SNP Business Spokesman Has Facemask Meltdown In Commons

SNP Business Spokesman Pete Wishart had a proper old meltdown in the commons this morning. Wishart was disgusted that very few Conservative Party MP’s wore a face covering to yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

According to Wishart, yesterday’s scenes at PMQ’s were “simply a disgrace,” because there was “barely a face mask on a tory mush.”

“For goodness sake, put a facemask on,” he screamed at the Tory benches.

Oh, shut up you tart. I wish the commons would descend into the sort of chaos we sometimes see in Eastern European parliaments. It’s a shame Steve Baker or Desmond Swayne didn’t leap down from the backbenches and chin the fecker.

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Masks are only for the plebs and they know its all a load of old pish. The only masks due any of these psychopathic, genocidal, treasonous fucktards, are IRON ONES welded to their lying faces for the rest of their days, until the towers axe frees them from its deserving clasp!

Urban fox

The Stock Market, Gold and Silver etc. Nothing is going as it should.

This is part of a conversation i had on this site a few weeks ago, where someone asked about investments. My main reason for posting, is because of a conversation i was having with Craig on another page. Iv decided to place it here, as i hope it may be of interest.

Nothing is performing or going the way it should with investments. By rights the stock market should have gone through the floor by now, we should have seen massive price increases in the shops and Gold and Silver prices should have shot through the roof. Yet despite a sharp fall in the stock market early part of last year, it quickly recovered. And the overall price of the FT index, was no where as low as it was following the crash of 2008.So what is happening.?

Well regarding the stock market, a lot of it has i believe been down to ignorance. And refusing to see the truth about the covid crisis. Most investors, just like the rest of the public, believe the official narrative of events. I have read articles that have referred to the crisis as a Black swan event. This is a term, generally meaning an event that is random and couldn’t be foreseen, but once its over things should be able to get back to normal. The problem is ,as most of us on here believe. The covid crisis is no such thing. It was deliberate, and nothing is meant to get back to normal ever. But i don’t believe any more that ignorance is the whole reason. Ignorance can only get you so far.

Vast amounts of money can be made by unethical investors deliberately driving up, shares in particular companies and then causing them to crash. What i believe is happening now, though i have no way of proving. Is that the people behind this Tyranny, that have access to vast wealth. Are investing in the stock market to keep the price up. All they need to do, to cause a massive crash is to withdraw all that investment and sell off all the shares to cause a panic.. As David Icke has said, ‘The main reason for the lockdown’s, are to destroy business and the economy, so that there is economic dependency on the state.’ If this is so, my reasoning is there must be a reason this has not yet happened. I believe they are waiting for the best time to pull the proverbial plug.

Normally in a crisis ,physical Gold and Silver and shares in Gold and Silver mining company’s should be a good investment, as there value should rise as the stock market go’s down and our money is worth less. But there is nothing normal about any of this. The other factor is that the mines have been subject to repeated closures and disruption like everything else, because of the lockdowns. Meaning there shares have plummeted. This is a unique situation that has never happened before. So going forward if the worst case scenario comes about with the economy and the stock market, Gold and silver should shoot up in price. But there are no guarantees, as i said earlier, nothing is going as it should. Nothing can be trusted.

It is probably wise to spread money around, and not to rely on any traditional investments. Also not to keep any more money than necessary in any particular bank account, and to have more than one account. Perhaps put money on cash cards and have cash hidden somewhere as well. If anyone does have any spare money, and they have the space. It would be prudent to be investing in things that there family’s can use themselves, sell on, or barter in the future. Food, alcohol, medicines, bottles of water, and emergency items like candles or batteries.

Just a few days ago, energy company’s have started sending out letters, stating that wholesale energy prices have gone up by just over 50% over the last 6 months. My provider has said that, they will be increasing prices by a relatively small percentage. But they are warning that if the situation does not improve they can not operate without recovering that big increase it is costing them. The significance and potential repercussions of this are shocking, and should serve as a warning, as specially when taken in context with the overall picture.

” Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” Has never been more apt.


Ther are two former wall street bankers I used to follow online a few years ago who were totally unconnected but they both explained in the same way how and why the 2008 crash was deliberately brought about which really opened my eyes. They both still had some morals so they got out.

Also there is a man here in Ireland called Thomas Sheridan who is now a musician and environmentalist. He was a wall street banker for 11 years and he also talked about this. He said he was drawn in by the fabulous money to be made, the luxury lifestyle, the women, the parties and the drugs. Eventually he woke up and got out and he described Wall Street as a kind of hell.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, very true it was all a scam. You can make money on what’s called binary options as well. By betting on whether the market is going up or down. A lot of small investors do this as well as big. You don’t need to know anything about investing. You just need to learn a particular signal. There are many, but money can be made just learning one. A signal or indicator, is where you can see on a graph by what its doing which way it will go next. You can buy software which will do this as well. Anyway i digress. If you were behind a particular crisis, for example 9/11 or covid. These people bet on the market going down just before it happens.

What is hard for a lot of people to get there heads round. Is the people, i use that term very loosely. Who really run the planet. I’m not talking about the big wall street investors, I’m talking the very top inner core. The specific names we don’t really know. But the family names are on record. I’m referring to the network of 13 bloodlines that interconnect throughout history. These people can not go broke, not ever. That’s why i laughed at the idea that certain big banks had gone broke after 2008 . And that the Goverment bailed them out. They were even selling the idea that the public were now share holders in one particular bank. But the thing is, that about 90% of the worlds banking system is owed or controlled by these family’s and by the system. They control totally what happens. What’s bought or sold, how much money is printed, interest rates everything. Wealth and money does not go anywhere it is simply moved around. In 2008 and crashes like it. These are used to make more money, move money around, transfer money and so on.


It is really shocking that people who already have more money than they can spend in a lifetime ruin small investors so they can make even more money. They don’t seem interested in making the world a better place or even being happy themselves, they just want more wealth and more power. The rest of us will never understand how their minds work.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, You seen wall street with Sheen and Douglas.? Great film, i have both the original and the sequel. The sequel is based around the 2008 crash.


I have seen them yes, very good films. Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gecko (interesting reptilian name) came up with that famous line “greed is good” which pretty much summed up the attitude in the 1980s when the original Wall Street was made.


Not the only thing in the pipeline that is going to cause mayhem.

In a few year’s time EPC standards are going to become much stiffer (the introduction of the new heating systems, etc). Heating engineers are already expressing concerns. Six months to a year before the new law takes effect, lots of people are going to find themselves homeless as their private landlords, unable to afford the necessary upgrades, sell up. Those landlords who do carry out the upgrades will have to put up rent prices to claw back the costs – also forcing people into homelessness.

People like ‘Insulate England’ either do not understand this, or are gloating over it.

Urban fox

Hi Craig, I don’t know what is going on in there minds, but all very worrying.


Take a look:

A One World Digital currency.

Urban fox

Thanks, interesting.


the truth is staring them in them in the face ( pun intended). a deadly pandemic and they are sitting together no masks? wishart should rephrase the question ; what are you not telling us?

Richard hoard

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Last edited 10 months ago by Richard hoard

Says the douche bag not wearing a face covering. I’m hanging on but I don’t know how much longer before I start breaking things.

Debbie G

Richie assume you have this guy lined up for the show a


Is there anyone imagining this when watching/listening to weeSHART — Or is it just me??


Also available in VR180 if you’ve the right app!! 🥳

Last edited 10 months ago by Gerry

No it’s not just you.


Cheers Jennie!


Interesting, then, that we do not see Wishart wearing a mask in the above footage. Or are we not meant to notice that?

Tim in Brazil

Where is Denis – the Beast of Bolsover – when we most need him?


Great, another wet wipe of a man telling us what to do, Scotland, land of the big fearties. As a Scot myself, the SNP are a total joke, I don’t want any part in their covid con theatrical BS.


Or in his case, a big ‘Shartie!!’ 💩

Urban fox

NHS Pushing Flu Vaccines On Children Without Parental Consent – David Icke

Hi, Did you know about this. Personally i don’t trust any vaccines. But children 8 years old being told they can consent. Every day for me ,becomes more like living in a dream. How are you and your children. Let me know if you get this message., Fox, x

Urban fox
Ronald Templeman

Another wimp who should not be involved in running this country.


What a tool. At least he did get his 5 minutes of fame!


SNP are the last people in the world any Englander is going to take any notice of.


Wishart is a sanctimonious prick,in dire need of a 12 bore to his useless head ,with his facemask on of course.


🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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