Spanish Constitutional Court Declares Lockdown To Be UNLAWFUL

Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled yesterday, that strict lockdown laws introduced by the government last year were unlawful. Spain imposed arguably the strictest lockdown in Europe.

On March 14th 2020, Prime Minister Pedro’s Sanchez’s government declared a three month state of emergency, to temporarily limit civil liberties to fight the pandemic.

People were only allowed to leave home if they couldn’t work there, go to the supermarket, buy medicine, or visit a hospital. Right-wing party VOX brought a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the lockdown.

VOX argued that the restriction of movement required something called a “state of exception.” Unlike a state of emergency, a state of exception requires parliamentary approval and not simply cabinet assent.

The court agreed. However it was tight, with six judges voting in favour and five against. Spanish newspapers are reporting this morning, that people who were fined for leaving their homes last year, may have to be reimbursed by the government.

It’s big news this. The Constitutional Court of a major European country has declared lockdown to be unlawful. Yet not a single TV or radio station in the UK thinks it worthy of a mention.

Only The Telegraph thought it was important that we know. Surprise surprise.


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So, what took them so long?

Ronald Templeman

I emailed that clown of an MP Oliver Dowden to point out that if he voted for mandatory stabbing for care workers etc he was no better than Hitler’s Nazi party members, he obviously voted for it. Lets hope those that are working on getting some of this to court achieve it, I would love to have the opportunity to confront Dowden in person. Older chap just moved into the road I live in and just found out he is like minded and not been jabbed. Put him on to Richie’s radio show.


Great to see, wish I could get there to be with them.


It needs to grow Jennie.
And become relentless.

I’m not certain those numbers exist anymore…

I’m hopeful.

But based on everything that’s gone before, I’m doubtful too.


They will eventually realise that mandating experimental injections is also unlawful but only after everyone has been inoculated and damaged for life.

Ronald Templeman

Not me ever as they say over my dead body.


I feel the same.


If I were to do something unlawful, especially something of great magnitude, I would expect to be arrested and jailed.


no, no, easy mistake to make, its rich people that get away scot free while everyone else gets screwed.


Only the Telegraph ‘AND YOU’ Richie!!

This is of monumental significance, especially when you consider where it has taken place.

Thank you for this ‘good’ newsflash!!



while i applaud the verdict, its a bit to late considering the damage has already been done to for example the economy etc.


I agree but better late than never at all.



Well looky here!!



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