrier called, you guessed it, Ginger whom I call the ginger ninja. Now I know of 2 ginger ninjas or is that gingers ninja? A nothing story about Kay is more entertaining than listening to the bobble heads in the news. Keep the high level of light content going. Keeps me sane. Thanks mate.


Hasn’t ANYONE on here EVER heard of the word ‘parole’?? Kay received six months for her crime, now call me what you will, but if that photo is NOT good behavior then I don’t know what is … Kay will surely receive a 50% reduction in sentence meaning we could be getting her right back where she belongs (as Richie’s fantasy ‘press-‘titute’ lol) as early as Mid March but surely no later than April. I for one would be the first to stand at her garden gate with a ‘free Kate’ placard and I wouldn’t be alone for sure, there would be at least ONE more there campaigning! (Wouldn’t there Richie?) (An Idea … live show from Kay’s privacy perimeter on a stated ‘FREE KAY DAY’ or I’M A WHINGER WITHOUT MY GINGER!)

Richie’s sadness is rubbing off on his listener-sphere … I too miss finding out each day what the jaw drop inducing little Wigan hypocrite has stated that day.

(Oh Oh sorry, Kay’s from Winstanley, a suburb of Wigan that has a Surrey postcode … or was it Standish with the Sussex Postcode … She is NOT from Wigan anyway as she strenuously pointed out after her sports desk colleague made reference to at the end of a ‘live from Wembley’ go to, one sunny rugby cup final day … lol. She almost had a shit where she sat!)


Must admit when Richie put that article up with the picture of the ginger one the first thing that entered my head was community service, which here in Scotland is a alternative punishment for crimes committed, instead of jail time or a fine. The bold Kay back in march or April you say, well a lot of that will be down to the viewing figures since she was put on gardening leave, if they are up she might not get her slot back. Just seen Richie say on twitter he has to go and make some posters for a upcoming event, you might be on to something.

Clare Rehill

G’wan Kay!!!


They say you never truly miss someone till they are gone, I never got that feeling with the ninja, call me a cynic but I think this will be part of the 1 hour special that will be aired just before the return of the ginger one, along with tours of covid wards, after which burley will break down and sob uncontrollably in the grounds of the hospital, will also include her sitting staring out quite solemnly on the plains of the Serengeti, a pride of lions under a tree shitting themselves, to finish off it will show her busking on the underground ( masked up of course ) to raise money for the NHS, heard she plays the guitar, all that should be enough to get her back on air, job done.


Spot-on Martin… including your prophetic vision of the now reformed and messiah-like Ninja staring out over the plains of the Serengeti in a suitably meditative and all-knowing contemplative pose whilst feeling the entire pain of humanity. In my mind’s eye ! can see it now…unfortunately. It is a truly disturbing mental image and enough to put me off my supper. Personally, I’d much prefer it if she just confined herself and her guitar playing to some dark and obscure passageway at the end of the Northern Line but I realise I’m in the minority on here amongst the followers of the Cult of Kay!

Last edited 1 year ago by Nick

It was reported she was suspended on full pay, alright she might not get a bonus this year, but 6 months away from that rancid organization with pay, not having to go to work every day and if not quite lying herself certainly helping others to spew propaganda on a industrial scale, that is a pretty good deal from where i am sitting. Though as I said I have doubts about burleys intentions by helping the homeless, she will meet decent people fellow helpers and the unfortunate homeless people, will it make her think about the crimes her and her colleagues have been involved in this past year, selling lies, fear and making peoples lives unbearable with their actions, make no mistake I hold the media as guilty as gates or any of them, they could not pull this off without people like burley spewing their nonsense, at least she can go home and look herself in the mirror knowing she has done something worthwhile, will it change her ?, as in a epiphany moment, doubt it.


Stunningly good dialogue between you two. LOL So on point its nearly as well rehearsed as Kay’s comeback 😉 Bless her little ginger locks, I rather suspect her Genin role is deeper than most of the flock can take stock.


I think Richie actually does miss her, she provides great material for the show, the thing about the bold Kay is she really thinks she operates at the cutting edge of journalism. Are you the guy that goes on the unn network by any chance, grand torino also, I recognize your name.


Thank you for that PC, really appreciate your kind comment. I do struggle at times as to whether my contributing to forums such as this actually achieves much in the long run, so I’m glad that on least this occasion it’s been worthwhile me adding my bit to Martin’s perceptive insights and commentary. And no, we didn’t rehearse it!! ATB. Nick


That’s a bloody good point Martin. I wonder? Might she have a Road to Damascus experience after being exposed to those who care and those who are decent human beings and decide to do something far more worthwhile than returning to the cesspit of the mainstream media she’s been working in? It’s certainly not an impossibility I think. I’m reminded of that Rachel Elnaugh woman who was an obnoxious, selfish and arrogant member on Dragon’s Den until she was humbled by the crash of her business empire… now she’s on a completely new path seemingly dedicating herself to speaking out against the coronascam. But I guess we’ll never really know with Burley until we see her either return to her old ways or she brings the Bible up to date for modern times with the new parable of the Prodigal Ninja!


Hi Nick. You never know mate it could happen, when I seen what happened with Kay, the night out etc etc, if that was say a group from marks and spencer in the same situation I would have been of the opinion that it was out of order they were suspended or maybe sacked, but it was impossible to have any sympathy for her even though I do not think her or her friends done anything wrong. The ginger one has been around the old media game for 30 years or more and when this scam took off last year she would have known if not at the start but within a few weeks this story was like no other, what’s the saying there is two sides to every story, well not were covid was concerned, her being a ( i know) journalist would have been taught this way back. To give her the benefit of the doubt she might have believed it herself at the start but would have realised pretty quick something was not quite right with the whole plandemic narrative but every day she goes to work and plays her role, how many friends or family members have said to her, we don’t know anyone that has had this virus or died from it for that matter, knowing elderly and all ages of people that have been scared to leave their house, some scared to death because of the information you are putting out, if she believes the scam which I doubt that would be a heavy burden to carry, I know I would have trouble sleeping at night if it was me, all because you were too scared to speak out or resign, someone like her it cannot be about the money it’s cowardice, fear of being mocked by your fellow journaliars, maybe the monster she helped create turning on her might make her think. Meant to say I seen Richie was having trouble with his news segment, why doesn’t he ask Kay to do it ?, she’s available.


Meant to say the scene on the Serengeti would have the song, I think it was called Africa by the band toto, aye that would be the background music, Kay, the lions and a African sunset.


Yep, I know the toon you’re thinking of, would be most suitable… unless the Ginger One decided to play her guitar along with it!

Wes Baker

Richie, did Ferguson have to feed the poor to get back in Kill Bill Gates’ good graces at Imperial College?


Said on the other thread I think that halfwit ferguson has far more reach than any of us thought, he is a fucking imbecile who I would not let walk my dog, heard someone say of him he gets things wrong quite a lot, I replied he’s never got anything right he’s a looney, but it seems to me that someone or something want him centre stage in all of this


Unhealthy obsession comrade bit like mine for tracy ullman back in the day


S (@Syricide) Tweeted:
Expecting soon incidents of police shooting non-compliers in the enforcement of a statutory civic health order.


Look at this shit Richie!


I think you’re being a little naive Richie…. the kitchen’s organisers ‘just happened’ to be filming a video and the lovely Kay ‘just happened’ to be spotted? Come on! Nobody seems to be showing her what to do so most likely she’s been working there for some time and the organisers knew that. This is obviously a staged event as part of her rehabilitation and eventual ‘comeback’. As this was in the Mail Online, you seem to have temporarily forgotten the golden rule… never trust a single word the Jackanory mainstream media tell you. Ever.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nick
Phil Carvey

As an aficionado of the dominatrix genre of journalism I concur.

Candide Schmyles

I wouldn’t give her a golden shower if she was on fire


I See Richie over-road the +likes button … Do not know how that hacker removed all those zero’s after the No.4 ?


Had to add, wasn’t Piers Corbyn LAMBASTED recently for floating an image of a ‘camp’ in Poland? Careful here Phil … The Storm-troopers will be after ya! Recklessly explicit pornographic images likely to cause offence or induce self harm by means of knitting needles into eyes …


She looks like she’s taking the bins out! Perhaps a trial run for her new role in sky TV!


STOP IT !… ALL OF YOU … JUST STOP IT … Richie will end up keeping her to himself if all we do is criticise her for her ‘oversight’ …Wasn’t 6 months on a full paid holiday enough punishment for the little narcissist ??? Love her or hate her, Richie LOVES her and we should ALL accept her because she is HIS CHOICE !!

Let he whom is without sin …….. (for gawd’s sake – CAST THE FIRST STONE! Doesn’t anyone lift a book these days?) lol

OK that’s enough …

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