Hi, we’ve been hit with a healthy wave of spamming just recently. I’m trying to keep on top of it but our spam filter might catch a few more false positives than usual. If you find your comment held for review or filtered out please don’t worry, I’ll get to it as soon as I can and approve it manually. I apologise for any inconvenience.

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NO SPAM this one Richie, just BRILLIANT IDEA Check out this Hastings bsed SCIENTIFIC CONTROL GROUP STUDY complete with QR Coded ID CARDS to prove you are a STUDY PARTICIPANT on the NEVER JABBING ME CONTROL GROUP SIDE! Not a bad plan to support this move!


I will look more into this.
Thanks for posting the information.


This is like Covid Judo; using the opponents weight against them.


my comment took over a week in spam check world in some cases i actually forget about the comments was so long in getting approved then today 6 arrived.


richie or rodger or both your ok.


Inconvenient? Covid regulations are inconvenient. Food shortages will be inconvenient. Running out of fuel miles from a fuel station is inconvenient.

A few posts not going up is just very mildly irritating.


And those tins of SPAM might just come in handy too!!



Yay…processed food and salt overdose.


When needs must for those who dare, never fear for SPAM is there! Or are you saying “WANT NO SPAM!…NO SPAM???” πŸ˜‰


I used to love it fried with fried eggs toast and baked beans….a real guilty pleasure.


πŸ˜‹ heavenly.


Sadly; this is one of the meals that died with my mother; may she rest in peace. Things just don’t quite taste the same these days.


πŸ₯Ί. My Mam cooked great meals too. We used to joke, as she’d put the plate in front of us, that we needed a step ladder as the food was piled so high! πŸ˜„


Thank goodness for great parenting…. very rare in this day and age.


Preferred tinned corn beef fried up with some onions.


…and white rice….I sometimes have this with some Toasted Sourdough Bread abd a beer….Real working mans food πŸ™‚




Jacob, another favourite occaisional breakfast is Fried Plantain, Crispy smoked Bacon and Toast….


These are first world problems.


Yep – but since that’s where I live, it’s relevant.


I also live in the first world; but am very mindful that the entity behind all of this madness appears to be intent on plunging us into a virtual third world; and billing us for the cost of their project.

Web Ferrett

No worries Richie – things are hotting up and they are so desperate now that more ppl are waking up to their shenanigans – trying everything in their final death throws!
Thanks for filling us in – and good luck with the fight against the spam – you are doing a mighty fine job and is so much appreciated by so many.


We all need to be more cyber aware. I would suggest completely emptying phones and PC’s or Macs with a strong antivirus measure, no google or social media; if you need to do this install a second drive or buy a separate device. The bottom line is that we’re being surveilled; they were permitted into our lives via these devices, but should NOT let them have control of our existence.


Newsflash (from HugoTalks re Ireland!)

Definitely NOT SPAM!!

Sorry… This one needs a little intro..

“They come from the farms and the factories too
And they all soon forget who they are
The cares of today are soon washed away
As they sit at a stool by the bar
The girl with green eyes in the Rolling Stones shirt
Doesn’t look like she works on the land
The man at the end, he’s a very good friend
Of a man who sells cars second hand…”

Down at the “WHITE MOOSE CAFΓ‰!!’

On the North circular road!

There near the port, just outside Dublin town!!!

Everyone shares in the songs and the laughter…

Everyone there.. is so happy..




could be 77th brigade, although I have noted the familer spam of “you can earn thousands in this job” etc.


That’s all over Bitchute and Brandnewtube as well.

Web Ferrett

Yes, it’s really bad currently on Brandnewtube – you can right click and block the poster so you just then seen the genuine comments – but it appears they create a new account for each post, so et tiresome!

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