Sniffer Dogs For Covid-19? The UK Is A Fascist Superstate Now

Tyranny reigns supreme in the UK. It is being proposed this morning that sniffer dogs be used at airports, ports and train stations, to detect covid-19 in asymptomatic passengers.

Researchers from the University of Durham and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) are behind a study that claims dogs are more effective at detecting covid than lateral flow tests.

They claim that dogs can detect coronavirus in 94 per cent of cases. Apparently it has a strong odour which dogs pick up quite easily. According to The Mail Online:

Scientists from the University of Durham and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), are currently in discussions with the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation about deploying dogs at airports.

They said two dogs could screen 300 passengers coming off a plane for Covid-19 in just 30 minutes. People identified as positive by the dogs would then receive a PCR test to confirm the results.

But what if the perfectly healthy and asymptomatic person says no thanks? What then? You arrive at an airport, you’re perfectly healthy and looking forward to your onward journey. Then a dog starts barking at you and you’re told to step out of the line. What then?

Will the dog handlers be armed? If you refuse to follow the goon with the gun and declare yourself to be happy, healthy and in no need of any invasive medical test, will you be arrested?

What the absolute fuck is going on here? Is this East Germany? North Korea even? If the psychopaths behind the plan have their way, dogs would also be used in workplaces and at outdoor events. Are you kidding me?

Speaking to SKY news this morning, bat-shit crazy dog lady Claire Guest, the CEO of Medical Detection Dogs said this:

“We use these dogs to keep us safe in terms of finding, drugs, explosives and you know they are relied upon to keep us safe and this is just another application of the dogs incredible sense of smell and his willingness to look for odour.

The scepticism is slowing us down. We need to get these dogs out there as soon as we can to assist in this fight against covid-19, just like they assist in the fight against terrorism and explosions.”

It’s all very reminiscent of Nazi Germany isn’t it? Vaccine passports, now sniffer dogs. What next, camps for vaccine refusenik’s and mandatory jabs? Give it time. The UK is a fascist superstate now.

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john de calonge

If the “tin foil hatters” are so nuts, how about the rule followers give some answers for once.
Explain how the flu disappeared but has been replaced with something which has the EXACT same symptoms.
Explain how the only proof that Covid exists is a computer modelled genome with zero physical proof.
Explain how you prove something into existence without going through an isolation or purification process.
Explain why no government agency has any quantifiable proof that “it” even exists.
Explain why they downgraded “Covid 19” to a non consequential infectious disease days before they declared a pandemic.
Explain how they pulled the coronavirus Act 2020 legislation out of their bottoms in a matter of days, despite the act being several hundred pages long.
Explain why they have to use bullshit criteria like “deaths for ANY reason within 28 days of a positive test”.
Explain why they banned autopsies.
Explain why they changed the law to allow any practitioner to diagnose covid through observation alone, even if it is done through video consultation.
Explain why undertakers have seen no difference in custom.
Explain how all cause mortality is at an all time low.
Explain how millions of protesters across the globe aren’t getting sick with “Covid.”
Explain how this is the only crisis that needs an advertising campaign paired with a constant barrage of repetitive brainwashing  propaganda on the TV and in the streets.
Explain how tens of thousands of people stood on the streets of London last Saturday but it wasn’t once shown on ANY TV channel.
Explain how thousands were yelling “shame on you” outside the BBC HQ in both London, Manchester and Cardiff but it wasn’t shown on the TV?
Explain how the people who are wearing the masks and following the rules are the only ones who are catching “COVID”.
Explain how the creator of the PCR amplification tool is on record for stating that the PCR was not designed as a test for infectious diseases.
Explain why they are using the PCR to diagnose an infectius disease.
Explain why it’s been changed from Covid deaths, to covid infections to covid “cases” .
Explain how the “anti- vaxxers” are being blamed for the rise in “cases” when the only people who could possibly be contributing to the statistics are the people who are getting the “test” in the first place.
Explain why the hospitals were empty during the height of the “pandemic.”
Explain why 1000s of nurses are getting fired for saying that their hospitals were empty.
Explain why the hospitals are now filling up with vaccine adverse reactions but the MSM aren’t reporting it.
Explain why kids need to be vaccinated when, by your own definitions, covid isn’t dangerous to children.
Explain, if all the vulnerable people have already been vaccinated, why do all the healthy people need to get vaccinated if you’re already protected and the recovery rate was already 99.96% without the vaccine.
Explain why the average age of death with “Covid” is higher than the average age of death without.
Explain how you can get banned from Facebook and Twitter for sharing official government links.
Explain why there are several class actions in progress, taking governments across the globe to court for crimes against humanity, but there is zero MSM coverage.
Explain why most government leaders are reading from the same script.
Explain how all the things that you were laughing at us for talking about last year are now becoming  a reality this year.
Explain why we have all the answers but you have nothing.
** original author unknown”


Bet the dogs are all named according to the scariant variant they’ll be prompted (sorry trained) to spot.
All travellers should bring along dog treats in pockets – get the 8 out of 10 equivalent for dogs.
See if this passes the sniff test.


Cue up the banjo music. Weeeeeeee weeeeeeoohoooooweeeeooooo. Weeeeee eeeee eeee. What is that? Slim Whitman?

Last edited 21 days ago by Kevin

More bollocks for the Gullible to swallow.
How stupid are people!


I know dogs can detect cancer but that is very different to detecting a particular strain of a family of viruses even assuming that it existed. I suppose they can detect the different variants too.

I’m sure that the dogs with their amazing sense of smell will have no problem detecting that this is all bullshit.


How have they verified the samples for training the dogs considering the tests for coof are severely flawed?

Karen nicholl

Sorry for swearing but why don’t these idiots fuck the fuck off 😡🤬


Most people have tuned out. I don’t understand the success of the brainwashing. I’m in America and most people were saying they wouldn’t take the jab because Donald Trump was pushing it. Now I guess we’re supposed to pretend that this is some other vaccine? The only way we stop this is by showing up and not leaving until they are out of power. Around the world this is the only way.


They wouldn’t have the jab because Donald Trump was pushing it but they will if Joe Biden says so. Total madness. The important thing is the vaccine (aka genetic engineering) itself, whether it is safe or even necessary.

More convid nonsense. The dogs are so much more intelligent than their brainwashed handlers.


Can you imagine passengers from say Pakistan,arriving at Manchester airport accepting this,being sniffed by a dog too be checked for Covid.Dont think so somehow.

Urban fox

Total fascism and tottaly false science. We are talking about using bomb detection dogs to detect flue. And even if covid was real it has been proven asymptomatic transmission is nonsense.I don’t have to be a scientist to tell you. Dogs can not detect specific asymptomatic flue strains any more than an xray can. Something that has also been claimed. WhAt next,dogs detecting fluctuations in the space time continuam or a case of killer dandruff?How much more are people prepared to believe this insanity. and to along with it.?

“But what if the perfectly healthy and asymptomatic person says no thanks?“ And, what if Asymptomatic is just another term for control? “From the start, the available research has been rather consistent: Mask wearing does not reduce the prevalence of viral illness and asymptomatic spread is exceedingly rare, if not nonexistent“(Dr. Mercola) Oh, and then after the dog “smells” something, people can have a PCR Test that’s up to 95% False Positive. The BS in this entire “Pandemic” keeps getting deeper. Personally, I feel sorry for the dogs in this scam.


Every trick in the book is now going to be pulled by the Government to get the vaccine deployment over the line with the under 30’s. The Covid passport and the promise of then being able to travel if you take their your medicine are a big part of this and the dogs at the airport are playing a role in this theatre. It reminds me of the time in 2003 when the Blair Government deployed the army with armoured vehicles (the press called them tanks) to Heathrow airport in a blaze of publicity to ramp up the temperature prior to the Iraq war. This was supposedly to deter a terrorist attack and was completely unnecessary but they got the scary pictures all over the UK media.


Is this just more distraction tactics Richie? I’m sure there was a time they said our pets (dogs included) could catch and spread the covi, so how can they use them reliably now, are they going to pcr test the dogs regularly too? When the hell is this madness going to stop?


Sorry.. apologies in advance for jumping in here so quickly!!

But Richie… You’ve found a Time magazine photo of the year award right there!!!

The German soldier named ‘Baum’ 💥 wearing the muzzle with the dog smiling beside him as happy as Larry!!!

Says it all right there!!!


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