Someone Tell The BBC That Trans Women Are NOT REAL Women

The BBC has released it’s “Most Inspiring & Influential Women of 2021” list. There are at least two transgender women on there. It’s not the first time that the BBC has included a so-called trans woman on the list since it launched in 2013.

There is no such thing as a trans woman. It is nonsense. If you are endowed with a penis or you were born with one and subsequently had it lopped off, then you are a man.

Why doesn’t the beeb list the most influential trans people and reserve its influential women list for real women? I’ve emailed the corporation by way of asking. I’ll be amazed if I receive a reply.

For the record and for the 1,000th time, I have nothing but compassion for people who live with gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia. I’ve stated repeatedly that we should be respectful and understanding of how people live their lives.

I’ve worked with a trans woman before. I’ve interviewed more than a few. I have no problem with them whatsoever. If you’re a trans person and you are facing workplace or societal discrimination, I’ll stand by your side. I won’t stand for that.

But, trans women are not women. Trans women should never be considered for roles that have been reserved for real women. They should not compete in women’s sports. They should not be allowed access female wards in hospitals, nor women’s prisons.

Enough now.

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Should we also deny roles to disabled people because those roles were formerly created for non-disabled people?

There was a time, not too long ago, when men objected to women supplanting men in formerly men only roles.

In both instances we have largely moved on and gradually accepted the smudging of those barriers. Why should the same not be applied in other ways?

I’m pretty sure what the reactions will be; but the points remain valid. Pretty much everyone is a ‘snowflake’ when their particular perspective or belief is challenged.


It is rather different though with sport because trans women have a massive advantage with regard to strength and stamina so the comparison with acting isn’t actually valid. By the way I didn’t vote you down because I don’t agree with doing that, I believe in debate.


Not to worry. As I wrote, I knew the perspective wouldn’t go down well.


Should able bodied people be able to use resources set aside to help the disabled? No. Because the disabled need them.
Men should not be able to bulldoze womens spaces – whether or not they chop off what’s between their legs, or if they keep it and just ‘feel’ feminine 😒

Also, mem who objected to women being in the workplace may not have been entirely incorrect. I am a woman. Womens liberation of getting women into the workplace was not liberating. It destroyed the family unit (both parents now work – nobody is taking care of the home) and it led to the dilution of the worth (pay) of jobs. Now we have both parents working, and yet neither can afford childcare, nor to take care of the home. This whole thing has damaged society. I am not saying that women shouldn’t have been able to work – i am an employee woman and wouldn’t have it any other way, but movements backed by the state and determined to break down society are not for the benefit of the people.


I don’t disagree. Your points are well made.


I am currently reading a book about Luciferianism, written by a Luciferian.
In it reference is made to the Ancient Egyptian god Atum and the description of that deity is very much what we now define as transgender/sexual.

Let’s just say I found the connection an interesting one.


I believe that in the spirit world sex differences don’t exist but they do actually serve a purpose in this realm.


Bruce jenner was women of the year and hadn’t even been a woman for a whole year.
i bet you the trans person wins as it is part of the agenda .


Wait till the buggers want to enter the Miss World contest.


Definitions of attractive qualities change from generation to generation, and across cultures. It’s not, necessarily, predicated on desire.
So if a trans women is deemed attractive enough to enter Miss World, by the standards of today, so be it. The contestants of Miss World never floated my boat anyway, so it matters not one jot to me.


I disagree. Why make a man and a woman compete on a beauty pageant? Surely bone structure & density will disadvantage the man? The man may win, but it would be by default. They would win if those selecting the winners feared cancellation from the woke, brightly coloured hair mob.


What if the man naturally has a build and facial qualities traditionally defined as effeminate? Cosmetic modifications would simply amplify that.
As actual women have been doing for some time.

Wes Baker

The transexual agenda will shift to the transhuman one in five, four, three, two…..

Digitizing humanity is the STATED goal of the WEF and its European aristocrats and new-money, fiat billionaires.

This is not about ‘equality’, “human” rights or, as we’ve seen the past 22 months, health. This is about a global digital gulag where, as Klaus Schwab says, ‘you’ll own nothing nothing and be happy’!

The question is, are you going to be a slave or free man or woman? There’s no in between, on all counts.


You’re working on the assumption that there’ll be a choice.


My sons school has posters all over the main entrance and up the stairs talking about its ok being everything other than straight. I dont care what your preference is, but my sons are constantly being told they are something phobic, sexist or racist! Just let them be kids and support them when they need it!


you can see why some of the youth of today are messed up if they can be told they can be any gender they like, imagine say a 5 yr old seeing TV shows and reports stating that a women is now a man and vice versa, when it comes to biology we can’t accept the real science only what is interpreted by a select demographic, bit like this virus science really.


However, if David Icke is correct that we are spiritual beings, then what does it matter what we identify our corporeal being as?


that viewpoint is interesting as we as people have a physical body and then a kind of soul, once we have passed what makes us, us, has gone.


But while we’re here men can identify as women and cheat at sport

(Lia Thomas).


Hear, hear!

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